Names That Start With D – For Boys And Girls With Meaning

Focusing on names that start with the letter D is like going on a fun adventure through a special category of names. It’s like opening a treasure chest full of interesting stories and meanings! Names starting with D come from all over the world and have different backgrounds. By looking at these names, we get to learn about how people from different places and times chose names for themselves and their loved ones. It’s like exploring a colorful map of human language and culture.

We also have provided you a list of names that start with A, B, C and J and all other alphabets too.

 Boy Names With D - Origin And Meaning

20 Boy Names With D – Origin And Meaning

Here are 20 boy names that start with the letter D, along with their origin and meaning:

Daniel (Hebrew): Meaning “God is my judge”, Daniel has biblical origins and is a timeless classic.

David (Hebrew): Meaning “beloved”, David is another biblical name with strong historical and cultural significance.

Dylan (Welsh): Derived from the Welsh word “dy” meaning “great” or “sea”, Dylan is associated with the sea and has a poetic charm.

Dominic (Latin): Meaning “belonging to the Lord”, Dominic is a dignified name with religious connotations.

Derek (English): Derived from Old German, meaning “the people’s ruler”, Derek is a strong and traditional name.

Damian (Greek): Meaning “to tame” or “subdue”, Damian has ancient Greek roots and a sense of strength.

Donovan (Irish): Meaning “dark-haired chieftain”, Donovan has a rugged and Celtic charm.

Dennis (Greek): Derived from Dionysius, meaning “follower of Dionysos”, Dennis has a classic appeal.

Dean (English): Meaning “valley”, Dean is a simple yet sturdy name with English origins.

Desmond (Irish): Meaning “from South Munster”, Desmond has a noble ring to it.

Dexter (Latin): Meaning “right-handed” or “skilled”, Dexter has a modern and energetic vibe.

Douglas (Scottish): Meaning “dark river”, Douglas is a name with Scottish heritage and a sense of nature.

Drew (English): Derived from Andrew, meaning “manly” or “brave”, Drew is a compact and strong name.

Dante (Italian): Meaning “enduring” or “steadfast”, Dante is a name associated with the famous Italian poet.

Darius (Persian): Meaning “possessing goodness” or “upholder of good”, Darius has regal origins.

Devon (English): Meaning “poet” or “defender”, Devon has a modern and versatile appeal.

Dawson (English): Meaning “son of David”, Dawson is a surname-turned-first-name with a rugged charm.

Darren (Irish): Meaning “great” or “small and strong”, Darren is a name with Irish roots and a sense of resilience.

Duncan (Scottish): Meaning “brown warrior” or “dark-skinned warrior”, Duncan is a strong and traditional Scottish name.

Dwayne (Irish): Meaning “dark” or “swarthy”, Dwayne is a name with Irish origins and a rugged appeal.

20 Girl Names With D – Origin And Meaning

Here are 20 girl names that start with the letter D, along with their origin and meaning:

Danielle (Hebrew): Meaning “God is my judge”, Danielle is a timeless and elegant name.

Diana (Latin): Derived from the Roman goddess of the moon and hunting, Diana is a name of mythological significance.

Daisy (English): Derived from the flower name, Daisy symbolizes purity and innocence.

Delilah (Hebrew): Meaning “delicate” or “weak”, Delilah is a name with biblical origins.

Destiny (English): Reflecting the concept of fate or destiny, Destiny is a modern and aspirational name.

Daphne (Greek): Meaning “laurel tree” or “bay tree”, Daphne is a name with natural beauty and classical roots.

Dahlia (Scandinavian): Named after the flower, Dahlia symbolizes elegance and inner strength.

Demi (Greek): Meaning “half” or “small”, Demi is a name with a compact and modern feel.

Delaney (Irish): Meaning “from the alder grove”, Delaney is a surname-turned-first-name with a sense of nature.

Diana (Spanish): Derived from the divine Diana, it also has Spanish roots, meaning “divine” or “heavenly”.

Dina (Hebrew): Meaning “judged” or “vindicated”, Dina is a name with biblical origins.

Darcy (French): Meaning “from Arcy”, Darcy is a name with French origins and literary associations.

Desiree (French): Meaning “desired” or “longed for”, Desiree is a name with a romantic and aspirational quality.

Deborah (Hebrew): Meaning “bee”, Deborah is a name with biblical significance and natural symbolism.

Darla (English): Possibly derived from the Old English word “dear”, Darla is a sweet and charming name.

Danica (Slavic): Meaning “morning star”, Danica is a name with celestial beauty and Slavic origins.

Denise (French): Derived from Dionysus, the Greek god of wine, Denise has a sophisticated and classic appeal.

Diamond (English): Reflecting the precious gemstone, Diamond symbolizes strength and resilience.

Dahlia (Arabic): In Arabic, Dahlia means “gentle”, adding another layer of meaning to this floral name.

Diana (Italian): In Italian, Diana means “divine” or “heavenly”, reflecting its timeless and elegant nature.

What Are Unique D Baby Names?

What Are Unique D Baby Names

Here are the meanings of the unique baby names starting with the letter D in short:

Daxton: “Warrior’s town”

Dharma: “Cosmic law” or “duty”

Delphine: “Dolphin”

Draven: Possibly “to drive”

Delta: No specific meaning, representing the fourth letter of the Greek alphabet

Dione: “Divine queen”

Dashiell: “From the hawthorn valley”

Danika: “Morning star”

Damaris: “Calf”

Demetria: “Goddess of agriculture”

Diora: “Golden”

Dresden: Possibly “people of the forest”

Dagny: “New day” or “day’s delight”

Devika: “Little goddess”

Davena: Modern twist on Davina

Dael: “Valley”

Danessa: Blend of Danielle and Vanessa

Delara: “Adorable” or “beloved”

Diantha: “Divine flower”

Dorsey: “From Orsay”

20 Unisex Names With D – Origin And Meanings

Here are 20 unisex names starting with D, along with their origin and short meanings:

Dakota (Native American): “Friend” or “ally”

Dallas (Scottish): “From the valley”

Darcy (French): “From Arcy”

Drew (English): “Brave”

Dylan (Welsh): “Son of the sea”

Darian (Persian): “Gift”

Dakari (African): “Joy”

Devon (English): “Defender”

Dominique (French): “Belonging to the Lord”

Delaney (Irish): “From the alder grove”

Darby (Irish): “Free from envy”

Dione (Greek): “Divine queen”

Destiny (English): “Fate”

Denver (English): “Green valley”

Devan (Irish): “Poet”

Dru (English): “Strong”

Dexter (Latin): “Skilled”

Daksh (Hindi): “Competent”

Darshan (Sanskrit): “Vision”

Dove (English): “Peaceful”

20 Middle Names That Start With D

Daniel, David, Dylan, Dominic, Derek, Donovan, Dennis, Dean, Desmond, Dexter, Duncan, Dwayne, Darren, Darius, Douglas, Dante, Dennis, Drew, Declan, Dillon.

20 Cultural D Names For Boys And Girls With Meaning

Here are 20 cultural names starting with the letter D for both boys and girls, along with their meanings:

Boys Cultural or Traditional Names With D

Daiyu (Chinese): Meaning “black jade”.

Dmitri (Russian): Derived from Demetrius, meaning “follower of Demeter”.

Dinesh (Sanskrit): Meaning “lord of the day” or “sun god”.

Daichi (Japanese): Meaning “great wisdom” or “large earth”.

Dario (Italian/Spanish): Derived from the Greek name Darius, meaning “possessing goodness”.

Djimon (African): Meaning “strong” or “powerful”.

Dhruv (Sanskrit): Meaning “immovable” or “constant”.

Damian (Greek): Meaning “to tame” or “subdue”.

Dane (Scandinavian): Meaning “from Denmark” or “God is my judge”.

Dara (Cambodian): Meaning “star” or “precious”.

Cultural Girls Names With D

Dahlia (Scandinavian): Named after the flower, symbolizing elegance and inner strength.

Diana (Latin): Derived from the Roman goddess of the moon and hunting.

Dounia (Arabic): Meaning “worldly life” or “the world”.

Dalila (Arabic/Hebrew): Meaning “gentle” or “weak”.

Danica (Slavic): Meaning “morning star”.

Durga (Sanskrit): Meaning “invincible” or “unassailable”, also a Hindu goddess.

Dafne (Greek): Derived from the laurel tree, symbolizing victory and success.

Desiree (French): Meaning “desired” or “longed for”.

Delilah (Hebrew): Meaning “delicate” or “weak”.

Devika (Sanskrit): Meaning “little goddess” or “mother of gods”.

20 Names Start With D According To Different Religions

Here are names that start with the letter D from various religions:

D Names In Christianity











Islamic Names With D

Daud (Arabic for David)

Da’ud (Arabic for David)

Dawud (Arabic for David)

Duaa (Arabic for supplication)

Dina (Arabic for religion, faith)

Dalal (Arabic for guide, leader)

Durriya (Arabic for shining, brilliant)

Diya (Arabic for light)

Dinaara (Arabic for gold coin)

Dhaakir (Arabic for remembrance of Allah)

Judaism Names D




Dov (Hebrew for bear)

Dorit (Hebrew for generation)



Dovid (Yiddish for David)



Hinduism D Names

Devi (Goddess)

Dinesh (Lord of the day, Sun god)

Daksha (The skilled one)

Divya (Divine, Heavenly)

Durga (Goddess Durga)

Darshan (Vision, sight)

Deepak (Lamp, Light)

Dhruv (Pole star, Immovable)

Daya (Compassion)

Damini (Lightning)

Buddhism Names Starts With D

Dhamma (Teaching of Buddha)

Dawa (Moon)

Dawa (Monday)

Dawa (Tibetan for moon)

Dawa (Tibetan for moon, Monday)

Dhammapala (Guardian of the Dhamma)

Deva (Heavenly being)

Dharani (Holder of the teachings)

Dhiyampati (Lord of wisdom)

Dheer (Steadfast)

D Names According To Zodiac Signs For Boys And Girls

Here are names that start with the letter D according to zodiac signs for boys and girls:

Aries (March 21 – April 19)

  • Boys: Damian, Dante, Devin
  • Girls: Dakota, Danica, Delilah

Taurus (April 20 – May 20)

  • Boys: Derek, Dylan, Donovan
  • Girls: Daisy, Daphne, Delaney

Gemini (May 21 – June 20)

  • Boys: Gabriel, Gavin, Griffin
  • Girls: Gemma, Gabrielle, Grace

Cancer (June 21 – July 22)

  • Boys: Declan, Duncan, Dominic
  • Girls: Delia, Diana, Danielle

Leo (July 23 – August 22)

  • Boys: Leo, Lucas, Logan
  • Girls: Lily, Lola, Leila

Virgo (August 23 – September 22)

  • Boys: Victor, Vincent, Vaughn
  • Girls: Veronica, Vivian, Vanessa

Libra (September 23 – October 22)

  • Boys: Landon, Lawrence, Lincoln
  • Girls: Lila, Layla, Luna

Scorpio (October 23 – November 21)

  • Boys: Sebastian, Sawyer, Silas
  • Girls: Scarlett, Sophia, Stella

Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21)

  • Boys: Samuel, Simon, Sawyer
  • Girls: Sadie, Serenity, Savannah

Capricorn (December 22 – January 19)

  • Boys: Caleb, Cameron, Cole
  • Girls: Chloe, Clara, Cora

Aquarius (January 20 – February 18)

  • Boys: Aaron, Adrian, Asher
  • Girls: Alice, Amelia, Aurora

Pisces (February 19 – March 20)

  • Boys: Finn, Felix, Fisher
  • Girls: Fiona, Faith, Penelope

Bottom Line

In our exploration of names starting with D, we’ve found a wide range of choices for boys and girls, like walking through a diverse natural landscape. These names come from different cultures and beliefs, each one unique, like different plants in a garden. Just as every flower has its own beauty, every name tells its own story, adding to the richness of our world.

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