Names That Mean Rain – 150 Cool & Creative Ideas For You

Have you ever considered giving your baby a name that’s like a gentle rain or a powerful storm? We have an extensive list of baby names that mean rain, where each syllable carries the weight of calm drizzles, the freshness of a downpour, or the electrifying energy of a storm.

Just as the weather can influence our mood and create an atmosphere of comfort or excitement, these names hold the potential to infuse your baby’s life with a sense of coziness, wonder, and resilience. Each name on the list tells a story, offering you the opportunity to choose a name that encapsulates the unique personality and future of your precious little one.

If you find yourself drawn to the idea of a name that’s not just a label but a poetic expression, explore this collection of names that celebrate the awe-inspiring qualities of rain and storms.

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Best Names That Mean Rain

Best Names That Mean Rain

  1. Ame 

Japanese name meaning Rain

2. Aoi 

Japanese name meaning Blue

3. Baran 

Persian name meaning Rain

4. Bronte 

Greek name meaning Thunder

5. Chuva 

Portuguese name meaning Rain in Portuguese, representing the beauty and necessity of rain

6. Geshem 

Hebrew name meaning Rain, carrying biblical significance and symbolizing blessings

7. Glaukos 

Greek name meaning Bluegreen, associated with the colors of the sea and rain

8. Ilgın 

Turkish name meaning Drizzle, portraying the calming nature of light rain.

9. Ilma 

Finnish name meaning Air and water

10. Imvula 

Zulu name meaning Rain, reflecting Southern African reverence for rain’s life-sustaining role

11. Lluvia 

Spanish name meaning Rain, conveying the poetic essence of rainfall in the language

12. Lluvioso 

Spanish name meaning Rainy, describing the weather conditions with a poetic touch

13. Matar 

Arabic name meaning Rain, embodying blessings of rain

14. Mizu

Japanese name meaning Water, signifying the lifegiving essence of rain in Japanese culture

15. Nebula 

A Latin name meaning Mist or Cloud, linking to the atmospheric elements associated with rain.

16. Ombra 

Italian name meaning Shadow, associated with rain clouds casting shadows on the earth

17. Pio 

Maori name means Rain, symbolizing the life-bringing qualities of rain

18. Pluvi 

A Latin name meaning Rainy, evoking images of rain-soaked landscapes.

19. Rani 

Hindi name meaning Queen, emphasizing the regal and lifegiving aspects

20. Riyah 

Arabic name meaning Wind, associated with the arrival of rain in Arab cultures

21. Serin 

Turkish name meaning Drizzle, reflecting the gentle and soothing quality of light rain

22. Thuy 

Vietnamese name meaning Water, expressing the fundamental connection between rain and water

23. Tlaloc 

God of rain in Aztec mythology, signifying the divine connection to rainfall

24. Tuyết 

Vietnamese name meaning, linked to precipitation and the changing seasons

25. Ulan 

Tagalog name meaning Rain, expressing the cultural significance of rain in the Philippines

26. Varsha 

Sanskrit name meaning Rain

27. Vetus 

Latin name meaning Rain, connecting to ancient roots and the timeless association with rain

28. Vihma 

Estonian name meaning Rain, representing the vital and nourishing role of rain

29. Yar 

Turkish name meaning Drizzle, encapsulating the rhythmic nature of light rain

30. Yü 

Chinese name meaning Rain, representing the cleansing and purifying nature of rain

Girl Names That Mean Rain

Girl Names That Mean Rain

1. Amara – Igbo name meaning Grace or Merciful

2. Anya – Russian name meaning Graceful rain

3. Aria – Italian name meaning Air or Melody

4. Aysu – Turkish name meaning Moonwater

5. Brisa – Spanish name meaning Breeze

6. Ilham – Arabic name meaning Inspiration

7. Marwa – Arabic name meaning Fragrant plant or Sweet rain

8. Megha – Sanskrit name meaning Cloud or Rain

9. Nubia – African name meaning Rain

10. Rivka – Hebrew name meaning Tied or Joined

11. Suvi – Finnish name meaning Summer

12. Talia – Hebrew name meaning Dew from Heaven

13. Tiaan – Native American name meaning Beaver

Boy Names That Mean Rain

Boy Names That Mean Rain

1. Akihiro – Japanese name meaning Bright or Clear

2. Anan – Hebrew name meaning Cloud

3. Aylan – Turkish name meaning Wave or Billow

4. Fintan – Irish name meaning White fire or Fair

5. Idris – Arabic name meaning Interpreter or Studious

6. Lluís – Catalan name meaning Famed warrior

7. Mani – Native American name meaning Spirit or Power

8. Mizuki – Japanese name meaning Beautiful Moon or Water

9. Tacitus – Latin name meaning Silent or Mute

10. Tarun – Sanskrit name meaning Young or Youthful

11. Tefo – Southern African name meaning Rain

12. Ulises – Spanish name meaning Wrathful or Hateful

13. Vayu – Sanskrit name meaning Wind or Air

14. Zephyr – Greek name meaning West Wind

15. Zinat – Arabic name meaning Adornment or Ornament

Names Meaning Storm

Names Meaning Storm

1. Bahram – Persian name meaning Victorious or Sacred

2. Berengar – Germanic name meaning Bear Spear or Brave as a Bear

3. Bronton – Greek name meaning Thunderous

4. Ciaran – Irish name meaning Dark Haired or Dark One

5. Ehecatl – Nahuatl name meaning Wind or Air

6. Hadad – Akkadian name meaning Thunder or Storm God

7. Inigo – Spanish name meaning Fiery

8. Kaminari – Japanese name meaning Thunder

9. Ragnor – Norse name meaning Warrior of the Gods

10. Raiden – Japanese name meaning Thunder and Lightning

11. Talon – English name meaning Claw or Sharp

12. Tempest – Latin name meaning Violent Storm

13. Thorin – Norse name meaning Thunder

14. Vortex – Latin name meaning Whirlpool or Storm

15. Zephyros – Greek name meaning West Wind

Names That Mean Sky

Names That Mean Sky

1. Aether – Greek name meaning Upper Air or Sky

2. Akash – Hindi name meaning Sky or Ether

3. Anshul – Sanskrit name meaning Radiant Like the Sun

4. Azura – Spanish name meaning Sky Blue

5. Caelum – Latin name meaning Sky or Heaven

6. Celeste – Latin name meaning Heavenly or Of the Sky

7. Haneul – a Korean name meaning Sky

8. Himmel – German name meaning Sky or Heaven

9. Lufti – Arabic name meaning Sky

10. Nirav – Sanskrit name meaning Quiet or Silent

11. Nubian – African name meaning From the Clouds

12. Orion – Greek name meaning Rising in the Sky or Hunter

13. Ravi – Sanskrit name meaning Sun or Radiant

14. Thoraya – Arabic name meaning Star

15. Zephyrine – Greek name meaning West Wind

Cool Rain Names

Cool Rain Names


Cute Names Meaning Rain

Cute Names Meaning Rain

1. Dripa – Sanskrit name meaning Drop of Water

2. Kiri – Māori name meaning Mist or Fog

3. Lluviosa – Spanish name meaning Rainy or Showery

4. Mizuko – Japanese name meaning Water Child

5. Nebulo – Latin name meaning Misty or Foggy

6. Petrichor – Greek name referring to the Smell of Earth After Rain

7. Pioggia – Italian name meaning Rain

8. PioPio – Maori name meaning TweetTweet

9. Pitter – English name representing the light and rhythmic sound of raindrops

10. Pluit – Latin name meaning It Rains

11. Puddle – English name symbolizing the playful and cute aspects of rain

12. Rimsha – Arabic name meaning Drizzle or Light Rain

13. Sereno – Spanish name meaning Clear or Serene

14. Tacita – Latin name meaning Silent or Quiet

15. Yuyi – Chinese name meaning Rain Clothes

Unique Storm Related Names

Unique Storm Related Names

1. Cloudburst – English name reflecting the sudden and intense release of rain from clouds during storms

2. Cyclona – Greek symbolizing a dynamic and intense storm system

3. Drizella – English name associated with storms

4. Galeon – Greek name representing a powerful storm wind

5. Nebulon – Latin name signifying the mist and clouds associated with storms

6. Nimbus – Latin name representing the moisture and life-bringing aspect of storms

7. Rumbleton – English name evoking the sounds of thunder during storms

8. Tempesto – Italian name representing a sudden and violent storm

9. Thundera – Latin referring to the resonant sounds of storms.

10. Torrential – English name embodying the forceful and overwhelming nature of heavy rainfall

11. Typhonix – Greek name that conveys power and intensity

12. Vivanstorm – Sanskrit name meaning full of life, with storm

13. Vortexia – Latin name symbolizing the swirling intensity of storms

14. Whirlinda – English name representing the swirling motion of storms

15. Zephyrosin – Greek name reflecting the gentler side of stormy weather

Wrapping Up

Choosing the perfect name is like creating a beautiful picture, and just like rain, it adds joy and magic to your family. So, let the refreshing feeling of rain stay with you as you pick the name that feels just right for your little one.

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