Names That Mean Wisdom – Intelligent Names For Smart Babies

As it is commonly known throughout the world, babies usually grow into their names. Therefore, you should consider all factors when choosing a name to introduce positive characteristics, the status of high intelligence, and smartness in your little bundle of joy.

Names that mean wisdom will make your child stand out from others and increase the prospect of their guidance toward success.

From best names that mean wisdom, like Alden, Conard, and Fitzhugh, to names that mean intelligence, like Anne, Bridgette, and Elina, we have an extensive list for you.

You will definitely love these options due to their history, origin, and meaning. Hopefully, these names will remind your little scholar about their brain power that will go far in life.

Best Names That Mean Wisdom

Best Names That Mean Wisdom


It is an Old English name that means old, wise friend. This name is perfect for a boy who’s loyal and has wisdom.


This name is of English origin, meaning intelligent and beautiful. This name is perfect for a wise and beautiful girl inside and out.


This name is also of Old English, meaning wise counsel or wise counselor. Though the name is old-fashioned, it is perfect for a wise boy.


This Greek mythological name is perfect for your little goddess. Athena, Goddess of wisdom and war, the name means wise, and it was the name of the daughter of Zeus.


This name is of Old English origin meaning intelligent wolf. This name has other meanings, like smart, wise, and intelligent. It is an ideal name for parents who are book lovers.


This is an Irish name that means wisdom. This name is mainly of the Irish Goddess of wisdom and poetry and will suit your wise and beautiful little soul perfectly.


It is a Latin name that means someone who has wisdom or all-knowing. This is the best name if you wish your little boy a life driven by wisdom and good judgment.


This is an Irish name meaning clever or cunning. This name is perfect for a smart girl with elegance and gives posh vibes.


This is a Hebrew name meaning wisdom and compassion. It is a suitable name for a wise boy with an ocean of knowledge.


This is an Anglo-Saxon name meaning wise king. This name is good for dignified boys.


This German name means intelligent and also refers to someone wise. This uncommon name is intricately feminine.


This is a Latin name that means a man of wisdom. It is a strong, intriguing, and attractive name for a boy.


This name is of Spanish origin meaning intelligent or wise. This name is suitable for a smart little girl.


This Arabic name means wise child. You should name your charming girl Kayla. It is also the name of American Actresses Kayla Ewell and Kayla Compton.


This is another Arabic name meaning wise or intelligent.


This is a German name that means wisdom or learning. This name has gained popularity from Gregor Mendel, who is well known as the Father of modern genetics.


This French name means wisdom, wise counsel, or to advise wisely. It also has roots in North Africa.


This name is of English origin meaning wisdom or sagacity. You should name your innocent and pure-hearted little girl Prudence. You might have also heard this name in The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina.


This French name means wise protector or intelligent. This is quite a famous name in France.


This name has its origin in Ireland and refers to a little, wise man. This name will suit your cute little fellow.


This is a Latin name that means a sage or wise person. This is an ideal name for your intelligent daughter, who will have a mesmerizing personality.


This name is of French origin meaning wisdom. This sophisticated name is ideal for a beautiful girl with knowledge and wisdom.


This name is of Sanskrit origin, meaning knowledge and wisdom.


This is a Turkish name that means clever. This name is ideal for a smart boy with a cunning impact.


This is a Polish name meaning wisdom. A girl full of charisma and an enchanting personality should be named Zosia.

Boy Names Meaning Wisdom And Strength

Boy Names Meaning Wisdom And Strength

Check out these unique and powerful names that mean wisdom and strength:

  • Aariv – Indian origin meaning kind of wisdom
  • Aldo – Italian name meaning old and wise
  • Bilge – Turkish origin meaning wise
  • Boman – Russian origin meaning great mind
  • Cuthbert – English name that means brilliant
  • Dheemant – Indian origin meaning smart or intelligent
  • Elvis – Scandinavian name meaning all-wise
  • Ethan – Hebrew origin meaning wise man
  • Farzan – Persian origin meaning highly knowledgeable
  • Favian – Latin name meaning man of wisdom
  • Gliocas – Scottish name meaning wisdom
  • Gyan – Sanskrit name meaning wisdom
  • Hakim – Arabic name meaning wise
  • Hugo – German name meaning bright in mind and spirit
  • Jakintsu – Basque origin meaning wise man
  • Kendry – Malagasy name meaning wise man
  • Lambert – German origin meaning land brilliant
  • Mudrost – Bosnian origin meaning sagacity
  • Manish – an Indian name meaning god of the mind
  • Naauao – Hawaiian name meaning a wise man
  • Nzeru – Chichewa origin meaning Wisdom
  • Ogbon – Yoruba origin meaning a person with wisdom

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Girl Names Meaning Wisdom And Strength

Girl Names Meaning Wisdom And Strength

Here is a list of some of the best girl names meaning wisdom and strength who speak of intelligence.

  • Arinya – Thai name meaning a smart woman with beauty
  • Aqila – Arabic name meaning wise
  • Belig – Mongolian origin meaning wise
  • Busara – African origin meaning Wisdom
  • Eagna – Irish origin meaning Wisdom
  • Eirdis – Icelandic origin meaning wise
  • Gundruna – French origin meaning ruling with elf wisdom
  • Hikma – Arabic origin meaning Wisdom
  • Ismintis – Latvian origin meaning a person with wisdom
  • Karasi – African origin meaning Wisdom
  • Kiara – Greek origin meaning someone who’s knowledgeable
  • Michiko – Japanese name meaning wisdom
  • Pallas – Greek origin meaning Wisdom
  • Rhetta – Dutch name meaning wise advisor
  • Sonia – Slavic name that means wisdom
  • Ulima – Arabic name meaning wise
  • Vidya – Sanskrit origin meaning Wisdom
  • Zofia – Polish name meaning wisdom

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Names That Mean Wise

Here are the names of wise boys and girls that are trending all over the world.

  • Aldrich – English name meaning wise ruler
  • Basir – Arabic name meaning wise
  • Frode – Norse name meaning wise one
  • Frodi – Norse origin meaning wise
  • Jada – Hebrew origin meaning wise
  • Kenzo – Japanese name meaning wise one
  • Monique – French name meaning wise counsel
  • Nakos – Native American origin meaning wise
  • Quinn – Gaelic, Irish, and Celtic origin meaning wise
  • Rae – Scottish origin meaning wise
  • Rainer – German name meaning wise army
  • Reina – Spanish name meaning wise
  • Sabino – Spanish and Latin origin meaning wise
  • Saggio – Italian name meaning wise
  • Sunita – Hindi origin meaning wise
  • Solon – Greek name meaning wise one
  • Tark – English name meaning wise
  • Vivek – an Indian name meaning wise

Girl Names That Mean Intelligent

Girls are considered intelligent and wise, and these names are ideally impactful in their personalities.

  • Akira – Japanese origin
  • Alberta – German origin
  • Berdy – Russian origin
  • Berit – German name
  • Brilliance – English origin
  • Cassidy – Irish name
  • Chalondra – African origin
  • Elina – Hindu origin
  • Hye – Korean name
  • Laila – Arabic name
  • Maiara – Brazilian origin
  • Moneisha – Indian name
  • Najiba – Muslim name
  • Sorcha – Irish name
  • Shannon – Irish origin
  • Veta – Spanish name

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Boy Names That Mean Intelligent

Check out these intelligent boy names for individuals with high wisdom and knowledge of everything.

  • Aydin – Turkish name
  • Ethan
  • Filbert – German origin
  • Hugh – the British name
  • Hakuya – Japanese name
  • Hutchings – Rare name
  • Kazi – African origin
  • Mudar – Arabic name
  • Nestor – Greek origin
  • Rafiki – African name
  • Socrates – Greek philosopher’s name
  • Tallis – Persian name
  • Ugo – German and Spanish origin
  • Zeky – Turkish name
  • Zakieh – Muslim name

Names That Mean Smart

For energetic and playful girls and boys, here are some names that mean smart to highlight their wisdom and intellect.

  • Akylly – Turkmen name
  • Alohi – Hawaiian origin
  • Astutu – Corsican name
  • Beren – Turkish name
  • Chalu – Indian name
  • Cliste – Irish origin
  • Dhuki – Arabic origin
  • Fiksu – Finnish name
  • Imala – Native American name
  • Klart – Icelandic name
  • Matalino – Filipino name
  • Schlau – German name
  • Umnaya – Russian origin

Final Thoughts on Names That Mean Wisdom

Choosing names that mean wisdom is a thoughtful and symbolic gesture that parents use to wish their baby a life filled with knowledge, good judgment, and discernment. Make sure the name you will finalize should hold personal significance and be a source of joy and pride for your child as well as for yourself.

Whether you are looking for a name that means wisdom or is associated with this meaning, our lists will give you the best inspiring ideas that prove to be a powerful choice for your baby.

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