Buddhist Names – 150+ Ideas To Choose The Meaning Of Zen

In Buddhism, a religion originating in spirituality, names carry a profound meaning. They are more than mere labels; they reflect the principles and beliefs that guide the lives of those who bear them.

This blog post is dedicated to Buddhist names and their meanings. Whether you are interested in traditional names steeped in centuries of tradition, modern names inspired by Buddhist concepts, or unisex names that can be used for boys and girls, we’ll provide you with a list enriched with Buddhist terminology.

10 Traditional Buddhist Boy’s Names

Traditional Buddhist Boy's Names

  1. Siddhartha: “One who achieves his aims” and famously associated with Siddhartha Gautama, the Buddha.
  2. Dhamma: Represents the “teachings” or “doctrine” of Buddhism, emphasizing the right path.
  3. Bodhi: “Awakening” or “enlightenment,” signifying the ultimate goal of Buddhist practice.
  4. Ananda: Means “bliss” and is the name of one of Buddha’s closest disciples.
  5. Karma: Signifies the law of cause and effect, central to Buddhist philosophy.
  6. Rahula: “Fetter” or “chain,” representing the idea of breaking free from attachments.
  7. Prajna: Stands for “wisdom” and is highly valued in Buddhist philosophy.
  8. Arya: “Noble” or “honorable,” a term used to describe enlightened beings.
  9. Upasaka: Signifies a “lay disciple” or someone who follows Buddhist teachings without ordination.
  10. Virya: Means “energy” or “diligence,” highlighting the effort put into spiritual practice.

10 Traditional Zen Girl’s Names

 Traditional Zen Girl's Names

  1. Karuna: “Compassion,” representing one of the fundamental virtues in Buddhism.
  2. Sujata: Represents “a noble birth” and is associated with an act of kindness towards Siddhartha Gautama.
  3. Metta: Translates to “loving-kindness,” a core concept promoting goodwill to all beings.
  4. Punya: Signifies “merit” or “good deeds,” emphasizing virtuous actions.
  5. Dakini: Refers to a female spirit in Vajrayana Buddhism, symbolizing wisdom and spiritual insight.
  6. Vasudhara: Means “earth goddess” and is associated with abundance and fertility.
  7. Vimala: “Pure” or “spotless,” reflecting the desire for spiritual purity.
  8. Yasodhara: Represents “one who achieves fame,” and was the name of Buddha’s wife.
  9. Patacara: Signifies “leaf dress,” associated with a woman who became a Buddhist nun.
  10. Sumangala: Means “auspicious” or “blessed,” bringing good fortune and positivity.
You may also be interested in knowing the names that mean Wisdom. Choosing the best name for your child is your first duty as a parent. So, be conscious while choosing the name.

10 Modern Buddhist Boy’s Names

  1. Bodhi: “Awakening” or “enlightenment.” Example: Bodhi is a popular modern name inspired by the central goal of Buddhism.
  2. Dharma: Represents the “teachings” or “doctrine” of Buddhism. Example: Dharma is a contemporary name that signifies a commitment to following the right path.
  3. Jaya: Means “victory” or “success.” Example: Jaya is a modern name reflecting the triumph of spiritual growth.
  4. Nirvana: Signifies the ultimate state of liberation and bliss in Buddhism. Example: Nirvana is a unique name symbolizing spiritual enlightenment.
  5. Samsara: Refers to the cycle of birth, death, and rebirth in Buddhist philosophy. Example: Samsara is a modern name emphasizing the cyclical nature of life.
  6. Karunika: “Compassionate one.” Example: Karunika is a modern name that promotes empathy and kindness.
  7. Suvira: Means “courageous hero.” Example: Suvira is a contemporary name embodying bravery and strength.
  8. Aruna: Signifies the “rising sun” and new beginnings. Example: Aruna is a name representing hope and renewal.
  9. Sakya: Associated with the Sakya clan to which Siddhartha Gautama (the Buddha) belonged. Example: Sakya is a modern name honoring the Buddha’s heritage.
  10. Viriya: Means “diligence” and “effort.” Example: Viriya is a name reflecting the commitment to spiritual practice.

10 Modern Buddha Girl’s Names

Modern Buddha Girl's Names

  1. Siddhi: “Achievement” or “success.” Example: Siddhi is a contemporary name symbolizing personal accomplishments.
  2. Maitri: Represents “loving-kindness” and “friendship.” Example: Maitri is a modern name promoting goodwill.
  3. Ashoka: Signifies “without sorrow” or “pain-free.” Example: Ashoka is a unique name emphasizing happiness.
  4. Punya: “Merit” or “good deeds.” Example: Punya is a modern name highlighting virtuous actions.
  5. Sarala: Means “simple” or “honest.” Example: Sarala is a name reflecting sincerity and authenticity.
  6. Vajra: Refers to the indestructible thunderbolt in Vajrayana Buddhism. Example: Vajra is a contemporary name symbolizing strength and resilience.
  7. Shanti: Signifies “peace.” Example: Shanti is a modern name reflecting inner calm and tranquility.
  8. Bhavana: Represents “cultivation” and “development.” Example: Bhavana is a name promoting personal growth.
  9. Nirali: Means “unique” or “exceptional.” Example: Nirali is a modern name emphasizing individuality.
  10. Aryika: “Noble one,” a term used for Jain nuns but can be a modern name in a broader Buddhist context. Example: Aryika reflects a commitment to nobility and virtue.

40 Zen Names In Hindi And Marathi

Zen Names In Hindi And Marathi

  1. Shantiman (शांतिमान): One who is peaceful and calm.
  2. Dhyanika (ध्यानिका): A person dedicated to meditation and mindfulness.
  3. Sakshi (साक्षी): One who is a witness to the truth.
  4. Anandika (आनंदिका): Someone who embodies joy and happiness.
  5. Samyami (सम्यमी): One who practices self-control and discipline.
  6. Akshobhya (अक्षोभ्य): Representing the immovable and serene aspect of the mind.
  7. Vishuddha (विशुद्ध): Signifying purity and clarity of thought.
  8. Dhyana-Prabhava (ध्यान-प्रभाव): Reflecting the influence of meditation.
  9. Mokshika (मोक्षिका): Signifying liberation and spiritual freedom.
  10. Upasak (उपासक): A dedicated worshipper or meditator.

Marathi Names

  1. Santiman (शांतिमान): Denoting a peaceful and calm person.
  2. Dhyanik (ध्यानिक): Someone dedicated to meditation and mindfulness.
  3. Prasannata (प्रसन्नता): Signifying joy and contentment.
  4. Anandprada (आनंदप्रद): One who brings happiness and joy.
  5. Samadhanik (समाधानिक): Reflecting a person of composure and resolution.
  6. Sakshik (साक्षिक): Signifying the one who observes and witnesses.
  7. Shuddhata (शुद्धता): Denoting purity and clarity.
  8. Sanyamik (संयमिक): One who practices self-control and restraint.
  9. Muktiprada (मुक्तिप्रद): Signifying the bestower of liberation.
  10. Tapasvi (तपस्वी): A person dedicated to spiritual austerities and meditation.

50 Unisex Buddhist Names

  1. Karma
  2. Dakini
  3. Bodhi
  4. Samsara
  5. Dharma
  6. Metta
  7. Punya
  8. Ananda
  9. Karuna
  10. Sukha
  11. Virya
  12. Upasaka
  13. Sujata
  14. Vimala
  15. Vajra
  16. Samadhi
  17. Jaya
  18. Rahula
  19. Kshanti
  20. Arya.
  21. Nirvana
  22. Moksha
  23. Shantiman
  24. Prasanta
  25. Anandika
  26. Sakshi
  27. Adhishayaka
  28. Satiyaka
  29. Nirlipta
  30. Shamavrita
  31. Upeksha
  32. Sanyami
  33. Kshama
  34. Vairagya
  35. Aryika
  36. Shantivinayaka
  37. Sukhada
  38. Samata
  39. Suvira
  40. Nirlep
  41. Satiyaki
  42. Sarala
  43. Shuddhamat
  44. Maitr
  45. Vasudhara
  46. Bhavana
  47. Sangharak
  48. Tatpariya
  49. Vishuddha
  50. Nirbuddhi

Cultural Variations in Buddhist Names

Here are some examples of Buddhist names from various cultural backgrounds, along with their meanings:

Tibetan Buddhist Names

Tibetan Buddhist Names

  • Tenzin: Meaning “upholder of teachings,” it is a common Tibetan name.
  • Dorje: Signifying “indestructible” and often used as a symbol in Tibetan Buddhism.
  • Pema: Meaning “lotus,” a sacred symbol of purity in Tibetan Buddhism.
  • Sonam: Reflecting “merit” or “good fortune.”
  • Lhakpa: Signifying “good luck” or “prosperity.”

Japanese Buddhist Names (Zen)

Japanese Buddhist Names

  • Shin: Meaning “mind” or “spirit,” reflecting the essence of Zen Buddhism.
  • Myo: Signifying “wondrous” or “mystical,” often used in Zen names.
  • Satori: Referring to “enlightenment” or a moment of profound understanding.
  • Enso: A circular Zen symbol representing enlightenment.
  • Kannon: The name of a bodhisattva, symbolizing compassion.

Thai Buddhist Names

Thai Buddhist Names

  • Vorapat: Reflecting “wisdom” and “knowledge.”
  • Somporn: Signifying “respect” or “honor.”
  • Nualjai: Meaning “gentle heart” or “compassion.”
  • Somchai: Reflecting “goodness” or “virtue.”
  • Rachanee: Signifying “victory” or “triumph.”

Sri Lankan Buddhist Names

Sri Lankan Buddhist Names

  • Piyasena: Meaning “beloved leader” or “dear one.”
  • Sarath: Signifying “victory” or “success.”
  • Dhammika: Reflecting devotion to the Buddhist dharma.
  • Upeksha: Denoting “equanimity” and “impartiality.”
  • Lakmal: Signifying “auspicious” or “lucky.”

Chinese Buddhist Names

Chinese Buddhist Names

  • Xin: Meaning “heart” or “mind,” emphasizing inner spirituality.
  • Jingyi: Signifying “pure” and “honest.”
  • Minghui: Reflecting “bright wisdom” and “enlightenment.”
  • Jiayi: Denoting “family joy” and “harmony.”
  • Xiaolan: Meaning “little lotus,” symbolizing purity and beauty.

Burmese Buddhist Names

Burmese Buddhist Names

  • Thitsa: Signifying “happiness” or “contentment.”
  • Kyi: Reflecting “respect” and “honor.”
  • Sada: Meaning “eternal” or “forever.”
  • Mingala: Denoting “auspiciousness” and “good fortune.”
  • Tin: Signifying “knowledge” and “learning.”

Wind Up

Buddhist names, rooted in the teachings of Buddhism, are associated with profound meaning and cultural significance across the world. Whether in Tibet, Japan, Thailand, Sri Lanka, China, or Burma, these names convey universal truths and personal qualities like peace, wisdom, and enlightenment. From Karma and Dharma to Tenzin and Shin, they reflect the enduring legacy of Buddhism and its core values of compassion and inner peace.

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