Baby’s Baptism – How To Plan And To Whom You Should Invite?

Baptism or christening is one of the most important milestones in your little baby’s spiritual life. If you are planning for your baby’s baptism for the first time, many questions will pop into your head, like how you should plan or make arrangements.

This event comes once in everyone’s life, so it should be celebrated perfectly. We are here to help you celebrate this auspicious moment by guiding you on bringing up the best baptism gifts and inviting the most special people.

Though each church has different clergy and process of ceremony, you will be guided thoroughly about everything by the leading person. However, following guidelines will clear most of your doubts and help you gear toward your baby’s baptism.

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Things Needed For Baptism Ceremony –  Baptism Etiquettes

Things Needed For Baptism Ceremony

Godparents, Baby’s parents, and even most guests are unaware of the rules for the christening ceremony. You must consider several do’s and don’ts related to dressing, gifts, and etiquette.

Here are some useful ideas for the celebration of a baby’s first Sacrament with your loved ones and family in a proper way to make the event memorable and joyous. These occasions will encourage the faith of your child in the coming years.

Book A Christening Church

The first and most essential thing to consider for planning your baby’s baptism is to book a church. Most probably, the celebration is done at the church you visit daily, but you can choose any other that holds special meaning for your family traditions.

After selecting a church, reach out to the clergy to arrange a meeting with the priest to review the liturgy process and other event requirements. Other important things are religious classes and appraisals that must be taken before the baby is baptized.

Ultimately, you must choose a date on a weekend or a sacred holiday. Celebrating this event within the first few weeks of the baby’s birth is best. You can choose to baptize your little ones when they are around 2 to 3 months old.

Prepare Necessary Documents

There are different church requirements; here is the list of necessary documents you will need for your baby’s baptism.

  • Baby’s Birth Certificate

You don’t need to bring the original documents; photocopies can also be used. However, you can confirm it from the relevant church about this.

  • Marriage Certificate of Parents

Just like a baby’s birth certificate, you should also bring a copy of your marriage certificate. If you are unmarried, the priest will ask to arrange an interview with you. However, your baby’s christening won’t be canceled for this reason.

  • Endorsement Letter

An endorsement letter will be required if the baptism is not being celebrated at home.

  • Payment

You will need to pay whether 50% or full payment for the baptism.

  • Candles

Buy some candles for the ceremony as these will be needed by parents and Godparents.

  • White Clothing For Baby

The baby’s clothing will be white, cream, beige, or off-white. You can buy a white hat, cap, or other piece of cloth to cover the baby’s head.

White Clothing For Baby

Select Who Will Be The Godparents

The most amazing part of baptism is the selection of the baby’s godparents. Usually, parents prefer to choose close friends or family members to serve as godparents.

The new title comes with a significant role of the person in the baby’s life and guides them throughout their life. Some churches have a tradition of choosing someone from the church as a godparent. You can ask any suitable person if they’d like to be a godparent.

Who To Invite To Baptism

You should definitely celebrate this special event with some guests who are important to you. Make a list of guests and consider the church’s restrictions, if any.

Most churches allow inviting guests to be part of the congregation and have a strict dress code to attend the ceremony. Including all relevant information in the invitation card would be better.

You can invite your friends, siblings, grandparents, and godparents. The number of people will depend on the church size; otherwise, you can invite guests for the reception after the baptism ceremony.

What To Bring To Baptism

It is not compulsory, but you can bring gifts for the baby. If you have already gifted at a baby shower or any other event, you can skip it for now. However, you can make the event special and memorable by gifting something special like Bible, an engraved silver spoon, or a photo frame.

Gifts should also be presented to godparents, pastors, or priests, but a financial contribution to the church is way better than a gift.

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Honor Family’s Baptism Traditions

As it is one of the most special events in your baby’s life, you should keep the family traditions alive. You can let your baby wear a dress that is being used from one generation to another.

You can also use other items that will make you remember your family heritage.

Hire A Photographer/Videographer

Most people make all arrangements and forget to capture every moment, which they always regret later. You should bring a digital camera, cellphone, or DSLR to take pictures or hire a professional photographer or videographer.

The photographer will capture each moment professionally while you can enjoy the whole event without worrying about it.

Book A Venue For The Reception

Once you are done with the baptism ceremony, get ready for reception by booking a venue and finalizing a delicious menu.

Book a venue near the church so your guests can easily get there. If the reception is at a distance, arrange any source of transportation. Ensure the selected venue has room for a buffet table, mini stage, and a dessert table.

Decide About The Menu

Select certain types of food and the number of dishes on the menu. You can have a per-plate type of serving or a buffet for your guests. You should arrange food items for children, like burgers, spaghetti, chicken fingers, and fries.

It’d be better to have an alcohol-free arrangement, but you can have some cocktails. Offer foods like fish, meat, pasta, and vegetables.

Don’t Forget The Decorations

Most importantly, do not ignore the significance of decoration with a colorful theme. You can have a pink and gold ballerina theme and arrange all the desserts, cakes, and gifts on a table.

Don’t Forget The Decorations


Do Babies Need To Be Baptized?

The reason to perform baptism is to remission of sins for people who want to repent, and as children are free from sins, not all Christians agree on baby baptism. However, some Christians prefer doing this and consider it necessary for personal or public commitment.

When Should A Newborn Be Baptized?

Generally, arranging your baby’s baptism ceremony when they are eight years old is better. But people often perform baptism when their babies are three to six months old. However, there is flexibility in whenever you prefer this holy celebration.

What Happens If You Don’t Baptize Your Baby?

According to Catholic catechisms, infants who aren’t baptized with holy water carry the original sin excluding them from reuniting with God in paradise. However, they are innocent and don’t deserve to suffer in hell forever.

Final Thoughts On Baby’s Baptism

Among many special occasions, a baby’s baptism is a delightful and sacred way to celebrate Christianity. Blessings are given to conclude the baptismal rite, and candles are lightened to represent enlightenment by Christ.

Enlist all details, send out details, and book a venue at least a week before the event to avoid cancellations.

We hope the guidelines will help you prepare in a better way if you are planning your baby’s baptism or going to attend this ceremony for your friends and other family members.

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