200+ Common Egyptian Names and Their Meanings

If you are trying to find a baby name for your baby that resonates with the mystical roots of Egyptian culture then you have come to the right place. So many magical Egyptian names to choose from such as Anat, Shu, and Neferu, all names that different gods have inspired.

Many Egyptian names are unisex and can be used for both boys and girls, but many are not commonly used today. Whether you are looking for a cool name for your little dog, cat, or baby, we have many interesting names to choose from.

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Here we have 200+ Common Egyptian Names for you to dive into!

Common Egyptian Names with Meanings

Egyptian Man

Egyptian names usually carry deep meanings, rooted in mythology, and everyday life.

Here are some common Egyptian names along with their meanings:

  1. Neith – War goddess

  2. Ptah – Creator deity

  3. Hapi – Nile god

  4. Menkaure – Eternal Like The Sun

  5. Sobek – Crocodile god

  6. Nephthys – Mourning goddess

  7. Bast – Cat goddess

  8. Set – Chaos god

  9. Wadjet – Cobra goddess

  10. Amenhotep – Name of Pharaoh that means ‘Amun is satisfied’

  11. Mut – Mother goddess

  12. Khonsu – the moon god

  13. Satis – Fertility goddess

  14. Seshat – Goddess of writing

  15. Imhotep – Name of an Egyptian architect and high priest.

  16. Ma’at – The goddess of truth, justice, and order

  17. Khnum – The god Khnum was considered the creator of mankind

  18. Menes  – King who united Upper and Lower Egypt, and the founder of Memphis

  19. Tawaret – Hippopotamus goddess

  20. Nun – God of Primeval waters

  21. Shu – God of air

  22. Neferu – Name which means ‘Beauty’

  23. Sopdet – Star goddess

  24. Anat – War goddess

  25. Thoth – God of wisdom, who was incredibly intelligent

  26. Geb – a god of the earth

  27. Isis – For the ancient Egyptians, Isis was considered the goddess of magic and healing

  28. Anubis – this is the god associated with mummification also known as the god of the underworld, he also has the head of a jackal

Egyptian Last Names

Egyptian surnames usually reflect family names that have been passed down through generations.

Here are some common Egyptian last names:

  1. Mahfouz – Protected

  2. Ragab – Kind

  3. Fawzy – Victorious

  4. Saad – Felicity

  5. Selim – Peaceful

  6. Gaber – Comforter

  7. Serry – Happy

  8. Attia – Gift of God.

  9. Bishara – Good news

  10. Eid – Festival

  11. Gamil – Beautiful

  12. Ghanem – Winner

  13. Habeeb – Beloved

  14. Hakim – Wise

  15. Hashem – Generous

  16. Karam – Generosity

  17. Khalaf – Successor

  18. Labib – Sensible

  19. Magdi – Glorious

  20. Makram – Noble

  21. Nassar – Helper

  22. Naguib – Noble

  23. Rahman – Merciful

  24. Ramzy – Peaceful

  25. Saeed – Happy

  26. Salama – Safety

  27. Salem – Safe

  28. Samir – Entertaining companion

Egyptian Queen Names

Queen Nefertiti

Here we have some classic Egyptian queen names such as Cleopatra and Nefertiti:

  1. Cleopatra – Popular beautiful ancient Egyptian queen

  2. Nefertiti – belonged to some of the most important royal figures in ancient history, being the Great Royal Wife of Akhenaten

  3. Tiye – Lady of the Two Lands, Great Royal Wife of Amenhotep III

  4. Hatshepsut – Female Pharaoh who masqueraded as a man and who ruled as a male Pharaoh

  5. Nefertari – The Royal Wife of Ramesses the Second

  6. Ahmose Nefertari – Queen consort of Egypt, wife of Ahmose I

  7. Twosret – considered the last Pharaoh of the 19th destiny

  8. Merneith – A female Pharaoh of Egypt, considered by some historians as the first female Pharaoh in Egypt

  9. Sobekneferu – a lady who became the pharaoh of the Twelfth Dynasty

  10. Ankhesenpepi II – one of the queens of the Sixth Dynasty of Egypt during the Old Kingdom period

  11. Kiya – The wife of Akhenaten

  12. Meritaten – one of the most fascinating Ancient Egyptian queens as she was the daughter of both Akhenaten and Nefertiti

  13. ANKhesenamun – A lady that is most famous in Egyptian history, She was the daughter of Akhe-nat-en and Nefertiti

  14. Iset – wife of Thutmose II and mother of Thutmose III

  15. Ahhotep I – The Great Royal Wife or Queen, Mother of the Nation in the late 17th Dynasty

  16. Tausret – Last Pharaoh of the 19th Dynasty

  17. Sitre – The Wife Of Ramesses I

  18. Bintanath – The Daughter Of Ramesses II

Egyptian Baby Names

  1. Akila – Intelligent

  2. Dalila – Gentle

  3. Farid – Unique

  4. Heba – Gift from God

  5. Jamila – Beautiful

  6. Karim – Generous

  7. Malik – King

  8. Mona – Wish

  9. Omar – Flourishing

  10. Soraya – Princess

  11. Zaki – Intelligent

  12. Layla – Night

  13. Nader – Rare

  14. Ramy – Loving

  15. Dalal – Coquettish

  16. Gamal – Handsome

  17. Habiba – Sweetheart

  18. Hana – Bliss

  19. Mahmoud – Praiseworthy

  20. Mariam – Beloved

  21. Sabah – Morning

  22. Sami – Exalted

  23. Tamer – Palm tree

Egyptian Kitten Names

Egyptian Kitten

  1. Bastet – represented as a goddess with the body of a woman and the head of a cat

  2. Cleo – A short form of the name Cleopatra

  3. Ra – The Sun god

  4. Amun – The Supreme God

  5. Osiris – the god of the afterlife and infernal regions

  6. Horus – This is the god of sky and Kingshhip

  7. Sekhmet – powerful, warrior goddess in her form and the goddess of healing

  8. Mafdet – Although not very well-known amongst the Egyptian gods, Mafdet is the goddess of justice and execution

  9. Mehit – This is a lioness goddess who was worshiped as a symbol of war

  10. Pakhet – goddess of the hunt

  11. Shesemtet – goddess of fate and destiny

  12. Tefnut – a goddess that is attributed to moisture and rain

  13. Nekhbet – Vulture goddess

  14. Hathor – goddess of love, beauty, and music

  15. Nut – Sky goddess

Egyptian Puppy Names

Egyptian Puppy Names

  1. Khepri: Scarab beetle god

  2. Anuket: Cataract goddess

  3. Kebechet: A goddess of snakes

  4. Wepwawet: Lord of War

  5. Aker: Earth god

  6. Babi: Baboon god

  7. Bes: god that is associated with protection

  8. Kherty: god associated with the underworld and has the head of a ram

  9. Anhur: the god of war and hunting.

  10. Mehen: The fertility god is seen as a protective snake that is linked with the sun god Ra

  11. Qetesh: the goddess of love and beauty

  12. Renenutet: goddess of fertility, harvest, and nourishment

  13. Serket: goddess of Egypt who was associated with healing, protection, and magic

  14. Shed: an Egyptian god associated with salvation, protection, and healing

  15. Nefertem: the god of Beauty

  16. Sphinx: this name refers to the well-known mythical creature that has the head of a human and the body of a lion

  17. Sah: the Egyptian god of death

Egyptian Modern Names

  1. Amani – Wishes or aspirations

  2. Basant – Spring season

  3. Dalia – Grapevine

  4. Ehab – Gift

  5. Fareeda – Unique

  6. Gamila – Beautiful

  7. Haidy – Returning

  8. Laila – Night

  9. Malak – Angel

  10. Mohamed – Praised

  11. Salma – Safe

  12. Tarek – Morning star

  13. Yasmine – Jasmine

  14. Ali – Exalted, noble

  15. Nour – Light

  16. Amira – Princess

  17. Nadine – Hope

  18. Farah – Joy

  19. Amir – Prince

  20. Nabila – Noble

  21. Salwa – Consolation

Egyptian King Names

King Tut

  1. Djoser – Egyptian Pharaoh of the Third Dynasty of the Old Kingdom period.

  2. Khafre – Second Pyramid builder located in Giza

  3. Khufu – The man behind the construction of the Great Pyramid at Giza

  4. Mentuhotep II – the unifier of Egypt

  5. Pepi II – Day-to-day management of Egypt

  6. Senusret I – Pharaoh of the Twelfth Dynasty

  7. Thutmose III – The warrior king who expanded the borders of Egypt’s empire

  8. Ramesses II – The Great

  9. Tutankhamun – Young King who is the most known one

  10. Amenhotep III – a pharaoh of the 18th dynasty well known for his luxurious style of ruling

  11. Thutmose I – the founder of the 18th dynasty and the father of Hatshepsut

  12. Seti I – father of Ramesses II and a great military man

  13. Horemheb – the last Pharaoh of the 18th dynasty

  14. Amenemhat I – 12th Dynasty Founder

  15. Senusret III – the strong king of the twelfth Egyptian dynasty

  16. Amenhotep II – Thutmose III’s son and famous for leadership on the battlefield

  17. Ramesses III – a Pharaoh in the 20th dynasty of ancient Egypt who could triumph over the Sea people

  18. Amenemhat III – a sovereign of the 12th Dynasty, who is recognized as the constructor kingdom

  19. Thutmose IV – The Pharaoh of the 18th Dynasty and the savior of the Sphinx

Wrapping it up

With so many different good Egyptian names to choose from it shouldn’t be difficult to find a great name for your little bundle of joy or your pet. Each name in this list has a cultural meaning and hopefully should inspire you to find the right name.

Thank you for reading and if you have found inspiration, make sure you check out our other posts.

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