Names That Mean Mischief – Trickstar Boys, Girls, Unisex

Parenting is an exciting journey, especially with a mischievous bundle of joy! Mischief, a term for playful misbehavior, adds a spark to your parenting adventure. If you aim to embrace that delightful playfulness, explore this list of baby names that perfectly capture the essence of mischief. Your little one might find the ideal name!

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Names That Mean Mischief For Girls

Names That Mean Mischief For Girls

Esme – French origin, meaning “beloved” or “esteemed,” with a subtle mischievous charm.

Pippa – A playful name of English origin, often associated with mischief and fun.

Mischelle – A creative twist on the name Michelle, subtly incorporating the essence of mischief.

Rascalina – A unique and playful name derived from “rascal,” meaning mischievous or cheeky.

Pranksy – A modern and whimsical name inspired by the mischievous art of Banksy.

Elara – Greek origin, meaning “bright” or “shining,” with a mischievous undertone.

Trixie – A lively and mischievous name, often associated with playfulness.

Whimsy – A name that literally embodies a sense of playful and fanciful mischief.

Caper – A spirited and mischievous name, suggesting a lively sense of adventure.

Jestina – A feminine twist on the word “jest,” reflecting a playful and mischievous nature.

Pucka – A unique name inspired by the mischievous sprite, Puck, from Shakespearean literature.

Katara – A name of uncertain origin, with a playful sound and mischievous flair.

Lila – A name of Arabic origin, meaning “night,” with a mischievous and mysterious charm.

Rogue – A bold and mischievous name, denoting a sense of adventure and playfulness.

Felicity – English origin, meaning “happiness” or “good fortune,” with a mischievous twist.

Jinx – A playful and unconventional name associated with mischief and unpredictable fun.

Seraphina – Of Hebrew origin, meaning “fiery” or “burning,” with a mischievous spark.

Zara – Arabic origin, meaning “princess of mischief,” combining regality with playfulness.

Tessa – Short for Contessa, this name exudes a playful and mischievous charm.

Marnie – A name of Hebrew origin, meaning “rejoice,” with a spirited and mischievous vibe.

Quirklyn – A creative and whimsical name suggesting a mischievous and quirky nature.

Cleo – Short for Cleopatra, this name carries a sense of regal mischief and charm.

Sassy – A bold and spirited name reflecting a mischievous and lively personality.

Tinker – A playful and mischievous name, inspired by the mischievous Tinker Bell.

Zephyra – Greek origin, meaning “west wind,” with a mischievous and breezy charm.

Moxie – A spunky and lively name suggesting a mischievous and adventurous spirit.

Sabrina – Of Celtic origin, meaning “princess” or “river boundary,” with a playful touch.

Viva – Latin origin, meaning “alive” or “full of life,” capturing a mischievous energy.

Minx – A cheeky and mischievous name, perfect for a spirited and lively girl.

Joviala – A playful and jovial name, expressing a mischievous and joyous demeanor.

Names That Mean Mischief For Boys

Loki – Of Norse origin, referring to the mischievous trickster god.

Puck – Inspired by the mischievous sprite from Shakespearean literature.

Rascal – A playful and mischievous name.

Mischief – Literally capturing the essence of playful behavior.

Prankster – Signifying a penchant for mischief and playful pranks.

Frolic – Suggesting lively and mischievous behavior.

Jester – A playful name associated with jesting and mischief.

Impish – Reflecting a mischievous and playful nature.

Tease – Denoting a penchant for playful teasing and mischief.

Jinx – A name associated with unpredictable and mischievous fun.

Rogue – Bold and mischievous, with a sense of adventure.

Merry – Reflecting a cheerful and mischievous demeanor.

Daredevil – Suggesting a love for adventurous and mischievous exploits.

Pippin – A playful name with mischievous undertones.

Whimsy – Denoting a playful and fanciful sense of mischief.

Maverick – A bold and independent name, often associated with mischief.

Jovial – Reflecting a cheerful and mischievous disposition.

Zany – Quirky and mischievous, perfect for an energetic boy.

Caper – Suggesting a spirited and mischievous approach to life.

Revel – Denoting a love for lively and mischievous celebrations.

Folly – A name suggesting a playful and mischievous sense of humor.

Moxie – Spirited and mischievous, perfect for a lively boy.

Rogueish – A variation of Rogue, emphasizing a mischievous nature.

Quirk – A name suggesting a mischievous and quirky personality.

Waggish – Playful and mischievous, with a sense of humor.

Droll – Denoting a whimsically mischievous demeanor.

Caprice – Suggesting a playful and unpredictable approach to life.

Sly – Subtly mischievous, with a hint of cunning charm.

Tumble – Reflecting a playful and mischievous tendency to tumble and play.

Vagabond – A spirited and mischievous name for a free-spirited boy.

10 Names That Mean Mischief In Japanese

Names That Mean Mischief In Japanese

In Japanese, there may not be direct translations for names that explicitly mean “mischief” as English does. However, you can choose names with playful or mischievous connotations. Here are some Japanese names that embody a lively and spirited nature, which you might find suitable:

Itazura (悪戯) – Means “mischief” or “prank” in Japanese.

Tanoshimi (楽しみ) – Translates to “joy” or “fun,” suggesting a playful demeanor.

Yūgen (幽玄) – Represents a profound and mysterious beauty, with a touch of mischief.

Haruka (遥か) – Signifying “far off” or “distant,” implying a sense of adventure and mischief.

Yumeko (夢子) – Combining “dream” and “child,” reflecting a whimsical and mischievous spirit.

Kurumi (胡桃) – Meaning “walnut,” a cute and playful name for a mischievous child.

Akira (明) – Translates to “bright” or “clear” with a lively undertone.

Yūki (勇気) – Means “courage,” ideal for a child with an adventurous and mischievous side.

Utage (宴) – Signifying a festive gathering, perfect for a child who brings joy and mischief.

Yoshiko (良子) – Combining “good” and “child,” suggesting a well-behaved but mischievous nature.

10 American Names That Mean Mischief

The concept of names directly meaning “mischief” may not be as prevalent in American names. However, you can opt for names that have playful, spirited, or lively connotations. Here are some American names that could capture a mischievous vibe:

Merry – A name that suggests cheerfulness and playfulness.

Jasper – Known for its association with joy and a bit of mischief.

Zara – Meaning “princess of mischief” in Arabic; this name carries a playful tone.

Riley – A unisex name with Irish origins, often associated with liveliness.

Finnegan – An Irish name meaning “fair” and “beguiling,” with a mischievous charm.

Milo – A name of Germanic origin, meaning “merciful” but with a playful sound.

Felicity – English in origin, meaning “happiness” or “good fortune,” exuding a mischievous vibe.

Dexter – Meaning “right-handed” but often associated with a playful and clever nature.

Joyce – An English name that carries a sense of joy and a hint of mischief.

Quinn – Of Irish origin, Quinn is a unisex name meaning “wise” and “counsel,” with a playful edge.

Different Cultures Names That Mean Mischief Or Trickstar

Here are names from various cultures with mischievous or trickster-like associations:


  1. Daldal – Arabic, meaning “mischief” or “playfulness.”
  2. Harz – Arabic, meaning “mischief-maker” or “troublemaker.”


  1. Gaston – French, meaning “from Gascony” but also carries a playful connotation.
  2. Pucko – Polish, a diminutive form often associated with mischief.


  1. Ling – Chinese, meaning “clever” or “quick-witted.”
  2. Luan – Chinese, meaning “chaos” or “disorder.”


  1. Farceur – French, directly translating to “jester” or “mischief-maker.”
  2. Esprit Facétieux – French, meaning “mischievous spirit.”


  1. Volturnus – Roman, derived from the god of water, often associated with change and mischief.
  2. Bellona – Roman, goddess of war, sometimes linked to mischief in strategic planning.


  1. Anansi – Akan (West African), a spider-trickster character in folklore.
  2. Ekwensu – Igbo (Nigerian), a trickster deity often associated with mischief.

Final Words

So, there you have it, a playful collection of names full of mischief! From the tricky charm of Loki to the French flair of Esme, these names add a sprinkle of fun. Explore the diverse, mischievous world with names like Kokopelli and Anansi. These names bring joy, whether it’s a bit of cheer with Joviala or a subtle twist like Sly. Pick one with a smile, and let your little one’s playful journey begin!

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