Archer Names – 100+ Unique, Famous & Cool Ideas

Are you on the hunt for a good archer name for your character? Well, don’t you worry we have you covered in this post as we have a huge list of Archer names for you to explore.

Whether you are trying to find a name for your in-game character or even your little baby, maybe a legendary archer name like Legolas or Katniss could give you some inspiration.

This list has over 100 archer names for you to look through and I am sure you will find a cool name that you can use.

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Archer Names

Here we have some cool Archer names for you to dive in:

  1. Arrow (English) – Straightforward and cool.
  2. Bowen (Welsh) – A fun twist on ‘bow’.
  3. Fletcher (English) – Means arrow maker.
  4. Orion (Greek) – A great hunter from Greek mythology.
  5. Hunter (English) – Someone who hunts.
  6. Ranger (English) – A protector and expert with a bow.
  7. Falcon (English) – Fast and precise.
  8. Blaze (English) – Fiery and strong.
  9. Phoenix (Greek) – A mythical bird that rises from ashes.
  10. Blade (English) – Sharp and edgy.
  11. Flint (English) – Strong and reliable.
  12. Viper (English) – Quick and deadly.
  13. Hawk (English) – Keen-sighted and swift.
  14. Skye (Scottish) – Open skies archers aim into.
  15. Wren (English) – Small but quick and agile.
  16. Ash (English) – Tree traditionally used for bows.
  17. Gale (English) – Fast and fierce like the wind.
  18. Kai (Hawaiian) – Sea, representing fluidity and precision.

Female Archer Names

Female Archer Names

Many people might think Archers are just male, but that’s far from the truth many female archers such as Arya in the Game of Thrones have stood out.

Here is a list of female archer names:

  1. Arya (Sanskrit) – A famous and strong woman warrior from Game of Thrones.
  2. Diana (Roman) – A goddess who loved hunting, like a superhero.
  3. Nimue (Welsh) – A legendary and magical figure from fairy tales.
  4. Robin (English) – Named after the hero who helped the poor, like a friend.
  5. Kara (Greek) – Means ‘pure’, like someone who is very good.
  6. Lilith (Hebrew) – A mysterious name from old stories.
  7. Freya (Norse) – A goddess who is strong and brave, like a warrior.
  8. Elowen (Cornish) – Means ‘elm tree’, which is strong and grows tall.
  9. Maeve (Irish) – A queen and warrior who is very brave.
  10. Eowyn (Old English) – A brave female warrior from a famous story.
  11. Astrid (Scandinavian) – Means ‘divine strength’, like having superpowers.
  12. Saga (Norse) – A goddess who tells exciting stories.
  13. Bridget (Irish) – Means ‘strength’, like being very strong.
  14. Morgana (Welsh) – An enchantress who can do magic spells.
  15. Isolde (Welsh) – A romantic character from a fairy tale.
  16. Hera (Greek) – A powerful goddess who is a leader.
  17. Selene (Greek) – The goddess of the moon, who watches over the night.

Funny Archer Names

Maybe you’re hunting (no pun intended) for an archer name that sounds funny.

Here is the list of hilarious and funny Archer names:

  1. Bow Peep (English) – A playful twist on Little Bo Peep.
  2. Quiver Queen (English) – Someone who rules the arrows.
  3. Miss Arrow (English) – A simple and funny name.
  4. Archie McBowface (English) – A silly and fun name.
  5. Fletcha (English) – Like ‘Fletcher’ but more fun.
  6. String Snapper (English) – Someone who’s always ready to shoot.
  7. Arrow Ace (English) – A top-notch archer.
  8. Bowie (Scottish) – A funny name with a bow twist.
  9. Arrowette (English) – A cute and funny name for a girl archer.
  10. Quiver Kid (English) – A young archer with lots of arrows.
  11. Tickle Shot (English) – An archer with a funny streak.
  12. Giggles McQuiver (English) – A lighthearted archer.
  13. Chuckles Bow (English) – A happy-go-lucky archer.
  14. Snicker Arrow (English) – Always ready for a laugh.
  15. Laughing Archer (English) – Can’t stop giggling.
  16. Prankster Pierce (English) – Loves playing tricks.
  17. Jester Bow (English) – Always making people laugh.
  18. Grin Shooter (English) – Always smiling.
  19. Mirthful Marksman (English) – Happy and skilled.
  20. Whistle WhileYou Shoot (English) – Happy-go-lucky archer.

Male Archer Names

Male Archer Names

Here we have a list of male archer names for you to dive into:

  1. Hawkeye (English) – A superhero archer.
  2. Archer (English) – Simple and straight to the point.
  3. Galen (Greek) – Means ‘calm healer’.
  4. Talon (English) – Sharp and fierce.
  5. Jasper (Persian) – Means ‘treasurer’.
  6. Peregrine (Latin) – Means ‘traveler’.
  7. Kestrel (English) – A type of bird known for precision.
  8. Rowan (Irish) – Means ‘little redhead’.
  9. Cedric (Celtic) – Means ‘bounty’.
  10. Alaric (Germanic) – Means ‘ruler of all’.
  11. Tristan (Welsh) – From Arthurian legend.
  12. Ronan (Irish) – Means ‘little seal’.
  13. Ashitaka (Japanese) – A brave archer from the movie Princess Mononoke.
  14. Finn (Irish) – Means blessed and brave.
  15. Sterling (English) – Means high quality and strong.
  16. Bran (Welsh) – Means ‘raven’, smart, and has sharp eyes.
  17. Quinn (Irish) – Means clever and quick thinker.
  18. Gavin (Scottish) – Means ‘white hawk’, a skilled and accurate archer.
  19. Archer (English) – Means someone who is really good at shooting arrows.

Cool Archer Names

Maybe you are looking for a unique cool name that stands out for your fictional character or even baby.

Here we have some cool archer names for you to check out:

  1. Thorn (English) – Sharp and cool.
  2. Shadow (English) – Mysterious and sneaky.
  3. Storm (English) – Powerful and fierce.
  4. Wolf (English) – Strong and wild.
  5. Thunder (English) – Loud and powerful.
  6. Jet (English) – Fast and sleek.
  7. Drake (English) – Means ‘dragon’.
  8. Axel (Scandinavian) – Cool and edgy.
  9. Knight (English) – Brave and noble.
  10. Sable (English) – Dark and mysterious.
  11. Griffin (Greek) – Mythical creature.
  12. Rowan (Irish) – A cool name that means ‘little red one’, strong and tough.
  13. Ashitaka (Japanese) – A brave archer from the movie Princess Mononoke.
  14. Finn (Irish) – A name that means blessed and brave.
  15. Bran (Welsh) – Means ‘raven’, smart and with sharp eyes.
  16. Quinn (Irish) – A clever and quick thinker.
  17. Gavin (Scottish) – Means ‘white hawk’, a skilled and precise archer.

Famous Archer Names

Famous Archer Names

There have been many famous archers you probably have heard of who have been in movies and video games.

Here are a bunch of famous archer names for you to delve into:

  1. Katniss (English) – One of the main characters in The Hunger Games.
  2. Neytiri (Na’vi) – The warrior maiden from the movie Avatar.
  3. Green Arrow (English) – comic book character in the DC Comics universe.
  4. Susan Pevensie (English) – an Archer from The Chronicles of Narnia.
  5. Atalanta (Greek) – Greek mythology; strong and famous huntress girl.
  6. Link(English) – Key hero from The Legend of Zelda
  7. Kili – Sindarin Elvish – A Dwarf archer character from the movie ‘The Hobbit’.
  8. Gimli (Sindarin Elvish) – This is another dwarf that was in the The Lord of the Rings.
  9. Ygritte (English) – a fictional character in the Game of Thrones who is part of the wildling tribe as an archer.
  10. Aloy (English) – A character from Horizon Zero Dawn, she is Archer.
  11. Rogue (English) – a well-known X-Men character.
  12. Daryl Dixon – English – Crossbow collector and skillful survivor from the show ‘The Walking Dead’.
  13. Will Scarlet (English) – The character who is one of the members of Robin Hood’s group the Merry Men.
  14. Sylvanas Windrunner – the character from World of Warcraft known as Ranger General.
  15. Legolas (Sindarin Elvish) – Elf bowman, a member of the fellowship of the ring from The Lord of the Rings.
  16. Artemis (Greek) – Goddess of hunting in ancient Greek mythology.
  17. Guinevere (Welsh) – highly skilled in the use of a bow and arrow according to the legends about Arthur.
  18. Raven (English) – A dark color; mysterious and skillful.
  19. Corvo Attano (English) – This is a video game character from the Dishonored series who is an archer.

Wrapping Up

Finding the right name for your in-game character or baby can be a challenge but also pretty fun. We hope you have enjoyed checking out an in-depth list of archer names and I really hope you were inspired.

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