Gender Reveal Party Games – 60 Fun Ideas for Announcement

Gender reveal parties have become a popular trend in recent years, offering expectant parents a fun and exciting way to announce the gender of their baby to loved ones. Beyond the momentous reveal, incorporating games into these celebrations can take the excitement to a new level. Games provide guests with an interactive and engaging experience, fostering anticipation and creating lasting memories. Whether you’re planning a gender reveal party for yourself or a loved one, this blog post is here to help. We’ve curated a collection of thrilling game ideas that will add a touch of amusement and thrill to your special occasion. From guessing games to team challenges and DIY crafts, these activities will keep everyone entertained until the much-anticipated gender reveal moment arrives. Prepare for a celebration with laughter, friendly competition, and unforgettable memories.

curated a collection of thrilling game ideas

What Is Supposed To Happen At A Gender Reveal Party?

What Is Supposed To Happen At A Gender Reveal Party

At a gender reveal party, the main focus is to announce the gender of the unborn baby to friends and family in a celebratory and fun manner. The expectant parents typically organize the party and invite their loved ones to join in the excitement. While the specific details may vary, there are some common elements and expectations for a gender reveal party:

Gender Prediction: Before the party, the expectant parents usually undergo a gender determination procedure, such as an ultrasound or a blood test. They receive the information about the baby’s gender from their healthcare provider or through a sealed envelope.

Theme and Decorations: Gender reveal parties often follow a specific theme or color scheme, typically blue for a boy or pink for a girl. The venue and decorations are coordinated accordingly, creating a festive and visually appealing atmosphere.

Theme and Decorations

Announcement Method: The party’s highlight is when gender is revealed. There are various creative ways to announce the baby’s gender, such as cutting a cake with a colored filling, popping balloons filled with confetti, releasing colored smoke, or unveiling a hidden gender-specific item.

Announcement Method

Games and Activities: To keep guests engaged and entertained, gender reveal parties often incorporate games, as mentioned earlier. These games can range from guessing the baby’s gender to interactive team-based challenges or DIY crafts related to babies and parenting.

Food and Refreshments: Like any other celebration, gender reveal parties typically include food and refreshments. It can range from simple snacks and appetizers to a full-fledged meal, depending on the scale and preferences of the hosts.

Socializing and Celebrating: The party allows friends and family to come together, mingle, and celebrate the baby’s impending arrival. Guests may bring gifts or well-wishes for the expectant parents and share their joy.

How To Plan Games For Gender Reveal Parties?

Planning games for gender reveal parties involves a thoughtful approach to ensure that the chosen games are enjoyable, inclusive, and aligned with the overall theme and atmosphere of the event. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to plan games for a gender reveal party:

Research and Gather Game Ideas

  • Conduct online research, consult party planning resources, or seek inspiration from other gender reveal parties to gather game ideas.
  • Look for games specifically designed for gender reveal parties or games that can be easily adapted to fit the theme and purpose of the event.

Choose a Mix of Games

  • Select a mix of games that offer different types of engagement, such as guessing games, trivia, team-based challenges, or DIY crafts.
  • Aim for a balance between competitive games and games that encourage guest collaboration and interaction.

Incorporate the Gender Reveal Moment

  • Explore ways to integrate the big reveal moment into the games. For example, choose games incorporating color-coded or surprise-filled elements like confetti or balloons.
  • Ensure that the chosen games align with the gender being announced, using blue or pink elements accordingly.

Gather Game Supplies

  • Create a checklist of supplies needed for each game. This may include paper, pens, markers, game boards, props, prizes, or materials for DIY crafts.
  • Purchase or gather the necessary supplies well in advance to avoid any last-minute rush.

Prepare Game Stations

  • Designate specific areas or stations for each game, ensuring enough space for guests to participate comfortably.
  • Set up each game station with the necessary supplies, instructions, and props or materials required.

Communicate Game Instructions

  • Create clear and concise instructions for each game. Include rules, objectives, and any special considerations or variations.
  • Communicate the game instructions to the guests either verbally or by placing printed instructions at each game station.

Test Run and Refine

  • Before the party, consider doing a test run of the games to ensure they are organized, engaging, and easily understood by the guests.
  • Make any necessary adjustments or refinements to the games or instructions based on the test run.

30 Game Ideas for Gender Reveal Parties

Choose various games catering to different interests and age groups, ensuring everyone can participate and have fun at the gender reveal party.

Guess the Gender

Game Ideas for Gender Reveal Parties

  • Have guests write down their guesses for the baby’s gender before the reveal. Compare the guesses afterward to see who was correct.

Baby Trivia

  • Create a trivia game with questions about babies, pregnancy, and parenting. Award points for correct answers and determine the winner at the end.

Old Wives’ Tales

  • Set up a station where guests can answer questions based on old wives’ tales about predicting baby gender. Discuss the accuracy of these tales during the reveal.

Baby Name Suggestions

  • Provide slips of paper and pens for guests to write down baby name suggestions. Collect the suggestions and reveal them during the party.

Baby Photo Matching

  • Ask guests to bring a baby photo of themselves and display them. Guests must match the baby photos to the correct guest.

Baby Bingo

  • Create bingo cards with baby-related terms or gifts. Guests mark off the terms as they are mentioned or as gifts are opened.

Diaper Changing Challenge

  • Set up a race where guests must change a diaper on a doll or stuffed animal within a time limit.

Baby Food Tasting

  • Blindfold guests and have them taste various baby food flavors. They must guess the flavor correctly.

Pacifier Relay Race

  • Create a relay race where teams pass a pacifier from one teammate to the next without using their hands.

Belly Measuring

  • Have guests estimate the circumference of the expectant parent’s belly using a ribbon or measuring tape.

Baby Bottle Chugging Contest

  • Compete to see who can drink from a baby bottle filled with a beverage the fastest.

Pin the Pacifier on the Baby

  • Blindfold guests and have them try to pin a pacifier on a picture of a baby.

Baby Charades

  • Act out baby-related words or phrases for others to guess within a time limit.

Baby Pictionary

  • Divide guests into teams and have them draw baby-related words or phrases for their teammates to guess.

Gender Reveal Scratch-Off Cards

  • Provide blank cards with a hidden scratch-off area revealing the baby’s gender. Guests can exchange and scratch the cards during the reveal.

Decorate Onesies

  • Set up a station with plain onesies, fabric markers, and stencils for guests to decorate onesies for the baby.

Baby Photo Booth

  • Create a photo booth with props and signs about the baby’s gender. Guests can take photos and share their excitement.

Gender-themed Trivia

  • Design a trivia game with questions related to gender-specific topics, such as famous figures or stereotypes.

Baby Bottle Bowling

  • Use empty baby bottles as bowling pins and roll a ball to knock them down.

Baby Memory Game

  • Place various baby-related items on a tray and give guests a limited amount of time to memorize the items. Then, remove the tray and have guests write down as many items as they can remember.

Baby Rattle Shake

  • Blindfold guests and have them shake different baby rattles to identify the sound or match them to their corresponding colors.

Baby-themed Mad Libs

  • Create baby-themed Mad Libs with blanks for guests to fill in, resulting in humorous and creative stories.

Baby Word Scramble

  • Provide a list of scrambled baby-related words and challenge guests to unscramble them within a time limit.

Baby Price Is Right

  • Display various baby items with price tags. Guests must guess the prices of the items, and the closest guesses win.

Baby-themed Bingo

  • Create bingo cards with baby-related words or items. Guests mark off the words as they are mentioned or displayed during the party.

Baby ABCs

  • Have guests take turns coming up with baby-related words in alphabetical order. Each person must continue the sequence without repeating or hesitating.

Diaper Derby

  • Set up a race where guests compete in changing a baby doll’s diaper while blindfolded and using only one hand.

Gender Reveal Puzzles

  • Create custom puzzles with an image or message about the baby’s gender. Guests can work together to solve the puzzles and reveal their gender.

Baby Sock Matching

  • Scatter baby socks around the party area. Guests must find matching pairs within a designated time frame.

Baby-themed Relay Race

  • Design a relay race that includes tasks like carrying a diaper bag, assembling a stroller, or dressing a baby doll.

10 Gender-themed Trivia

Which hormone is primarily responsible for determining the gender of a baby?

Answer: Testosterone

What is the typical number of chromosomes in a human egg or sperm?

Answer: 23

What is the term for twins that are of different genders?

Answer: Fraternal twins

What is the scientific term for the genetic makeup of an individual?

Answer: Genotype

In which week of pregnancy is the gender of a baby typically determined through ultrasound?

Answer: 18th to 20th week

True or false: All mammals have distinct genders.

Answer: True

What is the name of the sex chromosome that determines a person’s gender?

Answer: X and Y chromosomes

How many pairs of sex chromosomes do humans have?

Answer: 1 (XX for females, XY for males)

What is the term for a person with both male and female reproductive organs?

Answer: Intersex

Which gender is more likely to be colorblind?

Answer: Males

10 Baby Trivia

How many weeks are typically considered a full-term pregnancy?

Answer: 40 weeks

What is the average weight of a newborn baby?

Answer: Around 7-8 pounds (3-3.6 kilograms)

How many teeth does an average baby have by their first birthday?

Answer: 6-8 teeth

What is the name of a baby’s first stool?

Answer: Meconium

At what age do babies typically start to crawl?

Answer: Around 6-10 months

What is the term for a baby’s soft spots on their skull?

Answer: Fontanels

When do babies usually start to smile socially?

Answer: Around 6-8 weeks

How many months are in a trimester of pregnancy?

Answer: 3 months

What is the average number of diapers a newborn goes through daily?

Answer: 8-12 diapers

What is the term for a baby’s first spoken words?

Answer: Babbling

10 Old Wives Tales

Old Wives Tales

Old wives’ tales are traditional beliefs or superstitions passed down through generations. While they may not have a scientific basis, they can be a fun addition to a gender reveal party. Here are five popular old wives’ tales related to predicting the gender of a baby:

The Shape of the Baby Bump

According to this tale, if a pregnant woman’s belly is high and round, it is believed to indicate a girl. If the belly is low and protruding, it is said to suggest a boy.


This tale suggests that specific cravings during pregnancy can indicate the baby’s gender. For example, sweet foods are associated with girls, while salty or savory foods are associated with boys.

Heart Rate

According to this tale, a baby’s heart rate can be used to predict its gender. It is believed that a higher heart rate (over 140 beats per minute) indicates a girl, while a lower heart rate suggests a boy.

Morning Sickness

It is said that experiencing severe morning sickness is more common during pregnancies with girls, while milder or no morning sickness suggests a baby boy.

The Ring Test

This popular old wives’ tale involves dangling a wedding ring (or another small object) on a string over the pregnant woman’s belly. The way the ring swings is believed to indicate the baby’s gender. If it moves in a circular motion, it suggests a girl, while a back-and-forth motion suggests a boy.

Carrying High or Low

According to this tale, if a pregnant woman carries the baby high, it is believed to be a girl. Conversely, if she is carrying low, it is said to suggest a boy.

Skin Condition

This tale suggests that changes in a pregnant woman’s skin condition can reveal the baby’s gender. Acne or other skin blemishes are believed to be more common during pregnancies with girls, while clear skin is associated with boys.

Hair Growth

It is believed that the amount and texture of a pregnant woman’s hair can provide clues about the baby’s gender. Thicker, shinier hair is associated with boys, while dull or thinning hair is associated with girls.

Chinese Gender Calendar

The Chinese Gender Calendar is a traditional method used to predict the gender of a baby based on the mother’s age and the month of conception. The calendar indicates whether the baby will likely be a boy or a girl.

Sibling’s Behavior

According to this tale, the behavior of a pregnant woman’s older child or children can offer insights into the gender of the baby. It is said that if the older child shows more interest in the mother’s belly, it suggests the baby is of the opposite gender.


Incorporating games into a gender reveal party adds extra fun and engagement for guests. Whether scratch-off cards, trivia, or old wives’ tales, these activities create a sense of anticipation and excitement as everyone eagerly awaits the revelation of the baby’s gender. Remember, the most important thing is to celebrate the upcoming arrival of the new addition to your family. Enjoy the festivities and cherish the special moments!

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