100+ Nicknames for Drake: From Funny to Cool

Drake is a Canadian rapper, singer, songwriter, and actor, who has been relevant for many years with his chart-topping hits. With a career spanning over a decade, he has given himself many different nicknames ranging from hilarious names to also names that he is probably quite proud of.

In this post, we will dive into the most popular and hilarious nicknames for Drake. Whether you are a die-hard Drizzy fan or just here to see some rather funny nicknames for the 6 God then make sure you keep reading.

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The Origins of Drizzy

Drake’s most famous nickname, “Drizzy,” has become a key part of who he is. It started back in his early mixtape days and grew into an alter ego that reflects his confidence and amazing rap skills.

The nickname “Drizzy” came about in two ways:

  1. A friend from Toronto named Foots started calling him “Drizzy,” and it stuck It even became part of his email address: “drizzydrake@rogers.ca.”
  2. When Drake first reached out to Lil Wayne using that email, Lil Wayne thought “Drizzy Drake Rogers” was his full name. He even mentioned it in their first song together, “Ransom.”

Drake’s Signature Nicknames

Here are some of the most popular nicknames Drake is known for:

  • Drizzy: This is the most popular nickname used for Drake.
  • Champagne Papi: This name refers to his lavish expensive lifestyle.
  • 6 God: The 6 refers to his home city Toronto which he’s also proud to represent and he also has a song called 6 god.
  • The Boy: This name means that he’s the guy and the main man.

Drake-Inspired Nicknames

Drizzy Drake

Some of these nicknames have been given to Drake by his fans or just mentioned in general:

  • Aubrey Graham: This is his actual birth name.
  • Jimmy Brooks: This is the nickname of the character he played in Degrassi.
  • Toronto Titan: Representing his city and showing the big impact he had.
  • Views From The 6: Inspired by his classic album ‘Views‘.
  • The Certified Lover Boy: He is known to be a playboy and this is a nickname referenced to his album.
  • The Scorpion: This is another nickname that references October when he was born and the album.
  • The 6ix God: A nickname was given to him as it references Toronto and how he’s the man of the city.
  • Mr. Passionfruit: This nickname refers to his big summertime hit Passionfruit.
  • Drizzy Drake Rogers: A nickname only the real Drizzy fans know of, this refers to his old email address before the fame drizzydrake@rogers.ca.
  • The King of the North: This nickname isn’t too common but it refers to the North Canada and he’s the champion of that city.
  • BBL Drizzy: This is a recent nickname Rick Ross gave to Drake, claiming that he got cosmetic surgery, mocking his masculinity. Metro Booming also makes a diss track called BBL Drizzy.
  • OVO: OVO is Drake’s label and clothing brand.
  • Do Right And Kill Everything: This refers to the name Drake and what it actually means which he has referenced on multiple tracks.
  • Wheelchair Jimmy: In Degrassi Drake was in a wheelchair in some of the episodes, this is where the nickname came from and some rappers even used the nickname to diss him.

Fan-Created Nicknames

Champagne Papi

Here are a bunch of fan-created Nicknames for Drake:

  • The 6ix God
  • Drizzy Drake Rogers
  • The King of the North
  • Drakeness
  • Mr. Certified Lover Boy
  • Drizz
  • Pap
  • Champagne Drizzy
  • The 6 God of the North
  • Lover Boy Drizzy
  • Mr. OVO
  • 6 Man
  • Heartbreak Drake
  • One Dance Wonder
  • Drake the Ruler
  • October’s Finest
  • The Champagne King
  • The Boy Wonder
  • The Degrassi Legend

More Drake Nicknames

Drake Drizzy The 6 God

Here we have a list of random Drake Nicknames that you may have never heard of:

  • Drakezilla
  • The 6ix Sensation
  • Champagne Commander
  • Aubz Almighty
  • Melody Maven
  • Rhythm Reverend
  • Toronto’s Finest
  • Mic Magician
  • Beat Genius
  • Lyric Luminary
  • Rap Regent
  • Flow Emperor
  • Verse Virtuoso
  • Harmony Hero
  • Track Tactician
  • Groove Grandmaster
  • Beat Boss
  • Rhythm Ruler
  • Melody Maestro
  • Mic Monarch
  • Rhyme Royalty
  • Studio Sage
  • OVO Overlord
  • Anthem Architect
  • Song Serpent
  • Hook Hero
  • Verse Vanguard
  • Beat Bishop
  • Rhythm Renegade
  • Melodic Monarch
  • Flow Phenom
  • Tune Titan
  • Sound Sorcerer
  • Harmony Headmaster
  • Rhyme Ruler
  • Mic Mastermind
  • Rap Royce
  • Beat Battler
  • Rhythm Raider
  • Groove Guardian
  • Verse Voyager
  • Harmony Herald
  • Rhyme Reveler
  • Studio Sovereign
  • Anthem Ace
  • Hook Handler
  • Verse Visionary
  • Beat Bossa Nova
  • Rhythm Ranger
  • Melody Marvel
  • Flow Frontier
  • Tune Tamer
  • Harmony Highness
  • Rhyme Wrangler
  • Lyric Luminario
  • Rap Rhapsodist
  • Beat Behemoth
  • Rhythm Rockstar
  • Groove Guru
  • Harmony Hierarch
  • Rhyme Renegade
  • Studio Savior
  • OVO Octane
  • Song Strategist
  • Hook Heroine
  • Verse Vindicator
  • Beat Berserker
  • Rhythm Revolutionist
  • Melody Mentor
  • Flow Frontiersman
  • Tune Trailblazer
  • Harmony Highbrow
  • Rhyme Revolutionary
  • Mic Maestro
  • Rap Renegade
  • Beat Brawler
  • Melody Magistrate
  • Song Sorcerer
  • Drake Almighty

Wrapping It Up

Drake is a big deal for sure and has been relevant for what feels like forever. With so many Nicknames given to this superstar, I’m sure people will think of some new amusing names throughout the rest of his career.

Whether you prefer the classic nickname ‘Drizzy’ you have many names to use as a nickname for Drake.

Thanks for reading this article on Nicknames For Drake and make sure you check out other blog posts from us.

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