Names That Mean Orange – 100+ Classy & Vibrant Ideas

Step into the world of names that mean orange – a color that goes beyond visual appeal to embody enthusiasm, emotion, and boundless optimism.

Orange signifies warmth and comfort for you or holds a deeper spiritual meaning, as seen in Eastern religions like Hinduism and Buddhism.

We have some names, like Clementine and Tangerine, that draw inspiration directly from the vibrant fruit, while others, such as Amber or Rusty, embody the essence of the color orange.

You can also consider choosing names like Alani, meaning orange tree in Hawaiian, or Saffron, a spice boasting a warm orange hue. With this array of choices, finding the perfect orange-inspired name for your little one is a delightful journey waiting to unfold.

Whether a name directly means orange or is intricately tied to the vibrant hue, explore this collection to find the perfect name that resonates with your unique connection to the color orange.

Best Names That Mean Orange

Selecting a colorful baby name can encapsulate cherished places or memories, like the serene sunrise on a lake, the crisp vibrancy of autumn leaves, or the lively dance of daffodils in the breeze.

Whether inspired by cherished imagery or favorite hues, choosing a colorful name adds a loveliness and uniqueness to your baby’s identity.

1. Alani

This Hawaiian name means orange tree or precious.

2. Alder

This English name refers to an alder tree with deep orange woods.

3. Amber

This English name means orange-yellow color or refers to the tree resin.

4. Aranchi

This Ethiopian name means orange fruit.

5. Auburn

This Old French and Latin name means orange color.

6. Begonia

This French name means Begon’s flower.

7. Blaze

This Latin name means orange and red fire.

8. Canna

This Greek name means orange plant.

9. Clementine

This French and Latin name means small citrus fruit.

10. Copper

This English name refers to an orange-brown mineral.

11. Daisy

This English name means orange flower.

12. Daidai

This Japanese name means orange.

13. Eliane

This Hebrew name means sun.

14. Fox

This English name refers to an animal with an orange hue.

15. Gardenia

This English name means garden’s flower.

16. Garfield

This English name means orange color, and it refers to a triangular field.

17. Hazel

This English name refers to the Hazel tree and its orange color.

18. Helio

This Spanish name means the sun.

19. Iris

This Greek name means orange flower. It is also the name of the Goddess of Rainbow.

20. Jacinthe

This French name means a shade of orange color.

21. Kadamba

This Indian name means orange flower.

22. Kitsu

This Japanese name means orange.

23. Lilium

This Latin name means orange plant.

24. Marigold

This English name means golden flower.

25. Mikan

This Japanese name means orange.

26. Neroli

This Italian name means orange blossom.

27. Rori

This Irish name means red king or rust-colored.

28. Saffron

This English name means yellow and orange color.

29. Titian

This Italian name means brownish orange.

30. Zinnia

This Latin and German name refers to Zinn’s flower, meaning orange blooming flower.

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Cool Names Meaning Orange

1. Aurelia

A Latin name meaning golden one

2. Coral

English name referring to pink-orange color

3. Dawn

An English name meaning sunrise

4. Marisol

Spanish name meaning clementine

5. Melina

Greek name meaning honey

6. Nada

Russian and Arabic names meaning dew at sunrise

7. Orabella

Latin and Italian names meaning beautiful gold

8. Peaches

English name referring to a fruit

9. Rory

Irish name meaning rust

10. Rusty

French name meaning fox colored

11. Sienna

Italian name meaning orange-red

12. Tawny

English name meaning golden brown

13. Topaz

Greek and Sanskrit names meaning orange gemstone

Names That Mean Orange Girl

Names That Mean Orange Girl

1. Anani

Hawaiian name meaning orange tree.

2. Aranchi

Ethiopian name meaning orange fruit

3. Azahar

Spanish and Arabic names meaning orange blossom

4. Cayenne

French name meaning orange pepper

5. Dahlia

Scandinavian name meaning orange flower

6. Ginger

English name meaning reddish-orange color

7. Honey

Germanic name meaning amber-colored liquid

8. Jaffa

Hebrew name meaning citrus fruit

9. Lantana

Latin name meaning orange blossom flower

10. Millaray

Mapuche name meaning golden flower

11. Nerola

Italian name meaning orange blossom

12. Orenji

Japanese name meaning orange

13. Phoenix

Greek name meaning blood orange color

14. Primrose

A Latin name meaning orange flower

15. Santara

Indian name meaning orange

16. Sona

Indian name meaning orange color or gold

17. Tiger Lily

English name meaning bright orange flower

18. Valencia

Spanish name meaning orange fruit

19. Willow

An English name meaning orange willow tree

20. Yarrow

English name meaning orange flower

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Names That Mean Orange Boy

Names That Mean Orange Boy

1. Anatole 

Greek name meaning sunrise

2. Anatolius

Greek name meaning sunrise

3. Aurantia 

A Latin name meaning orange

4. Cam

Vietnamese name meaning orange fruit

5. Hari

Sanskrit name meaning lion

6. Koi

Japanese name referring to fish with orange color

7. Larch 

German and English names meaning a deciduous tree having needles that turn orange

8. Orange

English name meaning fruit

9. Ravi

Sanskrit name meaning sun

10. Sol

Spanish name meaning sun

11. Sorrel

French name meaning reddish brown

12. Tiger

American name referring to an animal like a striped cat

Unique Orange-Themed Names

Unique Orange-Themed Names

1. Abner: Hebrew name meaning father of light

2. Auric: English name meaning gold

3. Boyd: Scottish name meaning yellow

4. Flannery: Irish name meaning russet hair

5. Goldie: English name meaning made of gold

6. Kirros: Greek name meaning orange

7. Nerenxa: Albanian name meaning bitter orange

8. Pumpkin: An orange-colored fruit

9. Rust: English, German name meaning orange-brown color

10. Rufus: Red-haired man

11. Solvi: Icelandic name meaning temple of the sun

12. Tawny: Irish name meaning golden brown

13. Yuzana: Burmese name meaning orange Jasmine

Cute Names For The Color Orange

1. Aurora: (Latin origin) dawn

2. Asahi: (Japanese origin) sunlight

3. Blaine: (Gaelic origin) yellow

4. Cyrus: (Persian origin) Sun

5. Narangi: (Sanskrit origin) orange

6. Oriol: (Latin origin) golden

7. Roux: (French origin) russet

8. Solana: (Spanish origin) sunshine

9. Xanthe: (Old Greek origin) golden

10. Yelena: (Russian origin) shining light

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Amazing Orange-Related Names

Amazing Orange-Related Names

1. Apricot: (Latin, Arabic origin) Orange-colored fruit

2. Apollo: (Greek origin) orange blossom flower

3. Bowie: (Scottish origin) yellow-haired

4. Clay: (British origin) clay worker

5. Cymbeline: (Greek origin) sun lord

6. Flavio: (Italian origin) blond

7. Kanaru: (Japanese origin) orange

8. Kinneret: (Hebrew origin) orange

9. Poppy: (Latin name) orange

10. Russell: (French origin) fox colored

11. Safura: (Persian origin) orange

12. Tasheen: (Swahili origin) orange

Wrapping Up

If you are drawn to the radiant glow of orange, we trust you will discover a fitting name for your radiant child from our compilation. Our list includes unisex options and names reflecting the orange spectrum across languages and cultures.

Opting for a name that signifies orange infuses your child’s identity with a touch of uniqueness and mirrors the vibrant and positive qualities inherently linked to this warm and lively color.

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