Female Dragon Names – 140+ Mythical & Creative Ideas

Are you in search of captivating names for your female dragon? Look no further. We have gathered an extensive list inspired by dragons from diverse cultures and tales. Whether from famous dragons, ancient myths, or legendary games like Dungeons & Dragons, these names carry a sense of magic and wonder.

Dragons have been a source of fascination in stories worldwide. From China to Norway, England to Japan, and Vietnam to Greece, people from different corners of the globe have woven intriguing tales about these magical creatures. Although dragon appearances may vary across cultures, they share common elements. Some scientists think that long ago when people found big dinosaur bones, they made up stories about dragons to explain what they found.

The allure of dragons lies in their uniqueness and power within stories. Our curated list includes over 140 cool names for female dragons, offering many options for your pet, your baby, or even a character in a game.

Explore this treasure trove of names, each carrying the charm of dragons from different corners of the world.

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Best Female Dragon Names And Meanings

Best Female Dragon Names And Meanings

1. Amaranya (Sindarin) – Immortal dragon

2. Astridra (Old Norse) – A beautiful, loving dragon

3. Aureliax (Latin) – Golden dragon

4. Azuraitha (Elvish) – Blue dragon

5. Chiaraflame (Italian) – Bright flame

6. Drakaina (Greek) – Female dragon from Greek mythology

7. Fafnira (Norse) – Feminine version of Fafnir, a powerful dragon

8. Ignisia (Latin) – Fiery dragon

9. Inshira (African) – Mystic dragon

10. Isolindra (Germanic) – Ice dragon

11. Jindalara (Korean) – Metal dragon

12. Kaida (Japanese) – Little dragon

13. Mizuchi (Japanese) – Water dragon

14. Nagaara (Sanskrit) – Dragon queen

15. Nephthysia (Egyptian) – Protector dragon inspired by the goddess Nephthys

16. Ouroboria (Ancient Egyptian) – Dragon of eternity

17. Pyrrhaea (Greek) – Fiery earth dragon

18. Quetzalli (Aztec) – Precious feathered serpent from Aztec mythology

19. Ragnarisa (Norse) – War dragon

20. Saphirixia (Persian) – Sapphire dragon

21. Seraphina (Hebrew) – Fiery-winged dragon

22. Solarastra (Latin) – Solar dragon

23. Sylvandria (Latin) – Forest dragon

24. Tiamara (Babylonian) – Female counterpart to Tiamat, a primordial dragon

25. Valoriax (Valyrian) – Valor-filled dragon

26. Vespera (Latin) – Evening dragon

27. Vritraika (Hindu) – Slayer of Vritra, a dragon-slaying goddess

28. Wyverna (Old English) – Wyvern-like dragon

29. Zahira (Arabic) – Shining dragon

Unique Female Dragon Names

Unique Female Dragon Names

1. Aetheria (Greek) – From aether, meaning the upper air

2. Celestriax (Latin) – Celestial dragon

3. Eclipsara (Latin) – Eclipse dragon

4. Enchantara (English) – Enchanting dragon

5. Equinoxia (Latin) – Equinox dragon

6. Etherealys (English/Greek) – Ethereal dragon

7. Ignivara (Latin) – Fiery guardian dragon

8. Iridesa (Latin) – Rainbow dragon

9. Nebulitha (Latin) – Nebula-like dragon

10. Nexusira (Latin) – Nexus dragon

11. Nocturnastra (Latin) – Nocturnal dragon

12. Thalassara (Greek) – Meaning sea dragon

13. Verdantiax (Latin) – Verdant dragon

14. Virescentia (Latin) – Green dragon

Cool Female Dragon Names

Cool Female Dragon Names

1. Ashenblaze (English) – Ashen and blazing

2. Blazefurya (English) – Fierce and blazing dragon

3. Cyclonia (Greek) – Cyclone dragon

4. Emberlasha (English) – Burning and lashing dragon

5. Frostbitea (English) – Ice-cold dragon

6. Infernia (Latin) – Infernal dragon

7. Obsidianyx (English/Greek) – Merging obsidian and onyx, denoting a dark and precious dragon

8. Onyxfire (English) – Merging onyx and fire

9. Razorwindra (English) – Razor-sharp wind dragon

10. Sablethorn (English) – Dark and sharp

11. Scorchysa (English) – Scorching dragon

12. Shadowrenda (English) – Shadowy dragon

13. Stormfangra (English) – Stormy fang dragon

14. Tempestria (Latin) – Tempestuous dragon

15. Thunderclasha (English) – Thunderous dragon

16. Thunderstrikea (English) – Thunder-striking dragon

17. Venomara (Latin) – Venomous dragon

18. Venomshadea (English) – Venomous and shadowy

19. Vipressa (English) – Viper-like dragon

20. Vortexia (Latin) – Whirlwind dragon

Cute Female Dragon Names

Cute Female Dragon Names

1. Bubblescale (English) – Reflecting a playful and bubbly dragon

2. Cuddlepuff (English) – A dragon that loves cuddles

3. Cupcakeflame (English) – A delightful dragon with a flame as sweet as a cupcake

4. Dazzleheart (English) – A dragon with a heart full of charm and dazzle

5. Dreamyscales (English) – A dragon with scales that evoke a dreamy quality

6. Fuzzyspark (English) – A cute dragon with a fuzzy and sparkly demeanor

7. Glimmergale (English) – A dragon that brings a gentle glimmer to the air

8. Marshmallowa (English) – A dragon as sweet and soft as a marshmallow

9. Moonbeamia (English) – A dragon that radiates a soft and soothing moonbeam glow

10. Peachespike (English) – A sweet dragon with peach-colored scales and a spiky personality

11. Petalpuff (English) – A dragon associated with delicate and colorful petals

12. Pixieflare (English) – A dragon with a magical and pixie-like flame

13. Snuggleflame (English) – A cuddly dragon with a warm and comforting flame

14. Snugglespark (English) – A dragon that combines warmth and sparkly charm

15. Sparklina (English) – A name suggesting a dragon that sparkles and radiates joy

16. Sprinklefire (English) – A dragon that sprinkles joy with its playful fire

17. Starlighta (English) – A dragon associated with the gentle glow of starlight

18. Twinkletooth (English) – A dragon with teeth that twinkle like stars

19. Whimsywing (English) – A whimsical dragon with light and airy wings

Mythical Dragon Names

Mythical Dragon Names

1. Aido Hwedo – A rainbow serpent or dragon from Dahomey mythology in West Africa

2. Amaru – A serpent or dragon associated with Incan mythology and Andean cosmology

3. Amarumayu – A dragon or serpent-like creature from Incan mythology

4. Amhuluk – A sea serpent or dragon-like creature from Native American mythology

5. Ao Guang – The Dragon King of the East Sea in Chinese mythology

6. Azi Dahaka – A dragon or serpent-like creature in Zoroastrian and Persian mythology

7. Chuvash Dragon – A dragon from Chuvash folklore, often depicted as a water serpent

8. Dracostrum – Latin for dragon’s roar, representing a creature with a powerful voice

9. Drakon Lycomedes – A dragon that guarded the Golden Fleece in Greek mythology

10. Fuxi – A dragon deity and one of the Three Sovereigns in Chinese mythology

11. Gaasyendietha – A fire-breathing dragon or serpent from Native American mythology

12. Huanglong – The Yellow Dragon symbolizes imperial power and prosperity in Chinese mythology

13. Illuyankas – A dragon slain by the storm god in Hittite mythology

14. Imugi – A lesser dragon or serpent that strives to become a true dragon in Korean mythology

15. Indra’s Net Dragon – A dragon symbolizing interconnectedness in Buddhist cosmology

16. Jiaolong – A mythical aquatic dragon with a horned head in Chinese mythology

17. Jormungandr – The Midgard Serpent, a colossal sea serpent from Norse mythology

18. Kukulkan – Feathered serpent god associated with wind and fertility in Mayan culture

19. Ladilikan – A dragon-like creature mentioned in the mythology of the Bambara people in Mali

20. Ladon – The serpent-like dragon guarding the Golden Apples in the Garden of the Hesperides

21. Laduguer – A dragon deity in the Dungeons & Dragons fantasy role-playing game

22. Leviathan – Massive sea dragon or serpent, symbolizing chaos and power

23. Lindworm – A wingless, serpent-like dragon found in Norse and Germanic legends

24. Musha – A dragon or sea serpent found in Japanese folklore

25. Mushu – A small, humorous dragon character from Disney’s Mulan

26. Mushussu – A dragon from ancient Mesopotamian mythology, often depicted with horns and a serpent’s body

27. Naga – Serpent or dragon-like beings, often associated with water

28. Nidhoggr – A dragon that gnaws at the roots of Yggdrasil, the World Tree, symbolizing destruction

29. Orochi – A legendary eight-headed and eight-tailed dragon from Japanese mythology

30. Pulao – A dragon that guards precious pearls, mentioned in Chinese mythology

31. Pyrrhus – Fiery red dragon, named after the Greek word for flame

32. Quetzalcoatl – Feathered serpent god, a revered dragon-like deity in Mesoamerican mythology

33. Ryujin – The dragon god of the sea

34. Sarkany – The Hungarian word for dragon, often featured in Hungarian folklore

35. Smok Wawelski – A dragon from Polish folklore, defeated by the legendary hero Krakus

36. Stoor Worm – A sea serpent or dragon from Scottish folklore

37. Tarasque – A legendary dragon-like creature from Provencal folklore

38. Te Fiti – A goddess in Polynesian mythology, sometimes depicted as a dragon or sea serpent

39. Tiamatus – Derived from Tiamat, a primordial goddess of the salt sea and chaos

40. Typhon – A monstrous dragon-like creature, one of the deadliest beings in Greek mythology

41. Vermithrax – A legendary dragon from the movie Dragonslayer

42. Vouivre – A dragon or serpent from European folklore, often associated with water

43. Vritra – A serpent or dragon-like figure associated with drought and chaos in Vedic mythology

44. Wyrm – A traditional term for a dragon or serpent in Old English and Old Norse

45. Yali – A mythical creature with a lion’s body and a dragon’s head, found in Hindu and South Indian traditions

46. Y Ddraig Goch – The Red Dragon, a national symbol of Wales

47. Yurlungur – A mythical snake or dragon from Indigenous Australian mythology

48. Zirnitra – A dragon or serpent from Slavic folklore, often associated with water

49. Zmey Gorynych – A three-headed dragon from Russian folklore

Badass Female Dragon Names

1. Feralith (English) – A wild and feral dragon

2. Ignisera (Latin) – A dragon with intense and relentless fire

3. Netherix (English) – A dragon associated with the netherworld

4. Nocturnix (Latin) – A fierce, nocturnal dragon

5. Nyxara (Greek) – Inspired by Nyx, the goddess of the night

6. Obsydora (English) – A dark and formidable dragon

7. Ravenna (Italian) – Meaning blackbird

8. Sablethra (English) – A fierce and dark dragon

9. Tempestara (Latin) – A dragon embodying the fury of a tempest or storm

10. Vengeancea (English) – A dragon associated with revenge and retribution

11. Venomyst (English) – Merging venom and myst

12. Vortexara (Latin) – A dragon with a vortex-like presence

13. Xyrona – A unique and mysterious dragon name with a fierce edge

Wrap Up

There are lots of great names for girl dragons. You can pick names from myths or nature or even make up your own. We hope you find the perfect name for your special female dragon.

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