Names Meaning Time – 140+ Amazing & Everlasting Ideas

Time-related names carry profound meanings, symbolizing the dawn of new beginnings, the essence of life’s journey, and the enduring nature of love.

These names meaning time resonate universally and hold a timeless charm. Embracing such a name for your child reflects a celebration of the present moment and the enduring love that accompanies them throughout their lifetime.

Choosing a name with a time-related significance also adds a poetic touch to your child’s life narrative, encapsulating the beauty of each fleeting moment and the everlasting bond between parent and child.

From unique time names like Cerelia, Edeosa, and Kairos to creative time-related names like Mitin, Semper, and Zaman, there are a lot of options for you to choose from.

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Best Names Meaning Time

Time-related names carry a sense of wisdom and the perpetual rhythm of life. They mirror ideas of the future, enduring existence, and fresh starts.

Whatever name you choose, these options will shape your little one into someone who leaves an indelible impression on the world.

  1. Aiva

This Swedish name is taken from the Gothic ‘aiws,’ meaning time. In English, this name means to live or to breathe.

2. Amarantha

This Greek name means eternal beauty or unfading. This name also refers to the timeless beauty.

3. Aeon

This Greek name means a very long time. This name highlights the concept of eternity.

4. Baddar

This Persian name means on time or punctual. It refers to someone who is always on time.

5. Cerelia

This Latin name refers to something related to springtime. It is also the name of the Roman Goddess of harvest and agriculture.

6. Cronos

This Greek name means time. It also highlights the idea of time and its importance in our life.

7. Dagny

This Scandinavian name means new day. This name symbolizes the passage of time or the beginning of a new day.

8. Delano

This French name means nighttime. The name represents the time of the day when the sun starts to set.

9. Edeosa

This African name means God’s time. The name is also connected to the people of Nigeria.

10 .Epoch

This Greek name means period of time. The name symbolizes the beginning of a new era.

11 .Eternity

This Latin name means infinite time. It represents the immortality.

12. Harleena

This Hindi name means thinking of God at all times. This name symbolizes spiritual growth, longevity, and inner peace.

13. Halit

This Turkish name means everlasting or eternal. The name expresses the significance of everlasting things.

14. Iffan

This Arabic name means time or season. The name emphasizes the relation between time and season.

15. Javed

This Persian name means immortal. This name also signifies the idea of timelessness.

16. Khalida

This Arabic name means eternal life or immortal. This name also highlights the idea of immortality and timelessness.

17. Kairos

This Greek name means opportune moment. This name highlights the importance of the perfect timing and related opportunity.

18. Lagan

This Indian name means appropriate time. It highlights the significance of things done at the right moment.

19. Mairangi

This Polynesian name means sky or heaven. The name refers to the eternity of the heavens.

20. Mitin

This Hindi name means moment in time. This name also reflects the idea of the importance of time.

21. Oriana

This Italian and Latin name means dawn. It refers to the time when the sun rises.

22. Perpetua

This Latin name means forever. This name refers to the existence of things for a very long time.

23. Sempronia

This Latin name means long time. It also conveys the idea of always and forever.

24. Semper

This Latin name means always or at all times. This name focuses on the importance of consistency.

25. Triti

This Indian name meaning means a moment in time.

26. Zarya

This Russian name means dawn of sunrise.

It is also the name of a Slavic water priestess.

27. Zaman

This Arabic name means time or era. This name mentions the significance of time in our lives.

Girl Names Meaning Time

1. Aiyana – (Native American origin) eternal blossom

2. Amargo – (Latin origin) everlasting

3. Amser – (Welsh origin) time

4. Dawn – (Old English origin) the beginning time of the day

5. Ekemini – (Nigerian origin) appointed time of God

6. Hisa – (Japanese origin) long time

7. Horatia – (Latin origin) time or season

8. Kumiko – (Japanese origin) long time

9. Mara – (African origin) a time

10. Miku – (Japanese origin) long time

11. Priscilla – (Latin origin) ancient

12. Sesha – (Indian origin) serpent symbolizing time

13. Zyanya – (Aztec origin) always or forever

Boy Names Meaning Time 

1. Aevar – (Old Norse origin) eternity or time

2. Akihisa – (Japanese origin) long time

3. Ambrose – (Greek origin) immortal

4. Baqi – (Arabic origin) eternal

5. Euric – (Old German) time

6. Iniabasi – (Nigerian origin) time of God

7. Javed – (Persian origin) immortal

8. Khalid – (Arabic origin) immortal or everlasting

9. Sulagna – (Hindi origin) good time

10. Zamanu – (Muslim name) time

11. Zamaan – (Indian origin) time or destiny

12. Zarvan – (Persian origin) time

Unique Time Names

Unique Time Names

1. Aroa – Time or era

2. Ausra – Morning or dawn

3. Amar – Immortal

4. Clocks – Time

5. Erica – Everlasting ruler

6. Eon – The longest period of time

7. Gaius – Time

8. Horas – Hour

9. Hourglass – Time

10. Idan – Time or Era

11. Muharram – Time

12. Ora – Hour or Now

13. Omer – Time

14. Rochester – Time

15. Tempo – Time

Cool Time Related Names

1. Ananta – Infinite or endless

2. Arius – Immortal

3. Bahar – Spring in Persian

4. Chrona – Time in Greek

5. Eiran – Awakening in Hebrew

6. Eva – Life in Hebrew

7. Haya – Life in Hebrew

8. Maya – Illusion in Hindi

9. Nova – New in Latin

10. Second – Time in English

11. Tick – Time in English

12. Urbain – Time in French

13. Uri – Time in Hebrew

14. Xiomara – Time in Spanish

15. Yad – Time in Hebrew

16. Zanna – Time

Creative Names Related To Time

Creative Names Related To Time

1. Aumoe – Time to sleep

2. Deon – God of time

3. Lucas – Light that shines throughout time

4. Minos – Moon

5. Nye – Start of new time

6. Perez – Time

7. Shahla – Eye of the night

8. Talia – Dew of heaven

9. Tara – Star

10. Uriah – My light is Yah

11. Xiao – Dawn

12. Yong – Perpetual

13. Yad – Time

14. Zanna – Time

15. Zarya – Sunrise

Cute Names That Mean Time

1. Aika – Time

2. Eliad – My God is eternal

3. Eukot – Long time

4. Hakidonmuya – Time of waiting

5. Hisako – Permanence

6. Kala – Time or death

7. Lambegus – Land that promises a bright future

8. Mandana – Everlasting

9. Mirai – Future

10. Nye – New Start

11. Oron – Time

12. Persephone – Time destroyer

13. Reke – Flow

14. Renee – Reborn

15. San – Moment

16. Shi – Time

17. Talia – Dew of heaven

18. Tancy – Immortal

19. Urbian – Time

20. Vasilis – King of time

21. Vernette – Spring

22. Vjekoslav – Glorious through the ages

23. Wynona – Firstborn

24. Xiomara – Time

25. Zarvan – God of time

26. Zyanya – Forever in Aztec

Names That Mean Timekeeper

1. Aainah

2. Abeiuwa

3. Atalaya

4. Horace

5. Horada

6. Horatio

7. Horatius

8. Horaz

9. Itaf

10. Jaagravi

11. Ontibile

12. Rakhshana

13. Ramathmizpeh

14. Samarah

15. Shinar

16. Suharaat

17. Suhrah

18. Theora

19. Tzofiya

20. Vela

21. Zaairah

22. Zior

Wrapping Up

Picking a name that means time is like capturing the magic of new beginnings and the strong love that lasts forever. Whether it’s a name that hints at a fresh start or one that talks about time ticking on, each choice brings a feeling of hope and wisdom. It’s not just about words; it’s about celebrating every moment and leaving a mark on the beautiful canvas of life.

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