Male Demon Names – 100+ Evil and Satanic Options

Demons have been mentioned in many different religions such as Christianity, Islam, and Judaism. They play a big history and male demons are usually quite evil, scary, and destructive.

Many of these male demon names are associated with evil and satanic powers, with many storytellers and artists being obsessed with them for centuries.

We have made a list of 100+ Male Demon Names for you to check out. These names have a history and are related to legends or myths, but if you are looking to name your child a demon name then I suggest you think twice.

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Male Demon Names And Meanings

Male Demon Names And Meanings

Demons are truly terrifying and here are male demon names with their meanings:

  1. Abaddon: This is the name of an evil demon mentioned in the Hebrew Bible this demon is the angel of the bottomless pit, associated with death.
  2. Adrammelech: This is the name of a cruel demon who is a Mesopotamian god associated with fire.
  3. Agares: A duke of hell who commands legions of demons, known for his power over earthquakes and the ability to teach languages.
  4. Asmodeus: Another demon named who is the prince of hell related to lust, sensuality, and revenge, often pictured with having three heads.
  5. Azazel: In the Hebrew bible this demon is associated with temptation and is seen as a scapegoat for humans’ sins.
  6. Baal: This male demon is a Canaanite god demonized by Christianity and associated with fertility and storms.
  7. Balberith: An evil male demon who is the lord of hell associated with murder, blasphemy, and making pacts with mortals.
  8. Beelzebub: This is the name of the prince of hell, often identified with Satan and associated with gluttony and false gods.
  9. Belial: Male demon of lawlessness, pride, and temptation, often portrayed as a beautiful angel.
  10. Beleth: A powerful demon who appears as a scary cat who has 85 demons under his command.
  11. Berith: This male demon is the Duke of hell who can turn base metals into gold, provide familiars, and reveal secrets.
  12. Bifrons: This male demon is an earl of hell who can teach sciences, arts, and necromancy, but can also be deceptive and evil.
  13. Botis: A male demon that can reveal secrets and predict the future.
  14. Dantalion: A duke of hell who can read minds, influence thoughts, and reveal secrets.
  15. Eblis: The Islamic equivalent of Satan, a powerful jinn who refused to bow down to Adam.
  16. Focalor: This male demon can control winds and seas, causing shipwrecks and drowning sailors.
  17. Furcas: Evil male demon who teaches pyromancy, astrology, and philosophy, and can make a person invisible.
  18. Aamon: Another male demon who can change his form and pacify the enemies.
  19. Alloces: Male demon who leads people to their corruption and at the same time teaches astronomy and liberal arts.
  20. Amdusias: A duke of hell who is a musician and can produce thunderous music.
  21. Amy: Male demon who is the president of hell, an astrologer, and a liberal scientist.
  22. Andrealphus: A male demon that has the power to change into a peacock and is the geometry and mensuration teacher.
  23. Decarabia: A hellish male demon who is aware of the good sides of birds and precious stones and can change into a starling.
  24. Gaap: A strong male demon and a prince of hell, who can teach philosophy and liberal sciences, also he has dominion over the waters.
  25. Glasya-Labolas: A great devilish president who is in charge of bloodshed and slaughter, and can turn a person into invisibility.
  26. Gomory: This is a male demon who can take the form of a beautiful woman and can get women to love him, especially young girls.
  27. Haborym: A demon of hell who looks like a flame and can teach philosophy, astrology, and how to make precious stones.
  28. Halphas: An evil male demon who is the king of hell who makes towers, supplies weapons and ammunition, and commands soldiers.
  29. Iblis: Eblis is another name for the Islamic equivalent of Satan.
  30. Phenex: Another male demon who looks like a phoenix and can teach all wonderful sciences.

Powerful Male Demon Names

Some demons are more powerful than others, here they are:

  1. Bael: The name of a powerful male demon who is the first king of hell, that is connected with richness, fertility, and deceitfulness most often seen as a man cat or toad.
  2. Beherit: A powerful male demon that is the symbol of the underworld and darkness.
  3. Eligos: An evil male demon of hell who has the power to tell you what is hidden, start wars, and predict battles.
  4. Incubus: An evil male demon that attacks women while they are sleeping, taking their energy and making them have nightmares.
  5. Leviathan: A huge sea serpent, which normally is connected with chaos and destruction.
  6. Murmur: A male demon who is skilled with necromancy and the ability to talk to the dead.
  7. Rahab: An evil male demon linked to the sea, which is mentioned in the Hebrew Bible.
  8. Sargatanas: This male demon can unlock any lock, turn people invisible, and transport them great distances.
  9. Sitri: The prince of hell who can make you feel lust and tell the secrets of women.
  10. Stolas: Name of a male demon who is a teacher of astronomy, and the characteristics of herbs, and precious stones.
  11. Tannin: The beast of the sea, which is usually shown as a dragon or serpent and stands for the original disorder.
  12. Vassago: A prince of hell who can tell you the past, present, and future.
  13. Vine: A male demon king of hell who can find things that are hidden, witches, and the past, present, and future.
  14. Abigor: A powerful male demon who is good at war and prophecy, controlling huge amounts of demons.
  15. Shax: A controlling male demon who can steal horses, blind and deafen people, and at the same time expose secrets.
  16. Eurynomos: An evil male demon associated with death and the underworld.
  17. Paimon: A smart male demon who can grant knowledge and honors.
  18. Purson: A powerful demon that can take different shapes and knows where to find treasures.

Badass Demon Male Names

Badass Male Demon Names

If you are looking for some badass demon names, we have a list right here:

  1. Alichino: One of the Malebranche in Dante’s Inferno who is famous for his cruelty and slyness.
  2. Andras: A badass male demon who is the cause of all conflicts and rides a black wolf into battle.
  3. Asbiel: A demon of ruins and anarchy, which is usually represented as a huge being with eyes that are on fire.
  4. Astaroth: A badass male demon that is so strong, that it can disclose secrets, give wishes, and make serpents obey.
  5. Barbatos: A devil of music and fortune telling, who can talk to animals and tell the future.
  6. Buer: A name for a badass demon of healing and herbalism, famous for his skill in medicine and the natural world.
  7. Crocell: A clever demon who is a geometry and liberal arts teacher, as well as said to be able to find hidden treasures.
  8. Dumah: This badass male demon is the angel of silence and death, usually shown as a scary being.
  9. Furfur: A male demon of love and passion that creates strong emotional bonds between people.
  10. Gamygyn: A generous male demon of wealth and money who can give you fortune and material things if you call him.
  11. Ose: A devil of fortune-telling, who can tell you the past secrets, present events, as well as future.
  12. Ronove: A badass demon of hell who is able to call up familiars and teach languages.
  13. Samigina: A clever male demon who can change his appearance, teach liberal arts, and disclose secrets.
  14. Valac: A president of hell who controls legions of demons and can seek hidden treasures and also show the way to serpents.
  15. Vepar: A sea demon that can manipulate the weather, make storms, and sink ships.
  16. Xaphan: A fallen angel who is the one of fire and punishment, he is known to keep the fires burning in hell.

Biblical Demon Male Names

Many demons have been referenced in the Bible and other religions, here are some of them:

  1. Amon: A demon from the Book of Tobit and is related to greediness and possessiveness.
  2. Baal-peor: A Moabite god that is related to sensuality and fertility.
  3. Beliar/Belial: A Hebrew name for Belial, mostly known for crime and defiance of God.
  4. Dagon: The Philistine god of grain and fertility.
  5. Gadreel: A devil who is claimed to have corrupted Eve.
  6. Mastema: An evil angel who led humans towards sin.
  7. Molech: An evil Bull-headed demon that is connected to child sacrifice.
  8. Nergal: A Mesopotamian god of the underworld, closely linked to death, destruction, and war.
  9. Prince of Grecia: The demon, who is mentioned in the Book of Daniel and opposes Michael.
  10. Resheph: A biblical demon of plague and pestilence, usually drawn with a bow and arrows.
  11. Samael: An archangel that is often connected with death, destruction, and temptation.
  12. Semyaza: The head of a group of fallen angels who are said to have slept with human women.
  13. Tammuz: An evil male demon associated with death and resurrection.
  14. Lucifer: Powerful demon who is associated with pride and rebellion against God.

Fantasy Demon Male Names


Many demons have been inspired by fantasy and fiction, here are some of them:

  1. Baalphegor: A male demon that is linked to sloth and temptation.
  2. Baphomet: Male demon connected to paganism and forbidden knowledge.
  3. Belphegor: A male demon that tempts with wealth and success.
  4. Cimeries: Clever male demon that teaches knowledge and language.
  5. Eligor: Smart male demon that reveals secrets and starts wars.
  6. Foras: Male demon that grants invisibility and long life.
  7. Ipos: Knows past, present, and future; grants wisdom and courage.
  8. Orobas: Reveals past, present, future, and hidden things.
  9. Raum: Sly male demon that steals treasures and reveals secrets.
  10. Sabnock: A demon that builds structures and provides weapons.
  11. Saleos: A controlling demon that can cause people to love and fight.
  12. Valefor: A controlling demon that causes people to steal and can also control familiars.
  13. Belialor: A sly male demon lord who is known for manipulation.
  14. Thamuz: An evil demon that is a fiery warrior and storm-bringer.
  15. Azramoth: A demon that is known to cause fear and create illusions.
  16. Drakonis: A fantasy male demon that has the power to control fire and lava.
  17. Moloch: A male demon that is associated with fire and sacrifice.
  18. Nocturnus: A demon that can control shadows and people’s dreams.
  19. Vorgath: A male demon that leads ghostly armies in war.
  20. Zariel: A strong male demon that is all about seeking revenge.
  21. Orcus: Demon lord of the dead that controls zombie armies.
  22. Demogorgon: A powerful demon prince with two heads, known to be deadly.
  23. Graz’zt: A demon prince that tempts humans with promises of power.
  24. Succorbenoth: A demon related to gates and guardians.
  25. Malphas: A male demon who knows how to build traps.

Wrapping Up

Male demons are known to be pretty scary and evil, and many of the names have been mentioned in video games or TV series. This massive list of male demon names has been mentioned in different religions and cultures, but some of the fantasy names come from fiction.

We hope you have had a good time reading this list of scary demon names, and I recommend not naming your little one Satan as that doesn’t sound great.

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