150+ Good Paladin Names for RPG & Fantasy Novels

Are you trying to find the best Paladin name that shows bravery and strength for your little baby or your character? Well, you’re in luck, as we have many creative and good Paladin names to choose from.

Paladins are known to be brave and strong, so whether you need a name for your character in a game, a novel, or maybe for your little baby, finding a name related to Paladins is a great place to start.

With so many different names to choose from, we’re sure you can find something that will inspire you.

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Good Paladin Names

Good Paladin Names

  1. Ambrose(Greek): Can live forever.
  2. Aurelius(Roman): Gleaming and unique.
  3. Bastian(Greek): A very important person who is full of knowledge.
  4. Cassian(Latin): This is a name that means hollow or empty.
  5. Cedric(Celtic): A good person who is known to be kind.
  6. Dorian(Greek): Name of a person who comes from the old Greek tribe, the Dorians.
  7. Emery(Germanic): This name comes from the old Geman name Emmerich and means powerful leader.
  8. Fabian(Roman): A name that comes from Fabianus and is associated with Saint Fabian.
  9. Galen(Greek): It remains who is always calm and serene.
  10. Hadrian(Roman): A name that suggests strength, leadership, and a link to the Roman legacy.
  11. Ignatius(Latin): A strong name whose meaning is uncertain but is usually related to the Latin word Ignis which means fire.
  12. Jasper(Persian): A name that comes from the word Yasper which means treasurer.
  13. Kenelm(Old English): A name that means royal helmet and signifies strength and protection.
  14. Leopold(Germanic): A strong German name that can mean Bold Leader.
  15. Lucian(Latin): A name that means Light in Latin and is usually associated with someone intelligent.
  16. Magnus(Roman): A name that means great or large and is often given to someone huge and powerful.
  17. Marcellus(Latin): A very common name in ancient Rome and is a name rich in history that signifies strength.
  18. Nathaniel(Hebrew): A Biblical name that means gift of God, great for a holy Paladin.
  19. Octavian(Roman): A name that means eighth, the name was inspired by Gaius Octavius and signifies strength.
  20. Peregrine(Latin): A name that means traveler and someone open to new experiences.
  21. Quentin(Latin): A name that means Fifth and is usually given to the 5th person born in a family.
  22. Raphael(Hebrew): A lovely name that means ‘God Heals’ and is associated with healing.
  23. Siegfried(Germanic): He is a classic hero who saves people from the darkness and the evil.
  24. Tiberius(Roman): A name associated with the River Tiber in Italy and is connected to authority and strength.
  25. Ulric(Germanic): A name meaning ‘powerful heritage’ and signifies strength & leadership.
  26. Xavier(Basque): Name that comes from Etxeberria which means ‘the new house’.
  27. Zacharias(Hebrew): Name that means ‘Yahweh remembers’ and is related to faithfulness and blessings.
  28. Aldwin(Germanic): A lovely German name that can mean ‘old friend’ and is related to loyalty.
  29. Berengar(Germanic): A name that means ‘bright spear’ and is related to being powerful.
  30. Constantine(Roman): A name that means ‘constant’ and relates to an excellent person and a great leader.
  31. Eamon(Irish): A name that can mean ‘wealthy protector’ and is often associated with a protector.
  32. Frederick(Germanic): A name that can mean ‘peaceful power’ and is related to a strong leader.
  33. Gawain(Arthurian Legend): Name that means ‘white hawk’ and is usually seen as heroic.
  34. Hector(Greek Mythology): A heroic Trojan warrior who is known to be brave and strong.
  35. Ivor(Norse): A Welse name which means ‘archer’ and is associated with someone who is skilled in archery.
  36. Julius(Roman): A famous name associated with Julius Caesar the Roman general and is associated with power and leadership.
  37. Killian(Irish): A name that means ‘little church’ and is often related to someone who is faithful.
  38. Lysander(Greek History): A name associated with a Spartan naval commander in the Peloponnesian War and signifies strength.
  39. Maximilian(Roman): A classic Roman name that means ‘greatest’, it’s usually related to greatness.
  40. Nicodemus(Greek): A name that is related to someone who is extremely wise and has vast knowledge.
  41. Reginald(Germanic): A name that could mean ‘wise ruler’ and is often viewed as a wise name.
  42. Santiago(Spanish History): Classic Spanish name that means ‘Saint James’ and is often linked to Relgiounuses.
  43. Thaddeus(Aramaic): A name that means ‘courageous’ and related to strength & bravery.
  44. Vladimir(Slavic): A name that means ‘ruler’ and is associated with leadership.

Female Paladin Names


  1. Alarielle (Warhammer Fantasy): A high elf queen.
  2. Athena (Greek Mythology): Greek goddess of wisdom, courage, and war.
  3. Aya (Assassin’s Creed Series): An assassin.
  4. Bonnie (English): Beautiful.
  5. Cleo (Egyptian History): Short for Cleopatra, a famous Egyptian queen.
  6. Dagmar (Old Norse): Day maid.
  7. Echo (Greek Mythology): A nymph who could only repeat what others said.
  8. Gemma (Latin): Has magical powers.
  9. Jarlaxle (Forgotten Realms): A drow mercenary.
  10. Jyn (Star Wars Series): A rebel fighter in “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story”.
  11. Kallari (Paragon Video Game): An assassin.
  12. Keira (Irish): Dark-haired.
  13. Lara (Tomb Raider Series): Inspired by Lara Croft the adventurer and Tomb Raider.
  14. Melisandre (Game of Thrones): A red witch known for her magic.
  15. Morrigan (Celtic Mythology): Celtic goddess of fate and death.
  16. Nocturna (Latin): Related to night and shadows.
  17. Nova (Starcraft Series): A stealth operative.
  18. Nymora (Runescape): A demon character.
  19. Nyx (Greek Mythology): Goddess of the night.
  20. Seraphina (Latin): Fiery or very passionate.
  21. Sheida (Persian): Means shadow.
  22. Titania (English Literature): Queen of the fairies in Shakespeare’s “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”.
  23. Vixen (English): A female fox, known for being sly and clever.
  24. Zora (Slavic): Means dawn or daybreak.

Male Paladin Names

  1. Ajax (Greek Mythology): A warrior who is famous due to his courage.
  2. Caliban (Shakespearean Literature): A drunken monster with a sidekick and a slave in “The Tempest”.
  3. Conan (Conan the Barbarian): A strong warrior who was well known for his might and fearlessness.
  4. Galahad (Arthurian Legend): A nobleman who rides a white horse and seeks the Holy Grail.
  5. Gideon (Hebrew): Refers to a powerful or strong person usually a warrior.
  6. Grimbold (Tolkien’s Legendarium): A soldier from the movie “The Lord of the Rings”.
  7. Hercules (Greek Mythology): A hero super popular for his power and bravery.
  8. Jareth (Labyrinth): The Goblin King in the movie The ‘Labyrinth’.
  9. Lancelot (Arthurian Legend): A knight who had an affair with Queen Guinevere.
  10. Leonidas (Greek History): The King of Sparta and a well-known leader of the battle of Thermopylae.
  11. Merlin (Arthurian Legend): A magician and a counselor of King Arthur.
  12. Oberon (English Literature): The monarch of fairies in William Shakespeare’s play “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”.
  13. Perseus (Greek Mythology): The well-known hero who defeated Medusa.
  14. Roland (Medieval Literature): A paladin and relative of the great Charles the Great in the ‘Song of Roland’.
  15. Siegmund (Germanic Mythology): The father of the hero Siegfried in Norse epic.
  16. Thor (Norse Mythology): A god of thunder and believed to guard people, also a common name for a Paladin.
  17. Tristan (Arthurian Legend): A tragic figure in the legend of Tristan and Isolde.
  18. Uther (Arthurian Legend): Name known as the ‘Lightbringer’ from the World of Warcraft.
  19. Valerian (Roman): Muscular and healthy.
  20. Xander (Greek): A protector of people.
  21. Yorick (English Literature): A person in Shakespeare’s play, Hamlet.

WOW Paladin Names


  1. Tirion (Warcraft Series): Tirion Fordring is a strong Paladin known for his battle against the Lich King.
  2. Liadrin (Warcraft Series): A Blood Elf paladin in World of Warcraft which is the leader of the Blood Knights.
  3. Yrel (Warcraft Series): A courageous Draenei paladin in World of Warcraft.
  4. Sunwalker Dezco (Warcraft Series): Sunwalkers’ leader in World of Warcraft.
  5. Turalyon (Warcraft Series): A human paladin in World of Warcraft who is known for the battle against the Burning Legion.
  6. Bolvar (Warcraft Series): Bolvar Fordragon played a big part in the Lich King expansion and is known for his bravery.
  7. Aponi (Warcraft Series): Tauren Paladin is known for her role as a Sunwalker.
  8. Arator (Warcraft Series): Arator the Redeemer is the son of Turalyon and Alleria in World of Warcraft.
  9. Lady Liadrin (Warcraft Series): Blood Elf paladin in World of Warcraft.
  10. Arthas (Warcraft Series): The Lich King is a former paladin in the game World of Warcraft and represents the main antagonist.

DND Paladin Names

DND Paladin Names

  1. Erevan (Dungeons & Dragons): A fairy-like god.
  2. Kelemvor (Dungeons & Dragons): Ensures that the people who pass on are calm.
  3. Paladine (Dragonlance Series): A god in the Dragonlance books that promotes law.
  4. Bahamut (Dungeons & Dragons): A dragon god that favors justice and avenges the weak.
  5. Heironeous (Dungeons & Dragons): A god who favors heroes.
  6. Torm (Dungeons & Dragons): Favors courage and helping others even if it’s not easy.
  7. St. Cuthbert (Dungeons & Dragons): A god of reasoning and passion.
  8. Pelor (Dungeons & Dragons): A god connected to the sun and aids in healing.
  9. Helm (Dungeons & Dragons): A god that protects the lives of his people and ensures they have basic needs.
  10. Tyr (Dungeons & Dragons): A god who pushes for justice.

Dark & Evil Paladin Names

darth vader

  1. Darth (Star Wars Series): Name inspired by Darth Vadera an antagonist character from the Star Wars series.
  2. Mordred (Arthurian Legend): A knight who became a traitor to King Arthur.
  3. Revan (Star Wars Series): Another dark leader from the Star Wars movie series.
  4. Severus (Harry Potter Series): A strict teacher from Harry Potter, a stereotype.
  5. Bane (Batman Series): The main villain of Batman is associated with evil.
  6. Lucifer (Christian Mythology): An angel cast out of heaven, now governing over Hell.
  7. Samael (Jewish Mythology): A malignant figure in Jewish folklore.
  8. Azazel (Various Mythologies): A devil in various mythological tales.
  9. Mephistopheles (German Folklore): A seductive devil in German folk tales.
  10. Hades (Greek Mythology): The god presiding over the underworld in Greek mythology.
  11. Sauron (The Lord of the Rings): A villain in “The Lord of the Rings” wants to become king of the world.
  12. Voldemort (Harry Potter Series): The main villain in the Harry Potter series.
  13. Anubis (Egyptian Mythology): An Egyptian god assisting with the afterlife.
  14. Abyss (General Origin): A term referring to a state of blackness and confusion.
  15. Golgoth (General Origin): A name associated with fear.
  16. Necros (General Origin): Name that is associated with death and the night.
  17. Thanatos (Greek Mythology): The Greek god of death is pictured as a hooded figure with a curved sickle.
  18. Erebus (Greek Mythology): An aspect of Greek mythology associated with deep darkness.
  19. Balor (Irish Mythology): An evil spirit ruler of the fairies in Irish stories.
  20. Malachi (General Origin): A name translating to a bearer of bad news.
  21. Kronos (Greek Mythology): A scary giant from Ancient Greek mythology who eats his own children.
  22. Moloch (Ancient Mythology): A god with links to child sacrifice.
  23. Belial (Christian Demonology): Satan in Christian folklore, embodying anarchy and evil.
  24. Asmodeus (Jewish Mythology): The lord of evil spirits in Jewish legends associated with sinful passions and authority.
  25. Lilith (Jewish Mythology): A demon associated with darkness and anarchy in Jewish mythology.
  26. Nergal (Mesopotamian Mythology): A divinity from Mesopotamian mythology associated with war and death.
  27. Leviathan (Biblical Mythology): A sea monster depicted as evil and chaos in the biblical narrative.
  28. Apophis (Egyptian Mythology): An Egyptian god of chaos and evil.
  29. Abaddon (Christian Mythology): An angel of the abyss in biblical texts associated with destruction.
  30. Beelzebub (Christian Demonology): A chief devil in Christian lore.
  31. Judas (Biblical Figure): An individual from the Bible who betrayed Jesus.
  32. Dracula (Literature): A well-known vampire from the novel “Dracula”.
  33. Ragnar (Norse Mythology): A name meaning warrior, associated with Norse myths of devastation.
  34. Fafnir (Norse Mythology): A dwarf turned dragon due to greed in Norse mythology.
  35. Caligula (Roman History): An evil and unkind Roman emperor.
  36. Iblis (Islamic Mythology): An Islamic character opposing God in stories and myths.
  37. Mammon (Christian Demonology): A demon associated with greed and wealth in Christian narratives.

Funny Paladin Names

  1. Chuck the Chivalrous
  2. Sir Pranksalot
  3. Paladin Punmaster
  4. Jester of Justice
  5. Laughing Guardian
  6. Silly Swordbearer
  7. Giggle Knight
  8. Humorous Hero
  9. The Laughing Crusader
  10. Comic Champion

Wrapping Up

We hope you have enjoyed reading this article and trying to find good Paladin Names you can potentially use.

Each name on the list has meaning and background which should hopefully make it much easier to pick a strong name.

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