Names That Mean Rebirth – A New Begining Or Forever

If you are in search of “names, explore names that mean “new beginning,” “rebirth,” or “forever from various languages and cultures. These names bring hope and positive vibes, making them perfect for boys, girls, and everyone. You’ll find unique and beautiful names, from classic options like Renata and Anastasia to modern choices like Phoenix and Kairos. Pick a name that sounds good and reminds you of life’s fresh start and growth. Celebrate your child’s uniqueness with a name that symbolizes starting over and embracing new opportunities.

As we come with a wide range of names for you, we offer you the option to choose according to your preferences. Here as we come with the names that mean rebirth, we are proud to provide Names Meaning Ice, Cuban Names, Buddhist Names, and many more.
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People like names that mean rebirth

Names That Mean Rebirth

People like names that mean “rebirth” or “beginning” because these names give a happy and positive feeling. When someone has a name like this, it feels like they bring new and good things into the world. It’s like having a fresh start or a new chance. These names make people think of hope and a bright future. When parents choose names with meanings like “rebirth” or “beginning” for their babies, it’s like giving them a name that represents a happy and optimistic outlook on life. It’s saying, “You are special, and your life is full of new and wonderful possibilities.”

rebirth or beginning for their babies

Let’s explore the names culture-wise:

Greek Names Refers To New Beginning, Rebirth, Forever

Greek Names Refers To New Beginning, Rebirth, Forever

1. Alexios – Defender of the people

2. Eleni – Bright, shining light

3. Dimitrios – Dedicated to Demeter, the goddess of agriculture

4. Sophia – Wisdom

5. Nikos – Victory of the people

6. Zoe – Life

7. Thanos – Immortal

8. Athena – Goddess of wisdom and warfare

9. Panagiotis – All-holy

10. Callista – Most beautiful

11. Kyriakos – Of the Lord

12. Kallias – Beautiful

13. Lysander – Liberator

14. Phoebe – Bright, shining

15. Theodore – Gift of God

16. Cleo – Pride, fame

17. Eros – God of love

18. Mirela – Admirable

19. Xander – Defender of the people

20. Thalia – Blooming, flourishing

Sanskrit Names Relate To Everafter

Sanskrit Names Relate To Everafter

1. Aarav – Peaceful

2. Anika – Grace

3. Arjun – Bright, shining

4. Ishika – Sacred

5. Rohan – Ascending

6. Aditi – Mother of gods

7. Arya – Noble

8. Ravi – Sun

9. Sarika – Bird

10. Varun – Lord of the water

11. Amara – Immortal

12. Kavi – Wise man, poet

13. Neha – Love, rain

14. Dev – God-like

15. Isha – Goddess

16. Yash – Success

17. Tanvi – Delicate

18. Advaita – Unique

19. Vikram – Courageous

20. Anaya – Without a superior

Native American Names Refers To Heroic Figure

Native American Names Refers To Heroic Figure

1. Ayita – First to dance (Cherokee)

2. Tecumseh – Panther crossing a river (Shawnee)

3. Kaya – Elder sister (Hopi)

4. Tatanka – Buffalo (Lakota)

5. Yiska – Night (Navajo)

6. Miwok – People (Miwok)

7. Cholena – Bird (Hopi)

8. Mika – Raccoon (Omaha)

9. Nokosi – Bear (Seminole)

10. Enola – Solitary (Native American)

11. Yuma – Son of the chief (Navajo)

12. Tala – Wolf (Sioux)

13. Nita – Bear (Choctaw)

14. Kanti – Sings (Hopi)

15. Nayeli – I love you (Zapotec)

16. Tayen – New Moon (Hopi)

17. Lakota – Friend (Sioux)

18. Aiyana – Eternal blossom (Cherokee)

19. Topanga – Where the mountain meets the sea (Chumash)

20. Makya – Eagle hunter (Hopi)

French Names Refer To Forever

French Names Refer To Forever

1. Amélie – Hardworking

2. Bastien – Revered

3. Céleste – Heavenly

4. Dominique – Belonging to the Lord

5. Étienne – Crowned in victory

6. Fleur – Flower

7. Gaston – From Gascony

8. Joséphine – God will add

9. Luc – Light

10. Margaux – Pearl

11. Noël – Christmas

12. Olivier – Olive tree

13. Pascal – Easter

14. Rénald – Wise ruler

15. Simone – Heard by God

16. Thierry – People’s ruler

17. Vivienne – Alive

18. Yves – Yew wood

19. Zéphyrine – West wind

20. Hélène – Sunlight

Japanese Names Refer To Rebirth Or Eternal

Japanese Names Refer To Rebirth Or Eternal

1. Hikari – Light

2. Haruki – Shining sun

3. Sakura – Cherry blossom

4. Kaito – Ocean flying

5. Yuki – Snow

6. Aya – Color

7. Ren – Lotus

8. Hinata – Sunny place

9. Mio – Beautiful cherry blossom

10. Ryota – Clear, refreshing

11. Sora – Sky

12. Mika – Beautiful fragrance

13. Taichi – Large first, great first

14. Nao – Honest

15. Yui – Bind, connect

16. Kazuki – Harmony and hope

17. Nanami – Seven seas

18. Takumi – Artisan

19. Yua – Gentle

20. Haruka – Distant

Korean Names Refer To Rebirth To Immortal

Korean Names Refer To Rebirth To Immortal

1. Jiho – Brave and heroic

2. Eunji – Kind and loving

3. Seok – Like a rock

4. Yuna – To achieve

5. Minho – Clever and sharp

6. Jisoo – Beautiful and excellent

7. Haeun – Graceful and elegant

8. Taeyang – Sun

9. Ara – Beautiful

10. Jaehyun – Bright and shining

11. Sooyoung – Radiant and cheerful

12. Woosung – Heroic and victorious

13. Kyung – Respect

14. Mijoo – Beautiful and graceful

15. Donghae – East Sea

16. Nari – Lily

17. Sangwoo – Noble and great

18. Hayun – Clear and clean

19. Joon – Talented and handsome

20. Minji – Beautiful pearl

Muslim Names Refer To Timeless, Perpetual

Muslim Names Refer To Timeless, Perpetual

1. Aisha – Alive

2. Zayd – Growth, abundance

3. Fatima – Captivating

4. Amir – Prince

5. Layla – Night

6. Sami – Exalted

7. Nour – Light

8. Yusuf – God increases

9. Sofia – Wisdom

10. Ibrahim – Father of nations

11. Amina – Trustworthy

12. Zain – Beauty, grace

13. Mariam – Beloved

14. Rashid – Righteous

15. Lina – Tender

16. Hamza – Lion

17. Aaliyah – High, exalted

18. Tariq – Morning star

19. Hana – Happiness

20. Karim – Generous

What Female Names Mean Rebirth? – List Of 10

Several female names have meanings associated with rebirth or renewal. Here are a few examples:

1. Renee: This French name means “reborn” or “born again.”

2. Anastasia: of Greek origin, it means “resurrection” or “to rise again.”

3. Paloma: This Spanish name means “dove,” symbolizing peace and renewal.

4. Rin: A Japanese name meaning “dignified” or “severe,” but it can also imply “reborn.”

5. Renata: This name of Latin origin means “reborn” or “reborn again.”

6. Navina: A Sanskrit name meaning “new” or “young,” signifying a sense of renewal.

7. Zoe: of Greek origin, it means “life” or “vitality,” suggesting a new beginning.

8. Nevaeh: While not directly meaning “rebirth,” it is “heaven” spelled backward, often interpreted as a fresh start or a new life.

9. Nova: This name is of Latin origin and means “new” or “young,” conveying a sense of freshness or renewal.

10. Eliana: A name of Hebrew origin, Eliana means “God has answered” or “God has responded,” suggesting a sense of divine intervention or a new beginning.

What Latin Names Mean Reborn? – List Of 10

Here are ten Latin-inspired names that evoke a sense of renewal or new beginnings:

1. Renatus: Derived from the Latin word “renatus,” meaning “reborn” or “born again.”

2. Renata: This is a common Latin name for girls, meaning “reborn” or “renewed.”

3. Renaud: A variation of the name Renatus, with a similar meaning of rebirth.

4. Natalis: This name means “of or relating to birth” in Latin, capturing the essence of new beginnings.

5. Vita: While not directly meaning “reborn,” Vita means “life” in Latin, suggesting a new chapter or vitality.

6. Novus: This Latin word means “new,” indicating a fresh start.

7. Redux: While more of a word than a name, it means “restored” or “brought back” in Latin.

8. Revivius: A creative name using Latin roots, where “reviv-” suggests revival or renewal.

9. Redempta: Derived from the Latin word “redemptio,” meaning “redemption” or “to buy back,” implying a spiritual rebirth.

10. Rejuvena: A modern-sounding name derived from the Latin word “rejuvenescere,” meaning “to become young again” or “renew youth.”

What French Name Means Reborn? – Lis of 5

What French Name Means Reborn

In French, the name that most closely aligns with the meaning of “reborn” is “René” for males and “Renée” for females. These names are derived from the French word “rené(e),” which means “reborn” or “born again.” Here are five French names:

1. René: For males, it means “reborn” or “born again.”

2. Renée: For females, it means “reborn” or “born again.”

3. Nouvelle: This feminine name means “new” in French, suggesting a fresh start.

4. Réveiller: While more of a word than a name, “réveiller” means “to awaken” in French, which could be associated with rebirth.

5. Renaud: A masculine name that is a variation of René, suggesting rebirth or renewal.

What German Name Means Reborn?

What German Name Means Reborn

In German, the name that is closest in meaning to “reborn” is “Rena” for females and “René” for males. While German may not have as direct a translation for “reborn” in names as some other languages, these names are often associated with renewal or rebirth.

6. Rena (feminine): A name that can be associated with rebirth or renewal.

7. René (masculine): Although of French origin, René is commonly used in German-speaking regions and can convey the idea of being born again.

What Is The Russian Name For Reborn?

What Is The Russian Name For Reborn

In Russian, the equivalent name for “reborn” is “Возрожденный” (Vozrozhdonny), which means “reborn” or “revived.” It is not commonly used as a personal name, but it reflects the concept of being born again or experiencing a renewal. Personal names in Russian often have different linguistic roots and may not directly correspond to the English concept of “reborn” as a given name.

What Name Means New Life?

Here’s a list of names that convey the meaning of “new life” for girls, boys, and unisex options:


1. Nova: Latin for “new” or “young.”

2. Zara: of Arabic origin, meaning “princess” or “flower,” symbolizing new beginnings.

3. Neve: An Irish name meaning “radiance” or “brightness,” suggesting a fresh start.

4. Renata: Latin for “reborn” or “renewed.”

5. Nava: of Hebrew origin, meaning “beautiful,” representing the beauty of new life.


1. Neo: Greek for “new” or “young.”

2. Renatus: Latin for “reborn” or “born again.”

3. Navin: of Sanskrit origin, meaning “new” or “fresh.”

4. Niran: of Sanskrit origin, meaning “eternal” or “everlasting.”

5. Eijaz: of Arabic origin, meaning “miracle” or “wonder,” signifying the wonder of new life.


1. Phoenix: A mythical bird associated with rebirth and renewal.

2. Rene: A unisex variant of René, meaning “reborn.”

3. Caius: of Latin origin, meaning “rejoice” or “rejoicing,” suggesting joy and celebration for new life.

4. Taji: of Swahili origin, meaning “crown” or “royalty,” symbolizing the beginning of a new royal life.

5. Renewal: A unique and symbolic unisex name representing new life and rejuvenation.

What Name Means Forever?

Here’s a list of names for boys, girls, and unisex options, each with a meaning related to “forever” or eternal:


1. Isolde: Of Welsh origin, meaning “ice ruler” or “ruler forever.”

2. Amarantha: Greek for “unfading” or “eternally beautiful.”

3. Vera: of Russian origin, meaning “faith” or “truth,” suggesting a lasting commitment.

4. Serenity: Reflecting a sense of lasting peace and tranquility.


1. Aidan: Of Irish origin, meaning “little fire” or “enduring.”

2. Durant: French for “enduring” or “lasting.”

3. Kian: Of Irish origin, meaning “ancient” or “enduring.”


1. Everly: A modern name combining “ever” and “lee,” suggesting everlasting joy.

2. Amara: Of Igbo origin, meaning “grace” or “eternal beauty.”

3. Yuri: Of Japanese origin, meaning “glassy” or “forever.”

Winding Up

Explore a world of names and their meanings in our blog post! We’ve gathered a huge collection reflecting themes like rebirth, eternity, and heroism from various cultures. Whether you seek names symbolizing everlasting joy or resilience, our list offers a delightful journey into the rich tapestry of naming traditions worldwide.

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