Names That Mean Heaven – 140+ Heavenly Aesthetic Name Ideas

Expectant parents often consider their upcoming baby as a precious gift from God or the heavens. While well-known angelic names are rooted in scriptures and various belief systems, there are also unique and less common heavenly names available to explore.

Names that mean heaven carry diverse meanings for different individuals. Whether seen as a source of optimism or a reflection of serene paradises, these names weave a thread of meaning that resonates uniquely with each person.

From cool names meaning heaven, like Darian, Firdaus, and Jannah, to unique heavenly names like Elani, Serafina, and Zoralle, we have an extensive list of baby names for your little bundle of joy.

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Keep reading to explore the best options for your baby girl and boy.

Best Names That Mean Heaven

Whether you seek a name for your newborn that exudes tranquility or you are drawn to the idea of bestowing a heavenly touch upon your child’s identity, we have some of the best names that mean heaven for your baby girl:

1. Aaliyah

This is an Arabic name that means heavens.

2. Araceli

This Spanish name means heaven or altar of the sky.

3. Ahi 

This Sanskrit name means heaven.

4. Caeli

This Latin name means heaven.

5. Celestina

This Latin name means heavenly.

6. Caelum

This Latin name means heavens.

7. Divine

This Latin name means heavenly.

8. Darian

This Persian name means heaven sent.

9. Eden

This Hebrew name means heaven-like.

10 .Elysia

This Latin name means heaven.

11. Elysian

This Greek name means heavenly resting place.

12. Firdaus

This Arabic name refers to the highest level of heaven.

13. Gotzon

This German name means heavenly messenger.

14. Haneul

This Korean name means heaven.

15. Inanna

This Sumerian name means lady of heaven.

16. Irem

This Turkish name means garden in heaven.

17. Jannah

This Arabic name means heaven.

18. Keilani

This Hawaiian name means heaven.

19. Leilani

This Hawaiian name means heavenly garland of flowers.

20. Langit

This Indonesian name means heaven.

21. Minau

This Persian name means heaven.

22. Nevaeh

This American name means heaven.

23. Ourania

This Greek name means heavenly.

24. Ouranos

This Greek name means God of the heavens.

25. Roselani

This Hawaiian name means heavenly rose.

26. Sama

This Arabic name means heaven.

27. Selestino

This Latin name means heavenly.

28. Tenchi

This Japanese name means heaven and earth.

29. Urania

This Greek name means heaven.

30. Uranus

This Greek name is the personification of heaven.

Girl Names That Mean Heaven

Girl Names That Mean Heaven

Exploring girl names associated with heaven opens up a world of poetic possibilities. Here are some amazing girl names for you to explore:

1. Amaterasu – Japanese origin

2. Aingeal – Greek origin

3. Anaita – Persian origin

4. Barbelo – Semitic/Aramaic origin

5. Caelia – Latin origin

6. Diana – Latin origin

7. Eloa – Brazilian and Portuguese origin

8. Minu – Persian origin

9. Manulani – Hawaiian origin

10. Niloufer – Persian origin

11. Ourania – Greek origin

12. Quiana – American name

13. Saura – Arabic origin

14. Seraphina – Hebrew origin

15. Urania – Greek origin

16. Zaylee – Greek origin

Boy Names That Mean Heaven

Boy Names That Mean Heaven

1. Agnolo – Italian origin

2. An

3. Arcelio – Spanish and Latin origin

4. Celestino – Latin origin

5. Chamuel – Hebrew origin

6. Celino – Italian origin

7. Engel – German, Dutch, and Danish origin

8. Ferdous – Arabic origin

9. Michael – Hebrew origin

10. Mihangel – Welsh origin

11. Raphael – Hebrew origin

12. Remial – Hebrew origin

13. Tenchi – Japanese origin

14. Uriel – Hebrew origin

Cool Names Meaning Heaven

1. Anela – Greek and Hawaiian origin

2. Angela – Greek and Latin origin

3. Anahera – Maori origin

4. Cassiel – Latin origin

5. Deva – Indian origin

6. Dina – Hebrew origin

7. Fareshteh – Persian origin

8. Haniel – Hebrew origin

9. Jophiel – Hebrew origin

10. Melangell – Welsh origin

11. Muriel – Goidelic origin

12. Semira – Hebrew origin

13. Sariel – Hebrew origin

14. Urian – Old Greek origin

15. Zaria – Slavic origin

Unique Names Meaning Heavenly

1. Angelina – Greek origin

2. Celina – Roman origin

3. Celio – Latin origin

4. Elani – Hindi origin

5. Juno – Latin origin

6. Kong – Chinese origin

7. Langit – Indonesian origin

8. Isca – Roman name

9. Melej – Hebrew origin

10. Mercy – English origin

11. Riyon – Indian origin

12. Serafina – Spanish and Italian origin

13. Saint – Latin origin

14. Serene – Latin origin

15. Ululani – Hawaiian origin

16. Zoralle – Jewish name

Names That Mean Heaven Sent

1. Avari – American origin

2. Akachi – African origin

3. Cherub – Persian origin

4. Celeste – Latin origin

5. Celand – Latin origin

6. Engela – Old German origin

7. Elysium – Latin from the Greek Elysion

8. Halo – Greek origin

9. Inara – Arabic origin

10. Jaantje – Frisian and Dutch origin

11. Jennett – Hebrew origin

12. Lani – Filipino and Hawaiian origin

13. Maricela – Latin origin

14. Michewa – Tibetan origin

15. Noelani – Hawaiian origin

16. Okalani – Hawaiian origin

17. Semiramis – Hawaiian origin

18. Wehilani – Hawaiian origin

Girl Names That Mean Angel From Heaven

Girl Names That Mean Angel From Heaven

1. Aolani – Hawaiian origin

2. Arrosa – Latin origin

3. Abaddon – Hebrew origin

4. Azrael – Hebrew origin

5. Dabria – English origin

6. Dangelis – Italian origin

7. Daimones – Greek origin

8. Erelah – Hebrew origin

9. Kaula – African, Hawaiian, and Indian origin

10. Kachina – Native American origin

11. Malak – Arabic origin

12. Moroni – Italian origin

13. Moraika – Native American-Incan origin

14. Ongela – Greek and Latin origin

15. Sorano – Japanese origin

16. Spirit – Anglo-Norman French origin

17. Tien – Vietnamese origin

18. Talia – Hebrew and Aramaic origin

Heavenly Names

Consider exploring heavenly names for your baby, drawing inspiration from terms associated with angels, heaven, or the essence of being heavenly. These names encapsulate a sense of celestial beauty and grace, offering a meaningful and ethereal choice for your little one.

1. Aaru – Egyptian origin, meaning peaceful

2. Arella – Hebrew origin meaning messenger from God

3. Anzish – Arabic origin meaning heaven blossom

4. Behashteh – Persian name meaning heavenly

5. Chiela – Esperanto origin meaning heavenly

6. Imamu – Arabic name meaning spiritual leader

7. Jinani – Arabic name meaning heavenly

8. Lulani – Hawaiian name meaning heavenly

9. Miraal – Muslim name meaning angel of heaven

10. Minau – Persian name meaning heaven

11. Minu – Persian name meaning paradise

12. Sky – Old Norse name referring to the sky or heavenly body

13. Samawat – Arabic name meaning heavenly

14. Usha is a Sanskrit name that symbolizes renewal, rebirth, and life-affirming.

15. Zunaisha – Persian name meaning gift from God

Wrapping Up

In the world of names, those meaning heaven bring a special touch of celestial beauty. Choosing a name becomes a meaningful journey, connecting your child to something ethereal and timeless. As you go on this journey, think about your hopes and dreams for your child. Each name you consider is like a unique brushstroke, creating a picture of who they are.

Cheers to the exciting adventure of choosing a name that will be a source of comfort and love for your child throughout their life.

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