Old Fashioned Girl Names – 250+ Classic & Timeless Names

Are you struggling to add some vintage charm to your baby girl’s name? We have rounded up a bunch of old-fashioned girl names that are unique and have great meaning.

People often love to name their babies after their grandparents for sentimental reasons and because they are time-tested to pass on well across the generations. These classic and vintage names have gained so much popularity, and most have started to hit the top charts.

In these lists, we have added a lot of variety considering different tastes, from classic names like Adelaide, Brynlee, and Patricia to elegant vintage girl names like Claudia, Estella, and Presley.

These names will give your little girl a meaningful name connected to history, along with giving steadfast and trustworthy meaning. The best part is that these old-fashioned names are always ready to become new again.

Best Old Fashioned Girl Names

Best Old Fashioned Girl Names


This beautiful, classic name combines Ann and Marie, which gained popularity during the 1970s in the United States.

This name is of Hebrew origin, meaning God has favored me.


This name is of German origin, taken from the word Adalheidis, meaning noble kind.

This old-fashioned name is appealing and timeless and has a rich history from Queen Adelaide to the city of Adelaide and singers like Adelaide Hall and actress Adelaide Kane.


This classic name is of Spanish and Hebrew origin meaning Bethlehem. This beautiful name will be perfect for your daughter if you want to add a bit of cultural flair to her name.


This name is derived from the Irish mythology word Brighid meaning exalted one. It was also the name of the Goddess of fire, poetry, and wisdom.


This is a Latin name meaning clear or bright. It is a perfect name with traditional touch and style. The name is simple and easy to pronounce. This is also the name of a character from The Nutcracker.


This is also a Latin name meaning the sky or heavenly. This old-fashioned and classic name has been used for centuries without losing its style.


Diana was the Roman Goddess of the moon, hunting, and childbirth, and another famous personality Princess Diana had the same name.

This Greek name means divine, representing a girl’s best qualities like kindness, beauty, and charitable work.


This name is of Greek origin, meaning bay tree or laurel tree. This name is part of Greek mythology, where Peneus, the river God, named her nymph daughter Daphne. She was transformed into a laurel tree to stay safe from the romantic obsession of Apollo.


It is a Latin name that means hard as stone. This sweet and soft name is perfect for a strong girl. You can enjoy a traditional and modern feel together from this beautiful name.


This German name is derived from Avelina, that means wished for or desired one. This beautiful name has elegance and a special charm that makes this name perfect.


This name derives from the Old Norse name Freyja, which means lady or noblewoman. It is also the name of the Norse goddess of love, fertility, and beauty.


This is a Latin name meaning French or free. The name is derived from the Latin name Franciscus and has a rich history linked with notable personalities like Frances Hodgson Burnett and Saint Frances of Rome.


This is a German name meaning pearl. This name is diminutive of Margareta.


This is a biblical name meaning God’s gift. This name sounds unique and beautiful that perfectly suits an old-fashioned girl.


This name is diminutive of Harriet, which means ruler of the home. This name was quite famous in the late 19th and 20th centuries.


This is an ancient Hebrew name that means My delight is in her. This is a perfect name for an old-fashioned girl.


This is an English name meaning white as elephant tusks. This name gives the image of a smooth, pristine, and lustrous place. Ivory also symbolizes beauty, purity, and elegance.


This is a Greek name meaning peace. The original spelling of this name is taken from Greek mythology Eirene, who was the personification of peace in Athens.


This is a Hebrew name meaning dove. The name is quite old-fashioned and represents cultural heritage.


This is a Gaelic name meaning slender. This name has gained much popularity in the past few years and has a timeless charm.


This name is of Assyrian origin, meaning night monster or ghost. It is also the name of the daughter of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.


This name is of Latin origin, meaning lovable. This old, vintage, and charming name is perfect for parents looking for a unique and timeless name for their daughters.


This is a French version of Nadia, which is a Slavic name meaning hope. This old fashioned name suits positive and sweet girls.


This is a Latin name meaning golden. This elegant, vintage name is ideal for old fashioned girls.


This name is of Latin origin, meaning ancient. This name is also mentioned in the New Testament for one who stayed with the apostle Paul.


This is a Hebrew name meaning companion or mate. This name particularly gained popularity from President Grover Cleveland’s daughter.


This is a Greek name meaning prophetess. The name is mentioned in Greek, Roman, and Christian theology to mention women with divine knowledge.


This is a Hebrew name that means dew from heaven. This name sounds soft and elegant, perfect for an adorable girl. You can give this classic and timeless name to your little bundle of joy.


A Latin name meaning little bear is ideal for an old-fashioned girl. It is also the name of a princess saint.


This name has Latin and French origin meaning alive or full of life, suitable for a spirited girl.


This is an English name with different meanings. In Welsh, the name is taken from Gwenfrewi, meaning white, peaceful, blessed, or fair. While the other spellings for this name are Winfred meaning friend of peace.


This is a Slavic name meaning dawn or aurora.

This old-fashioned girl’s name is beautiful and timeless with a classic touch.

Vintage Girl Names

1. Agatha – Greek origin meaning good

2. Aurelia – Ancient Roman origin meaning gilded or golden

3. Beryl – English name meaning gemstone beryl

4. Beulah – Hebrew name meaning married

5. Chaya – Hebrew name meaning life

6. Cecelia – Latin name meaning blind

7. Docia – Greek origin meaning given to God

8. Elsie – English name meaning God is my oath

9. Florence – English name meaning prosperous or flourishing

10. Gertrude – German name meaning spear of strength

11. Hilda – German name meaning battle

12. Ida – German name meaning work

13. Keziah – Hebrew name meaning cinnamon

14. Lucretia – Roman name meaning money or wealth

15. Juanita – Spanish name meaning God is gracious

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Old Fashioned Girl Names 1800s

Old Fashioned Girl Names 1800s

1. Arabella – Latin name meaning answered prayer

2. Bernice – Greek name meaning bringer of victory

3. Clementine – French name meaning merciful or gentle

4. Dayana – Arabic name meaning divine

5. Eleanor – French origin meaning bright

6. Euphemia – Greek name meaning well spoken

7. Genevieve – French German name meaning woman of the people

8. Josephine – Biblical old-fashioned name meaning God grows

9. Luella – The Victorian name that means female warrior

10. Matilda – An old German name meaning strong battle maiden

11. Nellie – English origin meaning sun ray

12. Sylvia – Latin name meaning wood spirit

13. Theresa – Greek origin meaning late summer

14. Victoria – Latin name meaning victory

15. Zadie – Arabic origin that means prosperous

Uncommon Old Fashioned Girl Names 

Uncommon Old Fashioned Girl Names 

1. Annika – German name meaning gracious

2. Bonnie – Scottish name that means beautiful

3. Emerie – English name meaning work ruler

4. Fiona – Scottish origin meaning white or fair

5. Guilina – Youthful in Italian

6. Hadlee – English name meaning heather meadow

7. Jullisa – American origin meaning soft-haired

8. Kinslee – English name meaning someone from Cyne’s field

9. Lila – Arabic, Persian, and Hindi origin, meaning night

10. Marisol – Sun in Spanish

11. Novalee – American origin, means a new field

12. Paislee – Scottish name meaning church

13. Rilley – Irish name meaning courageous

14. Shiloh – Hebrew name meaning abundance or tranquility

15. Zuri – Swahili name meaning beautiful

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Old Names For Girls

Old Names For Girls

1. Alisha – American name that means noble kin

2. Bianca – White in Italian

3. Brynleigh – Gaelic name that means burnt meadow

4. Claire – French name meaning bright

5. Dulce – Spanish name meaning sweet

6. Edwina – English name meaning rich friend

7. Elizabeth – Hebrew name meaning God is my oath

8. Felicia – Latin name meaning happy or fortunate

9. Georgette – French name meaning farmer

10. Hannah – Hebrew origin meaning favor or grace

11. Isadora – Greek and Latin origin gift of Isis

12. Jean – English origin meaning God is gracious

13. Judith – Hebrew origin meaning woman from Judea

14. Kathleen – Irish origin meaning pure

15. Lorraine – French name meaning someone from Lorraine

16. Samantha – Hebrew name meaning told by God

Elegant Vintage Girl Names

1. Augusta – Latin name meaning majestic

2. Belinda – German and Spanish origin, meaning pretty one

3. Catherine – French origin meaning pure

4. Deirdre – Irish origin meaning sorrowful

5. Elspeth – Scottish origin, meaning pledged to God

6. Ida – German origin meaning industrious one

7. Joyce – Latin origin meaning Lord

8. Martha – Aramaic origin meaning lady or mistress of the house

9. Noreen – Irish origin meaning honor

10. Penelope – Greek origin meaning weaver

11. Roxanne – Persian origin meaning dawn

12. Stacey – English and Greek origin meaning resurrection

13. Tabitha – Aramaic origin meaning gazelle

14. Virginia – Latin name meaning pure or virginal

15. Wanda – Slavic name meaning wanderer

Old School Girl Names

Old School Girl Names

1. Ada – German name meaning nobility

2. Barbara – Greek name meaning foreign

3. Cassandra – Greek name meaning shining

4. Clarabelle – Latin origin meaning bright

5. Dolores – Spanish name meaning lady of sorrows

6. Eileen – Irish name meaning shining

7. Faye – English name that means fairy

8. Georgina – Greek name meaning earthwork

9. Helen – Greek origin that means shining light

10. Iris – Greek name meaning rainbow

11. Jeanette – Hebrew name meaning God is gracious

12. McKinley – Gaelic name meaning learned ruler

13. Madeline – English name meaning high tower or woman from Magdala

14. Olivia – Latin name meaning olive tree

15. Patricia – Latin origin that means noble

Old Female Names 

1. Ariana – Most holy in Greek, Hebrew, and Old English

2. Aylin – Turkish origin meaning of the moon

3. Bellamy – French name meaning good friend

4. Cora – Greek name meaning maiden

5. Deborah – Hebrew name meaning bee

6. Estella – French name meaning star

7. Harmoni – Latin name meaning unity

8. Jazmin – Persian name meaning gift from God

9. Mariam – Green name meaning rebellious

10. Nancy – Hebrew name meaning grace

11. Opel – Jewel in Sanskrit

12. Raquel – Spanish name meaning innocent

13. Samira – Arabic name meaning night companion

14. Tatiana – Latin name meaning fairy queen

15. Viola – Latin name meaning purple

Old-Timey Girl Names 

1. Alondra – Lark in Spanish

2. Arielle – Lion of God in Hebrew

3. Brook – Dutch and North German origin meaning someone who lived by a water meadow

4. Candace – Biblical name from the Cushitic language meaning queen mother

5. Dakota – Native American name meaning friend

6. Erin – Gaelic and Celtic origin that means green water

7. Gia – Italian name meaning God is gracious

8. Haisley – Irish and English origin meaning something near the hazelnut tree clearing

9. Melody – English name meaning song tune

10. Minnie – English name meaning sea of bitterness

11. Odette – French origin meaning wealthy

12. Pauline – French name meaning beautiful or humble

13. Rosalind – English origin meaning pretty rose

14. Scarlett – English name meaning red

15. Vanessa – Greek name meaning butterfly

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Wrapping Up

Hopefully, you will love these lists of beautiful and alluring old-fashioned girl names and get inspiration for old-timey babies. These names are diverse, delightful, and most in demand. Most names we have enlisted here are among the top 100.

These names are always special as they give a chic and sophisticated feeling. Though the popularity trends change over time, specific old-fashioned names may become more fashionable in some areas compared to others.

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