Do Men Go To Baby Showers? Unique And Cool Ideas For Dads

In the evolving landscape of social norms and gender roles, the question of whether men attend baby showers has sparked considerable discussion.
Traditionally, baby showers were considered events exclusively for women, reflecting outdated notions that women were primarily seen as caregivers and, therefore, the ones celebrated before a baby’s arrival. However, society now recognizes that dads are just as important in raising children. This shift means that men are now invited to baby showers, too.
Despite historical norms, modern baby showers are becoming more inclusive, welcoming both parents to participate in the excitement of welcoming a new baby.
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Do Men Go To Baby Showers?

Yes, men are invited to baby showers nowadays. Traditionally, baby showers were primarily attended by women, but in recent years, the trend has shifted towards co-ed baby showers.
While historically, baby showers were seen as a space for women to freely discuss pregnancy-related topics and provide a stress-free environment for the expecting mother, modern baby showers welcome both parents. Co-ed baby showers allow fathers to celebrate the impending arrival of their child alongside their partners, family, and friends.

Do Dads Come To Baby Shower?

Do Dads Come To Baby Shower

Yes, dads do come to baby showers nowadays. Over time, gender roles have been changing, and it’s becoming more common to see men attending these celebrations.
With men taking on a more active role in parenting, baby showers have become an opportunity to promote togetherness within the family unit. Parenting approaches have evolved beyond traditional stereotypes, and couples are increasingly planning for and welcoming their newborns as equal partners.
The stigma surrounding men’s involvement in baby showers is fading away, and it’s now widely accepted that both parents should be included in these joyous occasions. As people challenge traditional gender roles, the trend of dads attending baby showers continues to gain acceptance, further strengthening the bonds between parents and their growing families.
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What Do Guys Do During A Baby Shower? Man Baby Shower Ideas

What Do Guys Do During A Baby Shower Man Baby Shower Ideas

Here are unique ideas for what guys can do during a baby shower:
Dad Diaper Derby

Have a friendly competition where guests race against each other to see who can correctly diaper a baby doll the fastest. This activity not only adds some excitement to the party but also gives soon-to-be dads some practical practice for the real deal.
Baby Gear Assembly

Set up stations with unassembled baby items like strollers, cribs, or high chairs, and have guests work together to assemble them. It provides an enjoyable opportunity for men to connect while tackling practical tasks, aiding in the readiness of the soon-to-be parents for their upcoming bundle of joy.
Baby Boot Camp

Arrange for a mini “boot camp” session led by experienced dads or parenting experts. This hands-on workshop covers topics like swaddling techniques, soothing a crying baby, and basic infant care, providing valuable knowledge and confidence-building for soon-to-be dads.
Dad Joke Competition

Hold a dad joke competition where guests take turns sharing their cheesiest, funniest dad jokes. Encourage creativity and humor, and let everyone vote for their favorite joke. It’s a lighthearted way to bring laughter to the party and celebrate the dad-to-be’s sense of humor.
Diaper Art Contest

Provide plain white diapers and fabric markers, and challenge guests to get creative by decorating them with colorful designs, funny messages, or personal artwork. These personalized diapers will surely bring smiles to the parents’ faces during those late-night diaper changes.
Baby Name Brainstorm

Set up a brainstorming session where guests suggest baby names for the expectant parents to consider. Provide a chalkboard or whiteboard where everyone can write down their ideas and encourage discussion about the meanings and significance behind each name.
Baby Bottle Beer Pong

Put a baby shower twist on the classic game of beer pong by using baby bottles filled with non-alcoholic beverages instead of cups of beer. Attendees can rotate attempting to toss ping pong balls into the bottles, introducing an entertaining and competitive aspect to the gathering.
Dad Diaper Bag Fashion Show

Have guests participate in a hilarious “fashion show” where they model different styles of diaper bags filled with baby essentials. Encourage creativity and humor as they strut their stuff down the “catwalk,” showcasing their dad-approved diaper bag designs.
Baby Olympics

Organize a series of baby-themed relay races and challenges, such as a diaper dash, bottle balancing, and burping contest. Divide guests into teams and award prizes for the winners, making for a memorable and action-packed baby shower experience.
Parenting Panel Discussion

Arrange for a panel discussion featuring experienced parents, including dads, sharing their insights and advice on topics like balancing work and family life, managing stress, and fostering a strong parent-child bond. It’s an opportunity for soon-to-be dads to gain valuable wisdom and support from those who have been there before.
Dad-to-Dad Advice Circle

Create a supportive environment where dads can share their own experiences, challenges, and advice. Provide conversation prompts or discussion topics related to fatherhood, allowing guests to connect on a deeper level and build a sense of camaraderie.
Dad’s Diaper Duty Station

Set up a mock “diaper duty station” complete with baby dolls, diapers, wipes, and changing mats. Have guests practice changing diapers and performing other caregiving tasks, offering guidance and encouragement to help boost their confidence as future dads.
Baby Shower BBQ

Host a backyard BBQ-themed baby shower with grilled favorites like burgers, hot dogs, and BBQ chicken. Incorporate baby shower decorations and activities into the outdoor party setting, such as a diaper grill-off or baby-themed cornhole tournament.
DIY Baby Book Workshop

Provide materials like blank journals, scrapbook supplies, and baby-themed stickers, and encourage guests to create personalized baby books for the expectant parents. They can fill the pages with heartfelt messages, parenting tips, and memories to cherish for years to come.
Nursery Decorating Party

Turn the baby shower into a collaborative effort to decorate the nursery by setting up painting stations, assembling furniture, and hanging artwork or decorations. Guests can contribute their creativity and labor to help create a warm and welcoming space for the new arrival.

Are Baby Showers Only For Females?

Are Baby Showers Only For Females

In the past, baby showers were typically just for moms and the women in their lives. Men were often excluded because talking about childbirth and postnatal care felt awkward in mixed company. Plus, childcare was seen as mainly women’s business.
But things have changed. Now, baby showers aren’t just for women anymore. Many men are more involved in parenting than before, so it makes sense for them to celebrate the upcoming arrival of their child, too.
Some men even throw their own baby shower-style parties called “diaper parties” or “dadchelor parties.” Instead of traditional baby shower activities, these events might involve watching sports and bringing diapers as gifts. It’s a fun way for guys to celebrate becoming dads.
Nowadays, it’s common for baby showers to include men in some way. It’s not considered weird or taboo anymore. Plus, having both men and women at the party can make it even more entertaining. So, no, baby showers aren’t only for females; they are for everyone who wants to celebrate the new addition to the family.


Who normally attends a baby shower?

Anyone can attend a baby shower, including grandparents, parents, siblings, aunts, cousins, friends, neighbors, and coworkers, as well as those of your partner. There are no strict rules about who should attend; it’s up to the expecting parents to decide who they want to celebrate with.

Why are guys not allowed at baby showers?

Guys are allowed at baby showers, especially if the father is there. In the past, they might not have been as interested, but times have changed, and many men want to attend baby showers now. So, there’s no rule saying guys can’t come, and it’s more about their interest and involvement.

Wrap Up

The presence of men at baby showers has become increasingly common in modern times. As societal norms evolve, the tradition of exclusively women-only baby showers is fading, and more inclusive celebrations are emerging. With changing attitudes and greater acceptance, baby showers are becoming celebrations for everyone involved in the journey of becoming parents.

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