Japanese Girl Names – Top 100+ Names From Anime To Dark

Trying to find the right Japanese girl names can be a hard big decision for a parent, but luckily many names from Japan come with deep-rooted culture and actually have meaning.

Many names used in TV shows and anime are inspired by Japanese culture. For example, the name Sakura in Naruto and Haku in Spirited Away. Thanks to their use in popular shows, many Japanese names have become more well-known.

In this list, we’ll explore a bunch of Japanese girl names. We’ll cover names with different meanings, from dark and mysterious to ones that mean fire or moon. This article will help you find the perfect name for your baby girl, and I’m sure it will inspire you.

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30 Japanese Girl Names A-Z

Japanese Girl Names A-Z

  1. Aiko – This Japanese name means “child of love,” perfect for a loving daughter.
  2. Emi – It means “beautiful blessing,” for a girl who brings joy and beauty.
  3. Hana – It means “flower,” showing beauty, growth, and how life is delicate.
  4. Kaori – This is a Japanese name that means “fragrance,” like a nice smell that makes you happy.
  5. Miyu – It means “beautiful moon,” showing royalty and how elegant the moon looks.
  6. Nao – It means “honest,” showing sincerity and always telling the truth.
  7. Reina – In Spanish, it means “queen,” showing wisdom and being fair.
  8. Yuki – This Japanese name means “snow,” showing how pure and calm snow is in winter.
  9. Akira – It means “bright” or “clear,” showing how smart and happy someone is.
  10. Chika – This name means “scatter flowers,” making people smile and feel happy.
  11. Eri – It means “blessed prize,” like something really special and lucky.
  12. Haruka – This name means “distance,” showing calmness, gentleness, and peace.
  13. Kotone – It refers to the “sound of a harp,” showing harmony and beautiful music.
  14. Mio – It means “cherry blossom” or “beautiful,” showing how life can change quickly.
  15. Nana – This Japanese name means “seven,” showing being complete and lucky.
  16. Riko – It means “child of truth,” showing being honest and real.
  17. Sayuri – This name means “small lily,” showing how pretty and graceful flowers are.
  18. Fumiko – It means “child born with beauty,” showing someone who is naturally beautiful.
  19. Hikari – This Japanese name means “light,” showing how light brings brightness and helps us see.
  20. Kiko – This name means “chronicle child,” showing being special and having a great story.
  21. Mika – This lovely name means “beautiful fragrance,” like a nice smell that makes you feel good.
  22. Natsu – It means “summer,” showing how warm and fun summer is.
  23. Yui – It means “tie” or “bind,” showing relationships and how people are connected.
  24. Amaya – This Japanese name means “night rain,” showing calmness and peace like rain at night.
  25. Eiko – It means “long-lived child,” showing wishing for a long, healthy life.
  26. Kana – It means “powerful,” showing strength and being strong.
  27. Mirai – This Japanese name means “future,” showing what’s coming and what will happen.
  28. Natsumi – It means “beautiful summer,” showing how happy and fun summer is.
  29. Rin – This name means “dignity,” “grace,” “elegance,” and “poise,” showing being classy and graceful.
  30. Asuka – Literally means “tomorrow scent,” showing hope and a better future.

Japanese Girl Names With Dark Meanings

  1. Akuma – Means ‘devil.’ Used to represent darkness, rebellion, or a powerful figure.
  2. Kuro – This means black and symbolizes things mysterious, deep, or secret in life.
  3. Kage – It means ‘shadow.’ It can indicate stealth, shelter, or a hidden entity.
  4. Yami – It means darkness; it sounds like a mysterious name.
  5. Majo – Translates to “witch.” Represents either magic, power, or a mystic sign.
  6. Kurai – This actually means ‘gloomy.’ It can be used to express feelings such as sadness.
  7. Yurei – The word means ‘ghost.’ It is used to refer to spirits, the supernatural.
  8. Yamiyo – Refers to a dark night; it may represent darkness or loneliness.
  9. Kiri – Translates to ‘fog.’ It refers to misty views, fuzzy reality, or a layer over the truth.
  10. Reiko – It means chilly or cool character and reflects a cool attitude or calmness.

Japanese Girl Names Meaning Moon

  1. Mizuki – It means “beautiful moon,” like when the sky looks calm at night.
  2. Tsukiko – It means “moon child,” like someone who feels connected to the moon’s power.
  3. Ayano – This means “my design, my moon,” showing a special bond with the moon.
  4. Michiru – It means “to be filled with beauty,” describing the moon’s pretty appearance.
  5. Haru – It stands for “spring moon,” like how the moon looks beautiful in the spring.
  6. Kanade – The name means “sound of the moon,” imagining the music the moon might make.
  7. Minori – It means “beautiful moonlight,” describing the lovely light of the moon.
  8. Tsuki – This just means “moon,” referring to the big round thing in the sky.
  9. Kohana – It means “small flower, moon,” combining the idea of a tiny flower with the moon.
  10. Satsuki – It means “fifth moon,” indicating its place in the moon’s cycle.

Japanese Girl Names Meaning Fire

  1. Kaen – It means flame, like someone who has a lot of passion and intensity.
  2. Kasumi – This means mist, like something mysterious and beautiful that you can’t hold onto.
  3. Ran – It means ‘orchid’, which is about being modest and beautiful, like a delicate flower.
  4. Enya – It comes from a word meaning ‘flame’ or ‘blaze’, showing courage, strength, and passion.
  5. Aki – It’s Japanese for “autumn”, showing the fiery colors and changes of the season.
  6. Kaji – It means “fire”, showing how strong and powerful fire can be.
  7. Karin – It means fire, showing the warmth and passion inside every person.
  8. Reika – It’s a mix of ‘lovely’ and ‘fire’, showing someone who’s both beautiful and strong.
  9. Yumi – It means ‘archery bow’, showing focus, aim, and hitting your target.
  10. Hinoka – It means fire or flame, showing warmth and bright energy.

Japanese Flower Girl Names

  1. Sakura – It means ‘cherry blossom,’ showing beauty and how life is delicate like flowers.
  2. Ume – Means ‘plum,’ symbolizing strength and the first flowers of spring.
  3. Ayame – It means ‘iris,’ known for its unique shape and standing for courage and wisdom.
  4. Botan – This name means ‘peony,’ showing wealth and the rich beauty of the flower.
  5. Sumire – Translates to ‘violet,’ representing purity and simple beauty like flowers.
  6. Tsubaki – Means ‘camellia,’ showing respect, affection, and the flower’s long life.
  7. Ren – It means ‘lotus,’ symbolizing strong spirit, wisdom, and never giving up.
  8. Yuri – Means ‘lily,’ representing purity, innocence, and how delicate flowers can be.
  9. Kiku – Represents the ‘chrysanthemum,’ symbolizing long life, strength, and fall beauty.
  10. Shion – This name means ‘aster,’ which is about remembering and love.

Celestial Japanese Girl Names

  1. Hoshi – This means star, showing how stars guide us and bring light to the night.
  2. Aster – This means ‘star flower,’ showing patience and elegance, like how flowers are.
  3. Kokoro – Stands for heart or mind, talking about passion, honesty, and your soul.
  4. Niji – This means ‘rainbow,’ showing colors in nature and balance.
  5. Sora – It means sky, showing freedom and how big the universe is.
  6. Tenshi – This means “angel,” showing kindness and being like a good spirit.
  7. Yua – It means ‘binding love,’ showing affection and being close to someone.
  8. Airi – It means “love jasmine,” showing grace and the good things about a flower.
  9. Ruri – This means lapis lazuli, showing wisdom and the magic of the gemstone.
  10. Amaterasu – This means ‘shining over heaven,’ talking about the sun goddess and bringing light.

Japanese Anime Girl Names

Japanese Anime Girl Names

  1. Hinata – From Naruto, it means ‘a sunny place,’ showing brightness, gentleness, and courage.
  2. Asuna – From Sword Art Online, it means ‘tomorrow wave,’ showing determination, strength, and looking ahead.
  3. Nami – From One Piece, it means ‘wave,’ showing versatility and being strong like waves.
  4. Mikasa – From Attack on Titan, it means ‘three bamboo hats,’ showing protection, commitment, and loyalty.
  5. Rei – From Neon Genesis Evangelion, it means ‘zero,’ showing thinking, being smart, and finding who you are.
  6. Haruhi – From The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, it means ‘spring day,’ showing being alive, being different, and having energy.
  7. Kagome – From Inuyasha, it means ‘a basket of bamboo,’ showing being kind, brave, and changing into a better person.
  8. Misa – From Death Note, it means ‘beautiful sand,’ showing beauty, being a mystery, and being charming.
  9. Erza – From Fairy Tail, from Erza Scarlet, it means strength, being tough, and not giving up.
  10. Haku – In Spirited Away, it means ‘white,’ showing being clear, changing for the better, and being pure.

Wrapping Up

With Japanese names, you will have many to choose from since most names have some sort of meaning and culture behind them. Whether you are obsessed with Anime, or love flowers and fire, this list will cover many names that have been used for centuries and are still popular today.

We hope that this article has helped you find the right name for your little baby, and if it has make sure to check out some of our other posts.

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