Names That Mean Trickster – Mischief, Deceit & Cunning

Ever dreamt of having a little one who can outwit, outsmart, and play pranks with a mischievous charm? If you are searching for names that mean trickster, we have perfect options for parents with a hearty appreciation for intelligence and a dash of humor.

Whether you welcome a boy or a girl, these names reflect the spirit of cunning and trickery, adding a dash of mystery to your child’s character. These names inspire a sense of adventure and curiosity, encouraging your child to embrace their playful spirit.

From ancient myths to modern tales, the world of trickster names offers a vast and captivating selection. After all, who wouldn’t want a little trickster to bring joy and laughter into their lives? Explore the world of names and discover the perfect one for your clever bundle of joy.

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Baby Names Meaning Trickster 

Baby Names Meaning Trickster

Looking for a name that’s as playful as your little one? Check out some of the best baby names, meaning Trickster.

  1. Anansi (African) – Spider trickster
  2. Azeban (Abenaki) – Trickster raccoon in Abenaki mythology.
  3. Azezel (Hebrew) – Fallen angel
  4. Aztlan (Aztec) – The trickster god
  5. Coyote (Native American) – Trickster figure
  6. Crow (Various) – Trickster bird in various cultural traditions
  7. Daeva (Persian) – Trickster spirit
  8. Djehuty (Egyptian) – Egyptian god associated with wisdom and trickery
  9. Elegua (Yoruba) – Deity associated with crossroads and trickery
  10. Eshu (Yoruba) – Trickster deity associated with fate
  11. Prometheus (Greek) – Titan known for his cunning and trickery
  12. Puck (English) – Mischievous sprite
  13. Ravana (Hindu) – Demon king with a cunning and deceptive nature
  14. Raven (Various) – Trickster bird
  15. Reynard (French) – Fox trickster character
  16. Tanuki (Japanese) – Shapeshifting raccoon dog trickster
  17. Till Eulenspiegel (German) – Trickster figure

Girl Names That Mean Trickster

  1. Elara (Greek) – Meaning Bright or Shining
  2. Fey (English) – Meaning Fairy of Enchantment
  3. Kaliyah (Hindi) – Meaning Fierce or Deceptive
  4. Lila (Arabic) – Meaning Night or Dark Beauty
  5. Mischka (Russian) – Meaning Little Mischief
  6. Roula (Arabic) – Meaning Sly or Clever
  7. Slyvia (English) – Meaning Woods or Forest
  8. Tanitha (Native American) – Meaning Trickster
  9. Tazara (African) – Meaning Princess of Trickery
  10. Vespera (Latin) – Meaning Evening or Night
  11. Viveka (Swedish) – Meaning Warrior Woman or Cunning

Boy Names That Mean Trickster 

  1. Anansi (African) – Meaning Spider trickster
  2. Hare (Various) – Trickster figure in various world mythologies
  3. Hermes (Greek) – Greek god of trickery
  4. Huitzilopochtli (Aztec) – with war and trickery
  5. Iktomi (Lakota) – Trickster spider
  6. Kitsune (Japanese) – Shapeshifting fox trickster
  7. Kokopelli (Native American) – Trickster and fertility deity
  8. Loki (Norse) – Trickster god known for mischief and cunning
  9. Maui (Polynesian) – Demigod in Polynesian mythology known for mischief
  10. Nasreddin (Middle Eastern) – Folk character known for his wit and trickery
  11. Pan (Greek) – Greek god associated with nature and mischief
  12. Till (German) – Meaning Trickster figure

Names That Mean Sly

Names That Mean Sly

  1. Alistair (Scottish) – Meaning Defender of the people or Cunning
  2. Astuto (Italian/Spanish) – Meaning Clever or Sly
  3. Caius (Latin) – Meaning Rejoice or Sly
  4. Falkner (Old English) – Meaning Falconer or Sly
  5. Faulkner (Old French) – A variant of Falkner
  6. Frauke (German) – Meaning Little lady or Clever
  7. Gwydion (Welsh) – Meaning Born of trees or Cunning
  8. Reynard (French) – Meaning Clever or Fox-like
  9. Udara (Sanskrit) – Meaning Generous or Sly
  10. Vulpes (Latin) – Meaning Fox, symbolizing slyness and cunning

Names Meaning Thief

  1. Cacus (Roman) – Meaning Evil or Ill-omened\
  2. Cadarn (Welsh) – Meaning Strong or Robust\
  3. Dokkaebi (Korean) – A mythical creature often associated with mischief and stealing
  4. Furio (Italian) – Meaning Thief or Robber
  5. Houri (Arabic) – Meaning Thief or Stealer
  6. Ibha (Sanskrit) – Meaning Elephant or Thief
  7. Jarek (Slavic) – Meaning Fierce or Thief
  8. Klepto (Greek) – Meaning Thief or Stealer
  9. Ladrón (Spanish) – Meaning Thief or Robber
  10. Ratko (Slavic) – Meaning Warrior or Thief
  11. Varg (Scandinavian) – Meaning Wolf

Names Meaning Cunning

Names Meaning Cunning

  1. Astuto (Italian/Spanish) – Meaning Clever or Crafty
  2. Eike (German) – Meaning Powerful or Cunning
  3. Finnian (Irish) – Meaning Fair or White
  4. Keefe (Irish) – Meaning Handsome
  5. Maia (Greek) – Meaning Mother or Nurse
  6. Reynard (French) – Meaning Cunning or Fox-like
  7. Ruse (English) – A creative name directly associated with cunning and trickery
  8. Rusev (Slavic) – Meaning Cunning or Wily
  9. Slyvester (English) – Meaning Wild or Cunning
  10. Vivian (Latin) – Meaning Alive or Lively

Names That Mean Deceit

  1. Durno (Scottish) – Meaning Deceptive or Treacherous
  2. Fallon (Irish) – Meaning In charge or Ruler
  3. Falsone (Italian) – Meaning False or Deceitful
  4. Fraudrin (Old French) – Meaning Deceiver or Fraudster
  5. Hawari (Arabic) – Meaning Deceiver or Crafty
  6. Hian (Chinese) – Meaning Deceitful or Crafty
  7. Illusio (Latin) – Meaning Deception or Illusion
  8. Kapata (Swahili) – Meaning Deceiver or Liar
  9. Makr (Arabic) – Meaning Deceptive or Crafty
  10. Trickard (English) – A creative combination of Trick and the suffix -ard, suggesting a deceptive nature

Names That Mean Deception 

Names That Mean Deception

  1. Ago (Yoruba) – Meaning Deceiver or Trickster
  2. Dolos (Greek) – Meaning Deception or Trickery
  3. Fallon (Irish) – Meaning In charge or Ruler
  4. Fraus (Latin) – Meaning Deceit or Fraud
  5. Illyria (Greek) – Meaning Light or Brightness
  6. Khayyam (Arabic) – Meaning Deceiver or Schemer
  7. Makr (Arabic) – Meaning Deceptive or Crafty
  8. Mirmir (Norse) – Meaning Murmur or Whisper
  9. Sākṣātkaṛa (Sanskrit) – Meaning Deception or Impersonation
  10. Vipul (Sanskrit) – Meaning Abundant or Spacious

Japanese Names That Mean Trickster

  1. Akira – Meaning Bright or Clear
  2. Hayato – Meaning Falcon Person
  3. Hikaru – Meaning Radiance or Light
  4. Kaito  Meaning Ocean Soar
  5. Kurou – Meaning Ninth Son
  6. Makoto Meaning Sincere or Honest
  7. Mischiko A playful and creative blend of the English word mischief and the Japanese suffix -ko meaning child, resulting in a name meaning Mischief Child
  8. Norio Meaning Man of Doctrine, with a playful undertone
  9. Ren Meaning Lotus, a name with mischievous connotations
  10. Tanjiro – Meaning Clever Second Son
  11. Yukio – Meaning Happy Man, sometimes used for mischievous characters.

Names That Mean Mischief 

Names That Mean Mischief

  1. Artan (Irish) – Little bear
  2. Damian (Greek) – To tame or subdue
  3. Eshek (Hebrew) – Mischievous or playful
  4. Lubomir (Slavic) – Peace and mischievous
  5. Malachi (Hebrew) – Messenger of God
  6. Marcellus (Latin) – Little warrior or mischievous one
  7. Nakato (Japanese) – Mischievous child, combining na (playful) and kato (child)
  8. Nakia (Swahili) – Mischievous or playful
  9. Rascal (English) – Playful, mischievous, or impish
  10. Tito (Spanish) – Playful or mischievous
  11. Tricky (English) – Playful or mischievous

Wrapping Up

Choosing a name is like painting a picture of your little one’s personality. Names that mean trickery, cunning, thief, and deception add a playful touch to the canvas of your child’s identity. So, pick a name that sparks joy, mischief, and a bit of clever charm – the perfect ingredients for a life full of delightful surprises.

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