Long Distance Pregnancy Announcement – 15+ Surprising Ideas

Pregnancy is exciting, including announcing this great news to your loved ones. But what if your relatives live in far-off cities? How did you remotely announce it?

We have plenty of long-distance announcement ideas, from a bouquet with a postcard to video chat, phone call, email, and gift. We can understand the distance between you and your family can be tough. Therefore, we have creative and adorable ideas to share this amazing news.

Whether you want to let your best friend know that she will be an auntie or tell your parents they are becoming grandparents, these ideas will make this entire situation memorable for your entire life.

How To Announce Pregnancy To Parents Who Live Far Away?

How To Announce Pregnancy To Parents Who Live Far Away

Before deciding how to spread this news, you should know when to tell your parents. Though there isn’t any set rule, it will be good to wait until after 12 weeks of the scan. Some people are excited enough to tell all family members immediately, and nothing is wrong with it.

A long-distance pregnancy announcement shouldn’t be boring, and you must tell your family members in the best possible ways. Check out the list of ideas you can use as an example:

Give Them A Phone Call

The best and easiest way to inform your parents about your pregnancy is to call them. Start the phone call with a random conversation like, “Hey, Mom, how are you doing?”

Then drop out some hints like:

“I was hoping things would be fine, but now I have to give up sushi for the past nine months; I’m not sure how it will go.”

Or tell them, “I am planning to take a prenatal yoga class.”

You can ask your mom about some recipes and tell her you have had many cravings lately.

Tell your mom, “My feet are feeling way better now, and luckily, I don’t need to wear high heels for the next nine months.”

Randomly play the baby’s crying sound while on a phone call to let your parents listen. Then tell them this is the crying recording of their future grandchild.

Facetime Or Zoom Ideas

If you want this news to be shared more personally, start a video call with your family. Use Facetime, Zoom, or Skype to connect with your parents and siblings to reveal this news in real-time.

With Facetime, you will be able to see their reactions after hearing this news.

Before starting the video call, you can wear a T-shirt with a ‘Mom & Dad’ label to drop hints to the family. Or dress your other kids in Big Brother or Big Sister T-shirts to show in the call.

Place a stroller or baby chair in the background so your family can notice something great is coming up.

Keep the laundry basket in front of you when video conferencing and start folding clothes and show off a baby onesie during folding to see their reaction.

Show Them An Ultrasound Photo

Show Them An Ultrasound Photo

During the video call, take out an Ultrasound picture in the middle of a conversation and wait for your family’s reaction.

Or simply you can tell them you want to show something and ask them about their opinion to gather their attention. Once they are attentive, flash a sonogram in front of them to announce your pregnancy.

Send A Picture of A Bun In The Oven

Send A Picture of A Bun In The Oven

Make a box that looks like an oven, or keep a bun inside an oven to take a picture. Send a picture to your family along with a caption. Give them time to think about the point you want them to reach.

It is the funniest way of making a pregnancy announcement, but the hint will be cracked within a few minutes, and everyone will enjoy it.

Send A Puzzle

Send a Jigsaw puzzle to your family members and ask them to solve it. Ensure the secret message will come out once the puzzle is solved. You can also ask them to solve a few riddles to get great news. Here are a few examples of riddles:

  • First comes love, then comes marriage, and then what comes?
  • What rhymes with ‘maybe’ and starts with ‘B’?
  • We are happy to announce that there will be a shower on April 20, but no one needs to bring an umbrella.
  • We have waited for it too long and will soon be shopping for some tiny little shoes.
  • Ask them to solve this equation: OV (bun) EN

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Virtual Pregnancy Announcement Ideas For Friends

Virtual Pregnancy Announcement Ideas For Friends

You should announce pregnancy to your friends when the time feels right for you. Usually, moms prefer to share this news before the 13 weeks, but many start sharing this after the first trimester.

Instead of stressing about how and when to tell your friends, take the joy and tell everyone with these exciting ideas.

Drop Hints To Your Friends

Call your friends randomly when you are sure they will be free and start a normal conversation without making them suspicious.

When your friend asks, how are you doing? Tell her I’m pretty good and will soon take prenatal yoga classes. Then wait for her reaction.

Take out a Valentine’s Day card and scratch it while on Facetime with a friend. Display her the scratched card with Hello Auntie written on it.

Show your friend your positive pregnancy test, Ultrasound photo, or give her a message from the baby.

Announce Pregnancy With Preggo 

Visit a grocery store with your husband and grab a bottle of Preggo pasta sauce. Take a picture while holding the bottle and edit it by adding ‘We Are.’

Send your friends and family a picture to show the ‘We Are Preggo’ message. It is another fun way to make a long distance pregnancy announcement.

Show Funny Cards Referring To Pregnancy

Show your best friend a promotion card displaying Auntie mode. You can send the card to her home or display it while video-calling her.

Use announcement cards by mimicking lottery cards and send them out to your friends.

Get a Baby card congratulating the future auntie and send it by taking a picture to your friend.

Send an email or card from the baby to her aunt with the message, “I’m excited to meet you. Get ready for the meetup.”

Give Them A Scratch Card

You can buy beautifully designed and personalized baby announcement scratch cards from any online store to deliver this surprising news to your loved ones. You can find cards with a gold heart which, after scratching, will reveal a message of the baby’s arrival or can be used to reveal the baby’s gender.

You can write a hidden message like, “We are adding a new little pumpkin to our patch” on the card.

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Cute Ways To Tell Family You Are Pregnant

Cute Ways To Tell Family You Are Pregnacy

What could be more exciting than having ooh and aww moments after hearing the pregnancy announcement? Here are some cute ways by which you can announce pregnancy:

Pack A Box of Cute Baby Things

Get a keepsake box and put all the baby’s accessories inside it. Add a cute message, an ultrasound photo, and a onesie in that box. Open it when video calling your family or send it to their address.

Keepsakes are usually sent as a memory of pregnancy and should be designed in the most special ways.

Baby onesies are best to announce this important event, and you should add cute sayings like “coming soon” or “I can’t wait to see you.”

Wear T-Shirts With Mom & Dad Labels

Buy a themed T-shirt displaying ‘Mom’ or ‘Dad. You can also get a personalized shirt with “I’m pregnant” or other creative words.

You can wear these customized shirts when video calling and the family members understand it within a few minutes. There are many ideas for such T-shirts you can explore on the internet.

Announce It Via Movie-Poster Theme

If your family is more into movies, you can design the movie poster with your message or pregnancy announcement. Get the latest design template, and add a cropped picture of you, your husband, and your baby as movie stars. Then write the title related to your announcement.

Send A Picture Displaying Installing Baby

If you have some knowledge about technology and editing, you can also make a creative picture with a funny message on it to announce your pregnancy.

Send your family a picture saying, Installing baby or baby in progress with an Ultrasound picture in the background.

Long Distance Pregnancy Announcement To Grandparents

Long Distance Pregnancy Announcement To Grandparents

The most excited recipients of pregnancy announcements are grandparents-to-be. So, you must give them this great news in a special way. There are many creative ways to tell them you are pregnant. Here are a few best ideas to get an unforgettable reaction from them:

T-Shirts Displaying Grandpa-To-Be And Grandma-To-Be

Send your parents pregnancy announcement T-shirts, or you can show them during a video call. This will help them get a hint that the baby is on the way.

Get A Mug Crafted With Grandpa And Grandma

You can find many customized mugs with funny or meaningful texts in the market or online stores. Order a tea or coffee mug and customize it with the message “Congratulations, you are going to be Grandma/Grandpa.”

Send A Package

Get a packaging and put a onesie, T-shirt, and other cute baby items in it. Deliver at their address and ask them to open it during a video call to see their reaction.

You can also keep booties and a surprise bag containing the big news in the packaging.

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Wrapping Up

Whether you want to make your long distance pregnancy announcement simple or special, these ideas will serve you in the best ways. To make this moment alive forever, it is good to celebrate in creative and cute ways.

Don’t let the long-distance challenges ruin your excitement, and use digital resources to spread this news with your loved ones. The timing for the announcement completely depends on your personal preference.

Whatever the way you choose to deliver this news, your family will be overjoyed for this new beginning in your life.

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