Learning Experience Review: Is This a Good Choice for Pereschoolers?

A responsible child care facility helps your child develop in their early years without putting too much strain or forcing them to grow out of their young age. A good daycare, such as the Learning Experience School (TLE), allows children to develop and learn social, cognitive, and intellectual abilities while also allowing the children to play and thrive. This article will give you a detailed review of the Learning Experience school and its tuition rates.

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Learning Experience school and its tuition rates

The Learning Experience School review

The Learning Experience is a childcare franchise that provides children with early education. It is perfect for caring for babies from six weeks to kindergarten. It has 300 locations around the United States. The Learning Experience’s standout characteristics are outstanding communication via the show-n-tell app and extremely competent employees.

The Learning Experience School review

Typical activities

  • Learning through engaging activities and new skills promoted each day by lovable and unique characters such as bubbles and friends app for a more hands-on approach. The children enjoy the structured curriculum and have fun while learning.
  • The curriculum allows kindergarten children to take the initiative and discover and explore activities. They learn through practically doing the task and have fun while doing that. The day starts with a brief overview and snack time and later moves on to modules like language and literacy that help develop the children’s communication, reading, and speaking skills.
  • There is always time for healthy physical activities such as yoga, playing, and dancing for kids of all ages to help them stay focused and recharged.
  • The students learn all essential skills required before entering elementary school, such as communication, reading, writing, languages, social skills, etc.

Overall, the classroom activities ensure that the children do not get bored and are constantly engaged in learning activities that encourage them to learn new skills. The teachers and staff are also responsible and care for kids at every step.


TLE schools are open from 6:30 a.m. to 8 a.m. and close between 5:30 p.m. and 6:30 p.m.

The Learning Experience tuition costs

TLE is significantly more expensive than other daycare programs, with tuition costs ranging from 800 to over 1000, depending on the age range. However, you can find amazing deals on Groupon and get half the tuition.

What makes the Learning Experience special?

Lessons & activities

The Learning Experience (TLE), like many of the greatest preschools and daycares, has its own distinct curriculum that offers it an advantage over its competitors. It is known as L.E.A.P.: Learning Experience Academic Program and its major purpose is to increase children’s participation and discovery. Each day’s learning experience centers are represented by ninety cartoon characters who serve as educators and friends to the children. Six curriculum programs are based on age groups, ranging from infants to kindergarteners, each with a different course design and module for the best age-appropriate activities and education.

Resources and facilities

Breakfast, lunch, and snacks are among the many services available to children of all ages. Infants are also provided with formula milk, diapers, and bedding. However, these services differ in every center so it is better to visit the institute in person to see all of the provided facilities.

Effective Development through languages

Even though it is an expensive childcare option, thousands of satisfied parents nonetheless recommend it and select it. What parents appreciate the most about the TLE curriculum is the emphasis on language learning and development. Spanish, Chinese, Sign, and English are among the available languages. Learning sign language at an early age teaches children to be more tolerant and accepting of other impaired members of society and acquire various modes of communication.

Kind staff

Parents also commend the personnel for being reassuring and genuine individuals who genuinely care about the children. The teachers don’t push the children or force them to do anything. The teachers are also kind towards the parents and understand their concerns.

Communication technology

Communication is essential, especially when parents are involved. Therefore, the Show N Tell app allows parents to evaluate their child’s growth and receive updates and images from the child’s day at school. Specific events are also communicated to parents. Parents also receive reminders and updates via the app on diaper changes, meals, and images of their children participating in enjoyable activities in class. Parents are also informed of what their children have eaten and how long they have slept.


If you are looking for the perfect setup of an early education program for your kids and want them to be secure in their skill sets and find their individuality in the world, then the TLE is the ideal place. Even though it is a bit expensive, you are guaranteed to receive all essential elements for your child’s proper growth and development.


  • TLE is ideal for parents who want their kids to be well-prepared before they start their school life.
  • There is a special focus on language learning, which also increases kids’ cognitive abilities.
  • Every lesson is made attractive by introducing fun animated characters.


  • It is quite expensive.


What makes a preschool special and different?

A good preschool institute will allow active learning of the children without making the lessons too boring or hard to understand. It allows the kids to learn through their own personal experience rather than just demonstrations.

Is a preschool necessary?

Yes, a good preschool will provide a platform for the kids to learn social and emotional skills and be more independent thinkers and performers aware of their individuality.

Final Verdict

This review article focused on a detailed review of the learning experience schools and its pricing, which are an ideal platform for enhancing social, cognitive, and physical skills. The schools have their pros and cons, like all other institutions. The Learning Experience tuition rates are expensive, so you may hesitate to advance. Still, if you want your kids to be emotionally and socially able in a challenging world, TLE provides the best early education environment. For in-depth insight, you can always visit the school for a tour and see the school environment in your nearest branch.

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