Christian Names – 180 Ideas Direct From Bible For Kids

In the Christian faith, names have profound meaning and significance. They connect us to our religious heritage and help define who we are as believers.

Throughout history, Christian names have carried a rich tradition, drawing inspiration from the Bible, saints, and martyrs. They reflect the deep spirituality of Christianity and often become an integral part of one’s faith journey.

In this blog post, we will provide the historical, spiritual, and cultural aspects of Christian names, as well as offer guidance on choosing a meaningful name.

Whether you’re a parent searching for a name for your child or an individual considering a name change, this post will shed light on the beauty and significance of Christian names in a simple and approachable way.

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History And Origin Of Christian Biblical Names

Christian names have a deep historical significance within the Christian faith. They have been an essential part of Christian tradition for centuries.

In the early days of Christianity, people often chose names for their children based on the stories and characters found in the Bible. This practice connects people to the biblical heritage and teachings.

Biblical names like ‘Mary,’ ‘Joseph,’ and ‘Peter’ became popular choices. These are symbolizing the faith and values of the Christian community.

Christian names often honored saints and martyrs who had significantly contributed to the faith. These names carried the legacy of these revered figures and inspired individuals to follow in their spiritual footsteps.

30 Unique Christian Names and Their Meanings

Unique Christian Names and Their Meanings

Here are 30 unique Christian names and their meanings, explained in easy words and short sentences with a formal tone:

  1. Ezekiel: This name means “God strengthens” and is inspired by the prophet in the Bible.
  2. Seraphina: It signifies “burning ones” and is associated with angelic beings in Christian tradition.
  3. Cyprian: This name means “from Cyprus” and is linked to Saint Cyprian, an influential early Christian bishop.
  4. Isaiah: It signifies “Yahweh is salvation” and is a well-known biblical name.
  5. Zephyr: This unique name means “gentle wind” and symbolizes the Holy Spirit’s presence.
  6. Anastasia: It means “resurrection” and is linked to the Christian belief in Jesus’ resurrection.
  7. Thaddeus: This name signifies “courageous heart” and is often associated with one of the apostles.
  8. Selah: A biblical term used in the Psalms, it means “pause and reflect.”
  9. Jeremiah: This name means “Yahweh exalts” and is borne by a major prophet in the Bible.
  10. Miriam: Signifying “wished-for child,” it is the name of a prominent biblical figure, Moses’ sister.
  11. Aloysius: It means “renowned warrior” and is linked to Saint Aloysius Gonzaga.
  12. Bethany: This name is associated with the biblical town where Jesus had close friends.
  13. Gideon: Signifying “mighty warrior,” it’s inspired by a biblical hero who led an army.
  14. Serena: This name means “peaceful” and reflects the Christian value of peace.
  15. Clement: Signifying “merciful,” it is linked to various saints in Christian history.
  16. Veronica: This name means “true image” and is associated with the compassionate woman who wiped Jesus’ face.
  17. Jubilee: A term related to the biblical concept of joy and celebration.
  18. Ephraim: Signifying “fruitful,” it is borne by one of Jacob’s sons in the Bible.
  19. Theophilus: This name means “friend of God” and is mentioned in the New Testament.
  20. Magdalene: Associated with Mary Magdalene, it means “from Magdala,” a place in the Bible.
  21. Solomon: Signifying “peaceable,” it’s linked to the wise King Solomon in the Bible.
  22. Marcellus: This name means “young warrior” and is connected to Saint Marcellus.
  23. Susanna: It signifies “lily” and is the name of a woman mentioned in the New Testament.
  24. Bartholomew: Linked to one of the apostles, it means “son of Tolmai.”
  25. Raphael: This name means “God heals” and is associated with an archangel in the Christian tradition.
  26. Lazarus: Signifying “God has helped,” it’s related to a man Jesus raised from the dead.
  27. Claudius: This name means “lame” and is associated with various saints in Christian history.
  28. Delilah: Signifying “delicate” or “weakened,” it’s associated with a character in the Bible.
  29. Nathaniel: This name means “gift of God” and is one of the apostles’ names.
  30. Octavia: It signifies “eighth,” symbolizing a new beginning in Christian belief.

30 Unique Double Names For Baby Boys

Unique Double Names For Baby Boys

Here is a list of 30 unique double names for baby boys:

  1. Liam James
  2. Ethan Cole
  3. Owen Michael
  4. Levi Thomas
  5. Caleb Daniel
  6. Mason Ryan
  7. Samuel Blake
  8. Isaac Henry
  9. Eli Alexander
  10. Jonah Patrick
  11. Noah Eliot
  12. Luke Benjamin
  13. Jacob Tyler
  14. Aiden Scott
  15. Henry David
  16. William Joseph
  17. Alexander James
  18. David Charles
  19. James William
  20. Daniel Caleb
  21. Michael John
  22. Gabriel Andrew
  23. Matthew Owen
  24. Benjamin Luke
  25. Joseph Mason
  26. Elijah Adam
  27. Ryan Samuel
  28. Thomas Owen
  29. Carter Eli
  30. Logan Matthew

30 Christian Names For Girls And Their Biblical Meanings

Christian Names For Girls And Their Biblical Meanings

Here is a list of 30 Christian names for girls and their biblical meanings.

  1. Abigail – “Father’s joy” (1 Samuel 25:3)
  2. Leah – “Weary” (Genesis 29:16)
  3. Rachel – “Ewe” (Genesis 29:16)
  4. Hannah – “Grace” (1 Samuel 1:20)
  5. Naomi – “Pleasant” (Ruth 1:2)
  6. Deborah – “Bee” (Judges 4:4)
  7. Esther – “Star” (Esther 2:7)
  8. Ruth – “Companion” (Ruth 1:4)
  9. Sarah – “Princess” (Genesis 17:15)
  10. Elizabeth – “God is my oath” (Luke 1:5-25)
  11. Mary – “Bitter” (Luke 1:26-38)
  12. Magdalene – “From Magdala” (Luke 8:2)
  13. Tabitha – “Gazelle” (Acts 9:36)
  14. Joanna – “God is gracious” (Luke 8:3)
  15. Lydia – “From Lydia” (Acts 16:14)
  16. Phoebe – “Radiant” (Romans 16:1)
  17. Dorcas – “Gazelle” (Acts 9:36)
  18. Martha – “Lady” (Luke 10:38-42)
  19. Priscilla – “Ancient” (Acts 18:2)
  20. Lois – “Better” (2 Timothy 1:5)
  21. Keziah – “Cassia tree” (Job 42:14)
  22. Salome – “Peace” (Mark 15:40)
  23. Rhoda – “Rose” (Acts 12:13-16)
  24. Sapphira – “Sapphire” (Acts 5:1)
  25. Tryphena – “Delicate” (Romans 16:12)
  26. Junia – “Youthful” (Romans 16:7)
  27. Jemima – “Dove” (Job 42:14)
  28. Zillah – “Shade” (Genesis 4:19)
  29. Kezia – “Cassia tree” (Job 42:14)
  30. Asenath – “Belonging to her father” (Genesis 41:45)

20 Christian Unisex Names

Christian Unisex Names

Here’s a list of 20 Christian unisex names.

  1. Jordan
  2. Taylor
  3. Riley
  4. Morgan
  5. Cameron
  6. Casey
  7. Avery
  8. Quinn
  9. Dakota
  10. Reese
  11. Payton
  12. Finley
  13. Skylar
  14. Emery
  15. Rowan
  16. Kennedy
  17. Sage
  18. Avery
  19. Jordan
  20. Blake

List Of Names In The Bible From A to Z

List Of Names In The Bible From A to Z

Here is a list of names from the Bible, from A to Z:


  • Aaron
  • Abel
  • Abigail
  • Abraham
  • Adam
  • Andrew
  • Anna
  • Asher


  • Barak
  • Benjamin
  • Boaz


  • Caleb


  • Daniel
  • David
  • Deborah


  • Elijah
  • Elisha
  • Elizabeth
  • Esther
  • Eve


  • Gideon


  • Hannah
  • Isaac
  • Isaiah
  • Jacob
  • James
  • Jeremiah
  • Job
  • John
  • Jonah
  • Joseph
  • Joshua
  • Judah
  • Jude


  • Leah
  • Luke


  • Mary
  • Matthew
  • Micah
  • Miriam
  • Moses


  • Naomi
  • Nathan
  • Noah


  • Paul
  • Peter
  • Philip
  • Priscilla


  • Rachel
  • Rebecca
  • Ruth


  • Samuel
  • Sarah
  • Solomon
  • Susanna


  • Timothy

Winding Up

The Bible is a rich source of names, each with historical, cultural, and spiritual significance. From beloved biblical figures like David and Mary to lesser-known characters like Barak and Priscilla, these names hold a special place in our culture and heritage. Whether you’re seeking a traditional name with deep roots or a unique and meaningful choice for your child, the Bible offers a diverse array of options that connect to faith and history. Each name is a story waiting to be told, a legacy to be embraced, and a connection to the timeless wisdom of scripture.

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