Names That Start With K – List For Boys Girls And Unisex

People often choose names for their children based on cultural traditions and personal preferences. In different cultures, certain alphabets or letters hold special significance or are considered more auspicious.

For example, in some cultures, names starting with the letter “A” might be preferred because it symbolizes beginning or strength. Similarly, in other cultures, names starting with “K” might be favored due to cultural heroes or historical figures with names beginning with that letter. These preferences reflect the cultural values and beliefs of each community.

Boy Names With K With Meanings

20 Boy Names With K With Meanings

Here are 20 boy names starting with the letter “K” along with their meanings, with the names in bold:

Kevin – Meaning “handsome” or “beloved,” Kevin is of Irish origin.

Kyle – Of Gaelic origin, Kyle means “narrow strait” or “channel.”

Kaden – A name of Arabic origin, Kaden means “companion” or “friend.”

Kai – Of Hawaiian, Maori, and Scandinavian origin, Kai means “sea” or “ocean.”

Kameron – Derived from the Scottish surname Cameron, Kameron means “crooked nose” or “bent nose.”

Kingston – Meaning “king’s town,” Kingston is of English origin.

Kendrick – Of English origin, Kendrick means “royal ruler” or “champion.”

Kian – A name of Irish and Persian origin, Kian means “ancient” or “kingly.”

Kaleb – Derived from the Hebrew name Caleb, Kaleb means “faithful” or “loyal.”

Karson – A variation of Carson, Karson means “son of Carr” or “son of the marsh-dwellers.”

Karter – Meaning “driver of a cart,” Karter is a modern variant of Carter.

Keith – Of Scottish and Gaelic origin, Keith means “wood” or “forest.”

Keegan – Derived from the Irish surname Mac Aodhagáin, Keegan means “descendant of Aodhagán.”

Kieran – Of Irish origin, Kieran means “little dark one” or “dark-haired.”

Knox – A name of Scottish origin, Knox means “round hill” or “hill.”

Kody – A variation of Cody, Kody means “helpful” or “cushion.”

Kade – Of English origin, Kade means “round” or “barrel.”

Kyler – A modern name, Kyler is a variation of Tyler and means “tiler of roofs” or “tile maker.”

Kasen – Meaning “pure” or “clear,” Kasen is a modern name with no specific origin.

Kamden – A variant of Camden, Kamden means “winding valley” or “enclosed valley.”

20 Vintage Girl Names That Start With K With Meanings

Here are 20 vintage girl names that start with the letter “K” along with their meanings:

Katherine – Meaning “pure” or “clear,” Katherine is of Greek origin.

Kathleen – Derived from Katherine, Kathleen means “pure” or “beloved.”

Katie – A diminutive of Katherine, Katie also means “pure.”

Kathryn – Another variant of Katherine, Kathryn means “pure” or “clear.”

Karen – Of Danish origin, Karen means “pure” or “chaste.”

Katharine – An alternative spelling of Katherine, Katharine has the same meaning of “pure.”

Kristen – Derived from the name Christina, Kristen means “follower of Christ” or “anointed.”

Kelsey – Of Old English origin, Kelsey means “from the ship’s island” or “victorious ship.”

Kristina – A variant of Christina, Kristina also means “follower of Christ.”

Karina – Meaning “beloved” or “pure,” Karina is of Scandinavian origin.

Kimberly – Of English origin, Kimberly means “from the wood of the royal forest.”

Kara – Derived from the Latin word for “dear” or “beloved,” Kara has Celtic origins.

Kirsten – A Scandinavian variant of Kristen, Kirsten means “follower of Christ.”

Kathie – A diminutive of Katherine, Kathie also means “pure.”

Kitty – Originally a nickname for Katherine, Kitty also means “pure.”

Katy – Another diminutive of Katherine, Katy shares the meaning of “pure.”

Kathlyn – A combination of Katherine and Lynn, Kathlyn means “pure lake.”

Karin – Of Scandinavian origin, Karin means “pure” or “beloved.”

Kirsty – A variant of Kirsten, Kirsty also means “follower of Christ.”

Kerri – Derived from the Gaelic word for “dark” or “black,” Kerri is also associated with “dear” or “beloved.”

What Are Unisex Names On K?

What Are Unisex Names On K?

Here are some unisex names that start with the letter “K”:

Kai: This Hawaiian name meaning “sea” or “ocean” is increasingly popular for both boys and girls.

Kendall: Originally an English surname meaning “valley of the River Kent,” Kendall has become a unisex given name.

Kameron: A variant of Cameron, Kameron is of Scottish origin and can be used for both boys and girls.

Keegan: Derived from an Irish surname, Keegan means “descendant of Aodhagán” and is used for both genders.

Kelly: This Irish-origin name meaning “warrior” or “bright-headed” is commonly used as a unisex name.

Kerry: Another Irish name, Kerry means “dark” or “dark-haired” and is suitable for both boys and girls.

Casey: Of Irish origin, Casey means “vigilant” or “watchful” and is commonly used as a unisex name.

Kendry: A modern name, Kendry is a variant of Kendra and can be used for both boys and girls.

Kiran: This name of Sanskrit origin means “ray of light” and is used for both males and females.

Kris: Short for Kristopher or Kristina, Kris is a unisex name derived from Greek origins.

20 Unique Names That Start With K With Meanings

Here are 20 unique names that start with the letter “K” along with their meanings:

Kairos – Meaning “the right or opportune moment,” Kairos is of Greek origin.

Kalista – Derived from the Greek word for “most beautiful,” Kalista is a unique name for girls.

Kazuki – A Japanese name meaning “harmonious hope” or “peaceful tree.”

Kaelan – Of Gaelic origin, Kaelan means “slender” or “fair.”

Kaia – Meaning “earth” or “pure” in Scandinavian, Kaia is a unique and elegant name.

Kairo – Of Arabic origin, Kairo means “victorious” or “triumphant.”

Kalani – A Hawaiian name meaning “heaven” or “sky.”

Kamari – Derived from Swahili, Kamari means “moonlight” or “like the moon.”

Kiera – A variant of Ciara, Kiera means “dark-haired” or “little dark one.”

Kellan – Of Irish origin, Kellan means “bright-headed” or “warrior.”

Kairi – A Japanese name meaning “ocean village” or “oceanic.”

Kianu – Derived from Hawaiian, Kianu means “cool breeze” or “gentle breeze.”

Kazuko – Of Japanese origin, Kazuko means “peaceful child.”

Kalliope – Meaning “beautiful voice” in Greek mythology, Kalliope is a unique and melodious name.

Kassian – A variant of Cassian, Kassian means “empty” or “vain.”

Kasim – Of Arabic origin, Kasim means “divider” or “distributor.”

Katriel – Derived from Hebrew, Katriel means “my crown is God.”

Kerensa – A Cornish name meaning “love” or “affection.”

Kiva – Of Native American origin, Kiva means “sacred chamber” or “ceremonial place.”

Koemi – A Japanese name meaning “little smile” or “small blessing.”

10 K Korean Names With Meanings

10 K Korean Names With Meanings

Here are 10 Korean names with meanings:

Kyung – Meaning “honored” or “respected,” Kyung is a unisex name.

Kai – This name means “victory” or “triumph.”

Kyung-Hwa – Combining Kyung (honored) and Hwa (flower), this name signifies “honored flower.”

Kwan – Meaning “strong” or “powerful,” Kwan is a masculine name.

Kyung-Ja – Combining Kyung (honored) and Ja (child), this name means “honored child.”

Kyung-Soon – Combining Kyung (honored) and Soon (gentle), this name signifies “honored and gentle.”

Kyeong-Su – This name combines Kyeong (respectful) and Su (excellent), meaning “respectful and excellent.”

Kyung-Hee – Combining Kyung (honored) and Hee (grace), this name means “honored grace.”

Kwan-Soo – Combining Kwan (strong) and Soo (excellent), this name signifies “strong excellence.”

Kyeong-Hwa – Combining Kyeong (respectful) and Hwa (flower), this name means “respectful flower.”

Cultural Heroes Or Historical Figures With Names Beginning With Letter K

Here are some cultural heroes or historical figures with names beginning with the letter “K”:

Karl Marx

A German philosopher, economist, and political theorist who laid the groundwork for modern socialism and communism.

Katherine Johnson

An African-American mathematician whose calculations were critical to the success of the early space missions, including the Apollo 11 moon landing.

King Arthur

A legendary British leader who, according to medieval histories and romances, led the defense of Britain against Saxon invaders in the late 5th and early 6th centuries.

King David

A central figure in the Hebrew Bible and the second king of the United Kingdom of Israel and Judah, known for his defeat of the giant Goliath and his authorship of many Psalms.

King Hammurabi

The sixth king of the First Babylonian Dynasty, best known for the development of one of the earliest known code of laws, the Code of Hammurabi.

Kublai Khan

The fifth Khagan (Great Khan) of the Mongol Empire and the founder of the Yuan dynasty in China, who extended Mongol control over much of Asia.

Winding Up

Names beginning with the letter “K” offer a diverse range of options, from timeless classics like Kevin and Katherine to modern choices like Kai and Kiana. Whether you prefer traditional or unique names, there’s something for everyone. Additionally, unisex names like Kelly and Kendall provide versatility. Each name carries its meaning and significance, reflecting cultural heritage and personal preferences. Ultimately, choosing a name is a meaningful decision that shapes one’s identity and leaves a lasting impression.

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