Strong Girl Names – 230+ Powerful & Elegant Name Ideas

We all aspire for our daughters to blossom into strong, independent, and confident women. Choosing strong girl names that reflect power and strength in their personality is an excellent way to set them on that empowering journey.

Research in psychology has revealed the profound connection between a person’s self-identity and their given name. So, choosing a name that means strong is the perfect option for your baby girl.

Whether you want to take inspiration from renowned actresses, dedicated activists, inspirational speakers, influential politicians, talented artists, compassionate doctors, or individuals whose work you deeply admire, explore these names to reflect such attributes in your daughter in a powerful and meaningful way.

From powerful girl names like Eldreda, Fortney, and Jaiyana to soft but strong names like Benny, Melisande, and Shahan, we have compiled an extensive list to provide you with fantastic ideas.

Aspiring to choose a unique, strong, and powerful name for the sake of welcoming a newborn is a very exciting task. Read our guide to find strong boy names.

Strong Girl Names With Meaning

Strong Girl Names With Meaning

Strong girl names offer a wide array of options. You can choose names with dynamic meanings or opt for names that inherently signify strength.

Here are some of the best options for you:

  1. Alcmene

This Greek name means strength of the moon.

2. Alessia

This Italian name means defending warrior.

3. Balsinde

This Old Saxon name means strong.

4. Bellatrix

This Latin name means female warrior.

5. Carole

This French name means strong.

6. Chasina

This Aramaic name means strong.

7. Elfreda

This English name means elf strength.

8. Erryn

This American name means strong.

9. Fallon

This Irish name means strong or superior.

10. Fortney

This Latin name means strong one.

11. Gabriella

This Spanish name means God is my strength.

12. Gertina

This Old German name means strong spear.

13. Harding

This English name means strong.

14. Hilda

This Danish name means battle warrior.

15. Indartusa

This Hebrew name means God is my strength.

16. Isana

This German name means strong-willed.

17. Jaiyana

This Arabic name means strength.

18. Jasira

This Arabic name means brave.

19. Kainda

This African name means hunter’s daughter.

20. Karla

This Scandinavian name means strength.

21. Larasati

This Indonesian name means strong.

22. Llewella

This Welsh name means strong.

23. Maia

This Greek name means great.

24. Magnilda

This German name means strong battle maiden.

25. Nalda

This Spanish name means strong.

26. Neith

This Egyptian name means divine mother.

27. Odede

This Hebrew name means strong.

28. Olesia

This Ukrainian name means protector of men.

29. Philomena

This Greek name means lover of strength.

30. Potentia

This Latin name means strong.

31. Ragnilda

This German name means all-knowing power.

32. Rhiannon

This Welsh name means Goddess.

33. Saida

This Arabic name means huntress.

34. Shamra

This Arabic name means graciousness.

35. Tahmina

This Arabic name means strong.

36. Thora

This Scandinavian name means thunder Goddess.

37. Valeda

This Latin name means brave.

38. Valencia

This Latin name means strong.

39. Walburga

This Old German name means strong protection.

40. Waltraud

This German name means strong.

41 . Zelma

This German name means God’s helmet.

42. Zenevieva

This Slavic name means woman of the people.

Names That Mean Powerful Girl

Names That Mean Powerful Girl

1. Adira – Hebrew name meaning powerful

2. Akeeva – Hebrew name meaning shelter

3. Bryndis – Scandinavian name meaning strong armor

4. Bree – Irish name meaning strength

5. Chike – Egyptian name meaning power of God

6. Cyrene – Greek name meaning supreme power

7. Etana – Hebrew name meaning strength of purpose

8. Ebba – Danish name meaning strong

9. Fianna – Scottish name meaning band of warriors

10. Frideswide – English name meaning peaceful

11. Geesi – Somali name meaning brave

12. Gertina – An old German name meaning strong spear

13. Honovi – Native American name meaning strong deer

14. Hildegard – Battle stronghold in German

15. Imara – Kiswahili name meaning firm

16. Isadora – Greek name meaning gift of Isis

17. Jara – Slavic name meaning fierce

18. Kaimana – Hawaiian name meaning power of the sea

19. Lenna – German name meaning lion’s strength

20. Maliha – Indian name meaning beautiful

21. Nalda – Spanish name meaning strong

22. Nikita – Greek name meaning victory of people

23. Olympia – Greek name meaning strength

24. Pandora – Greek name meaning all gift

25. Raine – Indian name meaning Queen

26. Sasha – Russian name meaning defender

27. Tena – Latin name meaning strong and healthy

28. Valeda – Latin name meaning brave

29. Walburga – An old German name meaning strong protection

30. Zaila – Arabic name meaning power

Unique Powerful Women Names 

Unique Powerful Women Names

1. Alessia – Italian name meaning defending warrior

2. Alexia – Greek name meaning man’s defender

3. Blyana – Irish name meaning strong

4. Boudicca – Celtic name meaning victory

5. Cassandra – Greek name meaning shining upon man

6. Edira – Hebrew name meaning strong

7. Finley – Irish name meaning fair-haired hero

8. Gwendolyn – Welsh name meaning white ring

9. Harlow – English name meaning army hill

10. Jasira – Arabic name meaning brave

11. Kokoro – Japanese name meaning heart

12. Maganhildi – German name meaning strong battle maiden

13. Nitya – Indian name meaning eternal

14. Rieka – German name meaning power of wolf

15. Solveig – Scandinavian name meaning strong house

16. Tiaret – African name meaning lioness

17. Velda – German name meaning power

18. Virendra – Indian name meaning brave

19. Wilma – German name meaning resolute protection

20. Zephyra – Greek name meaning west wind

Girl Names That Mean Strong

Girl Names That Mean Strong

1. Alima – Hebrew name meaning strong

2. Aluma – Hebrew name meaning strong

3. Bernette – Greek name meaning victory bringer

4. Brigitta – Irish name meaning strength

5. Chasina – Aramaic name meaning strong

6. Erica – German name meaning honorable ruler

7. Fortney – Latin name meaning strong one

8. Gesa – German name meaning strength of spear

9. Harriett – French name meaning estate ruler

10. Jerika – American name meaning strong

11. Kendra – English name meaning knowing

12. Lyra – Greek name meaning lyre

13. Mandana – Persian name meaning everlasting

14. Nimerah – Arabic name meaning strength

15. Rogn – Icelandic name meaning might

16. Sigrid – Norse name meaning fair victory

17. Sariah – Hebrew name meaning princess of God

18. Timber – English name meaning strong

19. Victory – Latin name meaning victory

20. Waltraud – German name meaning strong

Names that possess the tender hush of whisper and exude a fragile elegance like a blossoming flower never fail to inspire, amaze, and please. Read our guide to explore the best soft girl names.

Rare Female Names That Mean Strong

Rare Female Names That Mean Strong

1. Amalda – German name meaning strong

2. Antonia – Latin name meaning praiseworthy

3. Bernessa – Greek name meaning strong

4. Brielle – Hebrew name meaning God is my strength

5. Charlotte – French name meaning strong

6. Colette – French name meaning victory of the people

7. Dorit – Danish name meaning gift of God

8. Erinna – Greek name meaning hero

9. Gesine – German name meaning strength of spear

10. Hertha – Old Norse name meaning strong

11. Kemina – Spanish name meaning strong

12. Leola – Latin name meaning lioness

13. Matilda – German name meaning battle maiden

14. Marcella – Riman name means young warrior

15. Ronae – Old English name meaning strong counsel

16. Shamra – Arabic name meaning graciousness

17. Toireasa – Irish name meaning strong

18. Valerie – French name meaning strength

19. Walta – African name meaning shield

20. Zenobia – Greek name meaning Goddess of strength


Girl Names That Mean Strong And Beautiful

1. Arnia – American name meaning strong as an eagle

2. Avyanna – English name meaning strong and beautiful

3. Bernadina – German name meaning strong

4. Blathnat – Celtic name meaning beautiful little flower

5. Colette – French name meaning people of victory

6. Darcy – Dark-haired

7. Eden – Hebrew name meaning delight

8. Edmee – French name meaning rich protection

9. Hilde – German name meaning battle woman

10. Isa – German name meaning strong-willed

11. Katniss – Greek name meaning aquatic plant

12. Leona – Latin name meaning lioness

13. Meja – Old Norse name meaning power

14. Philomena – Greek name meaning love or strength

15. Ronika – Old English name meaning victory bringer

16. Roskva – Old Norse name meaning brave

17. Shakti – Sanskrit name meaning power

18. Sabiha – Turkish name meaning beautiful

19. Traudi – German name meaning strength of spear

20. Valida – Latin name meaning healthy

Soft But Strong Girl Names

Soft But Strong Girl Names

1. Audrey – English name meaning noble strength

2. Ayesha – Arabic name meaning alive

3. Sabira – Arabic name meaning patient

4. Benny – Latin name meaning strong and blessed

5. Bernadette – French name meaning strong

6. Comfort – French name meaning to strengthen greatly

7. Ermintrude – German name meaning strength

8. Generys – Welsh name meaning girl hero

9. Honovia – Native American name meaning strong deer

10. Jaiyana – Arabic name meaning strength

11. Kaiya – Japanese name meaning forgiveness

12. Melisande – German name meaning strong in work

13. Morowa – African name meaning Queen

14. Nova – Latin name meaning new

15. Nimerah – Arabic name meaning strength

16. Ronisha – Hindu name meaning bright

17. Shahan – Persian name meaning Queen

18. Sharla – English name meaning warrior

19. Treasa – Gaelic name meaning strong

20. Valka – Latin name meaning strong

Strong Female Names In History

Strong Female Names In History

1. Athena – Greek Goddess of wisdom

2. Artemis – Greek name meaning Goddess of the hunt

3. Astrid – Scandinavian name meaning beloved by the Gods

4. Balwinder – an Indian name meaning victorious through strength

5. Constantia – Italian name meaning steadfast

6. Elara – Greek name of the Goddess of the moon

7. Freya – Norse mythological name meaning peace

8. Gunhild – Old Norse name meaning battle

9. Hera – Greek Goddess of marriage

10. Ingrid – Nordic name meaning daughter of the hero

11. Meredith – Welsh name meaning great ruler

12. Minka – Polish name meaning gilded helmet

13. Nerthus – German name meaning strong

14. Reginn – Old Norse name meaning power of Gods

15. Rhea – Greek mythology name meaning powerful mother

16. Sandra – Name of the first jurist in the US Supreme Court

17. Thora – Scandinavian name meaning thunder Goddess

18. Tyra – Scandinavian name meaning thunder warrior

19. Vilja – Swedish name meaning strong desire

20. Zora – African American literature pioneer’s name taken from Zora Neale Hurston

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Short, Strong Girl Names

Short, Strong Girl Names

1. Aziza – Arabic name meaning powerful and beloved

2. Adira – Hebrew name meaning strong

3. Bia – Latin name meaning traveler

4. Cyra – Persian name meaning throne

5. Ebba – Scandinavian name meaning brave

6. Elsie – God is my oath in English

7. Freda – Fair

8. Ildri – Scandinavian name meaning fire and peace

9. Kana – Japanese name meaning powerful

10. Mildred – English name meaning gentle strength

11. Marise – Endless in Japanese

12. Nimai – Indian name meaning filled with inner light

13. Nori – Japanese name meaning belief

14. Ruth – Hebrew name meaning compassionate friend

15. Sage – Latin name meaning wise

16. Trudi – German name meaning spear of strength

17. Uma – Tranquility

18. Wei – Chinese name meaning brilliant

19. Yara – Small butterfly

20. Zosia – Wisdom

Strong Female Names

1. Aesira – Scandinavian name meaning powerful

2. Andricia – Strong

3. Branka – Slavic name meaning protect

4. Bellicent – Strength

5. Cyrene – Persian name meaning throne

6. Cleopatra – Greek name meaning praise

7. Dree – Greek name meaning strong

8. Edrea – British name meaning powerful

9. Elizabeth – Hebrew name meaning God’s oath

10. Imelda – German name battle

11. Jaya – Hindi name meaning victory

12. Keren – Greek name meaning pure

13. Mel – Scottish name meaning armored chief

14. Medusa – Greek Goddess name

15. Millicent – German name meaning strong in work

16. Nyathera – African name meaning she survived

17. Rosamund – German name meaning horse protection

18. Ricarda – Italian name meaning brave one

19. Qadira – Arabic name meaning power

20. Virendra – an Indian name meaning brave

Wrapping Up

The power of a name should not be underestimated. It plays a vital role in shaping an individual’s self-identity and can be a constant source of inspiration and motivation throughout their life journey.

By choosing a strong and meaningful name for your daughter, you can help instill a sense of strength, independence, and confidence, setting the stage for a future filled with determination and empowerment.

Hopefully, this compilation of strong girl names will truly inspire you.

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