Names Meaning Ice – 100+ Cool Winter-Inspired Names

Are you looking for a winter-inspired name to celebrate your December or January baby? Choosing baby names meaning ice, snow, or frost is some of the best ways to wrap your baby with all the coziness, love, and warmth in the world.

Wintertime is sparkling and beautiful with the delicate flurries of snow that shine during evening frost. You can find the most inspiring name ideas from cool names like Haukea, Nevis, and Nivia to cute names like Eira, Frost, and Xue.

We have gathered some of the most alluring and enchanting winter names that mean ice with the origin and meaning.

Best Names Meaning Ice

Best Names Meaning Ice


This name is taken from a Native American word that means great land. This name also refers to the last frontier filled with snow-capped mountains and icy, cool air.


It is a Polynesian name that means ice. As ice symbolizes purity and clarity, this name represents the strength of nature and its effective transformation.


This beautiful name is also associated with ice, and it means white. This color is linked to cold, snow, and ice.


This one is a French name that means white. It is an ideal name for a snow or winter girl.


This beautiful Hebrew name means God is satisfaction. When it comes to ice or snow names, Elsa should always be on top due to everyone’s favorite movie Frozen.


This is a perfect name for someone born in a cold spell and also means ice. Frost refers to a chilly and ice-cold substance that forms on the ground and other surfaces in winter.


This name is popular in Hinduism and means ice particles. You can give this meaningful name to your boy.


This Japanese name means ice perfume or ice smell. This is a perfect name for a short, sweet-sounding, and cool girl.


This name is ideal for someone who is compassionate and idealistic. If you want to choose a more ice-related name, Icelyn is the perfect one.


This name is of Old Norse and Icelandic origin, meaning ice army. This is another perfect name for a little snowy boy.


It is an Icelandic name that means ice battle. This name will suit a girl who is fierce, strong with immaculate power.


This is an ancient Germanic name that means ice protection. This powerful name seems a bit similar to Edmund and Raymund.


This is also an Icelandic name that means ice secret. Isrun is an enigmatic name and also quite rare.


A winter girl purely associated with ice should be named January. This is also the name of the coldest month when everything is covered in snow.


This is an Icelandic name that means ice floe. This short and cool name is suitable for a boy.


This name is quite common in Greenland, and it means floating ice or blue piece of ice. This name will suit your unique and mysterious little girl.


This name is of Croatian and Serbian origin, that means ice peace. This name has a beautiful, peaceful meaning for a soft nature boy.


This is another enigmatic name that is of Greenland origin. Sikivat means new ice or thin ice.


This name is of Indian origin and means ice, cold, or snow. It is a common name in India and represents the qualities like coolness, purity, and uniqueness.


This season’s name is perfect for an icy boy. This name is well associated with snow, cold weather, and ice.


This name is also of Greenland origin and means ice sludge. Qinoq is the least common name but has a strong icy meaning.


This name is of Old English origin, and it means winter solstice. This name is more suitable for boys.

Unique Names That Mean Ice

Here is the list of some rare names for your little ones:

  • Alba – Spanish name that means newly fallen snow or ice
  • Blanche – French name that refers to the white color of winter
  • Eirwen – Welsh name that means blessed snow
  • Flykra – German, Danish, and Faroese origin meaning snowflake
  • Gwyneira – Welsh name that means blessed snow
  • Haunani – Hawaiian name meaning beautiful snow
  • Isey – Icelandic origin that means Ice Island
  • Isbert – German name that means bright ice
  • Isolde – A Welsh name that means ice ruler
  • Izotz – Basque origin, meaning ice
  • Isfrid – Nordic origin meaning Beautiful ice
  • Jokull – Icelandic origin that means ice or glacier
  • Janara – a Roman mythological name that means God of the snow
  • Khione – Greek name that means Goddess of Ice and snow
  • Kori – Greek name that means ice
  • Nilak – Greenlandic name that means a piece of freshwater ice
  • Viola – Latin name that means winter flower
  • Yukina – Japanese name meaning snow

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Boy Names That Mean Ice

Boy Names That Mean Ice

Here are some of the best boy names that mean ice:

  • Alluaq – Greenland origin, meaning hole in the ice for fishing
  • Aubin – French origin meaning white or bright
  • Buz – Turkish origin meaning ice
  • Blanchard – German name that means very icy
  • Eirwen – Welsh name meaning blessed snow
  • Fannar – Nordic origin meaning snow drift
  • Giaccio – Italian name that means ice
  • Hall – Finnish origin, meaning frost
  • Isa – German name that means ice
  • Ilgar – Azerbaijan origin meaning first snow
  • Ishard – German name that means ice
  • Jaki – Icelandic name that means iceberg
  • Jalid – Arabic name that means ice
  • Kanrou – Japanese name meaning cold son
  • Ledus – Latvian name meaning ice
  • Led – Russian name that means ice
  • Morozoko – Father Frost in Russian
  • Siku – Inuit name that means ice
  • Tin – Navajo name that means ice
  • Warrin – Australian origin meaning winter
  • Yukio – Japanese name meaning snow

Girl Names That Mean Ice

Girl Names That Mean Ice

Check out these amazing and adorable girl names that mean ice:

  • Aneira – Welsh name that means very snowy
  • Baine – Irish name that means whiteness
  • Berfin – Kurdish name that means ice
  • Chione – Greek name that means ice
  • Drifa – Icelandic name that means snowdrift
  • Edurne – Basque name that means ice
  • Elva – Irish name that means white
  • Fionna – Scottish name that means ice
  • Fuyuko – Japanese name meaning winter child
  • Havaska – Hungarian name that means snowy
  • Hima – Indian name
  • Isolde – German name that means ice battle
  • Kirsi – Frost in Finnish
  • Nivea – Snow white in Portuguese
  • Syvne – Nenets name meaning winter woman

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Unusual Winter Baby Names

Winter baby names perfectly embody the intoxicating beauty of winter and all cold, exciting things. Here are some unique and creative name ideas for your baby girl and boy.

  • Beira – Queen of winter in Celtic mythology
  • Cailleach – Queen of winter in Celtic
  • Candace – Latin name that means pure or white
  • Isdis – Goddess of Ice in Icelandic
  • Isarr – Ice warrior in Old Norse
  • Ishildur – Ice battle in Icelandic
  • Isveig – Ice power in Icelandic
  • Janara – God of snow in Latin
  • Khione – Goddess of ice in Greek mythology
  • Kuraokami – Japanese legendary dragon of ice/winter/snow.
  • Olwen – White footprint in Welsh
  • Poli’ahu – Snow Goddess in Hawaiian
  • Skadu – Icy Goddess in Norse

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Names That Mean Snow 

Names That Mean Snow

Here are some cool baby names that mean snow for parents who love wintry days and cold nights and want to associate them with the names:

  • Aira – Irish origin
  • Aeronwen – Welsh name
  • Bora – Albanian name
  • Borime – Albanian origin
  • Edur – Basque origin
  • Finola – Irish origin
  • Hikalik – Inuit name
  • Lumi – Scandinavian origin
  • Lasta – Quechua origin
  • Miyuki – Japanese origin
  • Neve – Latin origin
  • Piren – Mapuche name
  • Talvi – Finnish name
  • Yas – Navajo name
  • Zane – American origin

Fantasy Ice Names

Check out these mysterious and fantastic ice names for boys and girls:

  • Adolpha – Noble wolf
  • Apricity
  • Boreas – Greek God of winter
  • Beira – Goddess name
  • Chan – Chinese origin
  • Cherith – Hebrew name
  • Epiphany – Meaning appearance or manifestation
  • Fionnuala – Irish name
  • Garnet – Birthstone of January
  • Kheimon – Greek goddess of winter
  • Lixue – Chinese name
  • Marzanna – Slavic goddess of winter
  • Natasha – Russian name
  • Shakok

Wrapping Up

Names that mean ice, snow, hail, or winter remind us of nature’s great force and drive us inside for warmth and shelter in dark and cold times of the year. Babies born in these cold seasons deserve ice-inspired names.

We hope you will find the perfect name for your little snow white to bring loving warmth to them and surround them with the magic of wintertime.

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