Indian Girl Names – Top 100+ Names From American to Common

Finding the right Indian girl names is important because they reflect the culture and values of India. Indian names usually carry meanings related to mythology and the different gods that they believe in.

From traditional Indian names like Aarohi, Anika, Kiara, and Samaira we have many names for you to explore.

These names come from different languages spoken in India, like Sanskrit, Hindi, and Tamil. Here’s a list of Indian girl names from A to Z, along with popular, common, American Indian, and modern names. You will for sure find a name in this article that will inspire you to find the right name for your little baby girl.

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Indian Girl Names A-Z

Indian Girl Names A-Z

  1. Aisha: It means being happy and doing well in life.
  2. Bhavya: This reflects something very magnificent and elegant.
  3. Bina: It means being wise and knowing many things.
  4. Bhoomi: It means feeling connected to nature and being grounded.
  5. Charvi: It means being very pretty and graceful.
  6. Chitra: It means being creative and painting pictures.
  7. Chaitali: It means being born in the spring when everything is fresh.
  8. Devika: It means being unique and elegant like a small deity.
  9. Dhriti: It means having strength and bravery, never giving up.
  10. Disha: It means having direction and purpose in life.
  11. Esha: It means having many desires and dreams for the future.
  12. Ekta: It means to unite and come together as one.
  13. Falguni: It means being born in the spring month of Falgun.
  14. Farah: It means being happy and spreading happiness to others.
  15. Gauri: It refers to a woman who is fair and beautiful like the goddess Parvati.
  16. Gayatri: It means chanting prayerful verses and being spiritually devoted.
  17. Hina: It means having a sweet smell and being sweet.
  18. Hansika: It signifies beauty and gentleness, like a swan.
  19. Ira: It means being close to the ground and being spiritual.
  20. Indira: It means splendid and beautiful, like the goddess of wealth.
  21. Jaya: It means being victorious and successful.
  22. Jyoti: It means bringing light and hope to people’s lives.
  23. Lavanya: It means being graceful and beautiful in movement.
  24. Leela: It means playing and finding joy with divine beings.
  25. Ojasvi: It means shining brightly, like the light from a lamp.
  26. Oviya: It means being artistic and drawing beautiful pictures.
  27. Priya: It means being loved and cherished by others.
  28. Trisha: It means having good desires and commitment for the future.
  29. Usha: It means waking up each day and experiencing new beginnings.
  30. Uma: It means peace and tranquility, like the goddess Parvati.
  31. Yashvi: It means success, fame, or glory.
  32. Yamuna: It means being pure and flowing smoothly like a sacred river.
  33. Zaina: It means being beautiful, graceful, and elegant.
  34. Amara: It means something timeless and with an eternal soul.
  35. Ervad: It means being rooted in the earth and feeling anchored.
  36. Charulata: It means being graceful and beautiful like a creeper.
  37. Devanshi: It means heavenly, divine, and having a celestial connection.
  38. Esita: It means having intentions and aims that are desired and appreciated.
  39. Himadri: It means the mountain of snow, a symbol of purity.
  40. Ishani: It means strength and protection while also being tender.

Popular Indian Girl Names

  1. Aaradhya: It means to love and respect someone very much, like giving them blessings.
  2. Ananya: It means being very special and unique like there’s no one else quite like you.
  3. Isha: It means being powerful and influential, like a goddess or a ruler.
  4. Mira: It means ocean or sea, and she was a big fan of Lord Krishna, showing how much she loved him.
  5. Kavya: It means poem or poetry, perfect for someone who loves creating art with words.
  6. Riya: It means singer or graceful, great for someone who sings and dances beautifully.
  7. Sneha: It means love or affection, all about showing care and love to someone.
  8. Tanvi: It means delicate or slender, for a graceful lady with a slim figure.
  9. Vanya: It means a gracious gift from God, showing how wonderful and special someone is.
  10. Lakshmi: She’s the goddess of wealth and prosperity, bringing fortune and goodness to people.

Common Indian Girl Names

Common Indian Girl Names

  1. Neha: It means love or rain, like how love makes things feel fresh and new.
  2. Pooja: It means worship or prayer, showing someone who is religious and spiritual.
  3. Ritu: It means season, like how nature changes throughout the year.
  4. Swati: It’s a star name, showing how someone can shine bright and help others.
  5. Vandana: It means salutation or praise, perfect for a girl who is respected by everyone.
  6. Kiran: It means a ray of light, bringing light and hope to others.
  7. Geeta: It’s a sacred song, associated with wisdom and spirituality like the Bhagavad Gita.
  8. Meera: She worshipped Lord Krishna and showed loyalty and commitment.
  9. Kajal: It means kohl, showing how someone looks elegant and beautiful.
  10. Rajeshwari: It symbolizes a queen, showing a royal and elegant personality.

American Indian Girl Names

  1. Aiyana: It means “eternal blossom,” perfect for a girl who brings joy forever.
  2. Dakota: It means “friendly” or “friend,” showing someone who is trustworthy and kind.
  3. Cheyenne: It means “speak incoherently” and is connected to the Cheyenne Indians.
  4. Nina: It means “strong” or “mighty,” describing a brave and strong girl.
  5. Kiona: It means “brown hills,” giving a natural and peaceful feeling.
  6. Shania: It means “I’m on my way,” showing someone with purpose and determination.
  7. Tala: It means “wolf,” symbolizing someone powerful and independent.
  8. Winona: It means “firstborn daughter,” perfect for the first girl born in a family.
  9. Zara: It means “blooming flower,” symbolizing growth and beauty.
  10. Mika: It means “beautiful smell,” great for a girl who makes people feel good.

Modern Indian Girl Names

  1. Aanya: It means never getting tired, like someone with lots of energy and excitement.
  2. Kiara: It means having black hair, a fancy name for a pretty and classy lady.
  3. Nitya: It means eternal or without end, something that lasts forever.
  4. Tisha: It means joy or happiness, perfect for a girl who spreads happiness.
  5. Myra: It means having special feelings for someone, showing how much they are valued.
  6. Samaira: It means magical, great for a girl with a charming personality.
  7. Reva: It means river, showing gentleness and peace.
  8. Arya: It means noble, describing someone honorable and good.
  9. Veda: It means sacred knowledge, for a girl who is wise and smart.

Indian Girl Names Starting With A

  1. Aarohi: This name means musical sound or tune, like a beautiful melody.
  2. Aditi: It means limitless, known as the mother of all gods, who is very powerful.
  3. Anika: This name describes someone who is graceful and beautiful, like a princess.
  4. Anjali: It means an offering or a gift to someone, showing love and respect.
  5. Arpita: It means someone who is very dedicated and committed, like a hard worker.
  6. Asha: It means hope and dreams for the future, like wishing for good things.
  7. Ashwini: It means ‘light’ and is also the name of a star, shining brightly.
  8. Avani: It means earth, nature, or the planet, where we live and grow.
  9. Ayesha: It means alive and well, full of life and energy.
  10. Aishwarya: The meaning of this name is wealth and being rich and successful, like having lots of good things.

Indian Girl Names Starting With S

  1. Saanvi: This name means knowledge and also represents the goddess Lakshmi, who brings wealth and prosperity.
  2. Sunita: It means a polite person or someone who is well-mannered, showing respect and kindness.
  3. Seema: This name refers to a boundary or limit, like knowing where things begin and end.
  4. Shreya: It means fortunate and brings many good things, like having luck and blessings.
  5. Sita: It stands for furrow and is also the name of the Hindu goddess Sita, known for her loyalty and courage.
  6. Sarika: This name is given to a bird or thrush, symbolizing freedom and grace.
  7. Suhana: It refers to being sweet and beautiful, like spreading happiness with a kind heart.
  8. Simran: It can mean to meditate, muse, or remember, taking time to think deeply and reflect.
  9. Shivani: This name comes from the Hindu deity Parvati and means strength and good luck, showing inner power and positivity.
  10. Sakshi: It translates to witness, someone who sees and understands things clearly, like a reliable friend.

Wrapping Up

There are many different names you can choose for your little Indian baby girl. Many of these names have been inspired by the different Indian gods such as Lakshmi and Parvati which adds background and deep meaning to these lovely names.

From names like Shreya and Seema, this list has many options for you to explore and I’m sure you will find something that will give you inspiration. Hopefully, this post has given you inspiration to find a lovely name for your little Indian girl.

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