Pirate Names – 200+ Badass & Funny Ideas

Pirates are known to be adventurous and have a lot of love for ships and treasures, they also tend to have pretty cool names that could inspire you. If you are looking for cool pirate names for your little one or fictional character then we have you covered in this article.

Pirate names, like Blackbeard and Redbeard, sound strong and have very interesting stories behind them. They are perfect for anyone who loves the idea of pirates and wants to find a unique name or maybe just wants inspiration from these adventurers.

Thanks to popular pirate movies and books, more and more people are interested in naming their children after famous pirates. Big movies like Pirates of the Caribbean have inspired even more people to love pirate names.

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Badass Pirate Names

Badass Pirate

Pirates are known to be pretty badass and the names they have definitely relate to that.

Here are some Badass Pirate Names to inspire you:

  1. Bloodmoon Jack – Ruthless and fearless pirate who sails and launches an attack under the full moon which is red.
  2. Cutlass Kiera – Proficient in handling cutlass which is a pirate sword.
  3. Deadeye Drake – This character has great aim and is good at shooting.
  4. Flintlock Finn – Master with a Flintlock pistol.
  5. Ironhook Ivan – Has an iron hook instead of a hand.
  6. Kraken Kane – Named after the infamous sea creature Kraken.
  7. Long John Silver – Sea captain and one-legged pirate.
  8. Redbeard – Pirate with a bright red beard.
  9. Savage Sam – A cruel and vicious pirate.
  10. Scourge of the Sea – A very feared pirate on the ocean.
  11. Sharktooth Sarah – Has a necklace of shark teeth.
  12. Stormy Seas Seth – Navigates through worst weather.
  13. Thunderbolt Thea – Moves as swiftly as a bolt of lightning.
  14. Ironfist Ivan – One of the most powerful pirates.
  15. Stormbringer Stan – Can call the storms in the sea.
  16. Vicious Vincent – Extremely aggressive and violent.
  17. Skullcrusher Sam – is known to be very strong.
  18. Dread Pirate Drake – A notorious character who is feared by all his opponents.

Badass Female Pirate Names

People usually think of Pirates as being male only, but that’s not the case at all.

Here are some real and fictional Badass Female Pirate Names:

  1. Black Belle – A beautiful woman and a murderer.
  2. Calico Kate – Dresses in bright calico garments.
  3. Crimson Corsair – He is in a red outfit and loves to travel.
  4. Devilish Dana – Intelligent and manipulative.
  5. Emerald Ethel – Loves emerald jewels.
  6. Isla the Intrepid – Very brave and bold.
  7. Jade the Just – Fair and righteous.
  8. Pirate Penny – Has a passion for coins.
  9. Scarlet Sails – Commands a ship with red sails.
  10. Tempest Tessa – Strong as the storm.
  11. Viper Vanessa – Quick and as dangerous as a viper.
  12. Wicked Wanda – Famous for her wicked tricks.
  13. Zaria the Zealous – Driven and highly desirable.
  14. Mystic Mariah – Enchanting and mysterious.
  15. Captain Cassandra – A commander-in-chief.
  16. Fearless Fiona – Super brave.
  17. Silver Sable – Fast and sneaky.
  18. Ruby the Ruthless – Fearless and persistent.

Badass Male Pirate Names

Badass Male Pirate

Pirates are traditionally known to be strong males, some names are known such as Captain Morgan and Black Bart.

Here are strong Badass Male Pirate names that hopefully give you some inspiration:

  1. Black Bart – A real-life pirate who is known to be one of the most successful ones.
  2. Buccaneer Bill – A typical pirate name.
  3. Dread Pirate Roberts – Fictional pirate from the movie “The Princess Bride”.
  4. Gunner Graham – Master of cannons and guns.
  5. Hookhand Hank – Hank has a hook instead of a hand.
  6. Mad Marooner – A pirate who was stranded on an island.
  7. Pegleg Pete – A pirate who has a peg leg.
  8. Plunderin’ Paul – Passionate about stealing treasures.
  9. Raging Roger – Always very angry.
  10. Scurvy Steve – A very small, but strong pirate who uses lemon to fight scurvy.
  11. Silver Scallywag – Mischievous and cunning.
  12. Captain Flint – A famous pirate captain.
  13. Golden Garret – Popular for his love for gold.
  14. Fearless Ben – Always ready for a fight.
  15. Captain Blackeye – Famous for his trademark scowl.

Pirate Ship Names

Every pirate needs a ship, and these names are perfect for a fearsome vessel.

  1. The Black Pearl – Legendary pirate ship from the famous movie “The Pirates of the Caribbean”.
  2. The Bloody Dagger – A ship named after a sharp weapon.
  3. The Crimson Revenge – a Red ship that wants to avenge.
  4. The Dark Serpent – Ship with a symbol of a snake.
  5. The Devil’s Mistress – Very dangerous ship.
  6. The Ghostly Galleon – A haunted ship.
  7. The Golden Buccaneer – Ship loaded with gold.
  8. The Kraken’s Claw – Named after a sea creature, Kraken.
  9. The Marauder’s Might – Strong and powerful ship.
  10. The Queen Anne’s Revenge – Name of an actual pirate ship.
  11. The Savage Shark – Ship with a shark symbol.
  12. The Sea Wolf – Hunts just as a wolf does.
  13. The Stormbringer – Powerful as a creator of storms.
  14. The Thieving Tempest – Fast and tricky ship.
  15. The Wicked Wench – A very wicked and dangerous ship.
  16. The Phantom Raider – Mysterious and feared.
  17. The Fearless Falcon – Swift and bold.
  18. The Shadow Stalker – Sneaks and moves fast.
  19. The Tempest Titan – Powerful and hard to overcome.
  20. The Ocean’s Fury – Described as a powerful attacker.

Funny Pirate Names

Funny Pirate Names

  1. Barnacle Bill – Loves to get attached to barnacles.
  2. Bilgewater Bob – Smells like the bottom of the ship.
  3. Blabberin’ Blake – Loves to talk.
  4. Captain Cranky – Always grumpy.
  5. Fishface Fred – Looks like a fish.
  6. Jibber Jabber Joe – A talkative person.
  7. Lazy-Eye Larry – Suffers from a lazy eye.
  8. Limp Leg Luke – Walks with a limp.
  9. Puny Pete – Very small and weak.
  10. Rummage Ralph – Always searching for something.
  11. Scruffy Sam – Appears very untidy.
  12. Seasick Steve – Always vomits on the boat.
  13. Shanty Singing Sally – Loves to sing pirate songs.
  14. Soggy Bottom Ben – Always has wet pants.
  15. Toothless Tom – Lost most of his teeth.
  16. Plankwalker Paul – The troublemaker.
  17. Nautical Nancy – Likes everything related to ships.
  18. Crabclaw Chris – Enjoys eating crabs.
  19. Guppy Greg – Small and not very brave.
  20. Wobbly Walter – Unable to stand properly on the ship.

Pirate Last Names

  1. Black
  2. Blood
  3. Flint
  4. Hook
  5. O’Malley
  6. Rackham
  7. Roberts
  8. Rogers
  9. Silver
  10. Sparrow
  11. Teach
  12. Thatch
  13. Vane
  14. Walker
  15. West

Pirate Captain Names

  1. Admiral Abyss – Captain of oceans.
  2. Captain Bloodfang – Has pointy teeth like a vampire or a werewolf.
  3. Captain Calico – Wears bright costumes.
  4. Captain Cutthroat – Very dangerous and mean.
  5. Captain Darkwater – Rides through the roughest sea.
  6. Captain Grim – is quite serious and kind of scary.
  7. Captain Ironjaw – Has a jaw of metal iron.
  8. Captain Redbeard – Has a red beard.
  9. Captain Scar – Has many marks on his body.
  10. Captain Skullcrusher – is super strong and muscular.
  11. Storm Bringer – Captain who brings storms.
  12. Captain Thunder – Fights like a thunderstorm.
  13. Captain Viper – Quick and dangerous like a viper.

Pirate Cat Names

captain cat

Are you trying to find a pirate-inspired name for your little cute cat then we have you covered:

  1. Barnacle – Sea creature that attaches itself to the exterior of a ship.
  2. Buccaneer – Another name for a pirate.
  3. Cutlass – Sword often used by pirates.
  4. Davy Jones – One of the most famous legends of the sea.
  5. Jolly Roger – Symbol of pirate ships.
  6. Kraken – A giant sea monster.
  7. Marooner – Pirate who was deserted on an island.
  8. Pegleg – Pirate with a wooden leg.
  9. Pistol – Pirate gun.
  10. Booty – A term used by pirates for treasure.
  11. Scurvy – Disease that many pirates suffered from.
  12. Sharkbait – Bait to attract sharks.
  13. Smuggler – A person who sneaks items.
  14. Tortuga – Island associated with pirates.
  15. Treasure – What pirates always look for.

Famous Pirate Names

Jack Sparrow

Many pirates are known in different movies and books.

Some examples are the infamous Jack Sparrow and Anne Bonny who pretty much everyone has heard of.

Here we have a bunch of Famous Pirate Names for you to explore:

  1. Anne Bonny – One of the most famous female pirates who bravely fought alongside her male companions.
  2. Bartholomew Roberts – Considered one of the most successful pirates ever, sinking over 400 vessels.
  3. Blackbeard – A notorious pirate with a black beard, whose real name was Edward Teach.
  4. Captain Kidd – A man who was both a pirate and privateer, famous for his treasure.
  5. Captain Morgan – Admired for his daring attacks, with a brand of rum named after him.
  6. Charles Vane – Notorious for being a cruel man and a rebel.
  7. Edward Teach – The real name of Blackbeard, one of the most well-known pirates.
  8. Sir Francis Drake – One of the most famous English privateers and explorers who ever sailed around the world.
  9. Grace O’Malley – Famous female pirate from Ireland, nicknamed the Pirate Queen.
  10. Henry Morgan – One of the most popular pirates of English origin, later awarded a governorship in Jamaica.
  11. Jack Sparrow – probably one of the most famous pirates in modern-day history because of the movie Pirates of the Caribbean.
  12. John Rackham – Popularly known as Calico Jack, famous for his dressing style and female crew members.
  13. Mary Read – Female pirate who fought in pirate crews disguised as a man.
  14. William Kidd – Pirate captain who was executed for piracy.
  15. William Teach – Another name for Blackbeard, notorious for his looks.

Wrapping Up

Pirate names revolve around adventures and often would describe someone who is strong. Whether you are looking for a name for your little baby or maybe a fictional character these cool pirate names have interesting stories behind them.

If you found a cool name that has inspired you in this list make sure you check out some of our other posts.

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