Names Meaning Water – 100+ Names for Boys & Girls

Are you trying to find a name for your baby with a meaning that is related to water and tranquility?  Well, you have come to the right place, it’s super important to give your little one the best name you can think of, and even better if it has a deep meaning behind it.

Naming your baby based on a natural element such as water is a great place to start, many names in this list represent liquidy and fluidity. Whether you’re searching for classic water names, names for boys or girls, or even celebrity-inspired nicknames, we have a list of over 100 names meaning water to help you find the perfect name for your little one.

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Classic Water Names and Meanings

Classic Water Names and Meanings

Here we have some names meaning water for you to dive in.

Some of these names have real meanings that can help you decide which name to pick.

  1. Morgan – A Welsh name meaning ‘sea chief’ or ‘born of the sea’. It is a beautiful name for a baby who comes into the world like a creature from the sea.
  2. Dylan – The Welsh name meaning ‘son of the sea’. It is a perfect name for an adventurous baby who is drawn to the waves.
  3. Kai – The Hawaiian name meaning ‘sea’. It is a great name for a baby with a bright personality, like the shimmering water.
  4. Marina – The Latin name meaning ‘of the sea’. It is a lovely name for a baby girl with the same beauty and mystery as the ocean.
  5. Lake – The English name meaning ‘lake’ or ‘pond’. It is a simple and sweet name for a laid-back, peaceful baby.
  6. Brook – The English name meaning ‘small stream’. It is a cheerful name for a baby who brings joy to everyone.
  7. Nadia – The Russian name meaning ‘hope’. It is a wonderful name for a baby girl who is always positive and full of life.
  8. River – The English name meaning ‘flowing body of water’. It is a bold name for a boy who makes his path and follows his flow.
  9. Beck – The Scandinavian and English name meaning ‘stream’. It’s a sweet name for a cute and cheerful baby.
  10. Sailor – The English name meaning ‘one who sails’. It’s an adventurous name for a brave baby girl.
  11. Cascade – The French name meaning ‘waterfall’. It is a fun name for a baby girl with an infectious laugh.
  12. Murphy – The Irish name meaning ‘sea warrior’. It’s a strong, spirited name for a boy destined to be a powerful, determined individual.
  13. Misty – The English name meaning ‘covered in mist’. It’s an ethereal name for a magical baby girl.
  14. Douglas – The Scottish name meaning ‘dark stream’ or ‘dark water’. It is a unique name for a baby boy with potential.
  15. Seamus – The Irish version of James, meaning ‘supplanter’. It’s a clever name for a baby boy with a literary flair.
  16. Isla – The Scottish name meaning ‘island’. It is a charming name for a baby girl who stands out from the crowd.
  17. Ocean – The English name meaning ‘vast body of water’. It is a strong name for an independent baby girl who makes her waves.
  18. Maya – The Hebrew name meaning ‘water’. It is a peaceful name for a calm baby girl who is thoughtful.

Girl Names That Mean Water

Are you looking for water-inspired names for your little girl?

This list has some great names for you to check out.

  1. Marina – Latin name meaning “of the sea”
  2. Tallulah – Native American name meaning “leaping water”
  3. Nerissa – Greek name meaning “sea nymph”
  4. Lana – Hawaiian name meaning “calm as still waters”
  5. Coralie – French name derived from coral, symbolizing the sea
  6. Mira – Sanskrit name meaning “ocean” or “sea”
  7. Kailani – Hawaiian name meaning “sea and sky”
  8. Delphine – French name meaning “dolphin”
  9. Morgana – Welsh name meaning “sea circle” or “sea fortress”
  10. Meriel – English name meaning “sea-bright”
  11. Riversong – English name evoking the peaceful flow of a river
  12. Nixie – German name meaning “water sprite”
  13. Talia – Hebrew name meaning “dew from heaven”
  14. Maya – Hebrew name meaning “water”
  15. Naida – Greek name meaning “water nymph”
  16. Misty – English name evoking images of mist and water vapor
  17. Brooklyn – English name meaning “water” and “lake”
  18. Cascade – English name meaning “waterfall”
  19. Lynn – English name meaning “lake” or “waterfall”

Boy Names That Mean Water

Boy Names That Mean Water

Here we have a bunch of names for your little boy:

  1. Adrian – Latin name meaning “sea”
  2. Douglas – Scottish name meaning “dark river”
  3. Murray – Scottish name meaning “sea warrior”
  4. Wade – English name meaning “to go” or “to advance”
  5. Finn – Irish name meaning “fair” or “white,” also associated with water
  6. Rivers – English name representing flowing bodies of water
  7. Dylan – Welsh name meaning “son of the sea”
  8. Irving – Scottish name meaning “green river” or “freshwater”
  9. Neptune – Roman god of the sea
  10. Kai – Hawaiian name meaning “sea”
  11. Caspian – Inspired by the Caspian Sea
  12. Marlin – English name inspired by the large marine fish
  13. Morgan – Welsh name meaning “sea-born”
  14. Nereus – Greek god of the sea’s rich bounty
  15. Trent – English name meaning “gushing waters”
  16. Hudson – English name associated with the famous river
  17. Cordell – English name meaning “from the cord or stream”
  18. Cove – English word name representing a small sheltered bay

Japanese Names Meaning Water

Many Japanese names mean water, but here are some great names to check out.

  1. Mizu – Japanese name meaning “water”
  2. Kai – Japanese name meaning “sea” or “ocean”
  3. Miori – Japanese name meaning “beautiful seashore”
  4. Nami – Japanese name meaning “wave”
  5. Harumi – Japanese name meaning “springtime sea”
  6. Issei – Japanese name meaning “one river”
  7. Minato – Japanese name meaning “harbor” or “port”
  8. Kairi – Japanese name meaning “sea and village”
  9. Ayumi – Japanese name meaning “walking in deep water”
  10. Noboru – Japanese name meaning “to ascend” or “to rise”
  11. Taiga – Japanese name meaning “big river”
  12. Mitsuko – Japanese name meaning “child of light”
  13. Sakura – Japanese name meaning “cherry blossom”
  14. Sumiko – Japanese name meaning “child of clarity and beauty”
  15. Ryu – Japanese name meaning “dragon” or “sea”

Greek Names Meaning Water

Greek Names Meaning Water

Some water names come from a mythological background and are Greek gods.

Here are a bunch of Greek names that mean water:

  1. Nereus: A Greek deity who oversees the sea’s abundant treasures.
  2. Thalassa: An ancient Greek goddess considered the original embodiment of the sea.
  3. Clymene: A nymph in Greek mythology associated with the ocean.
  4. Pontus: A primordial Greek god associated with the sea.
  5. Naiad: A nymph from Greek mythology closely linked with bodies of water.
  6. Oceanus: Another primordial Greek god, specifically associated with the ocean.
  7. Doris: A sea nymph in Greek mythology, married to Nereus.
  8. Triton: A Greek god and messenger of the sea, known as the son of Poseidon and Amphitrite.
  9. Nerites: A sea god in Greek mythology, depicted as a boy with a fishtail, son of Nereus and Doris.
  10. Nephele: A Greek nymph associated with clouds, rain, and water.
  11. Thetis: A Greek sea goddess famous for her role as the mother of Achilles in the Trojan War.
  12. Glaucus: A Greek sea god, once a mortal fisherman transformed into a deity of the sea.
  13. Ceto: A Greek sea goddess often portrayed as a monstrous creature and the mother of many sea monsters.
  14. Amphitrite: A Greek sea goddess and wife of Poseidon, considered queen of the sea.
  15. Proteus: A Greek sea god known for his shapeshifting abilities and prophetic powers.
  16. Galene: A Greek sea nymph associated with calm and serene waters.
  17. Thalassia: A Greek name meaning “of the sea,” often connected with sea nymphs and deities.
  18. Halcyon: A Greek term meaning “kingfisher,” often symbolizing calm seas during the winter solstice.
  19. Cymopoleia: A Greek sea goddess, daughter of Poseidon, renowned for her mastery over ocean waves.

Celebrity-Inspired Water Names

Many celebrities have names that relate to water, such as Misty or Ariel.

Here are 20 celebrity-inspired water names to check out.

  1. Ariel – Name inspired by the actress Ariel Winter, known for her role in “Modern Family.”
  2. Brooke – Brooke Shields is an iconic actress and model.
  3. Dylan – Inspired by Dylan Sprouse, a well-known actor.
  4. Hudson – Inspired by the massive actress Kate Hudson.
  5. Kai – Name inspired by the gifted bodybuilder Kai Greene.
  6. Marina – Marina Diamandis, who is known as Marina, is a singer-songwriter.
  7. Morgan – Name inspired by the legend Morgan Freeman.
  8. Nerissa – Nerissa Bowes-Lyon, a member of the British royal family.
  9. Talise – Talise Shire, is an actress known for big roles in “Rocky” and “The Godfather.”
  10. Wade – Inspired by Wade Wilson, the alter ego of Deadpool.
  11. Misty – Misty is a great name and was inspired by Misty Copeland, the first African American female principal dancer.
  12. Thalassa – Pretty famous British Gardener and Presenter Thalassa Cruso.
  13. Neptune – Neptune Smythe, a character in the TV series “Veronica Mars”.
  14. Triton – Triton Martin, a character in the TV series “Lost”.
  15. Galene – Galene Paxton, a character in the TV series “The Vampire Diaries”.
  16. Naiad – Naiad Rosamond, a character in the TV series “Once Upon a Time”.
  17. Amphitrite – Amphitrite Rhyse, a character in the TV series “Charmed”.
  18. Ceto – Ceto Tarwell, a character in the TV series “Game of Thrones”.


Why choose a water-themed name for my baby?

Giving your baby a water-based name is great as it represents many different qualities such as purity. Water is an important aspect of life and carries deep meanings among different cultures.

Are water-themed names suitable for both boys and girls?

Yes, these names are gender-neutral so feel free to pick any name for your little boy or girl.

Are there cultural considerations when choosing a water-themed name?

When you pick a name for a baby it should have some meaning but remember some of these names could have cultural or religious meanings so research a name properly before picking.

Wrapping up the list

Choosing a baby name is really important as it will be their identity forever. Finding a name that resonates with elements such as water is a great place to start when looking for a name, as it actually has cultural meaning.

Hopefully, our list of names meaning water has helped inspire you to find an amazing name for your little bundle of joy.

Thanks for reading and make sure to check out other articles.

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