Name That Means Night – Darkness-Inspired Impressions

Discovering names that mean “night” takes us from ancient stories to modern styles, showing that these names have a special charm beyond languages. In Greek tales, Nox is the first goddess of night, and in Norse stories, Nótt brings a unique Northern touch to the night’s symbolism. Jump into Japanese and Hindi languages, where Yoru and Raatri give a beautiful touch to talking about the night. As we explore these different cultures, we see that names reveal deep links between language, stories, and the timeless magic of the night.

Let’s find out the names in different languages, meaning night. We will explore the list of cool names to use in your social media or as your username.

Names carrying specific meanings, such as those signifying “Names That Mean God’s Gift,” can profoundly shape a person’s personality. Such names often portray an individual characterized by humility and compassion.

Names Meaning Night Or Moon

30 Names Meaning Night Or Moon

1. Luna – Origin: Italian/Spanish, Meaning: Moon

2. Selene – Origin: Greek, Meaning: Goddess of the moon

3. Nox – Origin: Latin, Meaning: Night

4. Nótt – Origin: Norse, Meaning: Night

5. Yoru – Origin: Japanese, Meaning: Night

6. Raatri – Origin: Hindi, Meaning: Night

7. Artemis – Origin: Greek, Meaning: Goddess of the moon

8. Cynthia – Origin: Greek, Meaning: Moon

9. Diana – Origin: Latin, Meaning: Goddess of the moon

10. Aysel – Origin: Turkish, Meaning: Moonlight

11. Chandra – Origin: Sanskrit, Meaning: Moon

12. Phoebe – Origin: Greek, Meaning: Bright, shining one

13. Nyssa – Origin: Greek, Meaning: Beginning of the night

14. Aisha – Origin: Arabic, Meaning: Alive, living

15. Crescentia – Origin: Latin, Meaning: Crescent moon

16. Kamar – Origin: Arabic, Meaning: Moon

17. Hecate – Origin: Greek, Meaning: Goddess associated with the moon

18. Jerah – Origin: Hebrew, Meaning: Month, moon

19. Mani – Origin: Norse, Meaning: Moon

20. Elara – Origin: Greek, Meaning: Moon of Jupiter

21. Nisha – Origin: Sanskrit, Meaning: Night

22. Layla – Origin: Arabic, Meaning: Night

23. Qamar – Origin: Arabic, Meaning: Moon

24. Aisha – Origin: Swahili, Meaning: Life, alive

25. Soma – Origin: Sanskrit, Meaning: Nectar of the moon

26. Liora – Origin: Hebrew, Meaning: My light

27. Mizuki – Origin: Japanese, Meaning: Beautiful moon

28. Nova – Origin: Latin, Meaning: New

29. Stella – Origin: Latin, Meaning: Star (connected to moonlit nights)

30. Athena – Origin: Greek, Meaning: Goddess of wisdom and the moon

20 Name That Means Night In Japanese

Name That Means Night In Japanese

Here is a list of Japanese names that mean “night”:

1. Yoru (夜)

2. Yami (闇)

3. Akumu (悪夢) – Meaning “nightmare”

4. Ankoku (暗黒) – Meaning “darkness”

5. Yozora (夜空) – Meaning “night sky”

6. Kurayami (暗闇) – Meaning “darkness”

7. Mayonaka (真夜中) – Meaning “midnight”

8. Yobai (夜這い) – A poetic term for the act of stealthy nighttime courtship

9. Koyoi (今宵) – Meaning “tonight”

10. Yamiko (夜巫女) – Meaning “night priestess”

11. Tsukiyo (月夜) – Meaning “moonlit night”

12. Yakamashii (夜騒がしい) – Meaning “noisy at night”

13. Kokoyakyu (小夜妖) – A name with a mysterious and enchanting feel, combining characters for “night” and “bewitching.”

14. Yumetsuki (夢月) – Meaning “dream moon”

15. Kageyami (影夜) – A name blending “shadow” and “night”

16. Yamiyo (闇夜) – Meaning “dark night”

17. Yurei (夜霊) – Meaning “night spirit” or “ghost”

18. Kurashi (暮) – Referring to the evening or twilight

19. Yoimachi (宵町) – Meaning “night town” or “evening street.”

20. Ayashii (怪しい) – Meaning “suspicious” or “mysterious,” often associated with the night.

20 Name That Means Night In English

Name That Means Night In English

Here’s the list of names, along with their meanings:

1. Nightshade is a toxic plant associated with the night.

2. Shadow – A dark area or shape produced by an object blocking light.

3. Eclipse – The partial or complete blocking of one celestial body by another.

4. Nocturne – A musical composition inspired by or evocative of the night.

5. Dusk – The darker stage of twilight before night fully sets in.

6. Moonbeam – A shaft of moonlight.

7. Twilight – The soft, diffused light occurring when the sun is below the horizon.

8. Stellar – Relating to stars, often associated with the night sky.

9. Starlight – The light emitted by stars.

10. Midnight – The middle of the night; midnight.

11. Lunar – Relating to the moon.

12. Eventide – The end of the day; evening.

13. Darkling – In darkness or the dark.

14. Noctis is Latin for “of the night.”

15. Crescent – The curved shape of the moon in its first or last quarter.

16. Obsidian – A type of dark, volcanic glass.

17. Seraphina – Derived from “seraphim,” associated with angels and celestial beings.

18. Asteria – Greek mythology: Titaness associated with falling stars and night-time divinations.

19. Celestia – From “celestial,” meaning heavenly or of the sky.

20. Dexter – Originally meaning “right,” but can be associated with the phrase “dead of night.”

30 Names Meaning Dusk

Names Meaning Dusk

1. Crepsculo – Spanish, meaning Dusk

2. Vespera – Latin, meaning Evening Star

3. Saran – Welsh, meaning Dusk

4. Anochecer – Spanish, meaning Nightfall

5. Evening – English, representing the time of day

6. Hesperos – Greek, meaning Evening

7. Nokuturna – Esperanto, meaning Nocturnal

8. Shamal – Arabic, meaning Evening Wind

9. Vesper – Latin, meaning Evening

10. Tuski – Native American (Hopi), meaning Dusk

11. Crepuscolo – Italian, meaning Twilight

12. Hafsa – Arabic, meaning Gathering at Night

13. Aubade – French, meaning Dawn Serenade (although not dusk, it’s related to the changing light)

14. Sannsetur – Icelandic, meaning Sunset

15. Vakare – Lithuanian, meaning Dusk

16. Iltahmy – Finnish, meaning Evening

17. Vesperi – Finnish, meaning Evening

18. Srga – Serbian, meaning Dusk

19. Wazir – Arabic, meaning Evening Time

20. Zephyrine – Greek, meaning West Wind (associated with evening)

21. Hespera – Greek, meaning Evening

22. Sereno – Italian, meaning Serene or Clear Evening

23. Vakenacht – Dutch, meaning Awake at Night

24. Malam – Malay/Indonesian, meaning Evening or Night

25. Mosegi – Yoruba, meaning Twilight

26. Akamai – Hawaiian, meaning Clever or Intelligent (associated with twilight wisdom)

27. Yuzuki – Japanese, meaning Evening Moon

28. Zywie – Polish, meaning Alive or Lively (connected to the lively evening)

29. Ilta – Finnish, meaning Evening

30. Ratri – Sanskrit, meaning Night

20 Girl Names That Mean Night And Darkness

Girl Names That Mean Night And Darkness

1. Layla – Arabic, meaning Night

2. Nisha – Sanskrit, meaning Night

3. Selene – Greek, meaning Goddess of the Moon

4. Yoru – Japanese, meaning Night

5. Nox – Latin, meaning Night

6. Raat – Hindi/Urdu, meaning Night

7. Nyssa – Greek, meaning Beginning of Night

8. Kali – Sanskrit, meaning Dark Goddess or Night

9. Leilani – Hawaiian, meaning Heavenly Flower or Royal Child of the Night

10. Aisha – Arabic, meaning Alive or Living, also associated with the Night

11. Midori – Japanese, meaning Green, associated with the color of nature during the Night

12. Zora – Slavic, meaning Dawn or Aurora, representing the transition from Night to day

13. Nyx – Greek, meaning Goddess of the Night

14. Cassiopeia – Greek, meaning She Who Shines Around the Earth, a constellation associated with the night sky

15. Estelle – French, meaning Star, often linked with the celestial beauty of the Night

16. Mystique – English, meaning Mystery or Enigma, associated with the mystical nature of the Night

17. Lilith – Hebrew, meaning Night Monster or Storm Goddess

18. Nuit – Egyptian, meaning Sky or Heaven, often associated with the night sky

19. Eclipse – English, referring to the celestial event when the moon covers the sun

20. Twila – English, meaning Twilight or Evening Twilight

Names Meaning Midnight For Girls And Boys

Names Meaning Midnight For Girls And Boys


1. Mignighta – A creative and unique adaptation directly inspired by “midnight.”

2. Nocturna – Latin, meaning Nocturnal or of the Night, capturing the essence of midnight.

3. Serenada – A playful combination of “serene” and “Ada,” suggesting tranquility at midnight.

4. Chiaroscuro – Italian origin, meaning Light-Dark, evoking the contrast found in the midnight sky.

5. Lunamid – A modern fusion of “luna” (moon) and “mid,” symbolizing midnight.

6. Nyxel – Blending “Nyx,” the Greek goddess of the night, with the suffix “el.”

7. Gwynight – Combining “Gwyn,” meaning fair or blessed, with “night” for a charming twist.

8. Zephyrae – A poetic name blending “zephyr,” a gentle breeze, with “rae,” suggesting midnight calm.

9. Stellamid – Merging “stella” (star) with “mid” to signify midnight’s starry beauty.

10. Velvetara – Combining the softness of “velvet” with “ara” for a luxurious midnight feel.


1. Nocturno – Spanish, meaning Nocturnal or of the Night, suitable for a midnight-inspired name.

2. Midnightius – A playful and creative adaptation inspired by “midnight.”

3. Astronox – A fusion of “astro” (star) and “nox” (night), symbolizing the celestial midnight sky.

4. Velvetus – A masculine twist, combining “velvet” with “us” for a midnight-inspired feel.

5. Sablex – A unique blend of “sable,” meaning dark, with the suffix “ex.”

6. Lunarus – A combination of “lunar” (moon) and “rus,” suggesting midnight’s moonlit charm.

7. Noxelis – Merging “nox” (night) with the suffix “elis” for a distinctive midnight name.

8. Aurelunar – Combining “aureus” (golden) with “lunar” for a touch of midnight elegance.

9. Mystelis – A mysterious twist, combining “mystic” with “elis” for a midnight allure.

10. Chiaromido – A creative fusion of “chiaro” (clear) and “mido,” suggesting midnight clarity.

Names That Mean Night Sky For Girls And Boys

Names That Mean Night Sky For Girls And Boys


1. Stellara – A creative fusion of “stellar,” meaning star, and “ara,” suggesting the night sky.

2. Celestia – Latin, meaning Heavenly or Celestial, often associated with the night sky.

3. Serenity – English, meaning Calm and Tranquil, evoking the serene beauty of the night sky.

4. Lunara – A combination of “lunar,” relating to the moon, and “ara,” suggesting the night sky.

5. Astraia – Greek, meaning Starry Night, capturing the celestial essence.

6. Nyxia – A modern and unique name inspired by Nyx, the Greek goddess of the night.

7. Galadriel – Elvish origin, associated with the night sky, popularized by Tolkien’s works.

8. Aurora – Latin, meaning Dawn, symbolizing the transition from night to day.

9. Evanthia – Greek, meaning Blossom of the Evening, alluding to the night sky’s beauty.

10. Sylvia Noctis – A combination of “sylvia,” meaning woods, and “noctis,” Latin for night.


1. Astros – Greek, meaning Star, signifying the brilliance of the night sky.

2. Orion – Greek mythology, a prominent constellation in the night sky.

3. Caelum – Latin, meaning Sky, representing the expansive night sky.

4. Cosmo – Greek, meaning Order, Harmony, or Universe, often associated with the cosmos.

5. Astraion – A unique name derived from “astra,” meaning star, emphasizing the night sky.

6. Altair – Arabic, meaning The Flying One, a prominent star in the night sky.

7. Cassio – A shortened form of Cassiopeia, a constellation in the northern sky.

8. Nebulae – Latin, meaning clouds, is often used to describe celestial clouds in the night sky.

9. Horizon – English, representing the boundary between the earth and the sky.

10. Sirius – Greek, meaning Glowing or Scorching, the brightest star in the night sky.

Winding Up

From old stories to today’s favorites, these names go beyond borders. Each one has a tale, linking words, myths, and the charm of the night. Discover names inspired by the moon and midnight mysteries. Explore the beauty of names that tell stories of the night sky.

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