British Girl Names – Top 100+ Names From Classic To Cute

Are you a parent trying to find the right name for your little one? Choosing the right name can be a tricky task and you want to make sure you pick something lovely and maybe has meaning behind it. Luckily many British girl names such as Anne and Catherine have a history behind them and have been used by many royal families in England for many years.

Whether you are on the hunt for classic names, unique ones, or names with a rich history, this list has something for everyone. We have over 100 British girl names for you to dive in and help you find the right name for your little one.

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Classic British Girl Names

Here we have a bunch of Classic British Girl names that have been used for many years by British royalty:

Hebrew name meaning ‘beloved.’ This name is famous because of Mary, the mother of Jesus, making it a great choice for a little one.

Hebrew name meaning ‘grace.’ It has been used by many queens in Britain’s history and is still popular today.

Biblical name meaning ‘God is merciful.’ It has been used by many famous people and is a great choice for a baby name.

Greek name meaning “pure.” This lovely name has been used by many queens in British history.

Hebrew name meaning ‘princess.’ This name has been used by many royal families in Britain.

A Latin name meaning ‘bringer of joy,’ used historically by British royalty.

Greek name meaning ‘bright light.’ It has been a popular choice among British royalty.

French name meaning “famous warrior,” known for its beauty and historical significance.

Biblical name meaning “pure,” with a long-standing presence in British culture.

Hebrew name meaning ‘companion,’ is both common and charming.

Greek name meaning ‘lover of horses.’ Associated with Queen Philippa, wife of King Edward III.

Irish name meaning ‘exalted one,’ a pretty popular name that is still used today in England.

Latin name meaning “constant” or “steadfast.” This name was used by many kings and queens in Britain which made it a popular choice for parents.

Latin name meaning “majestic” or “venerable.” Augusta is a cute name for a little one which was used by British royalty.

A Latin name meaning ‘blind,’ used by royal families in Britain.

An old German name meaning ‘ruler with a spear.’ Many British families in the 1800s named their child Geraldine, it’s not too popular now and it’s seen as an old-fashioned name.

A Latin name meaning “ancient” or “classical.” Priscilla is a lovely British girl name to give to a little one and was used by many Christian saints.

Common British Girl Names

Here we have a list of Common British Girl Names for your little baby girl:

  1. Matilda – German name meaning “battle-mighty.”
  2. Alice – German name meaning “noble.”
  3. Elsie – Scottish name, diminutive of Elizabeth meaning “pledged to God.”
  4. Anna – Hebrew name meaning “grace.”
  5. Eleanor – Greek name meaning “bright, shining light.”
  6. Lucy – Latin name meaning “light.”
  7. Millie – German name, diminutive of Mildred meaning “gentle strength.”
  8. Rosie – Latin name meaning “rose.”
  9. Bella – Italian name meaning “beautiful.”
  10. Harper – English occupational name meaning “harp player.”
  11. Olivia – Latin name meaning “olive tree.”
  12. Zoe – Greek name meaning “life.”
  13. Phoebe – Greek name meaning “bright” or “pure.”
  14. Jessica – Hebrew name meaning “foresight” or “to behold.”
  15. Hazel – Old English name referring to the hazel tree or the color hazel.

Unique British Girl Names

Maybe you want a name that stands out, here we have a bunch of unique Birigh girl names for you to dive into:

  1. Bronwen – Welsh name meaning “white breast.”
  2. Cressida – Greek name meaning “gold.”
  3. Eowyn – Old English name meaning “horse joy.”
  4. Ginevra – Italian name meaning “white shadow.”
  5. Imogen – Celtic name meaning “maiden.”
  6. Jemima – Hebrew name meaning “dove.”
  7. Kerensa – Cornish name meaning “love.”
  8. Lettice – Latin name meaning “joy.”
  9. Merryn – Cornish name meaning “born of the sea.”
  10. Nerys – Welsh name meaning “lady.”
  11. Oriana – Latin name meaning “golden.”
  12. Pippa – Greek name meaning “lover of horses.”
  13. Quenby – Scandinavian name meaning “queen’s settlement.”
  14. Rhiannon – Welsh name meaning “great queen.”
  15. Sorrel – French name meaning “reddish-brown.”
  16. Tamsin – English name meaning “twin.”
  17. Undine – Latin name meaning “little wave.”
  18. Violetta – Latin name meaning “violet.”
  19. Wisteria – Greek name meaning “flower.”
  20. Xanthe – Greek name meaning “yellow, blonde.”

Elegant British Girl Names

Some names are more elegant than others, here we have a list of elegant British names to explore:

  1. Arabella – Latin name meaning “yielding to prayer.”
  2. Cecilia – Latin name meaning “blind.”
  3. Dorothea – Greek name meaning “gift of God.”
  4. Evelyn – English name meaning “wished for child.”
  5. Georgiana – English name meaning “farmer.”
  6. Isabella – Hebrew name meaning “pledged to God.”
  7. Juliet – Latin name meaning “youthful.”
  8. Lavinia – Latin name meaning “purity.”
  9. Miranda – Latin name meaning “admirable.”
  10. Ophelia – Greek name meaning “help.”
  11. Penelope – Greek name meaning “weaver.”
  12. Seraphina – Hebrew name meaning “burning ones.”
  13. Tabitha – Aramaic name meaning “gazelle.”
  14. Valentina – Latin name meaning “strong, healthy.”
  15. Wilhelmina – German name meaning “resolute protector.”
  16. Yvonne – French name meaning “yew tree.”
  17. Zara – Arabic name meaning “princess.”
  18. Beatrix – Latin name meaning “she who brings happiness.”
  19. Clarissa – Latin name meaning “bright, clear.”

Popular British Girl Names

Here we have a list of popular girl names that have been used in Britain:

  1. Amelia – German name meaning “work.”
  2. Ava – Latin name meaning “life.”
  3. Isla – Scottish name meaning “island.”
  4. Mia – Latin name meaning “mine.”
  5. Grace – Latin name meaning “graceful.”
  6. Freya – Norse name meaning “noble woman.”
  7. Evie – Hebrew name meaning “life.”
  8. Ruby – Latin name meaning “red precious stone.”
  9. Holly – English name that means “plant with red berries.”
  10. Chloe – Greek name meaning “blooming.”
  11. Hannah – Hebrew name meaning “grace.”
  12. Megan – Welsh name meaning “pearl.”
  13. Poppy – Latin name meaning “red flower.”
  14. Daisy – Old English name meaning “day’s eye.”
  15. Molly – Irish name meaning “star of the sea.”
  16. Maisie – Scottish name meaning “pearl.”

Old British Girl Names

Maybe you are looking for a name that is old-fashioned, here we have a bunch of Old British Girl Names:

  1. Agatha – Greek name meaning “good.”
  2. Bertha – German name meaning “bright one.”
  3. Clara – Latin name meaning “bright, clear.”
  4. Dorothy – Greek name meaning “gift of God.”
  5. Edith – Old English name meaning “rich war.”
  6. Fanny – Latin name meaning “free.”
  7. Gwendolyn – Welsh name meaning “white ring.”
  8. Hilda – German name meaning “battle.”
  9. Ivy – Old English name meaning “faithfulness.”
  10. Josephine – Hebrew name meaning “God will add.”
  11. Lydia – Greek name meaning “woman from Lydia.”
  12. Mabel – Latin name meaning “lovable.”
  13. Nora – Latin name meaning “honor.”
  14. Opal – Sanskrit name meaning “gem.”
  15. Pauline – Latin name meaning “small.”
  16. Queenie – English name meaning “queen.”
  17. Sylvia – Latin name meaning “forest.”
  18. Thelma – Greek name meaning “will.”
  19. Winifred – Welsh name meaning “blessed peacemaking.”

Cute British Girl Names

Here we have a bunch of cute girl names to check out:

  1. Ellie – Greek name meaning “shining light.”
  2. Milly – German name meaning “industrious.”
  3. Lottie – French name meaning “free man.”
  4. Tilly – German name meaning “mighty in battle.”
  5. Nellie – Greek name meaning “shining light.”
  6. Betty – Hebrew name meaning “pledged to God.”
  7. Annie – Hebrew name meaning “grace.”
  8. Bonnie – Scottish name meaning “beautiful.”
  9. Penny – Greek name meaning “weaver.”
  10. Hattie – German name meaning “home ruler.”
  11. Lulu – Arabic name meaning “pearl.”
  12. Minnie – Hebrew name meaning “sea of bitterness.”
  13. Tessa – Greek name meaning “to gather.”
  14. Winnie – Welsh name meaning “fair one.”

Famous British Girl Names

Many celebrities and historical figures have British names that everyone will recognize.

In this list, we have 20 Famous British Girl Names that you have probably heard of:

  1. Emma – Universal
  2. Adele – Noble
  3. Kate – Pure
  4. Victoria – Victory
  5. Diana – Divine
  6. Margaret – Pearl
  7. Elizabeth – Pledged to God
  8. Princess Charlotte – Freeman
  9. Sophie – Wisdom
  10. Lily – Purity
  11. Keira – Dark-haired
  12. Helen – Light
  13. Florence – Flourishing
  14. Judi – Praised
  15. Naomi – Pleasantness
  16. Carey – Pure
  17. Gemma – Precious stone
  18. Rosamund – Horse Protection
  19. Emily – Rival
  20. Maggie – Pearl


Can I use a British-inspired name for both boys and girls?

It depends but many British names can be used for both boys and girls.

Can I use British names for babies born at any time of the year?

Of course, British names can be given to babies born in any season, so whether your baby was born in the winter you can name them whatever you like.

Do British names have special cultural or historical meanings?

Yes, many British names come from historical backgrounds and have been used by British royal families for many years.

Are there any famous people with British-inspired names?

Yes, many famous people have British-inspired names and we have a section where we cover a bunch of famous British girl names.

Wrapping up

Trying to find the right name for your little baby girl is a personal decision and you always want to be sure you make the right choice. Many British girl names have been used for centuries by many families in England and they usually have meanings behind them.

If you have enjoyed reading this article make sure you check out some others for more baby-naming inspiration.

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