Name That Means King – 160+ Regal & Majestic Options

Are you excited about finding the perfect names that mean king for your soon-to-arrive baby boy? We have a list of over 160 names from around the world that carry a royal vibe.

Bestowing upon your child a name that signifies king is more than a mere choice; it’s a symbolic gesture towards qualities such as strong leadership, bravery, and a compassionate heart. A benevolent king embodies power, authority, gentleness, love, and selflessness. Choosing a name that carries these qualities is a gift, setting the tone for the noble journey your child is destined to embark upon.

Whether you are drawn to names that feel royal, like Ade or Bas, or you prefer straightforward titles like Anax and Basileus, we have plenty of options, and each name is like a stroke on a canvas, creating a picture of positivity and strength for your baby boy.

Whether you fancy timeless regal names or delight in the realm of playful and unique choices, our collection goes beyond the ordinary. From Samoan Girl Names to Old Fashioned Boy Names, Nerdy Boy Names, and Gothic Names, we have a diverse array to suit every taste.

Best Names That Mean King

Best Names That Mean King

  1. Ardeshir 

Persian name meaning noble king

2. Basileus 

An ancient Greek name meaning king or sovereign

3. Brenin

Translates to the king in Welsh

4. Czar 

Derived from the title used by Russian emperors, meaning ruler or king

5. Eadbald 

Anglo-Saxon name meaning wealthy and bold ruler

6. Hakan

Turkish name meaning emperor or ruler

7. Harold 

Means leader of the army and is associated with kingship

8. Jaswant 

Sanskrit name meaning victorious ruler

9. Kaiser 

Translates to emperor or king in German

10. Leroy 

Translates to the king in French

11. Mael

A Breton name meaning chief or prince

12. Malik 

Arabic name meaning king or sovereign

13. Melech 

Meaning king in Hebrew

14. Noble 

Represents a regal quality, meaning noble or royal

15. Olav 

The Scandinavian name means ancestor’s descendant and is associated with kingship.

16. Pharaoh 

A title for the ancient Egyptian kings

17. Raja 

Translates to king or ruler in Sanskrit

18. Rajan 

Means king in Hindi

19. Rex 

A straightforward Latin name meaning king

20. Rexford 

A compound name meaning Ford of the king

21. Rey

Simply means king in Spanish

22. Roi

A French name meaning king

23. Shah 

The Persian word for king or monarch

24. Simba

Swahili word for lion is often associated with kingship

25. Tarik 

Meaning ruler or king in Arabic

26. Tyr 

Named after the Norse god of law and heroic glory, it is also associated with kingship.

27. Ubaid 

Arabic name meaning faithful king

28. Vasileios

Greek name meaning royal or kingly

29. Waldemar

Germanic name meaning ruler or king

30. Xerxes 

An ancient Persian name associated with kingship

31. Yngvar

Norse name meaning youthful warrior and often associated with royalty

32. Zoltan

Means life or king in Hungarian

Creative Names Meaning King

Creative Names Meaning King

  1. Anax – Greek name meaning lord or king
  2. Bazza – Aboriginal name meaning king or chief
  3. Crown – A symbolic name representing royalty and kingship
  4. Elion – Hebrew name meaning God is my king, or God is supreme
  5. Emeryk – Polish name meaning ruler of the household or king
  6. Godfrey – Germanic name meaning God’s peace or God’s power, suggesting divine kingship
  7. Imperator – Latin word meaning commander or emperor, associated with kingship
  8. Jarin – Thai name meaning reigning king or ruler
  9. Leolin – Welsh name meaning lion-like or regal
  10. Lionel – Derived from the French word for lion, symbolizing strength and regality
  11. Malka – Hebrew name meaning queen or kingly
  12. Marduk – Named after the Babylonian god, symbolizing power and kingship
  13. Regulus – A Latin name meaning little king or prince
  14. Rion – Gaelic name meaning kingly or royal
  15. Ryker – Danish name meaning strong power or kingly
  16. Ryland – Combining ry meaning rye (cereal) and land, suggesting a ruler of the land
  17. Solomon – Hebrew name meaning peaceful or peace-bringer, associated with the biblical King Solomon
  18. Tarquinius – an Etruscan name associated with ancient Roman kingship
  19. Throne – A name symbolizing the seat of a king’s power and authority
  20. Tindal – Old Norse name meaning mighty ruler
  21. Varian– Latin name meaning versatile or capable ruler
  22. Zephyr – Greek name meaning west wind or kingly breeze

Wonderful King Names For Boy

Wonderful King Names For Boy

  1. Ashwin – Meaning light or horse tamer, associated with kingship
  2. Edric – Old English name meaning wealthy ruler
  3. Faisal – Arabic name meaning decisive ruler or judge
  4. Gideon – Hebrew name meaning mighty warrior or great king
  5. Haroun – Arabic name derived from Aaron, meaning mountain of strength or exalted king
  6. Ishaan – Sanskrit name meaning sun or king of kings
  7. Jehu – Hebrew name meaning Yahweh is He, associated with biblical kingship
  8. Kian – Persian name meaning kingship or royal
  9. Lirael – Irish name meaning prince or son of the king
  10. Marcellus – Latin name meaning little warrior or young king
  11. Narayan – Sanskrit name meaning eternal king or lord of men
  12. Oberon – Germanic name meaning noble bear or royal bear
  13. Perseus – Named after the legendary Greek hero, suggesting a heroic king
  14. Quillon – Latin name meaning spear or royal power
  15. Roderick – An old German name meaning famous ruler or glorious king
  16. Suleiman – Arabic name meaning man of peace or king Solomon
  17. Talan – Gaelic name meaning chief or king
  18. Ulysses – Named after the legendary Greek hero Odysseus, symbolizing kingship and cunning
  19. Vidhur – Sanskrit name meaning wise or intelligent king
  20. Warrick – Old English name meaning fortress ruler or strong king
  21. Xander – Greek name meaning defender of the people or warrior king
  22. Yorick – Old German name meaning mighty ruler or king of the boar

Cute Names That Mean Prince

  1. Amir – Arabic name meaning prince or commander
  2. Bastien – French diminutive of Sebastian, meaning venerable or prince-like
  3. Caius – Latin name meaning rejoice or prince
  4. Darian – Persian name meaning wealthy or upholder of the good
  5. Elian – Spanish name meaning sun or my God has answered, associated with princely qualities
  6. Finnian – Irish name meaning fair or little prince
  7. Gabriel – Hebrew name meaning God is my strength or heroic prince
  8. Hamza – Arabic name meaning strong or lion, often associated with princely strength
  9. Ilan – Hebrew name meaning tree or prince
  10. Jovan – Slavic name meaning young warrior or prince
  11. Kianu – Hawaiian name meaning cool breeze or prince
  12. Lir – Irish name meaning song or prince of the sea
  13. Mateo – Spanish form of Matthew, meaning gift of God or prince of God
  14. Nolan – Irish name meaning noble or descendant of a noble one
  15. Oisin – Irish name meaning little deer or young prince
  16. Pavel – Slavic name meaning small or little prince
  17. Quinlan – Irish name meaning graceful or little prince
  18. Ravi – Sanskrit name meaning sun or radiant prince
  19. Soren – Danish name meaning stern or prince
  20. Tarek – Arabic name meaning morning star or he who knocks at the door
  21. Uriah – Hebrew name meaning God is my light or prince of the Lord
  22. Vasilis – Greek name meaning royal or princely

Boy Names That Mean Royalty

Boy Names That Mean Royalty

  1. Alaric – Germanic name meaning ruler of all or ruler of all people
  2. Basil – Greek name meaning royal or kingly
  3. Conrad – Germanic name meaning brave counsel or royal advisor
  4. Darian – Persian name meaning upholder of the good or royal
  5. Eadbald – Anglo-Saxon name meaning wealthy and bold ruler or royal prince
  6. Frederick – Germanic name meaning peaceful ruler or royal peace
  7. Gareth – Welsh name meaning gentle or royal
  8. Haroun – Arabic name meaning exalted or royal
  9. Igor – Russian name meaning warrior or royal prince
  10. Jarvis – Anglo-Saxon name meaning spear or royal servant
  11. Kendrick – Old English name meaning royal power or royal chieftain
  12. Llyr – Welsh name meaning sea or royal
  13. Merrick – Welsh name meaning ruler or royal sovereign
  14. Nasir – Arabic name meaning supporter or royal protector
  15. Osric – Old English name meaning divine ruler or royal god
  16. Ptolemy – Greek name meaning warlike or royal
  17. Quintus – Latin name meaning fifth-born or royal
  18. Rainer – German name meaning counselor or royal counselor
  19. Sigurd – Norse name meaning victory or royal strength
  20. Theoden – Anglo-Saxon name meaning ruler or royal
  21. Ulrich – Germanic name meaning prosperity or royal power
  22. Vladimir – Slavic name meaning ruler of peace or royal prince

Cool King Names

  1. Alden
  2. Aryeh
  3. Blaise
  4. Caelum
  5. Dante
  6. Frost
  7. Kael
  8. Loki
  9. Nash
  10. Neptune
  11. Orion
  12. Quillon
  13. Raven
  14. Rogue
  15. Ryker
  16. Soren
  17. Thorne
  18. Viggo
  19. Xan
  20. Zaire
  21. Zenith
  22. Zephyros

Ancient King Names For Baby Boy

Ancient King Names For Baby Boy

  1. Amenemhat – Ancient Egyptian name meaning Amun is at the forefront (Pharaoh)
  2. Amenhotep – Ancient Egyptian name meaning Amun is satisfied (Pharaoh)
  3. Amenhotep III – Ancient Egyptian name meaning Amun is satisfied (Pharaoh)
  4. Artaxerxes – Persian name meaning righteous ruler (Persian king)
  5. Ashurbanipal – Akkadian name meaning Ashur is the creator of an heir (Assyrian king)
  6. Cambyses – Persian name meaning the sun or royal (Persian king)
  7. Cleopatra – Ancient Greek name meaning glory of the father (Pharaoh)
  8. Cyrus – Persian name meaning like the sun or throne (Persian king)
  9. Darius – Persian name meaning possessor or holder (Persian king)
  10. Hammurabi – Babylonian name meaning the kinsman is a healer (Babylonian king)
  11. Nabonidus – Akkadian name meaning Nabu is praised (Babylonian king)
  12. Nabopolassar – Akkadian name meaning Nabu has begotten an heir (Babylonian king)
  13. Naram-Sin – Akkadian name meaning beloved of the moon god Sin (Akkadian king)
  14. Nefertiti – Ancient Egyptian name meaning the beautiful one has come (Queen of Egypt)
  15. Ramesses – Ancient Egyptian name meaning Ra bore him (Pharaoh)
  16. Sargon – Akkadian name meaning the true king (Akkadian king)
  17. Senusret – Ancient Egyptian name meaning Man of goddess Wosret (Pharaoh)
  18. Thutmose – Ancient Egyptian name meaning Thoth is born (Pharaoh)
  19. Tutankhamun – Ancient Egyptian name meaning the living image of Amun (Pharaoh)
  20. Xerxes – Persian name meaning hero among rulers (Persian king)

Wrapping Up

As we conclude this royal journey through names that mean king, we trust you have found the perfect inspiration for your little one’s name. Each name is a regal gem, carrying a rich taste of history and significance.

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