Names Meaning Moon – 100+ Names for Girls & Boys

Are you trying to find the perfect baby name that has deep meaning and is related to the moon’s beauty? Luckily for you, we have created a massive list of baby names meaning Moon, from Boy names to Girl names and Fantasy names there are so many to choose from.

The moon is mysterious and has many different meanings, also it’s a symbol of romance in many different cultures around the world.

If you are looking for a great baby name, starting with a name meaning the moon is a great place the start, the moon has deep celestial meaning and resonates with many mystical things.

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So here we go with our list of 100+ Names Meaning Moon for your little baby boy or girl.

Best Names That Mean Moon

Best Names That Mean Moon

Are you looking for names that mean the moon with deep and celestial meaning?

Here we have a bunch of inspiring names:

  1. Luna – A lovely Latin name simply meaning “moon,” which represents radiance and femininity.
  2. Selene – A lovely name that comes from the goddess of the moon.
  3. Mona – A name which means ‘moon’ in Irish and is a lovely alternative to Luna.
  4. Badar – An Arabic name that relates to the ‘full moon’.
  5. Qamar – Another Arabic gem, Qamar elegantly translates to “moon.”
  6. Hilal – Another Arabic name that means ‘crescent moon’, a great name that shows new beginnings.
  7. Jericho – A Hebrew name which means ‘city of the moon’, this name has deep biblical meaning.
  8. Indu – A Hindu name that relates to the ‘moon’ and represents purity.
  9. Samir – Samir is a common Arabic name that signifies ‘companion of the night.’
  10. Aibek – This Kazakh name translates to the “master of the moon.”
  11. Lune – A French word which means ‘moon’, an elementary but elegant name.
  12. Menodora – This Greek name that means “gift of the moon.”
  13. Sasi – A Thai name that simply means “moon.”
  14. Hala – This Arabic name describes the “halo around the moon.”
  15. Lusine – An Armenian name meaning “moon,” representing hope.
  16. Hang – A Vietnamese name that simply means “moon.”
  17. Neoma – A Greek name that means “new moon.”

Boy Names That Mean Moon

Looking for a name for your little baby boy that has a relation to the moon?

This list has many to choose from:

  1. Chandra – A Hindu name that means the ‘moon’
  2. Indra – A Hindu god of thunder and rain that is associated with the moon.
  3. Purnama – An Indonesian name that means “full moon.”
  4. Badru – An Arabic name that means “born during the full moon.”
  5. Ivor – Welsh, “bow warrior,” connecting to the moon’s crescent shape.
  6. Mahrukh – A Persian name that means the “face like the moon.”
  7. Mayank – A Hindi name that means “moon.”
  8. Ramachandra – a Hindu name that means “moon of Rama,” a Hindu deity.
  9. Shashank – Sanskrit name that means the “moon” or “hare on the moon.”
  10. Chandrakant – Sanskrit name that means “shining moon.”
  11. Aku – Egyptian name that means “moon”
  12. Marama – Maori name that means “moon”
  13. Mohan – Hindi name meaning “charming” or “attractive”
  14. Koray – Turkish name that means “ember moon.”
  15. Jerah – Hebrew name meaning “moon” or “month.”
  16. Tuncay – Turkish name that means “bronze moon.”
  17. Qamaruddin – Arabic name meaning “moon of the religion.”

Girl Names That Mean Moon

Girl Names That Mean Moon

From Ayla to Diana there are many names that have cultural references to the moon:

  1. Ayla – Turkish name that means “moonlight” or “halo.”
  2. Aylin – Turkish name that means “halo around the moon.”
  3. Diana – the Roman goddess of hunting, moon, and childbirth.
  4. Elara – Greek, an admirer of Zeus and one of Jupiter’s moons.
  5. Esmeray – Turkish name that means “dark moon.”
  6. Kamaria – Swahili name that means “moonlight.”
  7. Mahtab – Persian name that means “moonlight”.
  8. Neomenia – the Greek term for “new moon.”
  9. Purnima – an Indonesian name that means “full moon.”
  10. Selena – the Greek goddess of the moon.
  11. Mahina – Hawaiian name that means “moon.”
  12. Lucine – Armenian, with the meaning “moon”.
  13. Larissa – Greek, one of Neptune’s moons.
  14. Amaris – Hebrew, which means “promised by God”
  15. Aysel – Turkish, it means “as the moon.”.

Japanese Names That Mean Moon

Some Japanese names relate to the moon and have pretty interesting meanings:

  1. Tsuki – It is the widely used Japanese word for “moon”.
  2. Tsukiko – This name means “moon child,” and it is a common girl’s name.
  3. Tsukimi – A name that means the Moon Viewing.
  4. Mio – A name that means “beautiful cherry blossom” or “three moons.”
  5. Getsuei – It is derived from the Japanese word “moonlight.”
  6. Kaguya – The Moon Princess in Japanese folklore.
  7. Tsukino – Name that signifies “of the moon.”
  8. Mikazuki – Name that means “crescent moon.”
  9. Tsukuyomi – The Japanese god of the moon.
  10. Gekko – This is a Japanese word meaning “moonlight” which is usually given to boys.
  11. Getsuga – Means “moonlight flower.”
  12. Tsukasa – A unisex name that means “moon” or “leader.”
  13. Hoshizora – Name that means “star” and “sky”.
  14. Teruhiko – is a masculine name that means “shining moon.”
  15. Reika – A beautiful flower, at the same time it can also be a moon spirit.
  16. Tsukihara – It stands for “moon field.”
  17. Tsukinowa – Name that means “field of the moon.”

Chinese Names That Mean Moon

Chinese Names That Mean Moon

Many Chinese names are related to the moon, here they are:

  1. Yue – The most used Chinese word for “moon.”
  2. Yueliang – Namt that stands for “moonlight.”
  3. Mingyue – That is what the name “bright moon” stands for.
  4. Chanjuan – This Chinese name translates to “Beautiful moon.”
  5. Chang’e – The Chinese moon goddess.
  6. Yuehua – Name that means “moonflower.”
  7. Yuèqín – a musical instrument after the moon.
  8. Lanyue – The name “blue moon” in Chinese.
  9. Yueying – Namt that means “moon shadow.”
  10. Meiyue – Name that means “beautiful moon”.
  11. Yuetu – Name that means “the moon rabbit”.
  12. Ningyue – Name that means “peaceful moon.”
  13. Xiuyue – This name stands for “elegant moon.”
  14. Yue se – Moonlight.
  15. Yuebai – Name that means “white moon” in Chinese.
  16. Yue’er – A Chinese word meaning “moon”.
  17. Chángxī – A word that is translated as “eternally joyful”.

Fantasy Moon Names

Some names are more revolved around fantasy:

  1. Levana – Hebrew
  2. Aeliana – Latin
  3. Isil – Turkish
  4. Samira – Arabic
  5. Lunara – Latin
  6. Stellara – Latin
  7. Artemis – Greek
  8. Luan – Vietnamese
  9. Zira – Hebrew
  10. Cytheria – Greek
  11. Io – Greek
  12. Calypso – Greek
  13. Soleil – French
  14. Selennia – Fantasy (inspired by Greek)
  15. Nyxara – Fantasy (inspired by Greek)
  16. Thaluna – Fantasy (inspired by Greek)
  17. Vespera – Latin (inspired by Evening Star)
  18. Noctara – Fantasy (inspired by nocturnal)
  19. Celestara – Fantasy (inspired by celestial)
  20. Lunaris – Fantasy (inspired by the Latin “luna” meaning moon)


Are there any unisex names meaning moon?

Yes, many names in this list are unisex, like Aibek, Jericho, Hilal, and Tsukasa, and can be used for both boys and girls.

Are there names from other cultures that mean moon?

Our list includes names from different cultures, including Hindi, Thai, Vietnamese, and Native American, all with deep cultural meanings related to the moon.

How do I choose the perfect moon name for my baby?

You should consider different factors such as personal preference and cultural background when picking the perfect name for your little one. Check out the names in this list and pick a name that matches your baby.

Wrapping up the list

With this massive list of names meaning moon, you’re sure to find the perfect celestial name for your little one. Each name in the list has a story and cultural background behind it, so they are great names to pick for a baby.

We hope that the list of names has helped you find something for your little one, there are so many unique names to choose from such as Luna or Ivor that will make your little one stand out.

Thank you for checking out this article and make sure you view some of our baby-inspired articles.

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