White Girl Names – Top 100+ Names From Common To Unique

Trying to find the right name for your little white baby girl can be exciting but also tricky since you want to pick a name that has some sort of meaning behind it. Many of the names in this list have been used throughout history and are still being used today, for example, names like Rachel, Elizabeth, and Lauren.

Many white girl names come from different origins such as Hebrew, Latin, and Arabic, also many of the names have also been referenced in the Bible.

In this list, we have lots of names for you to choose from, including common white girl names and some unique ones.

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40 White Girl Names A-Z

A German name that translates to ‘noble nature.’ A true treasure has to be rich and noble just like the name.

An English name that means ‘work’. A very useful name for a hardworking lady.

It means ‘bringer of joy’ and is a Latin name, perfect for a happy joyful girl.

An Irish name that translates to ‘strong or virtuous. ‘ Perfect for a brave girl.

This is a French gender/name that translates to ‘free man’. It is a beautiful name and it sounds very traditional.

A Latin name which translates to ‘bright’ or ‘clear’; ideal for a bright girl.

It is an Old English name that translates to ‘day’s eye.’ A beautiful name for a happy girl.

A Latin name that means ‘divine’. Perfect for a calm and elegant girl.

This is an Old French word to mean happy or cheerful, or the bringer of light. This is a perfect name for a bright girl.

This is a unique German name that translates to ‘universal’. This makes it a classic name for any girl.

A Gaelic name meaning fair or white A nice name for a fair-skinned girl.

An Italian name that has the meaning ‘free.‘ A great name for a girl who is independent.

This is a name of Latin origin that translates to grace or blessing and would suit a gentle girl.

A Welsh name which means a blessed ring. A poetic and beautiful name.

A Hebrew name signifying ‘grace’ or ‘favor.’ A classic and pretty name.

An Old English name that refers to the ‘hazel tree.’ A beautiful nature name.

Originally a Spanish and Italian name that means ‘devoted to God.’ it sounds very classic and romantic.

An Old English name for faithfulness or loyalty, a beautiful short name.

This is a Persian name for girl and it translates to mean gift from God.

This is a Latin name that translates to ‘youthful.’ It is a popular romantic name that has a classic feel to it.

A Greek name was given to girls that translates to ‘pure’. A classic that will never go out of style.

It is a Hebrew name meaning ‘Laurel or crown’, a Modern and popular name.

It is a Latin name that literally translates to ‘lily’. It’s quite elegant and timeless.

A Latin name that translates as ‘moon’. That is perfect for a girl with a magical touch.

Rich White Girl Names

White Girl Names

  1. Arabella – This name has its origin in Latin and has the meaning ‘yields to pray’. A classy name.
  2. Camilla – It is a Latin name that means ‘young ceremonial attendant’. This is a classy and traditional name.
  3. Evangeline – Evangeline is of Greek origin meaning bearer of good news; a beautifully poetic name.
  4. Genevieve – a name of French origin and translates to ‘tribe woman’. A royal name if I’ve ever heard one.
  5. Isadora – A Greek name given to the meaning of the gift of Isis. It is a unique name and has the touch of royalty.
  6. Lavinia – A Latin name that has a meaning of ‘pure’. An old-world name with a classy ring to it.
  7. Marguerite – An elegant name that has a French origin and is the name for a pearl.
  8. Seraphina – Hebrew for ‘burning ones.’ A somewhat mystical and also rich name.
  9. Vivienne – It is a French name that means ‘alive’. It is a gorgeous and popular name.
  10. Wilhelmina – This is a German name that has a meaning of resolute protector. A great and powerful name.

Common White Girl Names

  1. Ashley – This is an old English name meaning ash tree meadow. Ashley remains one of the most popular names.
  2. Emily – A Latin name that translates to mean a rival. Emily is a common name that has been in use for generations.
  3. Jessica – This is a Hebrew name that has the meaning of foresight. A name that has been used for many years.
  4. Lauren – It is a Latin name meaning ‘bay laurel’. A very popular and standard name.
  5. Madison – A name of English origin with the meaning of ‘son of Matthew’. This is one of the most modern and stylish names.
  6. Megan – This is a name of Welsh origin, which means ‘pearl’. It remains one of the most popular yet cute names.
  7. Rachel – Hebrew and English for ‘ewe’. A name that is still in use today.
  8. Samantha – This is an Aramaic name that stands for ‘listener’. A very popular and nostalgic name.
  9. Sarah – A biblical name of Hebrew origin that means ‘princess’. A classic and regal name.
  10. Lindsay – This is an English origin and the meaning of the name is ‘island of the lime trees’.

White Girl Last Names

White Girl Last Names

  1. Anderson – It is a Scandinavian last name which means ‘son of Anders’. Very powerful and traditional last name.
  2. Bennett – An Old French name that has been translated to mean blessed. It is an elegant last name.
  3. Harrington – A name of Old English origin meaning a ‘settlement by the hares’; a great last name.
  4. Montgomery – A Norman name that has been translated to mean ‘manpower,’ a strong and noble last name.
  5. Miller – A common last name and is derived from the Old English language and means ‘one who grinds grain’.
  6. Robinson – A name of English origin and is derived from ‘son of Robin’. A common and reliable surname.
  7. Sullivan – It is an Irish name that has the meaning of ‘dark-eyed one’. A beautiful traditional last name.
  8. Thompson – A family name of English origin which translates to ‘son of Thomas’; quite popular and has a powerful ring to it.
  9. Walker – A surname with Old English origins that directly translates to ‘a fuller of cloth’. A perfect example of a strong and timeless surname.
  10. Winters – This name has a Germanic origin and it literally means winter. It is a cool surname and unique to come by as well.

White Girl Middle Names

  1. Anne – A traditional Hebrew name that stands for grace. Straight-forward and vintage middle name.
  2. Claire – A Latin name, which means ‘bright’ or ‘clear’. Claire is a fine example of a middle name that can be used in any setting.
  3. Elise – A French girl name, it means ‘pledged to God,’ a perfect middle name that has depth and class.
  4. Faith – This is an Old English name that refers to belief or trust; a positive middle name.
  5. Hope – It is an Old English name that stands for desire of fulfillment and is liked by everyone as a middle name.
  6. Jane – This is a Hebrew name, and it translates to God is gracious. It is a classic and unisex middle name.
  7. Joy – A name of Latin origin that has the meaning of ‘happiness’. A perfect choice for a middle name.
  8. Rose – A name of Latin origin and it means ‘rose’ which is a kind of flower. Sophisticated and ageless middle name.
  9. Victoria – This is a Latin name that denotes victory. It is a strong, classical middle name for your little girl.
  10. Marie – A French name with the meaning ‘sea of bitterness’ or ‘rebelliousness’. A wonderful middle name that is classy and sophisticated.

Unique White Girl Names

  1. Aisling – An Irish name for girls that means ‘dream’ or ‘vision.’ A precious and unique name.
  2. Elowen – A name of Cornish origin and it means elm tree. It is something rare and associated with nature.
  3. Imogen – A traditional and beautiful Celtic name that has a meaning of ‘maiden’.
  4. Juniper – This is a Latin name that means young. It is a unique and artistic name that is inspired by nature.
  5. Leocadia – A beautiful Greek name for a girl meaning ‘bright’ or ‘clear.’
  6. Lyra – It is a Greek word that means ‘lyre’. It is truly ethereal and an uncommon name.
  7. Opal – A Sanskrit name that stands for ‘gem’. A very unique and attractive name for a person.
  8. Saskia – A Dutch name that translates to ‘the guardian of the human race’. Quite a powerful and exotic-sounding name.
  9. Tamsin – A beautiful Cornish name that stands for ‘twin’. A beautiful and unheard-of name.
  10. Zinnia – This is a Latin name that means flower. A beautiful but unique name.

Cute White Girl Names

  1. Bella – A popular name of Latin origin, carrying the meaning of beautiful. A simple and cute name.
  2. Ellie – This is among the Greek names that translate to ‘shining light’. This is a short and cute name.
  3. Evie – A Hebrew name for a baby girl in the Bible, and it signifies being alive. A cute name for a lively baby girl.
  4. Lila – Another Arabic name that means night or kindness, it is a cute name to read more.
  5. Mila – A popular Slavic name that translates to ‘gracious’ or ‘dear’. Quite a simple, two-syllable name.
  6. Molly – An Irish origin name meaning ‘star of the sea.’ A beautiful and traditional name.
  7. Poppy – A Traditional English name meaning ‘red flower’. A lively and cute name.
  8. Rosie – A Latin name that translates to ‘rose’. Has a cute and more timeless ring to it.
  9. Sophie – A name of Greek origin that means ‘wisdom’. A cute and famous name.
  10. Maisie – This name is a Scottish diminutive of Margaret, they mean ‘pearl’. It is quite cute and can suit a happy girl.

Famous White Girl Names

  1. Audrey – This is an older English name which means ‘noble strength’; named after actress Audrey Hepburn.
  2. Elizabeth – A Hebrew name for a girl which means ‘God is my oath.’ This name was inspired by Queen Elizabeth II.
  3. Hillary – A name of Old English origin that means ‘cheerful,’ after the politician Hillary Clinton.
  4. Julia – A Latin name that translates to ‘youthful’, the name was given due to the influence of the well-known actress Julia Roberts.
  5. Marilyn – A name of English origin that means ‘drop of the sea.’ Derived from the name of the Hollywood icon Marilyn Monroe.
  6. Natalie – A Latin name that means ‘birthday of the Lord’. Taken from the name of the famous movie star, Natalie Portman.
  7. Taylor – This is an English origin name that means tailor; inspired by the pop singer Taylor Swift.
  8. Whitney – This is an Old English name which is a combination of white and island; in honor of the late music diva Whitney Houston.
  9. Scarlett – Named after famous Hollywood actress Scarlett Johansson, who has starred in various roles and is famous for her beauty.
  10. Jennifer – Named after the Hollywood actress Jennifer Lawrence who starred in movies like the Hunger Games series and is known for her personality.

Wrapping Up

There are many beautiful names with meanings behind them that you can choose for a white girl. From Audrey to Julia we have many names in this list that have been used for many years and even up until now, you will for sure find a name that will inspire you.

Hopefully, this list has given you some ideas on what to name your cute white baby girl.

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