Goddard Review: Is It a Worthy Private Preschool?

A reputable child care center and preschool are every responsible parent’s dream since the children who attend these institutions grow up more socially and cognitively capable and independent while also learning various skills that will aid them in elementary school. A private preschool, like Goddard, can be pricey. Still, it is an excellent choice for parents who want their children to be trained and supervised by highly competent professionals supervising a smaller group of children in less crowded classrooms. Following is a complete review of the Goddard schools, along with the tuition.

Goddard schools along with the tuition

The Goddard School review

Goddard is a private preschool with over 500 franchises across the United States. The teaching methods and ideologies of the school encompass all aspects of child psychology to offer a friendly yet personalized experience to fulfill the needs of each child. Following are the details of the school and its curriculum.

The Goddard School review

Typical activities

  • Every day begins with exploration and discovery, followed by group interactions and activities. The youngsters also get to spend time outside in the beautiful weather.
  • Snack time is usually included in the morning, and babies have their nap time slot.
  • Each age group (toddlers to kindergarteners) has their unique schedule throughout the day.

Overall, the classroom activities, safe environment, and group tasks ensure that the children are developed as individuals and work great in group events. The staff ensures that each child gets equal attention and records any memorable moment as highlights of the day to show the parents.


Monday through Friday, schools begin at 7 a.m. and end at 6 p.m. However, timings may vary depending on the state in which the school is located.

Goddard schools tuition

The schools offer full and part-time tuition, and the highest cost is under 1700.

What makes the Goddard schools special?

Lessons & activities

Every parent desires for their child to have hands-on experience with learning activities, and this is exactly what the Goddard school curriculum promotes and implements. The activities are designed to foster and enhance children’s curiosity and learning. The program is built around the F.L.EX learning structure. It provides a well-rounded learning experience in a safe, supportive environment to help each kid prepare for school and potential careers, and it stays with the child for life.

Resources and facilities

Beginning with classrooms, each age group has its classroom setting ideal for their interests. The schools also feature outdoor playgrounds where youngsters can run around and explore the vast outdoors. The schools also include gyms where students can practice yoga, aerobics, and indoor sports like basketball and soccer. The school includes well-equipped computer labs where students can study coding and improve their creativity and problem-solving skills. The schools also provide an after-school and before-school kids club for elementary school students.

Hands-on Development 

Goddard schools help children establish interests that affect their learning experiences by combining academic, mental, physical, and social-emotional growth. These characteristics cover the essential early childhood learning aspects that help instill curiosity and a love of learning in children without the need to force them.

The F.L.EX curriculum includes STEAM modules: science, technology, engineering, arts, and math. These are all important subjects to study before starting elementary school. There is a greater emphasis on having fun while learning and encouraging children to participate actively in developing their unique abilities and personalities via each interaction.

Competent staff

Parents praise the staff for being considerate towards each child and help unlock their potential by ensuring that they learn at their own pace.

Communication technology

Parents receive a comprehensive report on their child’s activities via an app provided by the schools. The report reveals how much the child slept (for babies), food information, and, more particularly, the child’s daily progress and achievements. There is also a specific mention of the child’s noteworthy moments. Parents can contact the school at any time for information on their children.


Overall, the Goddard schools provide an ideal, safe, and education-rich environment that allows the kids to grow as strong individuals who love learning and exploring themselves and the world. The activities are fun and easy to follow, and the staff is responsible and gentle with every kid. Though there are issues with additional costs and the overall tuition of the Goddard schools, you can always opt for a part-time payment.


  • Each child is focused on individually increasing their strengths and making them a better person.
  • There is a special focus on individual learning as well as group activities.
  • The school is safe and provides the ultimate security for the kids, adding to parents’ peace of mind.


  • It is costly.
  • Additional costs include food, a waitlist, special events, and snacks.


Is a private preschool better than a public one?

In some ways, such as a small and fixed classroom size and the availability of specialized and trained teachers.

Does a preschool help kids become more social?

Yes, children not only become social and interact with other kids but also learn to share and work nicely in group settings, hence, being more tolerant of other kids their age.

Is there a way to find a Goddard school near me?

Yes, you can go on the school’s link and find a school in your state.

Final Verdict

Early childhood education is important to any parent’s life because they want their children to have the best social and mental development possible. Every parent desires a caring school environment with a kind and compassionate staff, an institute that caters to the needs of different age groups, and a school that provides parents with complete peace of mind. The Goddard School is an amazing choice of a trustworthy private preschool that provides safety and security to the kids and promotes individuality and exploration learning.

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