Primrose Review: Is It Worth It?

The most crucial responsibility for new and existing parents is to raise their children and the next generation. Everyone wants their children to be well-mannered and good-natured people, but responsible parents also want to raise their children to be creative, skilled, and independent thinkers who know what they want, like, and dislike. A daycare is a type of institution that allows children to grow autonomously and discover their true selves while also learning, socializing, and participating in exciting activities.

Primrose daycare

When you think of a well-renowned and trustworthy daycare for your children, Primrose Daycare is the ideal option, with over 465 franchises in 33 states. Why? Because it runs on its unique philosophy of a proprietary Balanced Learning curriculum, which allows the proper care and learning of kids in their early years and focuses on children taking the initiative in playing and learning guided by the teacher. In this way, children actively and willingly participate in learning and discovering new things rather than being forced to do so.

Primrose provides complete early childhood education and care for children ages six weeks to 6 years, as well as after-school activities for students up to the age of 12. Overall, the daycare has excellent facilities and personnel, as well as a superb curriculum. Although they are pricey and have extensive waiting lists, daycare is worth a try if you want to make the most of your child’s early preschool years.

This article will provide you with an overview of the essential characteristics and aspects of Primrose Daycare, such as its teaching and learning philosophy, tuition costs, and the benefits and drawbacks so you can make a good decision for your children in selecting the preschool.

Typical activities

  • Language and literacy lie at the core of Primrose Daycare, where children experience reading, sign language, phonics, and storytime.
  • It is important to understand relationships, especially for kids; therefore, social studies is a great way to enhance that area in order to understand the ties of friends and family.
  • Math and science bring an understanding of the senses to make use of and enhance problem-solving and observation skills.
  • Creative arts allow for a more abstract understanding of contemporary art.
  • The physical development activities on the state-of-art playgrounds allow the children to make better use of their physical form in order to learn proper movement.
  • There is a special focus on developing and nurturing emotional intelligence, which helps kids learn behavioral and relationship aspects.
  • The language and music lessons allow for the understanding of communication and learning.

Overall, the classroom activities push for better and quick growth in a balanced and healthy learning environment.


As Primrose Schools is a franchise, the typical day will vary depending on the individual school, so it’s better to contact the local school in your area. The schools are usually open from 6.30 am to around 6.00 pm five days a week from Monday through Friday. If you are looking for more specific time periods in a day, there are full-time and part-time options available, and some also offer a school day kindergarten program from around 8.00 am until around 3.00 pm.


The Primrose school costs are not published online because they vary across different locations as well as age groups, so it is a wise decision to take a local tour and figure out the costs yourself. What we found from research is that the costs for the early preschool group to toddlers fall under 400, which is still expensive, yet it is also reasonable when considering the school’s childcare facilities.

What makes Primrose Daycare special?

Lessons & activities

The teaching at Primrose Schools is highly regarded by parents, who specifically emphasize the activities, both structured and unorganized, as well as the teachers who prioritize child care in all aspects. The activities are age-appropriate and do not push the children too far beyond their capabilities. The classes are enjoyable and interesting, which encourages students to learn about new topics and categories. The activities also encourage reading, which is an important and important element of learning.


In a daycare, cleanliness is the most important factor as working around with the kids can get messy, keeping in mind the constant activities. Parents and visitors have constantly praised the clean and neat environment in the daycare center, which always smells fresh and squeaky clean.

Effective Development

The focus on development is mainly the reason why Primrose stands out from the crowd as compared to other schools and daycare centers. You don’t just watch your child do random activities. Rather, your child is guided along a proper curriculum to achieve effective development that is visible. In addition, community outreach for character development is another central goal of the Primrose schools, which is achieved through food donations across the country. Children are also taught parent communication skills to achieve a better understanding within home and school and maximize their educational and personal experiences.

Communication technology

Technology has simplified the way communication occurs, and Primrose preschools have effectively implemented it in their communication using apps and websites. These channels allow the parents to go through their child’s development and learning in order to evaluate the detailed insights provided by caregivers. The parents can also view the progress of their child through photos provided by the Tadpole app.


  • Primrose schools provide a healthy, clean, safe, and nurturing environment.
  • There is an additional focus on creating an engaging experience.
  • Communication and relationship skills lie at the core of every lesson.


  • It is expensive and can be hard to get into due to long waitlists.


What are some qualities that a good daycare center should have?

A good daycare center should be safe and clean and have incompetent responsible, and compassionate teachers that result in happy children with effective skill development.

Does a daycare develop communication skills?

Yes, in a daycare center like Primrose, communication is a special focus that allows the children to develop and grow ties with not just their teachers and fellow mates but also improve communication with parents.

Final Verdict

This review article focused on a detailed review of the Primrose preschools, which are considered the best among their counterparts. The schools have their pros and cons, but at the end of the day, the pros weigh heavier as the Primrose daycare center focuses on effective independent child development and communication skills in the early years of the kids, which help them become better individuals.

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