Nicknames For Brothers – 250+ Contact Names They Will Love

Brothers are a blessing, and having a brother is a warm and happy feeling. But it is too boring to call them brothers, so the need for nicknames arises. We have enlisted some of the most suitable nicknames for brothers that you can use to call them.

Brothers are the most lovable personalities, and they always have our back. But when it comes to teasing, they can’t stay behind. You can give them nicknames according to their personality; you have multiple options, from cute to funny and mean nicknames for caring, loving and irritating brothers.

In this post, we have shared a huge collection of nicknames for brothers depending on their attitudes and characteristics. You can choose an alternative name for your brother from the list with a special meaning and celebrate a unique bond.

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A List Of Unique Contact Names For Your Brother

A List Of Unique Contact Names For Your Brother

We have some special names if you are looking for cool but unique contact names for your brother. Call these names to create a cool relationship with your brother.

However, ensure the name you select is desirable.

1. Adorable

2. Amore

3. Amigo

4. Arms

5. Bro

6. Brobama

7. Brokey

8. Big bro

9. Big Guy

10. Big Soldier

11. Brorider

12. Brah

13. Brommando

14. Black Sheep

15. Brotato

16. Brodown

17. Bro Knows

18. Brosky

19. Broseidon

20. Broflake

21. Brotown

22. Bro-efficient

23. Brofessional

24. Bro Founder

25. Brolife

26. Brometheus

27. Brominator

28. Captain

29. Chief

30. General

31. Handsome

32. Hawkeye

33. Junior

34. Kid Bro

35. Little Soldier

36. Muscles

37. Mario

38. Twin

39. Wingman

40. Daredevil

Sweet Nicknames For Older Brother

Undoubtedly, the elder brother plays a protective and guiding role for younger siblings and is always seen as a figure of authority who sets examples. To make your elder brother feel special, give him these sweet nicknames:

1. Ape

2. Big B

3. Beau

4. Bruv

5. Bud

6. Bruiser

7. Big Dude

8. Buddy

9. Bobo

10. Bucky

11. Bunny

12. Broball

13. Bro Sign

14. Bro Host

15. Butters

16. Brobe Bryant

17. Broboat

18. Biggie

19. Biggs

20. Bean

21. Bro With The Flow

22. Coco

23. Cherub

24. Comrade

25. Dean

26. Fox

27. Goober

28. Gandalf

29. G Man

30. Hot Shot

31. Hero

32. Hunk

33. Indiana Jones

34. KitKat

35. Lion

36. Mi Bro

37. Mufasa

38. Mi King

39. Mega Me

40. Meatball

41. Oldie

42. Old Bro

43. Robin

44. Spooky

45. Senior

46. Scooby Doo

47. Sunshine

48. Skipper

49. Tater Tot

50. Vin

51. Willow

52. Yoda

53. Zippy

54. Ziggy

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Cute Nicknames For Younger Brother

Seen as the baby of the family, the younger brother gets a lot of love, affection, and attention from his elder siblings. The personality of younger brothers is often filled with energy, playfulness, and curiosity.

To give your younger brother happy moments, we have a list of nicknames you can use to call him and reward a chance for self-expression.

1. Aiden

2. Bobby

3. Bruth

4. Bug

5. Bruz

6. Boo Boo

7. Bear

8. Bruddy

9. Beloved

10. Bun

11. Bredrin

12. Bradda

13. Broski

14. Buster

15. Brobama

16. Charming

17. Champ

18. Cherup

19. Chipmunk

20. Dork

21. Duckling

22. Dude

23. Emperor

24. Favorite

25. Flame

26. Goofy

27. Gum Shoe

28. Honey

29. Honey Bun

30. Howard

31. Love Muffin

32. Pal

33. Phil

34. Prince

35. Rockstar

36. Randy

37. Romeo

38. Swagger

39. Stasi

40. Sugar

41. Tiger

42. Tyke

Adorable Nicknames For Little Brother

Adorable Nicknames For Little Brother

We have a long list if you are searching for some adorable nicknames for your little brother. A little brother is also the younger one, but these nicknames are more specifically for baby bros. Most older siblings choose a nickname for their younger brothers.

1. Adorbs

2. Angel

3. Amore

4. Baby Blue

5. Baby Face

6. Bitsy

7. Bub

8. Bam Bam

9. Baby Bro

10. Bambino

11. Biscuit

12. Baby Do

13. Buck

14. Chico

15. Couch Potato

16. Chucky Sweet

17. Dobby

18. Donut

19. Duckling

20. French Fries

21. Gummy Bear

22. Half Pint

23. Hefty Wefty

24. Kiddo

25. Little Man

26. Little Bro

27. Little Bug

28. Munchkin

29. Minion

30. Nemo

31. Ping Pong

32. Pebbles

33. Plum Cake

34. Rainbow

35. Rugrat

36. Short Stuff

37. Smalls

38. Shortie

39. Tiny

40. Tiny Tot

41. Wee Lad

42. Youngin

43. Young Buck

Funny Nicknames For Brother

Looking for hilarious nicknames for your funny and joker brother? Our list of funny nicknames for your brother won’t disappoint you.

Whether you want to bring a smile to your brother’s face or just find a way to tease him, these nicknames will do a lot of favor.

1. Apple

2. Buzz

3. Balloon

4. Chaos

5. Chow Chow

6. Cena

7. Cupid

8. Chatterbox

9. Cookie Monster

10. Doughboy

11. Dorky

12. Elmo

13. Fatty

14. Doodle

15. Dachla

16. Ghosty

17. Goober

18. Gigglebug

19. Hobbit

20. Hulk

21. Loony

22. Lollypop

23. Lazy Lad

24. Loki

25. Little Lamb

26. Lentil

27. Muddles

28. Mario

29. Marshmallow

30. Mr. Bean

31. Nacho

32. Nutella

33. Nerdy

34. Puddles

35. Pickle

36. Panda

37. Potato

38. Poppet

39. Peaches

40. Ross

41. Stinker

42. Shrimp

43. Sasquatch

44. Tumtum

45. Tink

46. Tortoise

47. Taco

48. Troublemaker

49. Wigly Bear

50. Yoyo

Mean Nicknames For Brother

We have a list for you if you want to tease your brother by giving him annoying or mean nicknames. Check out these mean nicknames for a brother to irritate an annoying brother:

1. Adopted

2. Beef Cake

3. Booger Bum

4. Butter Butt

5. Bart

6. Barbarian

7. Boxer

8. Copycat

9. Chunkamunk

10. Chunky Butt

11. Chubster

12. Dobby

13. Didima

14. Fox

15. Goofball

16. Hambone

17. Heartbreaker

18. Jock

19. Noodles

20. Oddball

21. Piggy

22. Pookie

23. Rudeboy

24. Rebel

25. Runt

26. Scout

27. Spike

28. Squirt

29. Short Funk

30. Stewie

31. Sidekick

32. Screech

33. Stingy

34. Tattletale

35. Toy Stealer

36. Weirdo

37. Wookie

Nicknames For Brother-In-Law

A brother-in-law is also an important family member, and to make the relationship more friendly, you can use short but cute nicknames.

Check out our list of nicknames for brother in law:

1. Amore

2. Astro

3. Adorable

4. Autumn

5. Babs

6. Bruv

7. Bulky

8. Bambina

9. Biggie

10. Birdie

11. Boss Man

12. Buddy

13. Bruno

14. Bro-Star

15. Buttons

16. Chasey

17. Charmer

18. Copper

19. Champ

20. Doodle Bear

21. Ducky

22. Felix

23. Fly Guy

24. Gibli

25. Happy

26. Jam

27. Mushy

28. Moon

29. Oreo

30. Pingu

31. Protector

32. Possum

33. Poppy

34. Steel

35. Tito

36. Taco

Nicknames For Brother In Different Languages

In general, nicknames for brothers in different languages add a cultural and linguistic flair to the relationship by reflecting a variety of languages and traditions. But sometimes, we love using other languages for naming to sound fancy or cool.

Here are some foreign languages that mean brother. You can call your brother in different languages to sound posh.

1. Anaia – Brother in Basque

2. Ax – Brother in Mongolian

3. Abang – Malay

4. Brawd – Brother in Welsh

5. Bror – Brother in Norwegian

6. Broer – Brother in Danish

7. Batska – Slavic

8. Bhai – Brother in Hindi/Urdu

9. Bratushka – Russian

10. Bruder – Brother in German

11. Brolis – Lithuanian

12. Bir Tuugan – Kyrgyz

13. Brat – Brother in Russian

14. Brathair – Brother in Scottish

15. Brethren Biblical

16. Dongsen – Younger Brother in Korean

17. Dan Uwa – Hausa

18. Fratello – Brother in Italian

19. Frere – Brother in French

20. Hermano – Brother in Spanish

21. Hyung – Elder Brother in Korean

22. Kuya – Brother in Filipino

23. Nirr – Brother in Japanese

24. Shaqiq – Arabic

25. Vend – Estonian

26. Vella – Brother in Albanian

27. Veli – Finnish

Check out these nicknames for brothers in Hindi (India)

1. Amu

2. Bhimu

3. Bony

4. Chiklu

5. Chintu

6. Chanu

7. Chinku

8. Dholu

9. Kulu

10. Mintu

11. Minku

12. Piklu

13. Pintu

14. Roby

15. Ravu

16. Tiloo

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Tips On How To Choose Nicknames For Brothers

Nicknames play a great role in how we interact with people, so they should be as good for identifying personalities, building connections, and strengthening relationships.

Multiple factors play a role in giving a clear idea about selecting nicknames for brothers. Here are some tips you should consider for better ideas:

Consider the Personality Of Your Child

The best and most common way to choose a nickname is to consider the personality. You can give him a pet name to describe his personality, such as for a shy brother, you can pick Lambkin, Shrimp, or Sweet Cheeks nickname.

Then comes the physical appearance, which also helps decide a good nickname.  Several options exist, from Angel Face to Adorable, Blue Eyes, and Vista.

The physique or other physical attributes also play a significant role, such as you can give a Short Cake nickname to your short brother.

Lastly, the mannerisms or personal habits also give excellent ideas about selecting nicknames for brothers.

Pick A Name Based on A Theme

Instead of focusing on so many aspects of a person, you can make it easy by choosing a nickname based on a theme. You can prefer choosing a cute nickname such as Gummy Bear rather than a cool nickname.

A lot of options are also present in funny and mean nicknames to call your brother.

Brainstorm All Ideas

Make a list of all selected names and think clearly about the meaning and impact of the name on your brother’s personality. Write down all ideas and focus on each name one after another.

Remove unnecessary names from the list and keep it to a minimum till you get one final nickname.

Choose Short & Easy Nicknames

Choosing short and simple nicknames is better than using bombastic words. A nickname should be easy to remember and pronounce.

Most short nicknames are already taken, but our lists are filled with some unique ones.

Pair Names For Siblings

Another best practice for naming brothers is to choose pair nicknames for siblings. For example, a couple can have Romeo or Juliet nickname after pairing two names.

You can choose nicknames from Thor to Loki, Zack to Cody, Mario or Luigi, Drake to Josh, and Sam to Dean. Two brothers can have similar-sounding names and will share a closer bond.

Ask For Suggestion For The Name

Once you have selected a nickname for your brother, ask him to give his valuable suggestion. If the name is fun and exciting for him, call him forever by that name. However, if you don’t get a desired name, the list filled with nicknames for brothers will make the task much easier for you.

Wrapping Up

Sometimes, it can be hard to come up with creative ideas for choosing nicknames. But you can find the most adorable nicknames once you have inspiration and clarity of ideas. Remember, your brother is the most lovable personality for you in the entire world, even though he’s annoying. But he deserves to be treated in the best possible way.

The purpose of giving him a nickname is to make him feel special and express affection, so choose nicknames that will make him happy and feel admired. We hope the extensive list we have provided will give you the best nicknames you and your will love.

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