Pregnancy Announcement To Husband – 60 Cute & Creative Ideas

Finding out you are pregnant is the best and most exciting feeling, and when it comes to telling people around, you have to come up with extraordinary ideas. If you are looking for a few ways to make a pregnancy announcement to your husband, we have some cute, fun, and romantic ideas for you.

Though you can simply tell him that you are pregnant, the moment won’t be memorable forever without adding a little fun and creativity to it. However, before planning on how to tell your husband you are pregnant, you should think about when to announce this great news. Timing matters a lot; your husband should be the first to hear about your pregnancy.

Check out this compiled list of 60 cute and creative ideas for pregnancy announcements to your husband to surprise him in the best ways.

Wondering How To Tell Your Child You’re Pregnant? Plenty of fun and creative ways to share this delightful news with your kids exist. Though there isn’t a right or wrong way to announce your pregnancy, you must plan considering their age.  Read out to learn more.

Pregnancy Announcement Ideas To Husband

Pregnancy Announcement Ideas To Husband

A Bun In The Oven

This is an adorable and funny way to make a pregnancy announcement to your husband. All you have to do is keep a bun inside the oven and ask him to help you in the kitchen.

Baby Basket

Buy a baby basket and put all the baby accessories in it. You can put baby shoes, onesies, vests, diapers, pacifiers, and other items.

Keep the packed box on the bed and wait for your husband to open it to get the great news.

Baby Basket

Baby Fund Piggy Bank

Buy a piggy bank to surprise your husband about pregnancy. Paint or write Baby on one side of it and give it to your partner. This will give him an idea about making financial contributions for a new baby in a fun and meaningful way.

Baby Treasure Hunt

Buy some baby toys from Amazon and hide them in different places in the home. This is a hilarious way to announce pregnancy, as your husband will keep on finding these little toys for days.

Blow Up Some “Baby” Balloons

You can also let your husband know about your pregnancy in a surprising way with the help of balloons. Blow up some huge balloons with Baby or Dad To Be written on them.

Or you can also keep a baby vest with pink and blue balloons to surprise your husband.

Blow Up Some “Baby” Balloons

Bring Baby Food

Prepare a special dinner for your husband with baby food, such as baby sliders or baby back ribs with corn and carrots.

You can also prepare pasta but make it as if it’s for a baby.

 Construction Zone

If there is a spare room in your home, put caution tape at the door and add a warning sign saying, Construction Zone. This idea can also work if you don’t have a spare room by adding these signs in one empty corner of your bedroom.

Customized Bullet

You can get a customized bullet to pack inside a keepsake box. This bullet will deliver the message that you have successfully hit the target. Or get one with Dad or Dada written on it.

Your husband will keep this gift for a long time.

Daddy Mug

It’s a cool idea to announce pregnancy to your husband. Buy a mug with Daddy written on it. You can give it to him or give him a morning coffee to surprise him.

Daddy Mug

Dad Hat

It is another cool gift for your husband that can be useful for pregnancy announcements. Make sure the cap has a message related to your pregnancy, or you can get a customized one with a written Dad on it.

Dad Hat

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How To Surprise Husband With Pregnancy?

How To Surprise Husband With Pregnancy

Download an App

Be sneaky and get your husband’s phone to download a pregnancy app. Turn on the app notification with the pop-up message, Congratulations, the baby is now the size of a blueberry.

Draw on Your Belly

This is another easy and budget-friendly idea to announce pregnancy to your husband. Draw anything related to the baby, such as a cartoon baby, a pacifier, or other baby products. Or you can simply write a message on your baby bump to surprise him.

Engraved Decanter

An engraved decanter can be a unique and thoughtful way to announce pregnancy to your husband. You can get a special message engraved on the decanter. Here are some examples:

  • Coming Soon
  • Our Greatest Adventure
  • A Little Something To Celebrate
  • We Are Expecting

Hide and Seek

Hide and Seek is a fun game, and you can use it for your pregnancy announcement. Get your pregnancy test and hide it somewhere your husband can find easily.

Jigsaw Puzzle

Get a jigsaw puzzle with an engraved message about the pregnancy announcement. It’d be a fun game to play and the best way to reveal your pregnancy to your husband.

Jigsaw Puzzle

Secret Message Whiskey Glass

This is a completely unexpected way to announce your pregnancy to your husband. Get a secret message whiskey glass and serve him with whiskey if he’s a drinker. After finishing his drink, he will get the message you want to tell him.

Star Wars Digital Announcement

If you and your partner are Star Wars fans, this idea will be perfect for a pregnancy reveal. Get the message printed on anything related to Star Wars or show some art for a digital announcement to let him know how strong the upcoming force is.

Toast The News

Grab a bottle of wine to celebrate your pregnancy announcement. It’d be better to buy one from Etsy with customizable labels and put the due date on it.

Video Game-Inspired Announcement

If your husband is a gamer, this idea will work best for him. Buy a baby vest with “Player 3 has entered” written on it. Also, keep a controller on top of the vest to give a clear indication.

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You’re Going To Be A Daddy

Get a T-shirt or other accessories for your husband with the written You’re going to be Daddy on them. These items will be useful in the future, and the message will make your husband’s day.

Fun Ways To Surprise Husband With Pregnancy 

Fun Ways To Surprise Husband With Pregnancy

Diaper Delivery

Order at Amazon or another online store for diapers to deliver at home. Ask your husband to pick up the order. He will be confused a bit but will soon realize the real meaning of this whole idea.

Double Dip

This is another funny way to announce pregnancy to your husband. When eating dinner or other meals, take double everything. Take two plates, two spoons, and two of all things to make him wonder what’s going on.

Doughnut Ask if I’m Pregnant

Visit your favorite baker and buy a box of doughnuts. Put a card with a message inside the box saying Eat Up; I don’t want to grow this baby bump alone.

Fake Movie Trailer

This one is the most creative way to announce pregnancy to your husband. If you have some video editing skills, use them to create a fake movie trailer. You can also hire an expert for this purpose.

Add the message in the video beautifully and upload it on YouTube or other online sources with a catchy title. Play it before your husband and make him watch to get the idea. Or you can also watch movies like Babies or What To Expect When Expecting.

Scavenger Hunt

Plan for a big pregnancy reveal idea if you want to make the entire process fun. A scavenger hunt is the best idea to surprise your husband with the pregnancy.

Make some clues leading to the pregnancy reveal. The clues can be easy or difficult, but make sure they aren’t too tough to crack. He should stay involved in a fun way in the game and keep a reward at the end that will help announce a pregnancy by some message or gift saying, “Congratulations, you are going to be a Daddy.”

Sports Jersey

If your husband is a huge fan of sports, give him his favorite team’s sports jersey. Ensure the new teammate or player on the way is written on it.

Surprise Egg

This is a unique and amazing way to announce pregnancy to your husband. Get a surprise egg and ask your husband to crack open it to find a message inside.

Swap His Drinks With Formula Milk

Swap all of your husband’s favorite drinks with formula milk. If your husband asks for wine or other drinks, give him a bottle of formula milk to reveal your pregnancy.

Or you can simply replace his glass with a feeding bottle. Once he asks for a glass or bottle of water, give him a formula bottle instead to see his reaction.

Tell Him Some Pregnancy Riddles 

The cute and fun way to share pregnancy news with your husband is by telling him some riddles to make a guess. You can ask directly or put a small note in his lunch box or on the car’s dash.

Tell Him Some Pregnancy Riddles

These riddles will help you convey your message to your partner:

  • A long-awaited surprise. I’m the newest member of our family.
  • You + Me = Three
  • The best is yet to come (Mention due date)
  • An adventure is about to begin.
  • Welcoming our little one in (Mention due date)
  • Even miracles take a little time. #babyontheway
  • Is it pink or blue? All I know is when I’m due.
  • Something is cooking inside the oven, something sweet, adorable, and loving.
  • I’m small and sweet; I don’t eat much. But when I arrive, there will be a big fuss.

Unscramble Shirt

You can buy an unscrambled shirt for yourself or for your husband. It would be better to wear it and stay in front of your husband to make him guess the actual code.

Best Pregnancy Surprise For Husband

Hello Daddy Onesie

If it’s your first baby, giving your husband cute onesies with Hello Daddy written on it is the best idea to announce a pregnancy.

Take a gift box and put it inside with some chocolates. Your husband will love this.

Hello Daddy Onesie

Make Him A Drink

This is a good way to announce pregnancy to the husband. You can make a drink for him and put ice cubes in the shape of baby pacifiers in it. You can put them in any regular drink when he comes home from work.

Morning Coffee

Write a message in the bottom of the coffee cup and pour coffee into it to give him. Make sure your husband doesn’t rush to leave for work without taking the last sip.

Morning Coffee


Plan a surprise pregnancy announcement photoshoot for your husband. Your husband will give an exciting and beautiful reaction once he gets to know about the new baby.

You can post the pictures on social media to inform other family members about your pregnancy.

Pregnancy Test

It is one of the best ways to announce pregnancy to the husband and other family members. Take your pregnancy test and wrap it in a big gift box.

Put a Crib Beside Your Bed

It is a good idea for a pregnancy announcement. Buy a new crib and keep it on one side of your bed. Your husband will understand immediately after seeing it.

Another cool idea is to buy a baby seat and place it near the dining table. Also, put a baby bottle on the table and wait for your husband to realize.

Put A Message On The Dog

Get your pet involved in the pregnancy announcement if it’s your first child. Put a bandana on your dog or cat and place other baby items to take a picture. You can send the picture to your husband if he’s away or bring the dog directly in front of him if you surprise him at home.

Put A Message On The Dog

Put It on a Pizza Box

Order a pizza and receive it quickly before your husband watches it. Open the box and write a message on the cardboard or add a special card with a message about pregnancy.

Ask your husband to open the box and get surprised with great news and delicious pizza.

Romantic Dinner

Plan a romantic dinner with a baby theme. Make his favorite food, light candles, and play soft background music. He will think you’re trying to be romantic, but here’s a twist.

The food you have prepared should be baby themed. You can keep baby foods from baby carrots to baby corn and back ribs.

He will get the hint and will definitely laugh at the end.

Say It With Chocolate

Chocolates are delicious and the best way to celebrate the great news. Add your husband’s favorite chocolates and other cravings in a box. You can also ask the baker to add a custom message on the chocolate saying, Surprise, You’re Going To Be A Daddy.

Gifts To Surprise Husband With Pregnancy

A Badge of Pride

A Badge of Pride

The best gift to make your husband feel special is a badge of pride or a daddy to be a badge. This is a creative idea and definitely cute.

Gift this badge with a T-shirt or a card with a great message.

A Customized Keyring

Get a keyring with a message of pregnancy announcement and keep it inside a keepsake box. You can replace his keychain with this special keyring.

Get Him A T-Shirt

Gift your husband a custom T-shirt with the message Dad to be or Baby on the way written on it. You can also get one with written, Can’t wait to meet you.

This is an adorable idea to make your pregnancy announcement memorable.

Gift Him A Baby Book 

Purchase a baby book and give it to your husband. You can also leave it at his place or on the kitchen counter to let him find it.

Make sure the baby book is good enough to deliver the actual message. A simple baby book with tips and tricks for baby care will also work best for educational purposes.

Make A Cake

Bake a cake at home or order it to celebrate your pregnancy announcement with your husband. You can write a message on the cake. Here are some examples:

  • We Are Pregnant!
  • You are going to be Daddy.
  • Surprise! We are going to be parents.
  • Happy Birthday Dad (If it’s your husband’s birthday).

Pregnancy Poem

Prepare a beautiful pregnancy poem for your husband and sing it before him. You don’t need to exaggerate while thinking like Shakespeare or other great personalities, but it is better to keep it simple, like,

“Roses are red, violets are blue, we are having a baby, and here is when we are due.”

Say It With Words

When things aren’t enough to convey this great message, you can go with simple ways. Tell your husband in a beautiful way that he’s going to be a Dad soon, and discuss how you feel about it. You can talk about everything related to a new baby and share thoughts.

Send A Card

Send a card to your husband with a message about your pregnancy announcement. Here are a few things you can write on the card:

  • Hey Handsome, We Have Got A Baby Cooking.
  • I tested positive but not for Covid
  • It’s the time to start practicing your Dad jokes

You can keep the card with morning coffee and leave it on the table for him.

Special Delivery 

Order some cute stuffed toys and get them delivered in the presence of your husband. The cute little toys will confuse him, but he will be surprised after realizing the idea.

Special Watch

Buy a watch for your husband as a gift and put a card with the message or engrave the back with a message like New Fishing Buddy Coming Soon.

Your husband will love this idea and appreciate the two gifts he will receive in the future.

2nd Pregnancy Reveal To Husband

2nd Pregnancy Reveal To Husband

Customize A Pacifier

Though gifting a custom T-shirt with a pregnancy reveal message is a great idea, you can also get a customized pacifier or baby bottle to announce this exciting news.

Get The Kids To Tell Him

You can also involve your kids in the pregnancy reveal game. Buy a T-shirt with Big Brother or Big Sister on it and dress your kids.

Tell them to walk in front of their Dad to give a hint their little brother/sister is on the way.

Golfing Marker

Buy a golfing marker or golf ball market to give to your husband for the pregnancy reveal.

You can also get one with a written golf buddy on the way or buy custom golf balls with newborn feet printed on them.

Cookie Pregnancy Announcement

Cookies are delicious and can be useful too in pregnancy announcements. You can get custom-made cookies with a baby boy or girl shapes with a message about pregnancy reveal.

Get Lotto Scratch Cards

These are special pregnancy announcement scratch-off cards you can buy for your family or husband.  After scratching the card, they will get the news about your pregnancy.

New Teammate

Give your big sports fan tiny and cute booties or little onesies with the logo of your husband’s favorite team.

This will let him know that a new teammate has joined the game.

Number Shirts on Kids

You can get numbers shirts for your kids. Line up the babies according to the number mentioned on the shirt and write the number for the new baby on your baby bump.

Oops, We Did It Again

If it’s your second baby, this is a great and funny way to announce a pregnancy. Put Britney Spears on the iPod and keep a card with it saying, Oops, we did it again.

Pokemon Cards

Do you love Pokemon? Buy some custom Pokemon cards with the news of your pregnancy written on them. Make sure your husband is also a fan of Pokemon so it’d be easier for him to understand the whole idea.

Say It With Lipstick

This is a cute and romantic way to announce pregnancy to your husband. Grab a lipstick and write a message on the bathroom mirror with it. This is the easiest method and won’t cost you a single penny.

Wrapping Up

There are numerous ways to make your pregnancy announcement to your husband memorable. You can try any of the methods we have mentioned, from gifting beautiful accessories to wrapping a pregnancy test, making his favorite meals, and pregnancy countdown.

Hopefully, you both will treasure this joyous moment forever and remember that your little angelic baby is on the way.

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