Names That Mean Traveler – 150 Ideas For Wandering Souls

Are you looking for cool names that mean traveler for your baby? We have compiled a list of amazing names inspired by the idea of exploring new places and having fun adventures.

Choosing a name for your baby is a big decision, and it is great when the name has a special meaning. If you are a fan of travel and the outdoors, you might find the perfect name on this list. The list includes names connected to general travel, U.S. National Parks, the sea, and even major cities.

Whether you are a seasoned traveler or just love the idea of naming your baby after a place or the spirit of exploration, you will love these inspiring ideas. Read out to explore 150 travel-inspired baby names for boys and girls.

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Best Names That Mean Traveler

Best Names That Mean Traveler

1. Alon (Hebrew) – Oak Tree or Strong and Enduring Wanderer

2. Apollo (Greek) – Destroyer or Purifying Traveler

3. Calypso (Greek) – Concealing Wanderer or She Who Hides

4. Caravan (Persian) – Group of Travelers

5. Exodus (Greek) – Going Out or Departure Traveler

6. Israfil (Arabic) – The Burning One or Angel of the Trumpet

7. Kai (Hawaiian) – Sea or Ocean Voyager

8. Marama (Maori) – Moonlit Traveler or Journeying by Moonlight

9. Nomad (Greek) – Wandering Herdsman or Nomadic Explorer

10. Nomia (Greek) – Pasture or Grazing Land Wanderer

11. Odysseus (Greek) – Wrathful or Full of Wrath Explorer

12. Peregrina (Spanish) – Female Traveler or Pilgrim

13. Peregrine (Latin) – Traveler or Pilgrim

14. Peregrinus (Latin) – Foreign or Alien Voyager

15. Pilgrim (English) – One Who Journeys to a Sacred Place

16. Roamer (English) – One Who Moves About Aimlessly

17. Seraphina (Hebrew) – Fiery-Winged Angel or Burning One’s Traveler

18. Sojourner (English) – Temporary Resident or Journeyer

19. Tala (Native American) – Wolf or Stalking Wolf Traveler

20. Tethys (Greek) – Grandmother or Sea Goddess Wanderer

21. Vagabond (French) – Person Who Wanders from Place to Place

22. Vardo (Romani) – Wagon or Mobile Home Traveler

23. Viator (Latin) – Traveler or Wayfarer

24. Wander (English) – To Roam About with No Fixed Destination

25. Wayfarer (English) – Traveler on Foot or Wanderer

26. Yara (Arabic) – Small Butterfly or Traveler

27. Zephyr (Greek) – West Wind or Gentle Breeze Voyager

Girl Names That Mean Traveler

Girl Names That Mean Traveler

1. Amala (Sanskrit) – Hopeful Wanderer or Bird of Hope

2. Astra (Latin) – Celestial Voyager or Star Traveler

3. Astrid (Old Norse) – Beautiful Star or Beloved Wanderer

4. Aysel (Turkish) – Moonlit Explorer

5. Calista (Greek) – Most Beautiful Journey or Lovely Traveler

6. Eilidh (Scottish) – Radiant Wanderer or Sunlit Traveler

7. Elara (Greek) – Bright, Shining Journey or Voyager of Light

8. Hikari (Japanese) – Light-Bringer or Shining Explorer

9. Ilaria (Italian) – Cheerful Journey or Joyful Traveler

10. Journey (English) – Traveler or Expeditionist

11. Kailani (Hawaiian) – Voyager of the Sea and Sky

12. Odalys (Greek) – Path of the Journey or Wanderer’s Path

13. Rhea (Greek) – Flowing Stream, Symbolizing a Continuous Journey

14. Safira (Portuguese) – Precious Gem of the Journey

15. Selene (Greek) – Moonlit Voyager or Goddess of the Moon

16. Seren (Welsh) – Starlit Wanderer or Night Traveler

17. Solene (French) – Solemn Journey or Dignified Explorer

18. Tamsin (English) – Twin Voyager or Twin Traveler

19. Valkyrie (Norse) – Chooser of the Slain on the Battlefield

20. Vega (Spanish) – Swooping Eagle or Falling Star Wanderer

21. Yaretzi (Nahuatl) – Always Loved Traveler or Eternal Love Seeker

22. Zara (Arabic) – Princess of the Journey or Flowering Wanderer

Boy Names That Mean Traveler

Boy Names That Mean Traveler

1. Altair (Arabic) – Flying Eagle or Bird of Prey

2. Aslan (Turkish) – Lion or Brave

3. Eamon (Irish) – Guardian or Protector

4. Elan (Hebrew) – Tree or Oak Tree

5. Ender (Turkish) – Rare or Scarce Wanderer

6. Evander (Greek) – Good Man or Brave Man

7. Faris (Arabic) – Knight or Horseman

8. Jarek (Slavic) – Fierce or Strong Wanderer

9. Jovan (Serbian) – Young Warrior or Youthful Traveler

10. Kairo (Swahili) – Victorious One or Conqueror

11. Kitai (Japanese) – North or Seeker of the North

12. Navin (Sanskrit) – New or Fresh Explorer

13. Nomar (Spanish) – Modern Blend, Nomadic Explorer of the Sea

14. Soren (Danish) – Stern or Severe Voyager

15. Theron (Greek) – Hunter or Pursuer of Adventures

16. Ulysses (Latin) – Wrathful or Full of Wrath, Alternative to Odysseus

17. Vaghn (Welsh) – Small or Little Wanderer

18. Venture (English) – Undertaker of Risky Journeys

Unique Names Meaning Traveler

Unique Names Meaning Traveler

1. Driftan (Old English) – To Drift or Wander Aimlessly

2. Farsan (Persian) – Traveler or One Who Journeys

3. Itineris (Latin) – Of the Journey or Traveler

4. Meandros (Greek) – To Meander or Wander Gracefully

5. Navarius (Latin) – Navigator or Sailor

6. Navigio (Italian) – To Navigate

7. Nomaris (Greek) – Nomadic Explorer of the Sea

8. Orbison (English) – Cosmic Traveler

9. Pilgrimar (Spanish) – Pilgrim or Traveler

10. Questen (English) – Signifying a Journey

11. Questorix (Latin) – Evoking a Questing Traveler

12. Roveo (Latin) – To Roam or Wander

13. Seekeris (English) – Symbolizing a Seeker on a Journey

14. Terraflite (Latin) – Earthbound Journeys

15. Traverse (French) – To Cross or Travel Through

16. Treadwell (English) – A Journey with Purpose

17. Vardo (Romani) – Wagon or Mobile Home Traveler

18. Ventureo (Latin) – Adventurous Travel

19. Waylen (English) – Path or Road Wanderer

Creative Names Meaning Wanderer

Creative Names Meaning Wanderer

1. Ahascharah (Sanskrit) – The Day Wanderer

2. Alissa (Phoenician) – Wanderer

3. Arvad (Hebrew) – Voyager or Wanderer

4. Bahis (Quranic) – Explorer

5. Brandon (Irish) – The Voyager

6. Charaka (Indian) – Traveler

7. Christopher (Greek) – The Saint of All Travelers

8. Dolen (Dutch) – Wanderer

9. Dwade (English) – Dark Traveler

10. Emin (German) – Wanderer

11. Faer (English) – Wanderer

12. Ferdinand (German) – Voyager

13. Igashu (Native American) – Someone Who Wanders

14. Jagatbehari (Indian) – World Traveler

15. Jahanjuy (Parsi) – Seeker of the World

16. Kevalin (Indian) – Seeker of the Absolute

17. Lokachari (Sanskrit) – Wanderer of Earth

18. Mshai (Egyptian) – Traveler

19. Naikasanucharah (Sanskrit) – Wanderer Over the Peaks

20. Noah (Hebrew) – Wanderer

21. Polo (Tibetan) – Brave Wanderer

22. Raahi (Indian) – Wanderer

23. Rover (English) – Wanderer

24. Scott (Gaelic) – Wanderer

25. Taeka – Wandering Like Water

Names That Mean Explorer

Names That Mean Explorer

1. Anvesh (Sanskrit) – Dedicated Explorer or Seeker

2. Delfinio (Spanish) – Dolphin-Like Explorer of the Seas

3. Peregrine (Latin) – Traveler or Wanderer

4. Questan (English) – Inquisitive Explorer

5. Rovek (Slavic) – Wandering Explorer

6. Sagarika (Sanskrit) – Explorer of the Ocean

7. Trailor (English) – Trailblazing Explorer

8. Venturo (Italian) – Adventurous or Daring Explorer

9. Viatore (Italian) – Traveler or Wayfarer

10. Yondera (English) – Woman Explorer Beyond the Horizon

Names That Mean Travel Or Adventure

Names That Mean Travel Or Adventure

1. Alaric (Germanic) – Ruler of All, Signifying a Journey of Great Significance

2. Odys (Greek) – Inspired by Odyssey, Symbolizing a Long and Adventurous Journey

3. Ramblera (English) – Woman Fond of Adventurous Wanderings

4. Sojournix (Latin) – Unique and Temporary Travel Experience

5. Trekarius (Latin) – Skilled and Determined Traveler

6. Trepidara (Latin) – Woman Embarking on a Courageous Adventure

7. Vagabert (French) – Wandering Adventurer

8. Vagary (English) – Unpredictable Travel or Excursion

9. Wanderlusta (German) – Woman with a Strong Desire to Travel

Cool Traveler Names

1. Aero

2. Horizon

3. Jet

4. Maverick

5. Mirage

6. Nomad

7. Odyssey

8. Orion

9. Phoenix

10. Roamer

11. Seraph

12. Skyler

13. Solaris

14. Trek

15. Venture

16. Venture

17. Vortex

18. Zenith

19. Zenon

20. Zephyr

Wrap Up

Whether you like the idea of your little one being a general traveler, someone who loves the sea, or even someone inspired by specific places, there is a name here for everyone. We hope these names bring excitement and a sense of endless possibilities to your journey of choosing the perfect name for your little explorer.

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