Names That Mean Lightning – 100+ Striking Name Ideas

Are you searching for a name that evokes an undeniable sense of strength, like a storm filled with lightning and thunder? Our list of names that mean lightning will give you some brightest and best ideas.

The storm is often described as chaos and destruction, while thunder symbolizes danger, and lightning highlights illumination and the end of ignorance. Adding all these aspects will give your little one an awe-inspiring and perfect name.

We have an extensive list of names, from the best names that mean lightning, like Adad, Mellan, and Thor, to names meaning thunder, like Sorine, Styrmir, and Zeus. Check out these names to get exciting ideas you will love.

Best Names That Mean Lightning

Best Names That Mean Lightning


This is a Greek name that means storm, lightning, or whirlwind. This mythological name is of a girl who used to attack Hercules.


A Greek name that means lightning. It is a Unisex name but is often used for females rather than males.


It is a Greek name that means storm or flood God. This name also refers to the God of storms or rain.


It is a Turkish name that means thunderstorm or lightning. It is a perfect name for a powerful personality.


It is an Indian name that means lightning. This name also refers to someone swift or too fast.


It is an Uzbek name that means lightning and flame. It is a common name for boys.


A name of Hindi origin meaning lightning.


This is a Russian name that means someone strong and a fighter as lightning. This name is quite popular in Arabic culture.


This name is of French origin that means lightning.


It is a Latin name for a girl that means lightning. Give this name to your girl to make her shine like a light.


This is an Esperanto name which is Poland’s constructed language. This name means lightning.


This name is of Ukrainian, Indian, and Georgian origin, that means lightning. It symbolizes a diamond and thunderbolt as a legendary ritual weapon.


It is a Unisex name that means lightning. This name is pronounced as Yip-Ya.


This is a Norwegian name that means lightning.


It is an Irish name that means little lightning. This is a unisex name and suits perfectly to both boys and girls.


A Croatian name that means lightning bolt. It is a powerful name to depict a person’s strength and abilities.


This is an Armenian name meaning bright light emitted from lightning.


This name is taken from the Japanese name Rai which can be defined as Thunder or Lightning along with rainstorm.


This is a Turkish name that means flash of lightning.


It is an Arabic name pronounced as See-ah-Ee-Kah. This name means lightning and thunderbolt.


This name refers to the Norse God of thunder and lightning. The name is also well known from the movie Thor, who wielded a hammer to strike lightning and win battles.


It is an Albanian name that means sparkle of lightning.


It is a Turkish name that means lightning. This is quite popular in Turkey and is also the name of the former Turkey prime minister.


This Kurdish and Chinese name means storm or wind. It is suitable for both girls and boys.

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Girl Names Meaning Storm

Girl Names Meaning Storm

If you want your little angel to be bright, bold, fast, and loud, these girl names meaning storm, are ideal to consider.

Arashi – A Japanese name meaning storm

Audra – A Lithuanian name that means storm

Alizeh – Persian name that means trade winds

Aska – Swedish name that means thunderstorm

Amihan – A Filipino name meaning winter storm

Bonaria – A Sardinian name that means good wind

Ekaitza – A Basque name that means storm

Esen – Turkish name that means wind

Kapheira – Greek name that means stormy breath

Saar – Hebrew name that means storm

Stormy – Violent storm

Tempest – French name that means heavy storm

Vetra – A Lithuanian name that means windstorm

Ziaza – Greek name that means rainbow after the storm

Zilan – Kurdish name that means storm

Zephyrine – Greek name that means west wind

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Boy Names That Mean Storm

Boy Names That Mean Storm

Check out these names that have come from all over the world with powerful meanings:

Adad – Greek name that means flood God

Corentin – French name that means hurricane

Donar – A Scandinavian name that means God of thunder

Gale – English name that means sea storm

Hadad – Hebrew name for Akkadian God of storms

Hanish – Hindi name that means forewarner of storms

Ino – A Hawaiian name meaning storm

Petir – Indonesian name that means lightning

Raijin – Japanese name that means storm or God of thunder

Ranto – Japanese name meaning storm

Stormur – An Icelandic name that means storm

Sturm – English name that means storm

Tufani – Hindi name that means storm

Torm – An Estonian name that means storm

Styrmir – Old Norse name that means someone who causes a storm

Wyndham – English name meaning windy village

Zyran – Arabic name that means storm

Girl Names Meaning Thunder

Choosing girl names that exude power, courage, strength, and positive attributes often have extraordinary meanings like thunder, storm, or lightning. Here are our best picks for you:

Bronte – Greek name meaning thunder

Garjana – Nepali origin meaning thunder

Indra – Indian name that means God of Thunder

Kaminari – Japanese name meaning thunder

Levina – Lightning thunderbolt in Latin

Sorine – A Danish name that means Thunder God

Taima – A Native American name that means someone who is born during a thunderstorm

Tormenta – Spanish name that means thunderstorm

Thora – A Scandinavian name that means Goddess of thunder

Tornado – Spanish origin

Vajra – A Hindu origin name that means thunderbolt

Boy Names Meaning Thunder

A boy with a name meaning thunder has inevitable power, strength of character, natural spark, and assertiveness. Check out these amazing ideas:

Dusty – Old Norse and English name that means Thor’s stone

Donner – German name that means thunder.

Guntur – Thunderstorm

Hekili – Hawaiian name meaning thunder

Fulmini – Italian name that means thunderbolt

Lei Gong – Chinese name that means lord of thunder

Perun – Slavic name that means thunder

Ramiel – Hebrew name that means thunder of God

Raamiah – Hebrew name that means Jehovah has thundered

Raiden – Japanese name that means thunder

Ra’d – An Arabic name that means thunder

Torben – Danish name that means thunder bear

Truemo – Spanish name that means thunder

Thurgood – English name that means God of Thunder or Son of Thurgod

Torolf – A Scandinavian name that means Thor’s wolf

Zeus – Greek mythology name that means thunder.

Zilan – A Kurdish and Chinese name that means melodious and sweet

Cool Lightning Names

Cool Lightning Names

Give your little girl or boy a commanding presence with one of these cool lightning names to make them conquer the world:

Ailana – Finnish origin

Abner – Hebrew name

Anwar – Arabic name

Beacon – English origin

Ellie – English name

Egan – Gaelic origin

Faven – Eritrean origin

Kiran – Hindi name

Lucy – Latin name

Lior – Hebrew origin

Nera – Hebrew origin

Pradip – Indian name

Uri – Hebrew origin

Toula – Greek origin

Valk – Estonian name

Valo – Finnish origin

Ziv – Hebrew name

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Female Names Meaning Lightning

Here are some best female names meaning lightning from different origins:

Aashni – Hindi name

Anuma – Igbo name

Ayanga – Mongolian origin

Astrape – Goddess of lightning in Greek mythology

Molniya – Russian origin

Oluja – Bosnian origin

Orage – French name

Raicho – Japanese origin

Relampago – Spanish name

Simsek – Turkish name

Sanda – Japanese origin

Strela – Slovenian name

Shango – Yoruba mythology name

Uila – Hawaiian name

Vajra – Hindu origin

Wachira – Thailand origin

Wrapping Up

Choosing a girl or boy name that means lightning can be challenging, but you can do it easily with insightful ideas. We hope the names provided in this post will help you pick one most suitable name for your little one.

These strong names will help your children endure tough situations and build resilience and perseverance.

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