Names Meaning Fire – 100+ Names for boys and girls

Are you expecting to have a baby in the summer or maybe you just want to give your baby a name that resonates with fire and passion? Picking the right baby name can be difficult and just knowing a name that means fire doesn’t have to be a bad thing, it could mean having a strong and fiery spirit.

Choosing a name that means the fire can add passion to your child’s name. From classic to trendy, boy names to girl names, and even some celebrity-inspired nicknames, we’ve created a list of over 100 names meaning fire to inspire you to pick the right name for your little one.

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Without further ado here is a list of names meaning fire!

Classic Names Meaning Fire

Classic Names Meaning Fire

Here we have a bunch of classic boy and girl names meaning fire:

  1. Aidan – Irish name which means ‘little fire’. It’s a great name for a baby that shows warmth and energy.
  2. Blaise – French name which means ‘to blaze’. It’s a great name for a baby that is fiery.
  3. Cyrus – Persian name which means ‘sun’ or ‘throne’. It’s a powerful name, that shows warmth and strength.
  4. Edan – Hebrew name which means ‘fire’ or ‘flame’. It’s a great name that symbolizes vitality.
  5. Fintan – Irish name which means ‘white fire’. It’s a very unique name for a baby, which represents purity.
  6. Ignatius – Latin name which means ‘fiery one’. It’s a bold name, reflecting courage and determination.
  7. Larissa – Greek name associated with fire and warmth. It’s an elegant name, that resonates with fire.
  8. Lucinda – Spanish name which means ‘light’ or ‘illumination’. This is a Spanish name that means warmth.
  9. Phoenix – Greek name symbolizing rebirth and transformation. Pheonix is a unique and powerful name that means renewal and rebirth.
  10. Seraphina – Hebrew name which means ‘burning ones’. A great enchanting name that has a mystical connection to fire and spirituality.
  11. Urien – Welsh name meaning ‘privileged birth; fire’. It’s a noble name that indicates strength and heritage.
  12. Brigit – Irish name meaning ‘exalted one; fire, the high goddess’. It’s a divine name, linked to fire and wisdom.
  13. Nuri – Arabic name meaning ‘my fire’. It’s an intimate name, reflecting a deep connection to fire and passion.
  14. Fiammetta – Italian name meaning ‘little fiery one’. It’s a charming name, expressing warmth and affection.
  15. Niran – Sanskrit name meaning ‘eternal fire’. It’s a mystical name, evoking the eternal flame of life and vitality.
  16. Tejas – Sanskrit name meaning ‘fire’. It’s a powerful name, representing the essence of fire and energy.
  17. Aodh – Irish name meaning ‘fire’. It’s a traditional name, representing the elemental force of fire.
  18. Calida – Latin name meaning ‘fiery’ or ‘ardent’. It’s a passionate name, capturing the intensity and fervor of fire.

Trendy Names Meaning Fire

Here we have a list of trendy names that mean fire for your little one:

  1. Ember – English name which means “glowing ember”
  2. Fiamma – Italian name which means “flame”
  3. Kai – Origin varies; meaning “sea” or “fire”
  4. Leilani – Hawaiian name that means “heavenly flowers”
  5. Nova – English name meaning “sudden brightening of a star”
  6. Soleil – French name which means “sun”
  7. Tanner – English name which means “one who tans hides”
  8. Zephyr – Greek mythological name meaning “god of the west wind”
  9. Zora – Slavic name which means “dawn”
  10. Adan – Spanish name which is a variant of Adam
  11. Brantley – English name which means “fiery torch”
  12. Flint – English name meaning “sedimentary rock used to create fire”
  13. Haidar – Arabic name which means “lion”
  14. Kenzo – Japanese name which means “strong and healthy”
  15. Sulien – Welsh name which means “sun-born”
  16. Tarian – Welsh name which means “shield” or “guardian”
  17. Cato – Latin name which means “intelligent, clever, or all-knowing”
  18. Fiametta – Italian name which means “little fiery one”
  19. Idris – Welsh name that means “fiery leader”

Boy Names That Mean Fire

Boy Names That Mean Fire

Here we have a bunch of fiery boy names to dive into:

  1. Brantley – English name meaning “fiery torch”
  2. Egan – Irish name meaning “little fire”
  3. Haidar – Arabic name meaning “lion”
  4. Kenzo – Japanese name meaning “strong and healthy”
  5. Nuri – Arabic name meaning “my fire”
  6. Sulien – Welsh name meaning “sun-born”
  7. Tarian – Welsh name meaning “shield” or “guardian”
  8. Fenix – Spanish name meaning “fire”
  9. Ignacio – Spanish name meaning “fiery one”
  10. Inigo – Spanish name meaning “fiery” or “ardent”
  11. Kenji – Japanese name meaning “strong, healthy, or vigorous”
  12. Kiran – Hindi name meaning “ray of light” or “sunbeam”
  13. Pyrrhus – Greek mythological name meaning “flame-colored” or “reddish”
  14. Reno – Spanish name meaning “river”
  15. Shula – Hebrew name meaning “flame”
  16. Taner – Turkish name meaning “born with dawn” or “born at dawn”
  17. Blaze – English name meaning “fire; burning brightly”

Girl Names That Mean Fire

Here we have some interesting girl names that mean fire:

  1. Alinta – Aboriginal name meaning “flame”
  2. Enya – Irish Gaelic name meaning “little fire”
  3. Ilona – Hungarian name meaning “torch”
  4. Nina – Various origins; meaning “fire” or “dreamer”
  5. Soleil – French name meaning “sun”
  6. Tanwen – Welsh name meaning “holy fire”
  7. Zaria – Slavic name meaning “morning star”
  8. Alina – Greek name meaning “light” or “bright, beautiful”
  9. Azar – Persian name meaning “fire”
  10. Caroun – Armenian name meaning “flame”
  11. Emberly – English name meaning “ember” or “spark”
  12. Ilma – Finnish name meaning “air” or “sky”
  13. Kalama – Hawaiian name meaning “flaming torch”
  14. Niran – Sanskrit name meaning “eternal fire”
  15. Shula – Hebrew name meaning “flame”
  16. Tana – Maori name meaning “burning”
  17. Ziv – a Hebrew name meaning “radiant” or “bright”

Celebrity-Inspired Fire Names

Many celebrities are passionate and have strong personalities.

In this list, we have 20 well-known celebrities with names that indicate fire:

  1. Beyoncé – Famous singer with a fiery stage presence.
  2. Rihanna – Well-known singer with a strong and fiery personality.
  3. Scarlett – Inspired by Scarlett Johansson, known for her fire-based roles in movies.
  4. Zendaya – Zendaya is an actress who has warm energy off and on screen.
  5. Mila – Mila Kunis is another fiery actress who played a great role in the ‘Black Swan.’
  6. Angelina – We all know Angelina Jolie and how intense she is as an actor.
  7. Jennifer – Jennifer Lawrence brings fiery passion to her movies.
  8. Selena – Selena Gomez is well known for her fiery determination and resilience.
  9. Demi – Demi Lovato has a strong spirit and you can see it in her music and activism.
  10. Margot – Margot Robbie has been killing the movie industry with her fiery portrayals in films like “The Wolf of Wall Street.”
  11. Sophie – Inspired by Sophie Turner, whose fiery character Sansa Stark captivated audiences.
  12. Emma – Emma Stone is known for her fiery red hair and amazing performances.
  13. Ariana – Ariana Grande is huge and has been killing music with energy and fiery vocals.
  14. Lupita – Lupita Nyong’o, whose fiery talent earned her an Academy Award.
  15. Charlize – Charlize Theron is well known for her fiery performances in action movies.
  16. Gal – Gal Gadot played an amazing role in Wonder Woman and showed her fiery energy.
  17. Natalie – Natalie Portman is another huge actress whose fiery intensity lights up the screen.
  18. Margaret – Margaret Qualley has played some huge roles and is known for her fiery performances in “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.”
  19. Emma – Emma Watson has inspired millions with her activism.
  20. Camila – Camila Cabello is a musician who has been killing it with her fiery Latin music sets.

Fantasy Fire Names

Fantasy Fire Names

Fire and fantasy are closely related, in this list we have some interesting Fantasy Fire Names:

  1. Ignisflare – Latin name meaning “fire”
  2. Pyroblaze – Greek name meaning “fiery”
  3. Emberstorm – English name meaning “a storm of embers”
  4. Infernothorn – English name meaning “a thorn of inferno”
  5. Flareheart – English name meaning “a heart of flames”
  6. Ardentflame – English name meaning “passionate fire”
  7. Celestiaflare – Latin name meaning “heavenly fire”
  8. Volcanicinder – Latin name meaning “fire from a volcano”
  9. Blazefury – English name meaning “intense fire”
  10. Pyresoul – Greek name meaning “soul of fire”
  11. Searrage – English name meaning “rage of searing flames”
  12. Flamewing – English name meaning “wings of flame”
  13. Scorchfire – English name meaning “fire that scorches”
  14. Infernalight – English name meaning “light of inferno”
  15. Scaldflare – English name meaning “flame that scalds”
  16. Blazeborn – English name meaning “born of fire”
  17. Pyralumin – Greek name meaning “fiery light”
  18. Eternalblaze – English name meaning “eternal fire”
  19. Radiantember – English name meaning “radiant ember”
  20. Flareforge – English name meaning “forge of flames”


Can I use a fire-inspired name for any gender?

Of course, fire names are gender-neutral or can be used for both boys and girls.

Are fire names suitable for babies born in any season?

While fire names can be chosen for babies born in any season, they may have a deeper meaning for those born in summer.

Do fire names have specific cultural or mythological associations?

Many fire-based names come from a mythological background and have cultured meanings. The list contains many names that come from different origins and backgrounds.

Are there any famous figures with fire-inspired names?

Yes, many celebrities and famous figures have names that indicate fire and passion.

Wrapping up the list

Choosing a name for your child is a very personal decision, and choosing a fire-inspired name can display their identity with warmth and passion.

We hope the list has inspired you to pick a name for your little one, especially a name with origin and great meaning.

If you have managed to find a name in this list, make sure you check out some of our other articles.

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