Baby Names That Mean Electric – 120+ Electrifying Ideas

If you are prepared to make your child feel more energetic and confident about who they are, our ultimate list of best baby names that mean electric will provide you with amazingly inspiring ideas.

Whether you love the sound of thunder and lightning or the buzz of technology, we have cool names that mean electric, like Delmira, Kharaba, and Raiden, to unique names like Barakiel, Saudamini, and Thorberg.

Other names like Ohm, Farad, Ampere, and Bolt are also on the list, as they are famous names associated with electric symbols.

A lightning bolt is a symbol of sudden enlightenment and punishment from the gods, usually Zeus. Electric names are unique and can make your kids feel more confident when they know what the meaning of their name is.

Read out our lists to find the perfect and most suitable name for your baby girl or boy.

Best Baby Names That Mean Electric

Best Baby Names That Mean Electric

Electricity is a vital and energetic force in today’s world, and selecting a vibrant, electrifying name for your baby can be exciting for you as a parent. These kinds of names deliver the meaning of power, spark, and energy that aids in introducing vitality and boldness to your baby’s entire identity.

Check out some of the best names that mean electric to get meaningful ideas:

  • Aashini

This is an Indian name that means lightning. This is an electric name unique in its own way.

  • Abila

This is a Hebrew name that means sparkling.

  • Adhira

This is another Indian name that means lightning. This name gives a perfect vibe of electricity.

  • Bijli

This is an Indian name that means electricity. The name is also common in Urdu.

  • Bijan

This is a Hindi name that means electric spark.

  • Bronte

This is a Greek name that means the sound of thunder.

  • Chashmali

This is a Persian name that means electric. The word is taken from the Persian word chashm, which means eye or source of light.

  • Delmira

This is a Spanish name that means electric.

  • Elixane

This name is of Basque origin and means electric.

  • Fulmine

This is an Italian name that means powerful force of lightning. This sudden lightning is related to electrical discharge.

  • Firenze

This is an Italian name that means fiery.

  • Kharaba 

This is an Arabic name that means electric. The name is commonly spoken in Arabic countries and refers to electricity.

  • Levina

This is a Latin name that means flash of lightning.

  • Lorcan

This is an Irish name that means little fierce one.

  • Noor

This name is also of Arabic origin, meaning light or illumination. This name is also related to electricity.

  • Raiden

This is a Japanese name that means thunder or lightning.

  • Thor

This is an Old Norse name for the God of light and thunder.

  • Umeme

This is a Swahili name that means electricity. The name is common in East Africa and is associated with energy.

  • Vidhyasri

This is an Indian name that means electricity.

Boy Names That Mean Electric 

Boy Names That Mean Electric

  • Adad – Arabic name that means lightning
  • Airavat – Indian name that means king of lightning
  • Bolt – An American name that means a stroke of lightning
  • Barak – A Hebrew name that means lightning or electricity
  • Bijuli – an Indian name meaning electricity
  • Cerano – A Greek name that means thunder
  • Catequil – An Incan name that means God of electricity
  • Donaron – German name that means lightning
  • Elav – An Estonian name that means energetic
  • Kelvin – Heat energy
  • Hadad – Hebrew name that means God of lightning or storm
  • Heimdall – God of light in Norse mythology. He was also the guardian of Asgard
  • Ignatius – Latin name that means fiery
  • Jyotis – A Hindu name that means light of the sun
  • Kifani – African name meaning electricity
  • Mjolnir – Thor’s hammer
  • Ojas – an Indian name meaning energy
  • Prachetas – Indian name that means energy and strength
  • Uri – My light in Hebrew
  • Vidhut – Indian name that means electricity

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Girl Names That Mean Lightning Or Electricity

  • Anila – Goddess of Electricity in Sanskrit
  • Anoushka – Indian name that means lightning
  • Anubha – an Indian name that means lightning.
  • Asterope – Greek mythological name that means lightning
  • Bronte – Greek name that means sound of thunder
  • Brisa – Spanish name that means breeze
  • Chanchal – Indian name that means highly energetic
  • Ember – English name that means spark
  • Flare – Burst of light in English
  • Fulgora – a Latin name that means electricity or lightning.
  • Gamma – Electromagnetic Radiation in Greek
  • Hayi – Arabic name that means vital energy
  • Inani – African name that means the energy of striking lightning
  • Lumi – Finnish name that means glowing
  • Megan – Welsh name that means sparkling one
  • Niamh – Irish name that means light or electric
  • Pazima – Zulu name that means lightning
  • Saudamini – Hindi name that means lightning
  • Tondra – Thunder in Esperanto
  • Zia – Arabic name that means light

Names That Mean Electric In Japanese

  • Akira – Bright or clear in Japanese
  • Chibi – Japanese name that means electrifying
  • Chikara – Energy or electric in Japanese
  • Genki – This is a Japanese name that means energetic
  • Hikaru – Radiance in Japanese
  • Hareru – Japanese name that means to be sunny
  • Kurai – Japanese name that means gloomy
  • Kineza – Japanese name that means energy
  • Raiden – Thunder and lightning in Japanese
  • Raito – Light or electric in Japanese
  • Raicho – Thunderbird in Japanese
  • Rai – Japanese name that means lightning
  • Shou – Soaring in Japanese
  • Uteki – Japanese name that means raindrops
  • Zen – Japanese name that means meditative energy

Cool Electricity Names

Cool Electricity Names

  • Aella – Greek origin
  • Arashi – Japanese name
  • Audra – Lithuanian name
  • Bronte – Greek name
  • Capala – Hindi name
  • Corentin – French origin
  • Donner – German name
  • Elektra – Greek name that means incandescent
  • Foudre – French name
  • Fujin – Japanese name
  • Hanish – Hindi name
  • Kutsa – Indian origin
  • Lyn – Norwegian name that means lightning
  • Mellan – Irish origin
  • Perun – Slavic name
  • Ramiel – Hebrew name
  • Stormie – English name
  • Stymir – Old Norse name
  • Torben – Danish origin
  • Thora – Scandinavian origin
  • Tormenta – Spanish origin
  • Zryan – Arabic origin

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Badass Electric Names

  • Ampershock
  • Aegaeon – Greek God of storms
  • Aybora – Storm in Turkish
  • Ahohako – Polynesian name that means storm
  • Barakiel – Lightning of God in Hebrew
  • Buhawi – Tornado
  • Chaac – God of the storm in Mayan
  • Edahi – God of wind in Aztec
  • Erion – Albanian name for wind from the Ionian sea
  • Kidlat – Lightning in Filipino
  • Ramagua – Thunder in Spanish
  • Steropes – Cyclops that bring light according to Greek mythology
  • Saudamini – Hindi name that means lightning
  • Shampa – Hindu name meaning lightning
  • Shockfury
  • Sturm – Storm in English
  • Taufan – Typhoon in Indonesian
  • Thorberg – Protection from thunder
  • Taranis – Celtic name that means God of thunder
  • Veton – Lightning in Albanian

Girl Names That Mean Spark

  • Amaryllis – English name that means spark or sparkle
  • Akiko – Japanese name that means spark
  • Candra – Sparkling in Latin
  • Charnelle – American name for someone who sparkles
  • Estelle – French name that means star
  • Idril – Elvish name that means sparkle
  • Inina
  • Iskra – Slavic name that means spark
  • Kindle – American name that means spark
  • Lasma – Latvian name that means sparkle
  • Merigold
  • Nova – new star
  • Opal – Precious sparkling stone
  • Prakashini – Tamil name that means spark
  • Phaenna – Greek name that means spark
  • Seraphina – Hebrew name that means spark
  • Sparkle
  • Stella – Latin name that means star
  • Twyla – English name that means twilight
  • Vairea – The name is taken from Samoa, meaning sparking water

Wrapping Up

You have a lot of options for names, from those inspired by lightning and thunder to names related to electricity, energy, and power. Whether you like strong storm-related names or names connected to inventors and scientists, there is a name to capture the spirit of electricity in all its forms.

Hopefully, you will find some good name ideas for your child after looking into electric-themed names.

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