Names That Mean Healer – To 100+ List For Your Loved Ones

Every mom and dad dreams of giving their little one a name that stands out, something truly special. But finding that perfect, unique name can be tricky. How about we break away from the ordinary and dive into a realm of stories, traditions, and remedies?

Our collection of names goes beyond the usual trends; it’s a journey through history, culture, and ancient tales. From names with spiritual vibes to those that bring comfort, our list of healer names is here to inspire.

Let us do the heavy lifting while you take a leisurely scroll. Soothe your mind and explore the most calming selection of names that mean healer right below.

Having more words for names is like adding more colors to your crayon box! Imagine having lots of options for your baby’s name like the Names That Mean Grace, Names That Mean Rebirth, Ash Name Meaning, and Gothic Names. You get to pick from a big list we found, and it’s like choosing your favorite flavor of ice cream. So, if you want to make naming your baby super fun and exciting, check out all the cool choices we’ve gathered for you!

Biblical Names That Mean Healer

60 Biblical Names That Mean Healer

If you want special names for your baby that feel important and full of wisdom, the Bible is an amazing place to find them. In the Bible, some names are connected to cool stories about being strong, having grace, and getting better when you’re not feeling well.

Let’s explore the names that mean Healer for your baby girl or boy or the names for neutral gender.

Girls Healer Names

1. Raphaela – “God has healed”

2. Tabitha – “Gazelle” or “Graceful”

3. Martha – “Lady” or “Mistress”

4. Ariel – “Lion of God”

5. Salome – “Peace”

6. Keziah – “Cassia,” a healing spice

7. Zemira – “Song” or “Melody”

8. Susanna – “Lily” or “Rose”

9. Tikvah – “Hope”

10. Jemima – “Dove,” symbolizing peace and healing

11. Damaris – “Calf” or “Gentle”

12. Rhoda – “Rose”

13. Jerusha – “Possession” or “Inheritance”

14. Abigail – “Father’s Joy”

15. Joanna – “God is Gracious”

16. Shiphrah – “Brightness,” associated with healing light

17. Hosanna – “Save, we pray!” expressing a plea for healing

18. Mara – “Bitter,” signifying the transformation of bitterness into healing

19. Huldah – “Weasel” or “Mole,” symbolizing keen perception and insight for healing

20. Leah – “Weary” or “Tired,” representing rest and healing

Boys Unique Names That Mean Healer

Boys Unique Names That Mean Healer

1. Raphael – “God has healed”

2. Asa – “Healer” or “Physician”

3. Ezekiel – “God strengthens”

4. Jabez – “He makes sorrowful; sorrowful one”

5. Nathan – “He has given”

6. Malachi – “My messenger” or “My angel”

7. Zacchaeus – “Pure,” signifying purity in healing

8. Elihu – “My God is He”

9. Caleb – “Faithful, devoted”

10. Tobias – “God is good”

11. Azariah – “God has helped”

12. Josiah – “Healed by the Lord”

13. Amos – “Burden-bearer”

14. Hezekiah – “God is my strength”

15. Isaiah – “The Lord is salvation”

16. Nissi – “My banner” or “Miracle”

17. Jairus – “He will awaken”

18. Zadok – “Righteous,” symbolizing righteousness in healing

19. Elisha – “God is salvation”

20. Simeon – “God has heard”

Unisex Names Mean Healer

1. Ariel – “Lion of God”

2. Jordan – “To flow down,” symbolizing the flow of healing waters

3. Eden – “Delight” or “Paradise,” suggesting a place of healing and restoration

4. Sage – Referring to the wise and healing properties of sage

5. Avery – “Elf ruler” or “Counsel,” embodying wise and healing guidance

6. Evan – “God is gracious”

7. Micah – “Who is like God?”

8. Jordan – “To descend,” symbolizing the descent of healing blessings

9. Dove – Symbolizing peace and healing

10. Ezra – “Helper”

11. Remy – “Oarsman” or “Remedy,” signifying a healing solution

12. Sasha – “Defender of mankind,” suggesting protection and healing

13. Jesse – “Gift,” representing the gift of healing

14. Phoenix – Symbolizing renewal and healing through transformation

15. Casey – “Vigilant” or “Watchful,” emphasizing attentive care in healing

16. Cameron – “Crooked nose” or “Bent river,” suggesting adaptability and resilience in healing

17. Skyler – “Scholar” or “Learned one,” embodying knowledge and wisdom in healing

18. Taylor – “Tailor” or “To cut,” symbolizing precision in healing

19. Rory – “Red king” or “Red-haired,” representing strength and vitality in healing

20. Quinn – “Counsel” or “Wisdom,” suggesting wise guidance in healing

30 Native American Names That Mean Healer

Native American Names That Mean Healer


1. Ayita – Cherokee origin, meaning “First to Dance” or “First to Heal”

2. Aponi – Hopi origin, meaning “Butterfly” symbolizing transformation and healing

3. Cholena – Algonquian origin, meaning “Bird of Peace” or “Dove”

4. Nita – Choctaw origin, meaning “Bear,” associated with strength and healing

5. Aiyana – Cherokee origin, meaning “Eternal Blossom,” signifying continuous growth and healing

6. Sekina – Navajo origin, meaning “Medicine,” highlighting healing properties

7. Kaya – Hopi origin, meaning “My Elder Sister” or “Pure,” representing spiritual healing

8. Tiva – Hopi origin, meaning “Dance” or “Rhythm,” symbolizing the dance of healing energy

9. Yoki – Miwok origin, meaning “Rain,” symbolizing cleansing and renewal

10. Enola – Native American origin, meaning “Solitary” or “Alone,” emphasizing self-healing


1. Takoda – Sioux origin, meaning “Friend to Everyone” or “Ally,” promoting healing relationships

2. Dohasan – Hopi origin, meaning “Little Sword” or “Healer”

3. Hototo – Hopi origin, meaning “Warrior Spirit Who Sings,” suggesting healing through music

4. Thulani – Zulu origin, meaning “Be Silent,” reflecting the calm and tranquil aspects of healing

5. Taima – Native American origin, meaning “Thunder,” symbolizing power and healing energy

6. Bomani – Swahili origin, meaning “Warrior,” symbolizing strength and resilience in healing

7. Dyami – Choctaw origin, meaning “Soaring Eagle,” representing freedom and healing vision

8. Shilah – Navajo origin, meaning “Brother,” emphasizing familial support in healing

9. Wiyaka – Lakota origin, meaning “Feather,” symbolizing lightness and spiritual healing

10. Makya – Hopi origin, meaning “Eagle Hunter,” symbolizing keen perception and focus in healing


1. Tala – Cherokee origin, meaning “Wolf,” symbolizing intuition and healing instinct

2. Onawa – Native American origin, meaning “Wide Awake,” suggesting awareness in healing

3. Wakanda – Sioux origin, meaning “Possesses Magical Powers,” emphasizing mystical healing abilities

4. Dakota – Sioux origin, meaning “Friend” or “Ally,” representing healing through companionship

5. Shawnee – Algonquian origin, meaning “Southern Tribe,” symbolizing community and collective healing

6. Kai – Navajo origin, meaning “Willow Tree,” representing flexibility and adaptability in healing

7. Chenoa – Algonquian origin, meaning “Bird of Peace,” signifying healing through tranquility

8. Kitchi – Algonquian origin, meaning “Brave” or “Mighty,” representing healing strength

9. Chapa – Sioux origin, meaning “Beaver,” symbolizing industriousness and resourcefulness in healing

10. Yansa – Cherokee origin, meaning “Buffalo,” associated with strength and resilience in healing

30 African Names That Mean Healer


1. Amani

2. Zanele

3. Ifeoma

4. Nia

5. Ayotunde

6. Abeni

7. Asha

8. Kazi

9. Zuri

10. Adanna


1. Jabari

2. Jengo

3. Dumisani

4. Thulani

5. Bomani

6. Azibo

7. Ashon

8. Enitan

9. Kwame

10. Chijioke


1. Zola

2. Tariro

3. Omari

4. Ashanti

5. Kioni

6. Sefu

7. Kamilah

8. Dakari

9. Makena

10. Ifeoluwa

30 Badass Healer Names


1. Valkyrie Seraphina

2. Phoenix Skye

3. Rogue Astra

4. Mystique Ravenna

5. Blade Celestia

6. Vortex Ember

7. Sable Luna

8. Tempest Isolde

9. Rune Sylvera

10. Zenith Aurora


1. Orion Valor

2. Havoc Zenon

3. Titan Phoenix

4. Draven Storm

5. Blaze Thorne

6. Zephyr Onyx

7. Maverick Talon

8. Griffin Jett

9. Zane Thunder

10. Knox Vortex


1. Nyx Eclipse

2. Siren Aether

3. Paladin Kai

4. Nova Wren

5. Cipher Elysium

6. Rune Serenity

7. Zephyr Quinn

8. Shadow Skylar

9. Maverick Phoenix

10. Ember Justice

Which Of God’s Names Mean Healer?

What Is The Greek Name For Healer

One of the names of God that is associated with healing is “Jehovah-Rapha.” In the Bible, particularly in the Old Testament, this name is found in Exodus 15:26, where God declares Himself as the healer of His people. The term “Rapha” is related to the Hebrew word for healing, emphasizing God’s role as the ultimate source of physical, emotional, and spiritual healing.

What Is The Greek Name For Healer?


1. Aceso

2. Iaso

3. Panacea

4. Hygieia

5. Meditrina

6. Theria

7. Aegle

8. Eirene

9. Melaina

10. Salutia


1. Asclepius

2. Apollo

3. Aesklepios

4. Therapon

5. Panaceus

6. Iasus

7. Podaleirios

8. Ygeus

9. Aitherios

10. Iatrios


1. Alexithymia

2. Euthenia

3. Therion

4. Eirini

5. Panaretos

6. Hygeinos

7. Iamatia

8. Salutaris

9. Aegleis

10. Mediceus

30 Names That Mean Healer In Japanese


1. Aimi

2. Kaori

3. Manami

4. Miori

5. Akira

6. Megumi

7. Yui

8. Sakura

9. Miyu

10. Haruki


1. Haruto

2. Kenzo

3. Hiroshi

4. Satoru

5. Takumi

6. Riku

7. Yuuto

8. Masato

9. Kazuki

10. Kaito


1. Ren

2. Haruka

3. Kai

4. Hikari

5. Yuki

6. Sora

7. Natsuki

8. Aoi

9. Kei

10. Rei

Final Words

This article is like a big treasure hunt for names that mean healing, and we’ve found a bunch from different places! Whether it’s calming Japanese names or comforting ones from the Bible, we’ve got them all. So, if you’re looking for names that carry the magic of making things better, you’re in the right place. It’s like a journey around the world of names that bring feelings of comfort and wellness. Discover the perfect name that carries healing power for your little one!

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