Witch Names Female – List of Funny, Wow, Weird And Pet

Witches’ names draw inspiration from ancient stories and traditions, adding a touch of magic to history. In different cultures, fascinating figures like Circe from Greek mythology, who turned men into animals with her spells, or the Norse goddess Freyja, skilled in seidr (a form of magic), influence the names we associate with witches.

Legendary enchantresses like Morgan Le Fay from Arthurian legends or the Russian Baba Yaga also contribute to the mystique. These historical roots provide a rich tapestry of names, each carrying its own aura of power and mystery.

Exploring these tales allows us to unearth unique and bewitching names that connect us to the ancient art of magic.

We also have a list of Wizard Names Male for you, too. So you can choose the one that best suits you or your character.

20 Popular Witch Characters And Their Names

Popular Witch Characters And Their Names

  1. Hermione Granger: “Harry Potter” book series by J.K. Rowling – A talented and intelligent witch, one of the central characters in the series.
  2. Sabrina Spellman: “Sabrina the Teenage Witch” (comics, TV series, and movies) – A half-witch, half-mortal navigating the challenges of her magical and human worlds.
  3. Elphaba Thropp (Wicked Witch of the West): “Wicked: The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West” by Gregory Maguire – Provides a reimagined perspective on the Wicked Witch from “The Wizard of Oz.”
  4. The White Witch (Jadis): “The Chronicles of Narnia” series by C.S. Lewis – The primary antagonist in “The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe,” known for her icy powers.
  5. Maleficent: “Sleeping Beauty” (Disney adaptation) – The iconic Disney villain with powerful magical abilities.
  6. The Witch of the Waste: “Howl’s Moving Castle” by Diana Wynne Jones (adapted into a Studio Ghibli film) – A mysterious and powerful sorceress in a fantasy world.
  7. Circe: Greek mythology and various literary adaptations – An enchantress from Greek mythology, known for her magical transformations.
  8. Morgana le Fay: Arthurian legends – A powerful sorceress and sometimes antagonist in Arthurian tales.
  9. The Sanderson Sisters: “Hocus Pocus” (1993 film) – Winifred, Sarah, and Mary Sanderson, three witches resurrected in modern-day Salem.
  10. Willow Rosenberg: “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” TV series – A witch and one of Buffy’s close friends, known for her evolving magical abilities.
  11. Glinda the Good Witch: “The Wizard of Oz” (novel and film adaptations) – A kind and benevolent witch who aids Dorothy on her journey.
  12. Ursula: “The Little Mermaid” (Disney adaptation) – Though not explicitly a witch, Ursula is a sea witch with dark magical powers.
  13. Bellatrix Lestrange: “Harry Potter” book series by J.K. Rowling – A dark witch and loyal follower of Lord Voldemort, known for her cruelty and formidable magical skills.
  14. The Wicked Witch of the East and West: “The Wizard of Oz” (novel and film adaptations) – Antagonists in the classic story, with the West being the one famously defeated by Dorothy.
  15. Fiona Goode: “American Horror Story: Coven” TV series – The Supreme Witch, with powerful abilities and a central figure in the coven.
  16. Nanny Ogg: Discworld series by Terry Pratchett – A humorous and pragmatic witch in the Discworld universe.
  17. Serena Pauquette: “Practical Magic” by Alice Hoffman (and film adaptation) – A character with a complex magical heritage in a family of witches.
  18. The Grand High Witch: “The Witches” by Roald Dahl (and film adaptations) – The menacing leader of the witches in Dahl’s imaginative world.
  19. Medea: Greek mythology and various literary adaptations – A powerful enchantress and witch known for her role in the myth of Jason and the Argonauts.
  20. Rowan Mayfair: “The Witching Hour” by Anne Rice – A powerful witch in Rice’s Gothic horror novels.

50 Witch Names Female List

Here’s a list of 50 female witch names:

  1. Morgana
  2. Luna Shadow
  3. Seraphina Hex
  4. Willow Moon
  5. Raven Nightshade
  6. Isolde Enchant
  7. Hecate Darkspell
  8. Circe Starlight
  9. Lilith Blackthorn
  10. Rowan Mystique
  11. Esmeralda Spellbound
  12. Belladonna Moonstone
  13. Ophelia Rune
  14. Morgause Stardust
  15. Selene Whisper
  16. Elara Twilight
  17. Sable Sorrow
  18. Freya Mystic
  19. Calista Moonfire
  20. Celestia Frost
  21. Vivienne Sorrowsong
  22. Rune Ember
  23. Elowen Silvermoon
  24. Sybil Storm
  25. Thalia Hexweaver
  26. Nyx Shadowdancer
  27. Cassandra Stardust
  28. Morwenna Nightshade
  29. Lyra Moonspell
  30. Astrid Velvet
  31. Zephyra Starlight
  32. Freesia Witchwood
  33. Morganthe Mystical
  34. Isabeau Nocturne
  35. Cassiopeia Bane
  36. Sapphira Stormborn
  37. Evadne Shadowcaster
  38. Bellatrix Obsidian
  39. Morgara Moonshade
  40. Cressida Ravenwing
  41. Elara Hallow
  42. Thalassa Veil
  43. Morrigan Frostwind
  44. Rosalind Ember
  45. Zara Nightfall
  46. Lenora Moonwhisper
  47. Leocadia Frost
  48. Octavia Spellbinder
  49. Drusilla Rune
  50. Isolde Starflower

100 Witch Names Female Pets

Witch Names Female Pets

Here are 10 magical names for each of the pet animals:

Black Cat

  1. Shadow Whisk
  2. Midnight Luna
  3. Onyx Spellcaster
  4. Ebony Enigma
  5. Salem Stardust
  6. Nocturna Nexus
  7. Luna Shadowcaster
  8. Obsidian Charm
  9. Mystique Noir
  10. Raven Hex


  1. Luna Lumos
  2. Hoot Harmony
  3. Mystara Nocturne
  4. Whiz Wing
  5. Oracle Ozzy
  6. Nightshade Nimbus
  7. Luna Echo
  8. Celestial Cipher
  9. Rune Ravenwing
  10. Enigma Twilight

Raven or Crow

  1. Raven Spellbinder
  2. Crow Enchant
  3. Obsidian Mystic
  4. Noir Whisper
  5. Sorcery Sable
  6. Shadowwing Hex
  7. Mystic Ravenclaw
  8. Nightshade Nebula
  9. Enigma Obscura
  10. Rune Shadowcaster

Frog or Toad

  1. Wart Whisper
  2. Potion Puddle
  3. Croak Hex
  4. Alchemy Amphibian
  5. Nimbus Newt
  6. Toadstool Trill
  7. Ribbit Rune
  8. Mystic Mudwart
  9. Enchanting Croak
  10. Potion Puff


  1. Serpent Sable
  2. Slytherin Shadow
  3. Mystic Viper
  4. Venom Veil
  5. Hiss Hex
  6. Slither Stardust
  7. Cobra Charm
  8. Enigma Asp
  9. Rune Rattlescale
  10. Vortex Viper

If you want more names that mean snake, we can help you find the best for your pet.


  1. Nocturnal Nexus
  2. Nightshade Navigator
  3. Mystic Belfry
  4. Eclipse Echo
  5. Luna Leathernox
  6. Starwing Sorcerer
  7. Ravenwing Reverie
  8. Enigma Evensong
  9. Twilight Talon
  10. Nocturna Nimbus


  1. Thistle Thorn
  2. Prickle Potion
  3. Quill Quandary
  4. Bramble Breeze
  5. Enigma Echidna
  6. Rune Ruffle
  7. Mossy Mystique
  8. Thistle Twilight
  9. Bramble Bristle
  10. Prickle Purr


  1. Fable Frost
  2. Vixen Veil
  3. Enchanting Ember
  4. Rune Russet
  5. Mystique Marigold
  6. Whisker Willow
  7. Frostfox Fae
  8. Velvet Vulpine
  9. Ember Emissary
  10. Mystara Moonshade


  1. Fidget Fable
  2. Wiz Whisk
  3. Rune Rascal
  4. Slinky Sorcery
  5. Mystic Mischief
  6. Enigma Ember
  7. Ferreto Fae
  8. Nimbus Noodle
  9. Whisker Whiz
  10. Sable Scamp


  1. Rune Rascal
  2. Whisker Whiz
  3. Sable Scamp
  4. Enchanting Ember
  5. Mystic Mischief
  6. Fidget Fable
  7. Slinky Sorcery
  8. Wiz Whisk
  9. Ferreto Fae
  10. Nimbus Noodle

50 Wiccan Names Female

Wiccan Names Female

  1. Malvina Shadowmoon
  2. Seraphina Nocturne
  3. Morana Blackthorn
  4. Belladonna Obsidian
  5. Morgara Darkheart
  6. Lilith Nightshade
  7. Hecate Bloodmoon
  8. Sablethorn Grim
  9. Isolde Voidwalker
  10. Ravenna Cursedream
  11. Bellatrix Serpentia
  12. Vespera Doomweaver
  13. Morwenna Dreadshade
  14. Narcissa Abyss
  15. Nyx Shadowweaver
  16. Maleficent Sorrowsong
  17. Damara Deathwhisper
  18. Lilitha Darkspell
  19. Thalassa Hellshade
  20. Ravena Soulstorm
  21. Morgause Bloodthorn
  22. Desdemona Wraithwind
  23. Morganna Grimraven
  24. Selene Darkwater
  25. Serpentina Vilegloom
  26. Morphia Nightcoven
  27. Elara Venomheart
  28. Bellona Doomwhisper
  29. Zephyra Blackveil
  30. Lucina Ashenmoon
  31. Serilda Shadowlurk
  32. Morana Blackfyre
  33. Obsidiania Malice
  34. Hespera Nethercloak
  35. Nocturna Deathshade
  36. Valeria Hellthorn
  37. Threnody Veilstorm
  38. Bellatrix Covenbane
  39. Desdemona Hexfire
  40. Morrigan Voidwalker
  41. Valkyria Dreadmoon
  42. Mystara Bloodbane
  43. Belladonna Darkthorn
  44. Morwenna Vileheart
  45. Sable Sorrowshade
  46. Selene Nightveil
  47. Lilith Shadowwhisper
  48. Damara Vilegloom
  49. Hecate Grimshade
  50. Vespera Blackthorn

30 Demonology Warlock Names

Demonology Warlock Names

Creating names for a demonology warlock character can involve dark and mystical elements. Here’s a list of 30 demonology warlock names for inspiration:

  1. Azazel Shadowflame
  2. Belial Soulrender
  3. Mephisto Bloodbane
  4. Lilith Darkwhisper
  5. Belphegor Netherbane
  6. Valthrun Doombringer
  7. Malphas Voidshaper
  8. Dagon Hellforged
  9. Azmodan Shadowcrafter
  10. Beelzebub Soulflayer
  11. Xaphan Infernosurge
  12. Morax Abysscaller
  13. Agrat Bat Mahlat
  14. Valefar Soulreaper
  15. Zepar Deathweaver
  16. Nebiros Shadowfiend
  17. Gaap Hellgate
  18. Allocer Chaoswielder
  19. Nybbas Voidbinder
  20. Agares Soulstorm
  21. Adramelech Demonforge
  22. Orias Bloodthorn
  23. Raum Necrocrafter
  24. Barbatos Shadowmancer
  25. Purson Darkbinder
  26. Flauros Infernothane
  27. Andras Deathshard
  28. Astaroth Netherlord
  29. Glasya-Labolas Hellshaper
  30. Marchosias Soulflame

50 Funny Witches Names

  1. Wanda the Wacky Witch
  2. Hexy McLaughlin
  3. Broomhilda Gigglesnort
  4. Gerty Grin ‘n’ Cackle
  5. Cackling Clara
  6. Whimsy Wizzlewitch
  7. Giggly Glenda
  8. Snickerella Spellspinner
  9. Grumblebump Guffawgleam
  10. Hilaria Hootenanny
  11. Jinxie Jittersnicker
  12. Chuckleberry Charmcaster
  13. Snortle McSnicker
  14. Quirkilda Quizzlenose
  15. Snickersnatch Snickerdoodle
  16. Jolly Jinxums
  17. Snickerella the Silly Sorceress
  18. Wobblewart Wackypants
  19. Guffawina Gigglesnort
  20. Pranksterina Peculiar
  21. Giggletongue Gigglesworth
  22. Whoopee Willowbreeze
  23. Jesterina Jinxleberry
  24. Snickerdoodle Snarklebottom
  25. Zany Zephyr Zebedee
  26. Titterbell Tickletongue
  27. Guffawmira Gigglegrove
  28. Chuckleberry Cheeksnort
  29. Sillywanda Snickerpuff
  30. Hootenanny Hilaribella
  31. Snickerdoodle Snortlebottom
  32. Giggles McGiggleface
  33. Quipperella Quirksnicker
  34. Giggly Gertie Guffawglee
  35. Jovial Jinxington
  36. Snickerlicious Snortlebutt
  37. Chuckleina Chortlesnout
  38. Tickleberry Tittertop
  39. Snickersnout Snarkleberry
  40. Guffawella Gigglepants
  41. Quirkety Quacksnicker
  42. Sillybella Snickerdoodle
  43. Snickerina Sillygiggle
  44. Wobblebottom Whoopee
  45. Quirkleberry Quizzlesnort
  46. Hootabelle Hootsnicker
  47. Snickerina Gigglenose
  48. Quirktastic Quacklesnort
  49. Gigglesworth Guffawpants
  50. Titterina Ticklebritches

20 Wow Warlock Names

Creating names for a World of Warcraft warlock character involves incorporating dark, mystical, or demonic elements. Here are 20 WoW warlock names for inspiration:

  1. Shadowspell
  2. Dreadcaster
  3. Vexthorn
  4. Abysscaller
  5. Felbane
  6. Necroshade
  7. Doomwhisper
  8. Malevolence
  9. Soulforge
  10. Xylothian
  11. Infernalix
  12. Voidweaver
  13. Havocbringer
  14. Hexsorcerer
  15. Darkthorn
  16. Netherblight
  17. Demonwrath
  18. Maledrake
  19. Oblivionlock
  20. Ebonwitch

20 Badass Female Warlock Names

 Badass Female Warlock Names

Creating badass female warlock names involves blending elements of power, darkness, and mystique.We also have a list of badass names and badass female names. Here are 20 names for a formidable female warlock character:

  1. Morgana Darkthorn
  2. Seraphina Shadowbane
  3. Vespera Doomweaver
  4. Lilith Bloodfire
  5. Morosha Voidbringer
  6. Bellatrix Nightshade
  7. Malhilda Soulstorm
  8. Ravenna Hellfire
  9. Thalassa Deathwhisper
  10. Valthrun Obsidian
  11. Xyra Hexblade
  12. Sablethorn Infernosurge
  13. Azura Shadowcaster
  14. Nocturna Soulrender
  15. Valeria Vilegloom
  16. Nyx Starfall
  17. Zephyra Bloodthorn
  18. Hecate Blackfire
  19. Morrigan Netherbane
  20. Vexalia Doomcaster

10 Sorcerer Names Female Diablo 4

Sorcerer Names Female Diablo 4

Here are 10 sorcerer names for a female character in Diablo 4:

  1. Seraphina Frostweaver
  2. Lysandra Shadowflame
  3. Evadne Arcaneheart
  4. Isolde Stormshaper
  5. Belara Embercaster
  6. Morwyn Moonfire
  7. Elara Frostwhisper
  8. Selene Darkspell
  9. Thalassa Voidbinder
  10. Lyra Starfrost

30 Evil Witches Names Female

Here are 30 fictional and creative evil witch names for female characters:

  1. Morgana Blackthorn
  2. Belladonna Shadowcaster
  3. Lilith Bloodbane
  4. Ravenna Nightshade
  5. Hecate Darkfire
  6. Seraphina Hexstorm
  7. Morwenna Vileheart
  8. Sablethorn Doomweaver
  9. Nyx Shadowwhisper
  10. Bellatrix Nocturne
  11. Vespera Frostwitch
  12. Malora Shadowspire
  13. Elara Malevolence
  14. Selene Netherbane
  15. Morosha Soulreaper
  16. Isolde Darkmoon
  17. Thalassa Venomheart
  18. Helene Darkspell
  19. Xyra Bloodthorn
  20. Serilda Blackflame
  21. Morgara Dreadshade
  22. Desdemona Abysscaller
  23. Valeria Deathwhisper
  24. Azura Nightfiend
  25. Zephyra Shadowstorm
  26. Nocturna Vortex
  27. Bellatrix Infernothorn
  28. Lyra Wraithfire
  29. Mathilda Doomcaster
  30. Morwyn Hellshade

What Are The Titles Of Witches?

Witches may be associated with various titles based on their roles, abilities, or positions within fictional or real-world contexts. Here are some titles commonly associated with witches:

  1. Witch: This is the most generic term for a practitioner of witchcraft.
  2. Wiccan: Refers to practitioners of Wicca, a modern pagan religious movement that incorporates witchcraft.
  3. Sorceress: Generally a female magic user, often skilled in casting spells.
  4. Enchantress: A woman able to enchant or cast spells, often associated with captivating beauty.
  5. Hedge Witch: A practitioner of folk magic, often working with herbs and plants.
  6. Green Witch: Focuses on nature, herbalism, and the use of natural elements in magic.
  7. White Witch: A witch who practices magic for benevolent or neutral purposes.
  8. Dark Witch: A witch who practices magic for darker or more self-serving purposes.
  9. Crone: Refers to an older, wise woman in magical traditions.
  10. High Priestess: A leading female figure in some witchcraft traditions, often responsible for leading rituals.
  11. Mage: A magic user, sometimes used interchangeably with the term “sorcerer” or “sorceress.”
  12. Seer: A witch with the ability to see or predict the future.
  13. Cunning Woman: A practitioner of folk magic, often providing healing and divination services.
  14. Wise Woman: A woman with knowledge and wisdom in herbalism, healing, and magical practices.
  15. Matriarch: A female leader in a magical or witchcraft community.
  16. Spellcaster: Someone skilled in casting spells, generally used as a more neutral term.
  17. Occultist: A practitioner of occult arts, including witchcraft.
  18. Soothsayer: A person who predicts the future through magical or intuitive means.
  19. High Witch: A witch who holds a position of authority or expertise in a coven or magical community.
  20. Necromancer: A practitioner of magic involving communication with or manipulation of the dead.


What is the best warlock name in D&D?

A good warlock name often reflects the character’s mystical and otherworldly nature. Here are a few suggestions that you can use or modify based on your preferences:

  1. Eldritch Shadowthorn
  2. Seraphina Voidwhisper
  3. Malachi Darkweaver
  4. Lysandra Hexblade
  5. Thorne Infernocrafter
  6. Zephyra Soulshaper
  7. Morosha Doombringer
  8. Vexthorn Eldritchbane
  9. Celestia Starcaller
  10. Nyx Bloodshadow

Who is the strongest warlock?

Some iconic warlocks in D&D lore include Mephistopheles, Orcus, and others. Ultimately, the strength of a warlock character is often shaped by the narrative and choices within a specific campaign.

Is Warlock good or bad?

Warlocks in Dungeons & Dragons can be good, neutral, or evil based on their character alignment and the choices made by the player. The class itself is morally neutral; it’s the individual character’s actions and decisions that determine whether they are considered good or bad in the context of the game.

Who is the most powerful witch?

Some notable examples include:

  1. Morgan le Fay: A powerful sorceress in Arthurian legend.
  2. Circe: A sorceress in Greek mythology, known for her magical transformations.
  3. Baba Yaga: A Slavic folklore character, often depicted as a powerful and wise witch.
  4. Hermione Granger: A fictional character in the “Harry Potter” series, known for her exceptional magical abilities.
  5. Maleficent: A powerful sorceress and iconic Disney villain based on “Sleeping Beauty.”

What are 3 witches called?

A group of three witches is often called a “coven.” The term “coven” is commonly used in the context of witchcraft and typically refers to a group of practitioners, often three or more, who gather for magical or ceremonial purposes.

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