Names that mean Angel – 130+ Divine Ideas For Girls

A new chapter of love, joy, responsibility, and celebration begins after a new addition to the family. The most exciting decision to make after the arrival of a precious little one in the family is choosing an exceptionally perfect name. Are you excited to choose names that mean angel?

Angel names are well-known among parents because angels are linked with versatile qualities like virtue, guidance, and protection. Some angel names are preferred because of their religious and spiritual connection.

We have compiled a list of heavenly divine and unique angel names for your little one, along with their origin and meaning to inspire a spirit of greatness from the very first day.

Beautiful Baby Names That Mean Angel

Beautiful Baby Names That Mean Angel

Here is the list of the most beautiful baby names that symbolize angelic qualities and evoke a spirit of purity, honesty, and optimism.

  1. Angelico

This is an Italian name that means angelic.

2. Aingeal

Irish girl name that means angel

3. Azriel

Azriel is the name of the angel of death in the Islamic religion, and this name means ‘angel of God.’

4. Angelique

French girl name that means like an angel

5. Deangelo

The meaning of this Italian name is from the angel

6. D’Angelo

Italian boy name that means from the angel

7. Erela

Hebrew girl name that means angel

8. Erelah

Hebrew girl name that means angel

9. Engelbert

German boy name that means bright as an angel

10 .Evangeline

Greek girl name that means one who brings good news

11. Faida

Icelandic girl name that means folded wings

12. Malak

An Arabic name that means angel

13. Malaikah

An Arabic origin name that means ‘angel.’

14. Remiel

It is also the name of an angel in Jewish and Christian tradition, which means thunder of God.

15. Suriel

This name is royal, and it means Prince of God

16. Serafim

Hebrew boy’s name means an angel-like human being

17. Seraphina

Hebrew girl name that means fiery-winged

18. Uriel

This name means Light of God

19. Zadkiel

This name means God is my righteousness and is associated with mercy, compassion, and positive qualities.

20. Zedekiel

The meaning of this name is the grace of God.

Best Female Angel Names 

Best Female Angel Names

  1. Agnolla

This name means Angel.

2. Angela

This name means Messenger of God.

3. Angelaina

This name means ‘Form of Angel’.

4. Angelea

This name means Messenger or messenger of God

5. Angelene

This name also means Messenger or messenger of God

6. Angelie

This name means Messenger of God.

7. Angeliyah

This name means Ascending Angel

8. Angelynn

This name means Messenger or messenger of God

9. Annchi

This name means Peace

10. Archangela

This name means High-ranking angel

11. Arella

This name means Messenger from God, angel

12. Engelbertina

This name means Bright angel

13. Engelbertine

This name means Bright angel

14. Evangelina

This name means Good news

15. Gabriella

This name means ‘God is my strength and power.’

16. Lailah

This name is actually a form of Layla

17. Melangell

This name means Dear angel

18. Melek

This name means Angel

19. Michaela

A Hebrew name that means Like God

20. Raphaela

The meaning of this name is God heals

21. Rosangela

This name is the Combination of Rose and Angela

22. Serissa

This name means Seraphim, Angel

23. Uriela

This name means God’s light

24. Xeraphina

This name means Seraphim, Angel

25. Zacharina

This name means Yahweh has remembered

Celebrate the distinctive essence of your child by choosing names that mean rebirth that encapsulate the spirit of fresh beginnings and the embrace of new possibilities.

Unique Angel Names For Girls

Unique Angel Names For Girls

1. Angeletta – This name means Little angel.

2. Angelica – This name means Angelic.

3. Fadia – Arabic name that means Savior.

4. Gloria – Latin name that means Glory.

5. Gotzone – Basque name that means Angel.

6. Halo – A Hebrew name that means Divine aura.

7. Harini – A Sanskrit name that means Angel.

8. Heaven – An English name that means Home of the angels.

9. Hectate – Greek name that means Mythical goddess of witchcraft.

10. Hermione – Greek name that means Messenger god.

11. Isis – Egyptian name that means Goddess of plenty.

12. Jophiel – Hebrew means The beauty of God.

13. Laila – Arabic name that means Born in the Night or Night beauty.

14. Lieke – Dutch name that means Little angel.

15. Mercy – English name that means Compassion.

16. Micha – Hebrew name that means someone who is like God.

17. Michelle – French name that means Close to God.

18. Mitra – Hindi/Persian name that means Angel.

19. Nelchael – This name means the Angel of learning in occultism.

20. Ourania – Greek name that means Heavenly.

21. Parisa – A Persian name that means Like a fairy.

22. Raziel – An Aramaic name that means The angel of secrets.

23. Remiel – Hebrew name that means Thunder of God.

24. Reya – Greek name that means Angel.

25. Riyon – Indian name that means The beauty of Heaven.

26. Saeko – Japanese name that means Serene and angelic child.

Creative Girl Names That Mean Angel

1. Aeshma – This name means Persian archangel.

2. Amitiel – This name means angel of truth.

3. Angelette – This name means messenger of God.

4. Briathos – This name means one who thwarts demons.

5. Cael – This name means Cancerian angel.

6. Cassiel – This name means angel of Saturday.

7. Charmeine – This name means singer.

8. Duma – This name means angel prince of dreams.

9. Eae – This name means angel who used to thwart demons.

10. Elyon – This name means hail upon Egypt.

11. Javann – This name means Greece.

12. Jeremiel – This name means the mercy of God.

13. Miniel – This name means angel invoked to induce love.

14. Paschar – This name means Angel of vision.

15. Puriel – This name means the fire of God.

16. Rabia – This name means spring.

17. Seraphin – This name means fiery ones.

18. Sidqiel – This name means ruler of Venus.

19. Tubiel – This name means angel of summer.

20. Zerachiel – This name means God’s command.

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Aesthetic Names Meaning Angel

Aesthetic Names Meaning Angel

1. Aingeal (Greek origin) – This name means ‘messenger of God’ or ‘angel.’

2. Amitiel – This name means angel of truth.

3. Anahera (Maori origin) – This name means Angel.

4. Apsara (Indian origin) – This is the name of a female angel.

5. Ariella (Hebrew origin) – A feminine variant of an angel named Ariel.

6. Dina (Hebrew origin) – An alternative name for the angel Jophiel.

7. Fereshteh – Persian name that means Angel.

8. Haniel (Hebrew origin) – The meaning of this name is ‘God is my grace.’

9. Lucianna – A famous Spanish and Italian name that means light.

10. Luma – Latin name that means Light.

11. Luz – A Spanish name that means Light.

12. Malika – African/Arabic name that means Queen.

13. Mariangela – Greek name that means Angel of the sea and sorrow.

14. Nevaeh – An enchanting name that means Heaven, spelled backward.

15. Nimphy – Hindi name that means Maiden or of the goddess.

16. Oriel – Latin/French that means The angel of wisdom.

17. Tuyen – This name means Angel.

Angelic Girl Names

Angelic Girl Names

1. Angelisa – This name means messenger.

2. Azrael – This name means archangel of death.

3. Bariel – This name means hour of the day.

4. Saint – Latin name that means a holy person.

5. Sarea – Hebrew name which is known as the name of an angel.

6. Sariel – Hebrew name that means Beloved of God.

7. Serene – Latin name that means calm.

8. Shannon – This is the name of the Irish goddess of wisdom.

9. Tahleel – This Arabic name means that there is no God except Allah.

10. Thora – Norse name that means Thunder goddess.

11. Tien – Vietnamese name that means Fairy.

12. Trinity – Latin name that means Triad.

13. Urania – Greek name that means Goddess of the stars.

14. Yael – Hebrew and biblical name that means to ascend.

15. Zaria – Slavic name that means Goddess of the dawn.

16. Zion – Hebrew name that means The highest point.

17. Zuriel – This name means Angel of beauty and fertility.

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Names That Mean Angel From Heaven

1. Abaddon (Hebrew origin) – means ‘destruction.’ The name of an angel of the abyss.

2. Abezethibou (Hebrew origin) – Name of the angel who chased the fallen angel Beelzebub and became a demon.

3. Azazel (Arabic and Hebrew origins) – A fallen angel in the Book of Enoch.

4. Beelzebub (Hebrew origin) – known as the ‘lord of flies’ and a fallen angel.

5. Belial (Hebrew origin) – meaning ‘wicked.’

6. Kokabiel (Greek and Aramaic origin) – This name means the ‘star of God.’

7. Leviathan (Hebrew origin) – This name is also mentioned as a fallen angel.

8. Mammon (Aramaic or Hebrew origin) – meaning ‘wealth.’

9. Yomiel (Greek and Aramaic origin) – meaning ‘day of God,’ was mentioned as an angel leader in the Book of Enoch.

Wrapping up

Picking a unique name that carries the meaning of angel for your little one is such a great idea. It’s an amazing way to represent their celestial beauty and wish for beautiful qualities like kindness, protection, and guidance throughout their life’s journey.

Whether you lean towards classic, modern, or unique options, we’ve given you a versatile and aesthetic variety of angelic names that can add a touch of grace and divinity to your precious bundle of joy. You will definitely find the perfect name from the above-mentioned compiled lists – a name that can resonate with you and your precious little one.

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