Names That Mean Anger – Ideal Names For Your Kids

Names that mean anger are interesting because they carry emotions. People pick them carefully, and these names can represent various feelings, from strong anger to just a little annoyance.

In this blog post, we’ll explore names connected to anger, looking at their history, culture, and what they can mean for people.

These names aren’t just random words; they have special meanings that tell stories. Some parents choose them for their kids to express their hopes or feelings.

If you’re curious about where these names come from, what they mean in different cultures, or why people choose them, this blog post will help you understand. Let’s dive into the world of names connected to anger and learn about the emotions they represent.

 Names with Meanings of Anger

Fire and anger are taken as synonyms for emotional expression if you are looking for the names that mean Fire alongwith the names that mean anger, then no need to take the hassle. We are providing you a comprehensive list of names for your ease.

50 Names with Meanings of Anger

names with literal meanings of anger

Here are 50 names with literal meanings of anger, along with their origins and historical background explained in simple terms:

Ira (Sanskrit): Ira means “anger” in Sanskrit. It’s also a gender-neutral name often given in India.

Colère (French): In French, “Colère” directly translates to “anger.”

Wut (German): “Wut” is a German name meaning “anger.” It’s a rare and bold choice.

Irato (Italian): Irato means “angry” in Italian, reflecting emotions.

Zorn (German): Another German name, “Zorn,” means “wrath” or “anger.”

Aira (Finnish): In Finland, “Aira” is derived from “Ira,” which means anger.

Rabia (Arabic): “Rabia” is an Arabic name that means “anger” or “rage.”

Furia (Spanish): In Spanish, “Furia” stands for “fury” or “anger.”

Kasari (Japanese): “Kasari” in Japanese can mean “anger” or “indignation.”

Rabioso (Spanish): “Rabioso” means “furious” in Spanish.

Krodh (Hindi): In Hindi, “Krodh” signifies “anger” and is linked to emotions.

Ghadab (Arabic): “Ghadab” is an Arabic name meaning “anger” or “ire.”

Zoraida (Arabic): This name’s origin is Arabic, and it means “fierce” or “angry.”

Koler (Danish): In Denmark, “Koler” is a unique name that means “anger.”

Wutend (German): “Wutend” is a German name, signifying “angry” or “wrathful.”

Zornig (German): Another German name, “Zornig,” means “angry” or “irate.”

Uttej (Sanskrit): In Sanskrit, “Uttej” translates to “anger” or “excitement.”

Khalaas (Arabic): “Khalaas” in Arabic means “rage” or “extreme anger.”

Wratha (English): This name’s origin is Old English, and it directly means “wrath.”

Gniew (Polish): In Polish, “Gniew” means “anger” and expresses strong emotions.

Furio (Italian): “Furio” is an Italian name that means “furious” or “angry.”

Rabioso (Portuguese): Similar to Spanish, “Rabioso” in Portuguese signifies “furious.”

Kvashna (Russian): “Kvashna” is a Russian name meaning “angry” or “irritated.”

Zornia (German): Derived from “Zorn,” this name is a variation that means “anger.”

Rageh (Arabic): “Rageh” is an Arabic name that signifies “anger” or “fury.”

Iratze (Basque): In Basque culture, “Iratze” means “anger.”

Wuthering (English): An English name linked to the word “wuthering,” which represents “stormy anger.”

Kolerik (Czech): In the Czech Republic, “Kolerik” is used, meaning “angry.”

Ireeti (Sanskrit): In Sanskrit, “Ireeti” means “anger” or “excitement.”

Zorayda (Arabic): Another name with Arabic origins, “Zorayda” means “angry” or “fierce.”

Irriti (Finnish): “Irriti” in Finnish reflects emotions like anger.

Kolera (Turkish): In Turkey, “Kolera” is a name that means “anger.”

Rasende (Norwegian): “Rasende” in Norwegian signifies “angry” or “furious.”

Irá (Portuguese): In Portugal, “Irá” translates to “anger” or “wrath.”

Zorne (German): A German name variant of “Zorn,” which means “anger.”

Rabiosia (Italian): In Italian, “Rabiosia” means “furious” or “angry.”

Gnevna (Bulgarian): In Bulgaria, “Gnevna” is a name that means “angry.”

Khauf (Arabic): “Khauf” is an Arabic name signifying “anger” or “fear.”

Zoraide (Italian): “Zoraide” is an Italian name that means “angry” or “fierce.”

Ingori (Georgian): In Georgia, “Ingori” translates to “anger” or “ire.”

Furiosa (Spanish): In Spanish, “Furiosa” means “furious” or “angry.”

Kolérique (French): In France, “Kolérique” signifies “angry.”

Rabiosa (Spanish): Similar to “Rabioso,” this Spanish name means “furious.”

Wrathilda (Germanic): This name has Germanic origins and combines “wrath” with “hilda,” meaning “battle.”

Cólera (Portuguese): In Portugal, “Cólera” translates to “anger” or “rage.”

Wüterich (German): “Wüterich” is a German name meaning “angry” or “wrathful.”

Nfkurwif (Klingon): In the fictional Klingon language, “Nfkurwif” means “anger.”

Kolerka (Polish): In Poland, “Kolerka” is a name that means “anger.”

Zornweh (German): “Zornweh” is a German name that signifies “ache of anger.”

Ireki (Basque): In Basque culture, “Ireki” means “anger” or “indignation.”

10 Names with Angry Connotations

Here are 10 names with angry connotations:

Fury: This name directly embodies the concept of intense anger or rage.

Rage: Similar to “Fury,” “Rage” is a name that signifies strong anger and intense emotions.

Vex: “Vex” is a name that conveys annoyance or irritation.

Storm: While it can have various meanings, “Storm” can symbolize anger or turbulent emotions.

Tempest: “Tempest” is a name associated with storms, suggesting anger or emotional turbulence.

Furiousa: This name is inspired by the character Imperator Furiosa from “Mad Max: Fury Road” and implies extreme anger.

Wrath: “Wrath” is a name that directly means extreme anger or fury.

Indignant: While not a common name, “Indignant” is an English word that signifies strong displeasure or anger.

Incensed: “Incensed” is another word with an angry connotation and can be used as a unique name.

Frustration: This name represents the feeling of frustration, which is often linked to anger.

10 Names Inspired by Angry Figures or Symbols

Names Inspired by Angry Figures or Symbols

Here are 10 names inspired by angry figures or symbols:

Mars: Named after the Roman god of war, Mars represents anger and combat.

Ares: In Greek mythology, Ares is the god of war and embodies the concept of anger and conflict.

Medusa: Inspired by the Gorgon in Greek mythology, whose gaze could turn people to stone, representing anger and danger.

Bellona: Named after the Roman goddess of war, Bellona is a symbol of anger and battle.

Loki: In Norse mythology, Loki is a trickster figure associated with mischief and anger.

Kali: A Hindu goddess known for her fierce and wrathful aspects, symbolizing anger and destruction.

Fury: Named after the Furies in Greek mythology, who were avenging spirits representing anger and retribution.

Cerberus: Inspired by the three-headed dog in Greek mythology that guards the entrance to the underworld, representing anger and danger.

Nemesis: In Greek mythology, Nemesis is the goddess of retribution and vengeance, embodying the concept of anger and punishment.

Surtur: In Norse mythology, Surtur is a fire giant associated with destruction and anger.

20 Unisex and Gender-Specific Angry Names

Unisex and Gender-Specific Angry Names

here is a list of 10 unisex and gender-specific names with angry connotations:

Unisex Names











Gender-Specific Names

Bellatrix (Female)

Evander (Male)

Seraphina (Female)

Griffin (Male)

Tempest (Unisex)

Felicity (Female)

Kendrick (Male)

Vesper (Unisex)

Isolde (Female)

Maximus (Male)


This journey through names connected to anger showed us a wide mix of feelings. From strong rage to slight annoyance, these names carry history and culture with them. They remind us that names can capture many different parts of how we feel.

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