Names That Start With I – List For Boys, Girls And Unisex

Names are more than just labels; they’re vital parts of who we are and where we come from. They reflect our identity and connect us to our culture and heritage. Exploring names that start with the letter I allows us to explore into the rich variety of human diversity.

From Isaac to Isabella, each name carries its own story and significance, shaping the way we perceive ourselves and others. Exploring these names helps us appreciate the uniqueness and beauty of our names and those around us.

We also have provided you a huge range of names with alphataical order, like names that start with J, A, B, and with meanings too like names meaning shadow, colorful, chaos.

English Names Start With I For Boys With Meanings

20 Girl Names Starting With I With Meanings

Here are 20 girl names starting with the letter I along with their meanings:

Isabella – “God is my oath” or “devoted to God.”

Ivy – Symbolizing fidelity and friendship.

Iris – Symbolizing hope and communication.

Isla – Meaning “island”.

Imogen – Meaning “maiden” or “beloved child”.

India – Representing rich culture and heritage.

Ilana – Meaning “tree” or “oak tree”.

Ingrid – Meaning “beautiful” or “fair”.

Indira – Meaning “beauty” or “splendid”.

Imani – Meaning “faith” or “belief”.

Irene – Meaning “peace”.

Isadora – Meaning “gift of Isis”.

Imelda – Meaning “whole battle” or “universal battle”.

Isolde – Meaning “beautiful” or “fair lady”.

Ilaria – Meaning “cheerful” or “joyful”.

Idalia – Meaning “behold the sun”.

Inez – Meaning “pure” or “holy”.

Iliana – Meaning “bright” or “shining one”.

Ivette – Variant of Yvette, meaning “yew” or “archer”.

Isla – Derived from a Scottish river name, meaning “island”.

20 English Names Start With I For Boys With Meanings

Here are 20 English names for boys starting with the letter I, along with their interpretations:

Isaac – Signifying “laughter” or “he will laugh”.

Ian – Scottish variant of John, denoting “God is gracious”.

Ivan – Slavic name expressing “God is gracious”.

Isaiah – Representing “Yahweh is salvation”.

Ibrahim – Arabic name connoting “father of many” or “father of nations”.

Iker – Basque name meaning “visitation”.

Ira – Meaning “watchful” or “fiery one”.

Irving – Scottish name reflecting “green water” or “sea friend”.

Irwin – Originating from Old English, suggesting “boar friend”.

Irving – Reflecting “green river” or “friend of the sea”.

Isidore – Greek name associated with “gift of Isis”.

Ignatius – Derived from the Latin, conveying “fiery one”.

Iain – Scottish variant of John, signifying “God is gracious”.

Iverson – Meaning “son of Ivor” or “archer’s son”.

Ives – From Old French Yves, meaning “yew”.

Ibrahim – Arabic name representing “father of many” or “father of nations”.

Irving – Scottish name signifying “green water” or “sea friend”.

Isidore – Greek name conveying “gift of Isis”.

Ishmael – Indicating “God hears” or “God will hear”.

Ingram – Derived from Germanic elements, suggesting “angel-raven” or “raven of peace”.

20 Names That Start With I For Unisex With Meanings

here are 20 unisex names starting with the letter I, along with their meanings:

Indigo – Inspired by the deep blue-purple dye, symbolizing mystery and intuition.

Ivory – Reflecting the creamy-white material derived from elephant tusks, symbolizing purity and strength.

Isra – Meaning “nocturnal journey” in Arabic, symbolizing spiritual ascension.

Iman – Arabic name meaning “faith” or “belief”, representing spiritual devotion.

Ireland – Inspired by the country, symbolizing beauty and resilience.

Ivy – Derived from the climbing evergreen plant, symbolizing fidelity and friendship.

Inari – Japanese name associated with the Shinto god/goddess of rice and fertility.

Indie – A modern and trendy name, symbolizing individuality and independence.

Irie – Jamaican term meaning “feeling good” or “peaceful”.

Ivory – Reflecting the creamy-white material derived from elephant tusks, symbolizing purity and strength.

Izzy – Short form of names like Isabelle or Isaac, signifying “God is my oath” or “devoted to God”.

Isra – Meaning “nocturnal journey” in Arabic, symbolizing spiritual ascension.

Isa – Arabic name meaning “Jesus” or “God is salvation”, representing divine grace.

Ilumi – Finnish name meaning “light” or “brightness”, symbolizing illumination.

Irie – Jamaican term meaning “feeling good” or “peaceful”.

Izar – Basque name meaning “star”, symbolizing guidance and illumination.

Ife – Yoruba name meaning “love” or “affection”.

Ilan – Hebrew name meaning “tree” or “oak tree”, symbolizing strength and growth.

Isha – Sanskrit name meaning “supreme goddess” or “divine”.

Iniko – African name meaning “born during troubled times”, symbolizing resilience and strength.

Names That Start With I Historically Famous

Names That Start With I Historically Famous

Here are some historically famous names that start with the letter I:

Isaac Newton – English mathematician, physicist, and astronomer who formulated the laws of motion and universal gravitation.

Imhotep – Ancient Egyptian polymath who served as a chancellor to the Pharaoh Djoser and is considered the architect of the Step Pyramid of Djoser at Saqqara.

Ivan the Terrible – Tsar of Russia from 1547 to 1584, known for his centralized rule and brutal campaigns, earning him the epithet “the Terrible”.

Ibn Khaldun – Arab historian and scholar who is considered one of the greatest philosophers of history, known for his work on historiography and sociology.

Isabella I of Castile – Queen of Castile and León from 1474 until her death in 1504, known for sponsoring Christopher Columbus’s voyages to the New World and for her role in the Spanish Inquisition.

Ignatius of Loyola – Spanish Basque priest and theologian who founded the Society of Jesus (Jesuits) and played a significant role in the Catholic Counter-Reformation.

Ibn Battuta – Moroccan explorer and scholar who is widely recognized for his extensive travels, covering much of the Islamic world and beyond in the 14th century.

Ibn Sina (Avicenna) – Persian polymath who made significant contributions to various fields, including medicine, philosophy, and astronomy, during the Islamic Golden Age.

Isambard Kingdom Brunel – British engineer who played a key role in the Industrial Revolution, known for his innovative designs of bridges, railways, and ships.

Isaac Asimov – Russian-born American author and biochemist, known for his influential works of science fiction, including the “Foundation” series and the “Robot” series.

Baby Names That Start With I According To Zodiac Signs

Here are some baby names that start with the letter I, aligned with each zodiac sign:

Aries (March 21 – April 19)

  • Isaac: Meaning “laughter”, suitable for Aries’ energetic and enthusiastic nature.
  • Imani: Swahili for “faith”, reflecting Aries’ bold and adventurous spirit.

Taurus (April 20 – May 20)

  • Ivy: Symbolizing strength and endurance, perfect for a Taurus baby.
  • Ian: Derived from John, meaning “God is gracious”, reflecting Taurus’ dependable and grounded qualities.

Gemini (May 21 – June 20)

  • Iris: Inspired by the Greek goddess of the rainbow, representing the duality of Gemini.
  • Ivan: Meaning “God is gracious”, suitable for Gemini’s adaptable and sociable nature.

Cancer (June 21 – July 22)

  • Isabella: Evoking warmth and nurturing qualities, ideal for a Cancer baby.
  • Ilan: Hebrew for “tree”, symbolizing family and roots, which are important to Cancerians.

Leo (July 23 – August 22)

  • Isaiah: Meaning “Yahweh is salvation”, representing strength and leadership, traits often associated with Leos.
  • Indira: Sanskrit for “beauty”, reflecting Leo’s regal and charismatic presence.

Virgo (August 23 – September 22)

  • Ianthe: Greek for “violet flower”, symbolizing purity and attention to detail, qualities Virgos appreciate.
  • Isaac: Reflecting Virgo’s practical and analytical nature, as well as their desire for order and structure.

Libra (September 23 – October 22)

  • Isla: Derived from the Scottish word for “island”, representing harmony and balance, traits valued by Libras.
  • Imran: Arabic for “prosperity”, reflecting Libra’s desire for peace and cooperation.

Scorpio (October 23 – November 21)

  • Ivy: Signifying resilience and transformation, qualities often associated with Scorpios.
  • Ibrahim: Arabic for “father of many”, representing Scorpio’s deep and intense emotions.

Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21)

  • Isaac: Meaning “laughter”, reflecting Sagittarius’ optimistic and jovial personality.
  • Isla: Symbolizing adventure and freedom, traits that resonate with Sagittarians’ love for exploration.

Capricorn (December 22 – January 19)

  • Ivan: Reflecting Capricorn’s ambition and determination to succeed.
  • Ingrid: Meaning “beautiful” or “fair”, representing Capricorn’s desire for structure and stability.

Aquarius (January 20 – February 18)

  • Isis: Named after the ancient Egyptian goddess of wisdom and knowledge, reflecting Aquarius’ visionary and humanitarian nature.
  • Isaiah: Signifying innovation and progress, qualities valued by Aquarians.

Pisces (February 19 – March 20)

  • Isla: Evoking the gentle and dreamy nature of Pisces, symbolizing the flow of emotions and intuition.
  • Immanuel: Meaning “God is with us”, representing Pisces’ compassionate and spiritual essence.

Names That Start With I In Different Religions

Names That Start With I In Different Religions

here are names that start with the letter I from various religions:











































Winding Up

Names beginning with the letter I offer a diverse range of options, spanning from traditional to modern, and from various cultural and religious backgrounds. Whether you seek a timeless name with deep historical roots or a trendy and unique option, there’s an I-name suited to every taste and preference. From Isaac to Indigo, each name carries its significance and charm, enriching the tapestry of human identity. So, whether you’re naming a baby or a character or simply exploring the beauty of language, consider the rich array of possibilities that names starting with I have to offer.

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