100+ Names Meaning Vampire for Baby Girls and Boys

Choosing a name for your baby is an exciting task, and parents with a love of the supernatural may feel inspired to pick a cool-sounding vampire-inspired name. Vampires are known to be scary and mysterious but many of them have human-like names that can still be given to a cute little baby.

Many of these vampire names have a deep history related to vampire legends and fictional characters, so naming your baby after a vampire may not be the worst thing to do.

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So without further ado here is our list of 100+ Names Meaning Vampire for Baby Girls and Boys.

Vampire Names With Meaning

Vlad the impaler

Here we have some really cool names meaning vampire:

  1. Vlad: This vampire name is short for Vladimir who was the historical reference for Dracula.
  2. Lilith: In Jewish folklore, Lilith is considered to be a scary demon.
  3. Ambrogio: Ambrogio is an Italian name derived from the Greek name “Ambrosios,” which means “immortal.”
  4. Stryge: This vampire name relates to a winged demon that drinks blood and it is found in French lore.
  5. Lenore: A name related to vampire poems and tales including Edgar Allan Poe’s “The Raven. ”
  6. Murony: This name is the Hungarian word for a vampire.
  7. Upír: This word in Czech means vampire.
  8. Vrykolakas: A Greek vampire-like which is more of a ghost that eats humans.
  9. Brooks: A name that is linked to vampires and referenced in the movie “Interview with the Vampire.”
  10. Căpcăun: This vampire is a creature of Romanian folklore that looks similar to a Vampire.
  11. Empusa: A vampire-like demon from Greek mythology who drank the blood of his victims and can transform himself in many forms.
  12. Leyak: This vampire is a Balinese mythological figure that is a flying head with intestines.
  13. Nachzehrer: A German vampire that feeds on corpses and infects people with plague.
  14. Strigoi: Undead creature of Romanian origin that is vampire-like in nature.
  15. Alp: This evil Vampire is a German boogieman that sits on the chest of sleepers causing them to suffer from nightmares.
  16. Baobhan Sith: This is the vampire name of a Scottish she-demons that sucks the lifeblood of men.
  17. Dearg-due: This is the vampire name of an Irish female vampire that lures men and kills them.
  18. Loogaroo: Vampire of the Caribbean Mythology that can take the appearance of an old lady.
  19. Nelapsi: Vampire Slav is the name of the vampire with pale skin who is a bloodsucker.
  20. Soucouyant: Vampire-like creature of the Caribbean that can take the image of an old lady and can transform into a ball of fire.
  21. Upyr: This is a word that means Vampire in Russian, but it can also be used as a vampire name.
  22. Vetala: Hindu vampire-like spirit that lives in dead bodies and can control the living.
  23. Asanbosam: This is a West African vampire with iron hooks for legs and is said to hang from trees and prey on travelers.

Vampire Names For Boys

Trying to find a vampire-inspired name for your little baby, here we have names for your little boy:

  1. Bram: This name is inspired by the author of “Dracula”, Bram Stoker.
  2. Lestat: A popular vampire that is known for his charm from the novels of Anne Rice.
  3. Louis: A Vampire from the novel Vampire Chronicles by Anne Rice.
  4. Lucien: This name has a dark sound to it which is usually connected to Vampires.
  5. Damon: A Vampire name of the character in “The Vampire Diaries”.
  6. Nicolai: A Russian name that can be linked to Vampires due to its Slavic Roots.
  7. Raven: A black bird that is connected to gloom and can be a sign of vampires.
  8. Damien: Greek term that means “to tame” but also related to the Antichrist in “The Omen.”
  9. Vladimir: A Slavic name that is connected to Vlad the Impaler, who is the real-life figure behind Dracula.
  10. Draven: A gothic-sounding family name, this name is connected to shadows.
  11. Mordecai: This is a Hebrew name that stands for a warrior, a perfect name for a powerful vampire.
  12. Sebastian: A Greek name for a vampire that was In the TV series Black Butler.
  13. Thanatos: This is a great name for a vampire as it’s the Greek god of death.
  14. Valentino: An Italian name that means strong and is perfect for a romantic vampire.
  15. Zephyr: A magical sounding name which is Greek and a way of saying the ‘West Wind’.
  16. Asher: This is a Hebrew name meaning “happy”, a name that has dark connotations.
  17. Blaise: The French name itself means “to lisp”, a name which is perfect for a vampire.
  18. Caelan: Irish name meaning slender.
  19. Donovan: This Irish name is perfect for strong vampires as it means ‘dark warrior’.
  20. Evander: The great Greek name that means “good man”.
  21. Casimir: A great Slavic for a vampire that means “peacemaker”.
  22. Fenrir: A scary figure in Norse mythology that is associated with darkness.
  23. Silas: This is a name from the Bible that means “forest.”
  24. Caspian: A Persian name that means “white,” and is related to vampires’ pale skin.
  25. Leander: Another Greek name meaning “lion-man,” suggesting a fierce and powerful nature.

Vampire Names For Girls


Vampire women are known to look cute but at the same time deadly, here we have some names you could give to your little baby girl:

  1. Carmilla: A known 19th-century female vampire character who is popular for her sexual allure.
  2. Elvira: This vampire’s name is the Mistress of the Dark, a horror hostess who is a fictional character.
  3. Morticia: The famous mother of the Addams Family, recognized by her white skin and black hair.
  4. Luna: Moon in Latin, a symbol that is linked to vampires because of their nocturnal habits.
  5. Selene: This name is related to the Goddess of the moon, related to night and the world of the dead.
  6. Mina: A female character who falls in love with a vampire in Bram Stoker’s Dracula movie.
  7. Leila: This is a great name for a Vampire as it means night in Arabic.
  8. Seraphina: The Hebrew name is symbolic of burning and is usually linked to angels and demons.
  9. Lamia: A Greek monster that eats children in the form of a woman.
  10. Nyx: This is a goddess from Greek mythology, connected with dark and mystery.
  11. Ophelia: This name means ‘help’ in Greek and is associated with the character in Shakespeare’s “Hamlet.”
  12. Persephone: A great vampire name that is the Greek goddess of spring, connected with the renewal of life and death.
  13. Ravenna: An Italian name, which is translated as “abra” in English, is associated with a raven.
  14. Scarlett: An English name “red,” related to the color of blood and passion.
  15. Tristana: A great Vampire name that stands for “sadness”, a name that has a romantic touch to it.
  16. Vasilisa: A Russian name that means “queen”.
  17. Willow: A great Vampire name that means “grace”, a name that has heavenly attractiveness.
  18. Xanthe: A Greek name that means “golden”.
  19. Ysabeau: A name perfect for a Vampire which means “God is abundant”.
  20. Zelda: A powerful warrior name of German origin which means ‘grey fighting maid’, this is a good name for a vampire slayer.
  21. Amaris: A Hebrew name which means ‘promised by God’.
  22. Briar: An English name fit for a Vampire that means “thorny bush.”
  23. Calla: A classic Greek name that means “beautiful”.
  24. Delphine: Greek name that means blue devil.
  25. Akasha: The legendary Vampire Queen in ‘The Vampire Chronicles.
  26. Hypatia: A historical figure from ancient Alexandria.
  27. Isolde: A great vampire name from the Arthurian legend.
  28. Morgana: A powerful antagonist in the Arthurian lore.
  29. Nerys: A dark name that means ‘lady’ in Welsh.

Cool Vampire Names


There are some really cool vampire names that you could give to your little one, here is the list:

  1. Blade: Name inspired by the vampire-slayer Blade and from the Marvel Comics.
  2. Spike: A character from Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
  3. Angel: A name from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, a vampire with a soul.
  4. Alucard: A great Vampire name that is actually Dracula reversed.
  5. Dmitri: A strong and masculine Russian name.
  6. Klaus: A German name that means ‘Victory of the people’.
  7. Viktor: A powerful Slavonic name.
  8. Azrael: A Hebrew name that translates to the ‘Angel Of God’.
  9. Bjorn: A strong name fit for a warrior or a vampire-slayer from the Norse.
  10. Cillian: A common Irish name.
  11. Dracul: A Romanian name that is scary.
  12. Griffin: A mythic beast that is known to be half-lion and half-eagle.
  13. Hunter: An English name that is good for a hunter.
  14. Ignatius: A Latin name that means Fiery.
  15. Jett: An English name that means excellence.
  16. Knox: A Scots name that means the hump.
  17. Marceline: The name is from Adventure Time and stands for a teasing rocker queen.
  18. Rosalie: The name is French, beautiful and delicate.
  19. Zoya: A Russian name that means ‘life’.
  20. Echo: A name from Greek mythology.
  21. Malice: A simple name that represents a malevolent spirit.
  22. Oberon: A strong name and is the king of the fairies in Shakespeare’s ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream‘.
  23. Shade: A dark name fit for a Vampire that dwells in the dark.
  24. Vesper: The name of a star that is considered beautiful.

Wrapping up the list

Finding the right baby name that actually means something is super important and with our list of Names Meaning Vampire you are sure to find a name that captures the essence of mystery and darkness.

Whether you want a traditional vampire name or a modern, edgy name inspired by pop culture, your baby name will stand out for sure.

Hopefully, this list has given you inspiration to find a cool name with meaning, and if it has check out some of our other articles.

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