Male Dragon Names – 150+ Mythical & Unique Ideas

If you are looking for the perfect Nickname for your male dragon then we have you covered. We have a huge list of different mythical male dragon nicknames for you to use, from unique to badass names.

Dragons have been referenced in pretty much all Role Playing Games and they play an important role in Japanese culture. From Skyrim, and Spyro, to Dragon Age these mythical creatures have been referenced almost everywhere. Whether you’re into fantasy novels, playing an RPG game, or simply seeking inspiration for a pet name, finding the perfect nickname for your male dragon can be a fun task.

Luckily for you, we have gathered over 150+ Male Dragon Names for you to dive in. Whether you’re giving your pet a dragon name or finding a username for yourself, this list will have something for you.

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Best Male Dragon Names And Meanings

Male Dragon Names

  1. Ajaxxus (Greek) – A mighty warrior dragon
  2. Aldrakar (Old German) – A wise ruler dragon
  3. Angusaros (Celtic) – A dragon with unique strength
  4. Apollonix (Greek) – A dragon representing light, music, and prophecy
  5. Aresyth (Greek) – A dragon that means war and battle
  6. Arjaxxus (Persian) – A worthy dragon
  7. Atlasaur (Greek) – A dragon carrying the weight of the world on his shoulder
  8. Baltazaron (Persian) – A dragon protecting the king
  9. Blazefyre (English) – A dragon with intense and relentless fire
  10. Cassyx (Latin) – A dragon representing hollowness
  11. Caspianix (Origin uncertain) – A dragon from the Caspian Sea region
  12. Cedrakon (Celtic) – A kind and beloved dragon
  13. Cyrusol (Persian) – A dragon representing the essence of the sun
  14. Dantyx (Latin) – A tough dragon
  15. Dariuson (Persian) – A dragon with kingly and wealthy traits
  16. Dorionyx (Greek) – A dragon descending from Dorus
  17. Duncanix (Gaelic) – A dark warrior dragon
  18. Eldonus (Old English) – A dragon hailing from the Old Valley
  19. Eliathon (Hebrew) – A dragon whose strength lies in the Lord
  20. Emryth (Welsh) – An immortal dragon
  21. Evandar (Greek) – A dragon representing goodness
  22. Everestrix (English) – A dragon that can reach the highest mountain
  23. Fenririx (Norse) – A monstrous wolf-like dragon
  24. Garethos (Welsh) – A gentle dragon
  25. Gideonus (Hebrew) – A mighty warrior dragon
  26. Helionyx (Greek) – A dragon representing the sun
  27. Indrax (Hindu) – A dragon representing thunder and storms
  28. Leonidrax (Greek) – A lion-like dragon
  29. Lorcanix (Irish) – A fierce dragon
  30. Magnuson (Latin) – A great and powerful dragon
  31. Oberonix (Germanic) – A dragon related to the king of the fairies

Unique Male Dragon Names

Unique Male Dragon

  1. Taragon – A dragon representing leadership
  2. Thadrex – A divine gift with exceptional abilities
  3. Tiberon – A dragon associated with the power of rivers
  4. Titon – A dragon of immense size and strength
  5. Tritonix – A dragon with domination over the seas
  6. Umbrax – A dragon shrouded in shadows
  7. Valorus – A dragon representing strength and vitality
  8. Vulcarn – A dragon wielding fire with ferocity
  9. Zephyrix – A swift and free dragon
  10. Alaragon – A dragon commanding authority
  11. Basilisk – A dragon with a kingly presence
  12. Caspion – A dragon associated with the Caspian Sea
  13. Cyrux – A dragon shining brightly like the sun
  14. Dracor – A fearsome dragon
  15. Eldrius – A dragon revered for its wisdom
  16. Evandron – A dragon representing goodness
  17. Evrenth – A dragon representing the universe
  18. Ferron – A dragon of iron strength
  19. Finnix – A dragon known for its purity
  20. Icarion – A dragon with a daring spirit
  21. Kaigon – A dragon associated with the sea and strength
  22. Keiron – A dragon with dark-haired majesty
  23. Leandron – A lion-hearted dragon
  24. Maddor – A fortunate dragon
  25. Paxor – A dragon bringing peace wherever it goes
  26. Rainar – A dragon known for its smart army
  27. Roscar – A dragon roaming the deer forest
  28. Salazarn – A dragon from an ancient hall
  29. Stellor – A dragon representing calm and tranquility
  30. Thorix – A dragon bold and daring like thunder
  31. Titron – A dragon of huge stature
  32. Torrian – A dragon known as the little chief
  33. Vesperon – A dragon active in the evening
  34. Zevron – A wolf-like dragon

Cool Male Dragon Names


  1. Ashbornix – A dragon born from ashes and fire
  2. Blastfireon – A dragon with explosive and fiery abilities
  3. Bloodclawix – A fierce and bloodthirsty dragon
  4. Cobaltix – A dragon with striking blue scales
  5. Crimsonwingix – A dragon with blood-red wings
  6. Drakesbaneth – A dragon known for killing others of its kind
  7. Fangorix – A dragon known for its powerful fangs
  8. Firescaleth – A dragon with a fiery, scaled hide
  9. Frostbiteth – A dragon capable of causing freezing injuries
  10. Grimclawon – A dragon with dark and relentless claws
  11. Havocix – A dragon bringing widespread destruction
  12. Huntsmanix – A dragon who is skilled at hunting
  13. Icefuryth – A dragon known for its frigid rage
  14. Infernox – A dragon representing a raging inferno
  15. Ironhideth – A dragon with impenetrable skin
  16. Ironscaleon – A dragon with tough, metallic scales
  17. Midnightix – A dragon cloaked in the deepest darkness
  18. Onyxclawix – A dragon with dark gem-like claws
  19. Razorfangix – A dragon with dangerously sharp fangs
  20. Sabretoothon – A dragon with teeth long and sharp
  21. Shadowstrikeix – A dragon striking from the shadows
  22. Silverscaleth – A dragon with precious, shimmering scales
  23. Smokewingix – A dragon wreathed in smoke
  24. Spitfireth – A dragon with fiery breath
  25. Steelclawix – A dragon with talons as strong as steel
  26. Talonstrikeix – A dragon striking swiftly with its talons
  27. Tremorix – A dragon that can cause earthquakes

Mythical Male Dragon Names

  1. Mythical
  1. Abraxas (Gnostic) – A dragon which is associated with the sun
  2. Amarok (Inuit) – Gigantic wolf spirit
  3. Amphiptere (Greek) – Winged serpent
  4. Ancalagon (Tolkien) – Largest dragon in Middle Earth
  5. Apep (Apophis) – Egyptian serpent of chaos
  6. Aspidochelone (Greek) – Giant sea turtle mistaken for an island
  7. Bahamut (Arabic) – Giant fish that supports the world
  8. Cetus (Greek) – Sea monster slain by Perseus
  9. Chimera (Greek) – Fire-breathing hybrid (lion, goat, serpent)
  10. Chrysophylax (Greek) – Gold-guarding dragon
  11. Draugr (Norse) – Undead creature with immense strength
  12. Fafnir (Norse) – Dwarf transformed into a greedy dragon
  13. Falak (Persian) – Celestial serpent in Islamic cosmology
  14. Glaurung (Tolkien) – Father of dragons, master of deceit
  15. Grendel (Anglo-Saxon) – Monster slain by Beowulf
  16. Griffin (Greek) – Lion body with eagle’s head and wings
  17. Hydra (Greek) – Many-headed serpent from Greek mythology
  18. Jörmungandr (Norse) – World serpent, child of Loki
  19. Kappa (Japanese) – Water demon
  20. Kraken (Scandinavian) – Colossal sea monster
  21. Lambton Worm (English) – Mythical dragon-like worm
  22. Leviathan (Hebrew) – Gigantic sea monster
  23. Lindworm (European) – Wingless, serpentine dragon
  24. Long/Lung (Chinese) – Eastern dragons associated with water
  25. Manticore (Persian) – Lion’s body, human head, scorpion’s tail
  26. Pakhangba (Manipuri) – Cosmic serpent-dragon god
  27. Piasa (Native American) – Man-eating bird
  28. Roc (Middle Eastern) – Giant bird of prey
  29. Ryujin (Japanese) – Dragon god of the sea
  30. Scylla (Greek) – Six-headed sea monster
  31. Shenlong (Chinese) – Thunderstorm dragon
  32. Tarasque (French) – Fearsome hybrid dragon
  33. Wyvern (European) – Two-legged, winged dragon
  34. Yofune-Nushi (Japanese) – Mythical seafaring dragon

Badass Male Dragon Names


  1. Annihilathor – A dragon causing complete destruction
  2. Apocalyx – A dragon representing total devastation
  3. Aresyth – A dragon with the ferocity of the god of war
  4. Armageddor – A dragon associated with final, epic battles
  5. Assassinix – A dragon known for stealthy and deadly attacks
  6. Atomicus – A dragon that has immense power
  7. Blazebringerix – A dragon capable of summoning blazing flames
  8. Combustionix – A dragon capable of explosive burning
  9. Conquerorix – A dragon known for taking control by force
  10. Crushorix – A dragon capable of destruction by crushing
  11. Deimor – A terrifying dragon
  12. Destroython – A dragon known for bringing about ruin
  13. Doomsdayon – A dragon related to the last day of the world
  14. Havocor – A dragon bringing widespread damage and chaos
  15. Juggernauthor – An unstoppable dragon
  16. Leviathor – A dragon resembling a monstrous sea creature
  17. Onslaughtor – A dragon capable of fierce and violent attacks
  18. Ragnarökix – A dragon associated with the end of the world
  19. Rampagor – A dragon known for its violent behavior
  20. Ravagorix – A dragon capable of causing severe damage
  21. Stormfuryx – A dragon embodying the rage of a powerful storm
  22. Titanor – A dragon with immense power and strength
  23. Tremoron – A dragon capable of causing earthquakes
  24. Tyrantor – A dragon with a cruel and oppressive rule
  25. Warmongorix – A dragon known for inciting war

Wrapping up the list

We are sure that this list of male dragon names will help you find something to use. Whether you are naming your pet or just trying to find a cool name for your in-game character we have you covered.

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